checklist for Business Plan Preparation - Government of Mauritius

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					     NCB ICT Incubator Centre

     Business Plan - checklist for new ICT start ups

                                                                                                              Please    Indicative
                 Chapter                  Content                                                              Tick    No of pages
                      1        Executive Summary                                                                        1-page
                                                  Give a snapshot of your Business Plan
                      2        The Business                                                                             2-pages
                                           Business activities, target market
                                           Products and services
                                           Your competitive advantage
                                           Business model
                                                  What is your business model ?
                                                  Timeline for implementation of the business model
                      3        Marketing Plan                                                                           2-pages
                                           Target market
                                                  Define your target market
                                                  Size of your target market
                                                  Pricing and gross margins in your target market
                                                  Who buys your product & service ?
                                           Competitor analysis
                                                  Who are your closest competitors ?
                                                  Strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
                                                  Pricing strategies adopted by competitors
                                           Marketing strategy
                                                  Your Pricing strategy
                                                  Positioning of your products & services in the market
                      4        Promoters and Management team                                                            2-pages
                                                  Who are the promoters ?
                                                  What is the extent of their involvement in the business ?
                                           Share Capital structure
                                                  Who are the people ?
                                                  Background and experience
                                                  Where were they employed previously ?
                                                  What is the remuneration structure ?
                                           Core competencies of Promoters & Key staff
                      5        Cost structure                                                                           2-pages
                                           Pre-operational costs
                                           Capital expenditure requirements
                                           Operational costs

                      6        Financial projections (for 3 years)
                                           Proposed financing                                                           1-page
                                           Projected Cash flow statement                                                1-page
                                           Projected Profit statement                                                   1-page
                                           Projected Balance sheet                                                      1-page
                                           List of assumptions                                                          1-page
                                           CV's of promoters and key staff
                                           Letters of reference (eg. Potential client)
                                           Quotations from suppliers

                               Note:       Your business plan should be no more than 14 pages (excluding Annexures)