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          A.Y. NL
   A Guide To Everything Allied Youth!
                Updated: June 2010
                    Greetings from the A.Y. NL Chairperson 2010

Welcome to the Allied Youth program of Newfoundland and Labrador. As the Chair of the
NL Allied Youth Advisory Committee (this manual will explain what that is), I would like to
say hello on behalf of the entire committee and welcome you to Allied Youth.

If you are new to our program, you will find this manual to be exceptionally helpful. It is
chocked full of useful information for both the youth and adult alike. Post executives can
use this item for learning how to plan events for their groups while Post Advisors can read
up on how best to work with their executives so that they don’t wear themselves out.

Since A.Y. started in Newfoundland and Labrador back in 1963, it has been a program
which has developed many strong leaders and individuals throughout our province and our
country. Members have gone on to be leaders in politics, medicine, education, and
volunteerism. It is amazing how many of our young people find that they are needed in
their communities when they learn how to volunteer and to be aware of the issues that are
facing youth today in their own home towns, in their province, their country and around
the world. We hope that you find the thrill of experiencing many A.Y. functions and
activities throughout you’re A.Y. year and that you will pass this experience on to someone

Being a leader in your A.Y. Post is a challenge, but if you realize that this manual is here to
help guide you, you can use it to find out many useful things about the program, along with
helpful hints on how meetings, activities, events, outings and trips can all be successful. If
you can’t find the answer here, don’t panic. Just get in touch with a member of the Advisory
Committee, Provincial President or your Regional Representative on the Provincial
Executive, and ask away. No question is too strange to be answered… and don’t be afraid to
try new things just because you don’t see them in this manual… everyone’s situation and
Post is different and you are often the best judges of what you need to do to make things

So, good luck this year, have fun reading this manual and learning from it, and if you have
any suggestions for events or activities; planning tips or even ideas that should be included
in future manuals, feel free to get in touch and pass on your ideas.

Thanks to our 2009 Provincial President, Cody Dunne, who has worked so hard on
updating this resource to make it more user friendly. Proof indeed that this program is run
by the youth, for the youth.

Yours in A.Y,
Walter Hammond
Chair, A.Y. NL Advisory Committee 2010

                                                                                2|F o r wa rd
                            A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador

     “My purpose in joining Allied Youth is to increase my awareness of the issues
   facing youth today, and as a result, try to the best of my ability to improve myself
                          and the community in which I live.”

                                    Allied Youth Motto

The Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador manual is a revised version of the original A.Y.
Post Advisor’s Manual. This revised copy’s purpose is to try and keep the information
circulating about the A.Y. Program as current as possible. As well, this updated version has
been reformatted so that it will benefit not only the Post Advisors, but also the youth
Executives and Members, making it more of a “general” A.Y. Manual – but one that will
nonetheless provide helpful info and hints for all those involved in our organization.

The So, What Is A.Y? section is intended to give an overview of the organization, as well as
to help familiarize you with some of the basic info you’ll need to stay up-to-date on A.Y.

Also in that section we have included some contact information for the people currently
leading the program: The Provincial Executive & Advisory Committee (Not sure what they
are yet? – You will soon!). This section should be updated annually, if you feel like your
copy is out of date, please contact the Provincial Coordinator, or visit our website:

A Day in an A.Y. Post section is one of the largest and most practical parts of our manual.
It is so big, that we have broken it down into five smaller sections to help make it easier for

Finally, we enter into our Leftovers section – where you can find a bunch of appendices
that will help you throughout the year!

Don’t forget, we don’t expect you to remember all of this. That’s why we wrote it, so you
can always know where to find the answer to anything A.Y.


                                                                         3|I n tr od u ctio n
                                     So, What Is A.Y?
                          An Intro to Everything Allied Youth!

  A.Y. is a lot! It’s probably even more than we can sum up in a few pages – but we’re
                                  going to try to anyways!

 Here you’ll find everything: how you can become a registered member, all about our
 International & Provincial Conferences, and even how your post can get one of those
   fancy numbers after its name (ie: Torbay Post #1051 )! After reading this section,
 hopefully you won’t have to stutter, stress out, and make up an answer the next time
                          someone asks you, “So, What is A.Y?”

Section Contents:

The Basics                                                                               5

Talking the Talk – A Guide to all the A.Y. Lingo                                   6-8

What Do We Get To Do? – The Annual Provincial A.Y. Activities                     9 - 13

Are There Any Adults Around? – The Advisory Committee & Other Adults                 14

This Sounds Pretty Cool – How to Become A Member & Membership Requirements           15

And After a While, You Get that Fancy Number - Post Chartering Process               16

                                                                4|S o , W ha t I s A. Y?
                                       So, What Is A.Y?
                                              “The Basics”

No matter if you’re new to the program, or a seasoned veteran one of the hardest questions
        to answer, yet the one that comes up the most is: What Is Allied Youth?

One of the reasons we think why it’s so hard for people to describe What A.Y. Is, is because
A.Y. has undergone many changes throughout its existence. In 1931, it started in Pittsburg,
Pennsylvania as a youth group fighting against the use of underage drugs & alcohol. In
1963, when A.Y. reached Newfoundland & Labrador the anti-alcohol and drug initiative
was still the main focus of the program.

Through years of growth, and modernization, in 2001 the program changed its primary
focus. Instead of focusing specifically on the alcohol and drug abuse, the A.Y. members
developed and voted on 7 main points that should become the program’s outline:
Leadership, Community Involvement, Positive Lifestyles, Celebrating Youth Achievement,
Global Issues, Technology and Career Development.

Over the past few years, the program’s directive has become more focused. Its most recent
purpose is described as a youth leadership group that helps youth get involved in their
community while focusing on positive lifestyles, career development and team work.

                    A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Organizational Flow Chart

                                         A.Y. Members

                        A.Y. Posts                           Post Executives

                                     Provincial Executive
 Provincial President        International                Regional                Members at
  & Vice-President           Representative            Representatives              Large

                                     Advisory Committee
   Chairperson &          Secretary / Treasurer       Provincial President         Provincial
    Vice-Chair            & Members-At-Large         (Youth Representative)       Coordinator

                                     International Cabinet

                                       Board of Trustees

                                                                          5|S o , W ha t I s A. Y?
                                       So, What Is A.Y?
                                         “Talking The Talk”

  Now that you’ve been part of our Allied Youth family for about an hour, you may start to
realize we have a lot of terms and slang words that may confuse you if you’re not sure what
    we’re talking about. Below is a very comprehensive list of the terms we think every
       beginning A.Y. Member & Advisor may need so they don’t get lost too quickly!

Advisory Committee:
A group of adults, along with several youth, who volunteer to meet several times a year out of
concern for Allied Youth. They work closely with the Provincial Coordinator and the Provincial
Executive to examine the progress of Allied Youth. The Advisory Committee offer suggestions to the
Provincial Executive and handle the financial & legal side of the program. They are there as an extra
source of help, support and guidance for provincial Allied Youth and its members.

Allied Youth Ralph Davis Memorial Scholarship:
A scholarship presented to a graduating A.Y.’er annually at Provincial Conference. See
Appendix G – 1 for more information.

Anyone who has previously been a part of the A.Y. Organization (a member or advisor). Alumni are
normally asked to assist at conferences and posts as speakers or anything else that the Executive
need help with. They hold a vital role in the continuation of Allied Youth.

Board of Trustees:
The board is a policy making group, that oversees the Allied Youth International (A.Y.I.)
organization. They also spearhead the development and expansion of the A.Y.I. program at a
National & International level.

Chartering & Chartered Post:
Chartering is the process, by which a post is recognized as finally becoming an “official” post, and
becomes recognized by the Allied Youth International organization. Chartered posts receive their
charter number, and earn the privileges of a post in the A.Y. Program (ex: being able to vote for
Provincial Executive Positions at conferences). Please see section on chartering for more

Community Post:
A community post is a post that is not necessarily affiliated with a school. This situation may arise
when there is no school in the community or, there is more than one school in the local area and
rather than operating several posts, one group will exist.

This is a swearing-in, candle lighting ceremony done by each new executive (Post & Provincial) as soon
after taking office as possible.

                                                                         6|S o , W ha t I s A. Y?
                                        So, What Is A.Y?
                                         “Talking The Talk”

International Cabinet:
The International Cabinet is made of 4 youth, and 2 adults each year. The youth are elected and
inducted at the annual International Conference. The positions consist of two International Co-
Presidents & two International Representatives (one elected from each region). They are
responsible for coordinating the annual A.Y.I. Conference, as well as other A.Y.I. events that take
place throughout the year.

Monthly Reports:
This report is expected to be completed for every post. In the first week of every month, the Post
President should expect a call from your Regional Representatives asking for info on your post’s
activities over the past month. It is a summary of all activities, meetings and events a post has held
over the past month. Information is forwarded to the Provincial Executive and Advisory Committee
to help monitor post activity and resolve any post issues.

Mr. and Miss. Allied Youth:
Mr. and Miss A.Y. are male and female members of the Provincial Executive (and sometimes Post
Executives) who exemplify the meaning of friendship & spirit. Their main role is to increase
participation, and make sure everyone is included in all activities.

Post Advisor:
The chaperone, or adult, who works with an A.Y. executive at the post level. Their role is to offer
advice and suggestions and act as an adult role model for the group. To qualify as a Post Advisor,
one must be at least 21 years of age, hold a RNC / RCMP Code of Conduct Certificate and have paid
their registration fees ($15.00) to the Provincial Office. See the section, Becoming an’s Hero,
for more info.

Post Executive:
The group of young people, elected by the post members, to organize all the activities of their post
during the upcoming year. For more information, please see the section, A Day in an A.Y. Post.

The activities, socials, fundraisers and any other “projects” that the post executive, and their
members wish to plan or take part in throughout the A.Y. year. Some examples include:
volunteering for your local seniors home, a bottle drive, or a photoscavenger hunt.

Provincial Coordinator:
This individual is an employee of the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, Department of Human
Resources, Labour & Employment who works with the Advisory Committee and Provincial Executive in
the overall coordination of the Provincial A.Y. Program.

                                                                          7|S o , W ha t I s A. Y?
                                       So, What Is A.Y?
                                         “Talking The Talk”

Provincial Executive:
They are the group of youth leaders who are responsible for Provincial A.Y. activities annually. The
executive positions are filled by A.Y. members who run a campaign, complete with speeches,
interviews and hot seat questions, and are elected by other youth at the annual Provincial

Provincial Project:
An initiative taken on by the Provincial Executive to encourage every Allied Youth Post to plan
some kind of fundraiser in the month of December and then forward the funds raised to the
Provincial Office, where all the money received from the posts across the province will be pooled
and then donated annually to a charity chosen by the Executive.

This is a weekend activity hosted by a post in a region, in conjunction with the regional
representative. Posts from the rest of the hosting region are invited to attend this social weekend.
Education sessions, mixers and socializing are a main function of this event and every region may
host a number of them during the course of the AY year.

These take place at rallies and conferences for A.Y. members. During reflections, Executive
members (usually graduating members) take the time at the end of the day to reflect on the
activities of the event and perhaps on their A.Y. experiences in the past.

Regional Representative:
This person is the representative for the region who sits on the provincial executive. Elected at the
annual A.Y. Provincial Conference, the regional representative is in charge of organizing the region
he/she represents - keeping in contact with Post presidents, organizing regional activities and
events, and encouraging spirit in their region.

School Post:
School posts are those Posts which operate directly out of one particular school and consist of
members who attend that school. In contrast to Community Posts who have members from the
local community and do not operate out of one school in particular.

This collection of memorabilia from throughout the A.Y. year is put together to display what a post
has been doing during the year just past. They are to be created in PowerPoint format and are
brought and displayed at Provincial Conference to be judged for a provincial award. The post
awarded best yearbook provincially is then nominated for best yearbook internationally.

                                                                        8|S o , W ha t I s A. Y?
                                   So, What Is A.Y?
                                “What Do We Get To Do?”

A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador prides itself on offering not only community based projects,
 but also several provincial annual conferences and projects that suit a variety of different
 youth and adults! Read below for some information on each of our Provincial Events, but
          remember the best way to learn about them is to experience it firsthand!

Provincial Conference

This one has been an Allied Youth NL Tradition since Day #1. It is our biggest and most
significant conference that we host each year. It is a four day conference hosted in the
spring of each year, normally over Easter Break. It is coordinated and planned by the
Provincial Executive with the Provincial Coordinator.

The purposes of our Provincial Conference are:

   1. To elect a new Provincial Executive who will lead Provincial Allied Youth over the next
   2. To gather A.Y.’ers from all across the Province to let them mix, socialize and have fun
   3. To give A.Y.’ers the opportunity to learn about different topics through sessions and

       Any A.Y. Member is eligible to attend Provincial Conference. There is no preference
       based on position in the post, or experience in A.Y. Provincially, we accept 10
       delegates from each post along with a list of names called “alternates” in case extra
       room is available, allowing more members to attend. Post Executives & Advisors
       submit the 10 names, and any alternates to the Provincial Office after the
       Conference Package is sent out.

       Conference Package
       The Conference Package is sent out sometime in January or February to all Post
       Presidents and Advisors. It contains all the information about that year’s
       conference, including a conference schedule, registration forms, and provincial
       executive and award applications. If you do not receive a conference package in
       February, or have any questions regarding any of the material in it, you should
       contact the Provincial Coordinator immediately. Make sure to pay attention to
       the deadlines in the package for when registration forms & fees are due! Late
       registration fees may apply to posts that are late sending in their forms.

                                                                  9|S o , W ha t I s A. Y?
                             So, What Is A.Y?
                          “What Do We Get To Do?”

Each post needs to provide 1 Registered Post Advisor for every 10 Members
attending conference. Post Advisors are not expected to pay fees to attend
conferences and their conference registration should be covered by their Post.
Remember the Advisors are giving up their time so you can attend!

Delegate Expectations
The list of delegate expectations can be found in the conference package. It outlines
the basic regulations that all delegates are expected to follow. If any of these are not
followed, the delegate risks being sent home at their own expense.

Travel will be arranged by the Provincial Office and posts will be notified. If a post is
in the region where the event is being hosted, they may be expected to supply their
own travel. If posts are outside the host region, then they will be given a travel
cost in their Conference Package.

Provincial Executive Nominations
Chartered posts may nominate members from their Post to run for a Provincial
Executive Position. The positions include: Provincial President, Vice-President,
Member-at-Large and Regional Rep for their region. More than one member may
run for each of these positions from the same post. Nomination form due dates
should be included in the Conference Package. All candidates should be made aware
that all positions carry a great deal of responsibility (Nominations from the floor on
the first night of Conference are also a possibility). For detailed descriptions of each
Provincial Executive Position, please see Appendix B.

Any candidates running for Provincial Executive Positions should be told in advance
that they will need to prepare a campaign (Posters, Door Hangers, Meal-Time
Handouts, etc.) for the conference. Also, a speech will have to be prepared by each
candidate to present to the Conference Delegates. Interviews and hot seat
questions as well are a part of the campaigning process. Creativity is a must! Feel
free to contact past candidates to get campaign hints and suggestions.

                                                           10 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                             So, What Is A.Y?
                          “What Do We Get To Do?”

Voting Delegate
Each Post is asked to select one member (not someone running for a Provincial
Executive Position) to be the Post’s voting delegate. This person is key to the success
of Provincial Executive Elections. They are your Post’s Representative during all the
election activities. Their duties include sitting in on the candidate interviews,
listening to the candidate’s responses, as well as casting your Post’s vote.

Award Applications
One of the highlights of Provincial Conference is the annual Awards Night! Posts can
apply for Post or Individual Member Awards. Applications are included in your
conference package: if a post doesn’t apply then they will not be considered!!
Remember – your members work hard all year to support the post, this is a chance
to give them some recognition for their hard work.

On the last day of Provincial Conference, after all the campaigning for Executive
Positions is finished, each Post meets on their own to discuss who they want to vote
for each Provincial Executive Position. The voting delegate reports to the Post about
the candidate interviews, and reviews all the speeches & hot seat questions. If a
member of the Post is a candidate for a position, he / she should leave the room
when the Post is discussing that position.

The Post votes on who they feel should fill each position. The majority of the Post
must choose one candidate before a vote can be cast (50% + 1 of the Post delegates).
If there is more than one candidate for a position then the Post must rank the
candidates from their most preferable candidate to least (In case of a tie, the second
vote may have to be considered).

After all the positions have been voted on by the post, the voting delegate will then
go to the location with the Provincial Coordinator and they will cast a ballot for each
position on behalf of the Post. The votes will be counted by the Provincial
Coordinator and the Chair of the Advisory Committee, and the winners will be
announced at the closing banquet.

                                                          11 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                                    So, What Is A.Y?
                                 “What Do We Get To Do?”

International Conference

The Annual Allied Youth International Conference is the highlight of the A.Y. International
Year! It is a time for the A.Y.’ers and Advisors from all across the A.Y.I. world to get
together and experience new and exciting things as they learn about each other’s culture
and different A.Y. Program.

This Conference normally takes place in November, and revolves around the election of the
new International Cabinet, while getting A.Y.’ers from different regions mixing and
socializing with each other. The Conference is organized by the International Cabinet.

       Any A.Y. Member is eligible to attend International Conference. There is no
       preference based on position in the Post, or experience in A.Y. However, unlike
       Provincial Conference, there is normally no limit on how many members attend per
       Post, but more likely to be a limit provincially how many members can attend.
       Encourage all members to try and attend, so that they can experience an
       International Conference.

       The number of chaperones is chosen by the Advisory Committee based on the
       number of delegates attending. The Advisory Committee selects the advisors from
       the Province to attend the A.Y.I. Conference, and all their fees are paid for by A.Y.
       NL. If you are interested in being a Provincial Chaperone for an International
       Conference, please let the Provincial Coordinator or an Advisory Committee
       Member know!

       International Cabinet Nominations
       The International Cabinet is made up of 2 International Co-Presidents, 2
       International Representatives and 2 Cabinet Advisors. The International Co-
       President from Newfoundland A.Y. is selected by the Advisory Committee and is
       normally the A.Y.’er who is the current Provincial Vice-President. Chartered Posts
       may submit nominations for members to run for A.Y. NL’s International
       Representative (See Campaigning and Nominations under Provincial Conference
       for more information on what is expected). The application form should be sent out
       with an International Conference Package.

                                                                 12 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                                      So, What Is A.Y?
                                   “What Do We Get To Do?”

       As well, 2 Advisors from A.Y.I. Regions are selected to be Cabinet Advisors for the
       upcoming year to work with the Cabinet in planning the next A.Y.I. International
       Conference. If you are interested in this position, please contact an Advisory
       Committee member.

       The winners of the Awards at Provincial Conference will be forwarded to A.Y.I. to be
       considered for an International Award. Therefore, each Award Winner has the
       chance to win twice – even more of a reason to apply!!

Leadership Kick Off Weekend
Everyone’s favorite way to start off the A.Y. & School Year! This camp style conference is all
about teamwork and making lasting friendships. There are exciting recreational activities,
interesting session topics, sporting events and other social opportunities, that all promote
leadership, team work and developing new skills.

Unlike the other Conferences, there are no formal             A.Y. Quick Fact…
elections at Kick Off. This is simply a way for                This Conference used to be called
everyone to have some fun and get pumped up for                 a “Provincial Rally” and Posts
the following A.Y. Year. Stay tuned early in September           were chosen to host in their
 for all the permission forms and info! (This is a great way to
 recruit new members early in the year – what’s better then
promising them a fun-filled conference right at the beginning).

Leadership Training Weekend
Our newest Provincial Event! This one’s for several different Post Executive Positions and
your Post Advisor(s). It gives those local leaders a chance to kick start the year by
discovering how to be an awesome Executive Member and Advisor and learn about
A.Y.’s newest activities. It has three main purposes:

   1. To give Executive Members and Advisors a chance to know each other better, so they can
      rely on each other through the year – since they’ll all be doing the same job!
   2. To teach them a little bit about running a post and the role that they’re in.
   3. To reward them for all the work they’ve promised for their post over the next year!

This weekend is organized by the Advisory Committee, and is free of charge to the core
Exec Members (Pres, VP, Secretary and Treasurer) & Advisors. However it is
MANDATORY for all of these Exec Members to attend. It is held early in September each

                                                                     13 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                                       So, What Is A.Y?
                                “Are There Any Adults Around ?”

 There are three main groups of adults who help our program exist on a day to day basis.
  All of these groups are equally important, and without them it would be impossible to
               continue offering Allied Youth to teenagers. These groups are:

                                                    Anyone who has previously been a part of
                                                      the A.Y. Organization (a member or
           Advisory Committee                      Alumni have no designated responsibility to
 A group of adults, along with several youth,
                                                       the program but continue to assist us
 who volunteer to meet several times a year
                                                      because they have been affected by the
 out of concern for Allied Youth. They work
                                                     program in some way. Alumni sometimes
 closely with the Provincial Coordinator and
                                                   assist Post Advisors at the post level, and on
   the Provincial Executive to examine the
                                                    the provincial Level they help in numerous
               progress of A.Y.
                                                        ways including: presenting sessions,
                 Duties Include:                     speaking at events, returning as Advisory
   o   Developing a budget for each A.Y. Year       Committee Members, and helping with the
   o   Monitoring the policy and legal aspects            general organization of events.
       of our organization
   o   Advising the Provincial Executive on                        Post Advisors
       their duties and ensuring tasks are being   The most dedicated and hard working group
       completed. As well as assisting with
                                                      of adults we have in Allied Youth. Post
       their training annually.
   o   Ensuring that a succession plan for the      advisors are the chaperone, or adult, who
       program is always in place                    works with an A.Y. executive at the post
                                                       level. Their role is to offer advice and
The Advisory Committee’s Annual General             suggestions and act as an adult role model
Meeting is held every spring. The terms of                          for the group.
each position are one year, and are elected at
this meeting. If you would be interested in        To qualify as a post advisor, one must be at
putting your name forward for the committee,         least 21 years of age, hold a RNC / RCMP
please contact the current Chairperson.             Code of Conduct Certificate and have paid
                                                       their registration fees ($15.00) to the
   See Appendix A2 for contact info for the
                                                   Provincial Office. If you are under the age of
        current Advisory Committee.
                                                       21 but would still like to help, you can
                                                    volunteer as “Junior Advisors” with a post.

                                                    See the section, Becoming an’s Hero,
                                                     for more information about being a Post

                                                                    14 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                                       So, What Is A.Y?
                                    “This Sounds Pretty Cool”

So how does it all sound?                                      quote:
I mean you’ve only read about the A.Y.               "Like most people in AY say, Allied Youth is something
Basics so far– and trust us, there is a lot left     you have to experience for yourself. I think this is true,
to tell about! But maybe some of you are               little did I know four years ago that a group like this
hooked already, and if you are then we              could do so much for me. I have changed as a person and
want to let you know how to get involved           met so many incredible people that I consider my friends. I
right away.                                           can't imagine my world without AY!" – Sarah Pinsent

Membership Requirements

If you already have a local A.Y. Post, here are the other requirements to be an A.Y. member:

   1. Members must be enrolled in a secondary school (junior high or high school), and be in
      Grade 7 – Level 3.
   2. A.Y. Posts can be set within an individual school or a community. For a member to join
      a school post, they must be currently attending that school. Any youth may join a
      community post, regardless of the school, as long as they are living within the community
      that the post serves (ie: a youth living in Gander cannot join a community post in Grand
   3. All Youth must pay a $15.00 Annual Registration Fee in September of each year (or
      whenever they may join) to cover their Allied Youth Insurance. This must be paid before
      the youth can attend any A.Y. Event other than meetings, and it must be forwarded,
      along with an A.Y. Registration Form (See Appendix F – 1) to the Provincial Office by
      the post.

And that’s it, if you have all that completed – you’re all set to take part in your local A.Y.

But what if you don’t have a local A.Y. Post?

                                                If you’re interested in joining, as a member or
             A.Y. Quick Fact…                   advisor, and you don’t have an A.Y. post nearby
         The First NL A.Y. Post                 then please contact either the current
          was started in Corner                 Provincial Coordinator or Chairperson of A.Y.
           Brook, NL in 1963!                   They will assist you in all the steps to start your
                                                own A.Y. Post!

                                                                         15 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                                     So, What Is A.Y?
                     “And After A While, You Get That Fancy Number”

That “fancy number” is actually a very prestigious and important symbol to an Allied Youth
post and its members. The number (a.k.a. Charter Number) actually credits the post as an
                                     official A.Y. Post.

What does it mean to be official you might ask!?

It means you and your post have earned the ability to:

   A. Nominate members for Provincial and International Executive Positions at Conferences.
   B. Cast a vote with all other posts for new Provincial Executive Members.
   C. Submit award applications for different awards that are presented annually to A.Y.
      Members, Advisors & Posts.

Chartering Requirements

The International Board of Trustees has set out criteria to help define what you must
accomplish before receiving your charter:

   1. Posts must be active and have at least two registered members (one of which must be Post
   2. At least one member of the Post must have taken part in a Provincial Conference.
   3. At least one member of the Post must have taken part in an International Conference.
   4. At least one member of the Post must have taken part in at least ONE other Provincial
      A.Y. Event (Leadership Kick-Off Weekend or Leadership Training Weekend).
   5. The Post must have participated in at least one Addictions Awareness Project (normally
      during Addictions Awareness Week).
   6. The Post must be established for one full year (or six months if the Post already existed
      and are applying for re-activation), during which they will have the opportunity to take
      part in the above requirements to fulfill the necessary criteria.

That’s it! You know all the basics to get your post
started, and how you can become a Chartered
                                                              A.Y. Quick Fact…
Post. Now it’s time to let your, and your Post’s, A.Y.
                                                                      A Post Can Receive
Adventure begin…
                                                                     Their Charter # at a
                                                                Prov. Or Int’l Conference
Besides reading all the info we’ve presented to you so
far and everything else in this manual, the majority of A.Y.
(and how you’ll learn to love it) is experiencing it. So get out
and start having some fun!

                                                                   16 | S o , W h a t I s A . Y ?
                               A Day In An A.Y. Post
                      Mastering the Inner Workings of a Post

  If you’re unsure of what a “post” means in Allied Youth, you may want to make sure
you’re reading the right book, or at least go back and review our last section to refresh
 your A.Y. knowledge. If you are already familiar with what a post is then this section
                    will help you grow much more familiar with one.

 Here you’ll find everything: what a post executive is, how to elect one, & even how to
  plan amazing events with the executive. After reading this section, you’ll have no
         worries about ensuring every day in your A.Y. Post runs smoothly!

Section Contents:

The Youth Leaders – The Post Executive                                                 18 – 20

Creating The Next Great Executive – A Guide to Elections                               21 – 26

But We Don’t Know What To Do – Executive Training                                      27 – 31

Time To Get Down To Business! – An Outline to an A.Y. Post Meeting                     32 – 34

Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #1) – Sample Event Planning: Food Drive 35 – 36

Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2) – Sample Event Planning: Inductions 37 – 42

                                                           17 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                   A Day In An A.Y. Post
                                        “The Youth Leaders”

 The most active groups of youth are found at our post level. The Post Executives are the
backbone of our organization, posts would not be doing anything throughout the year and
we would only be an organization without conference. Our Post Executives are what make
                    our program stand out from other youth groups!

The role of the executive is to plan and coordinate the activities of the post. The members
of the executive are elected from Post Members by the Post. They have separate executive
meetings to plan out the upcoming projects. Every Post’s executive is a little bit different
but this section outlines some of the more common positions. Feel free to experiment by
merging, adding or deleting positions with your executive to find the best “fit” for your

**Remember, it is MANDATORY for all Core Executive Members (Pres, VP, Secretary and Treasurer) to
    attend the annual Leadership Training Weekend in September of each year. No exceptions! **

Post President:
The Leader and Core Figure of the Post Executive

   1. Coordinates all activities of the Post & Executive, and delegates responsibility to post executive
   2. Chairs all General & Executive Meetings.
   3. Is the core figure and oversees the planning of all Post Projects: Fundraisers, Socials, Community
      Service, Inductions, etc.
   4. Makes sure A.Y. is enjoyable and useful to all A.Y. Members, so you must ensure the projects /
      activities being planned reflect what the members want to do.
   5. Keep in close contact with your Regional Rep on the Provincial Executive.
   6. Works closely with the Post Advisor(s), School, and Advisory Committee so everyone is aware
      what is happening in your post.
   7. Represents the Post and A.Y. in the media, as well as at different seminars, conferences and
      school / community functions.

The President’s Second in Command

   1. To assist the President in all activities.
   2. To take the place of the President at meetings, etc. if the President is unable to attend.
   3. Keeps in close contact with the other members of the Post Executive and the General Members to
      make sure the Post is planning events that the members want.
   4. To assume leadership roles for some of the events.
   5. To attend all Post Executive & General Meetings
   6. Works with the Publicity Consultant to help advertise and get the word out about A.Y. and what
      your Post is doing!

                                                                18 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                    A Day In An A.Y. Post
                                         “The Youth Leaders”

The Number Cruncher

   1. You, along with the President and Post Advisor, are responsible for the
      Post’s funds. Post’s funds are either in their own bank account or
      through the school’s account that your post operates from. If you have
      your own account make sure there are 2 signing officers (people who are allowed to write and sign
      the cheques) on the cheques!
   2. Issue receipts for monies received and keep proper records of all the money received and spent
      through the A.Y. Year.
   3. Deposit money into the A.Y. Account regularly.
   4. Report back to the Executive on the funds left in your account, and of all Post’s money activity
      (ex: How much was spent on an event).
   5. Is a core figure of the Post Executive

The Note Taker
   1. Write and keep an accurate set of minutes for Executive & both Post Meetings. See Appendix
      C - 3 & C - 4 for a short example of a post meeting’s minutes and an attendance form.
   2. Submit and send out the minutes of each meeting to the Post Executive & Post Advisor quickly
      following it.
   3. Assist with the general leadership and running of Post Projects.
   4. Is a core figure on the Post Executive

Publicity Consultant:
Responsible for “getting the word out”

                         1. Responsible for coming up with new and creative ideas to publicize the
                     activities and projects of the Post at the Community, Regional and Provincial
                     Level, both inside and outside of A.Y.
                         2. Works with the President & VP to plan membership drives, that will
                     attract new members to your Post.

Projects / Socials Representative:
The Overseer
   1. Oversees or directly plans all the projects and socials of the Post, with help from the rest of the
   2. Maintains communication with the treasurer and secretary to stay up to date on upcoming events
      and the amount of money spent and / or raised for each event.
   3. Encourages the Post Members to get involved with planning activities
   4. Works with the Publicity Consultant to promote upcoming Post Activities.

                                                                 19 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                   A Day In An A.Y. Post
                                       “The Youth Leaders”

Junior Representative:
The Youngin’

The Junior Rep Position on a Post Executive is normally created in a post with both Junior & Senior
Members. They are normally elected from the Junior Members of the Post (Grade 7 – 9) to ensure
that the Junior Members have a voice on the Executive. They are a core figure of the Executive, and
are responsible to make sure junior members are actively participating and helping in the decision

There are 3 ways in which this position could be elected. One way is the whole post votes on the
position. Another option is to have the position voted on by only the Junior Members of the Post.
Finally, a third option is to have the Executive select a Junior Representative from among the Junior
Members. The present Executive will know who are the outgoing, hard working Junior Members
that are involved. Because of this, the Executive should be able to select an individual.

Mr. & Miss Allied Youth:
The Spirit Builders

   1. Possess outgoing personalities, and also be the energetic and spirited members of the Post.
   2. Are fun-loving: They are the ones who can enjoy anything (such as meetings, activities and
      projects). They will try to make fun out of everything, no matter how much “work” it may be.
   3. They are dedicated members, who have a consistent record of taking part and helping out with the
      Post’s activities. (They are the ones who are always there, people you can always rely on).
   4. Be helpful and volunteer themselves for responsibilities in the Post. Normally taking initiative
      and being the ones who will go that extra mile while completing tasks.
   5. Represent the spirit and fun that your Post can have, and they will be comfortable talking to
      other non-A.Y.’ers and Advisors about what A.Y. is and why they should become a part of it.
   6. Boost the spirit of your Post by coordinating mixers games and fun activities during your Post’s
      Meetings (As well as working the Socials Representative to help plan Post’s socials).
   7. Ensure EVERYONE in the post is taking part, and no one is left out.

A common mistake is for A.Y.’ers to believe that the President is the most, and only, important
     position on the executive. This is definitely not the case, as you will see with your own
   executive. Every member’s role is key to the Post’s success, and a bond is formed between
               members to ensure that everyone can be trusted and counted on.

                                                               20 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                 A Day In An A.Y. Post
                            “Creating The Next Great Executive”

Out with the old and in with the new! This is one of the most exciting parts of the A.Y. Year
as your post is about to hold its annual Executive Elections. Elections normally take part in
early to late May. Your members are about to make a decision that will affect how the Post
                                will be led over the next year!

There are several reasons why elections for the upcoming year happen before it begins.
First of all, it gives your Post time to plan out your Post Inductions Ceremony, as well as
time to organize a Post Executive Training over the summer or early
fall. As well, all Post Presidents names need to be submitted to the
A.Y. Provincial Office by June of each year. This is so Presidents can
be contacted with information regarding Post President’s Weekend
which occurs in September.

It is essential that the Post Advisor and Post Executive stay impartial
during elections so that they do not easily influence the vote.

Elections at the Post Level involve a number of steps! There are several different ways to
go about elections, sometimes the process is completed over one meeting, while other
times it is spread throughout several weeks. We will list the general steps to setting up a
successful election, but remember that this is just a guide! Your post can always tweak
around with the timing and order of the steps, to find what works for you.

Generating the Excitement
Before you can jump right into members voting for their favourite candidates, you need to
make sure that they understand both what they are voting for, and why it is so important.
To explain each position, there are a number of people that can help. You can get one of
your Post Executive Members to talk about the positions, or you can contact your Regional
Rep or a close Advisory Committee Member to come and talk to your post (They always
love the chance to get out and see Posts in action!).

Make sure the speaker you choose includes that being on the Executive is a great
responsibility, but can also be a rewarding experience, and a chance to create some new
friendships with the other executive members. The person can also talk about the variety
of qualities needed for an Executive, and that hard workers are not all that is needed. For
example: creativity is required for positions like Publicity and Socials Rep,
communication and organization is needed for Secretary and Treasurer, and fairness
and leadership are both an utmost necessity for someone becoming a President or VP.

                                                           21 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                A Day In An A.Y. Post
                            “Creating The Next Great Executive”

Nominations are the first step in creating a brand new Executive for your Post. Ample
notice should be given to the Post of when Elections will be, so that members can think
about, in advance, who they want to represent them.

       Step #1: Order of Nominations
       The President will go through nominations in the following order: President, Vice-
       President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity, Yearbook, Socials / Projects (** Although,
       not all positions may apply for each post).

       Step #2: Calling for Nominations
       For each position, the President should begin the nomination process by saying:
       “The Floor is now open for nominations for the position of _____________________”. To
       nominate someone, a member must raise their hand and be called upon by the
       President. When they are called upon, the member may nominate 1 person for that
       position, and then another member must second their nomination. Once a member
       has been nominated, and seconded, the President must ask the member if they
       accept the nomination. If the person accepts, then the Secretary would then write
       down their name, as well as the names of the nominator and seconder. If the
       person declines, then the President moves on and asks for any other nominations. A
       member may not nominate more than one person for the same position.

       Step #3: Ending Nominations
       The President continues to take nominations for the same position until no other
       names are put forward. When the question, “Are there any more nominations?” has
       been asked three consecutive times with no response, the President will say
       “Nominations for the position ________ are now closed.”

Campaigning (Optional)
If there is time between when your nominations are held, and the voting takes place then
there is always the option for campaigning for all of the candidates. This gives candidates
the chance to show themselves, and try to convince others that they are the best candidate
for the position. Campaigning can be as simple as putting up posters around your school /
community center, or as elaborate as creating buttons, or bookmarks, etc.

If members are interested in coming up with more unique campaign options, they should
contact their Regional Rep – as this person would have experience campaigning at the
Provincial Level, and have some tips for candidates.

                                                          22 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                               A Day In An A.Y. Post
                           “Creating The Next Great Executive”

Speeches & Hot Seat Interviews
                    Finally, the night of your elections have arrived! Depending on how
                    spread out the election process, all candidates should have been told
                    prior to that they would be required to prepare a speech. The
                    speech will be presented on election night and the purpose of it is to
                    try and convince the members that they are the best candidate.

                      Encourage your members to be creative in their speeches, and try to
take a “unique” approach when presenting their speech. Audience members always
remember the ones who are different from the crowd!!

      Speeches are a chance or candidates to speak to the Post, and explain why they feel
      that they are the best person to fill the position. Speeches should be between
      1.5 – 3 minutes in length. By creating a time limit it makes it fair for all
      candidates, as some members are more confident with public speaking.

      Occasionally, some A.Y.’ers have a tendency to laugh at the speeches, or when the
      speaker makes a mistake. This is to be discouraged immediately, to prevent
      further incidents from happening. The candidates are putting themselves out of
      their comfort zone to present these speeches, and may be hurt by others laughing at
      or mocking them.

      Candidates can use their speech as a venue to speak about a variety of topics, such
      as: their past experiences in A.Y., why they want to hold an Executive Position, some
      ideas they have for while they are in the position, and what makes them the best
      candidate for the position. Encourage creativity! All candidates should make a
      speech, even the less confident or shy speakers. Given a speech will prepare them
      more for the position if they are elected because as a member of the executive public
      speaking is a must.

      Hot Seat Questions
      A Hot Seat Question is a question that is asked to all the candidates running for a
      position, after they have presented their speeches. These questions are not told to
      the candidates in advance, therefore they cannot prepare an answer. This helps
      shows the candidates ability to think on their feet!

                                                        23 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                A Day In An A.Y. Post
                            “Creating The Next Great Executive”

       There are a couple ways to come up with Hot Seat questions. Members can either
       choose 2 or 3 questions at the beginning of the elections meeting, while the
       candidates are outside the room, or the President can ask for questions from the
       members after all the candidates for a specific position finish their speeches.

       These questions should not be individualized, since they will be asked to all
       candidates for a particular position. Some examples of general questions could be:
       “Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this position?”, “Explain the
       importance of A.Y. to you?” or “What qualities do you possess that will help make
       you a successful ___________?”

       As an icebreaker, it may be a nice touch to ask a silly question at the beginning or
       end. This question would help alleviate some stress as some speakers may be
       nervous after presenting their speeches! Some suggestions are: “If you had an
       elephant, where would you hide it?” or “Sing a short song that describes why you
       are the best candidates for this position.”

The elections are coming down to the wire now! This is the final step in the Post Election
Process. Only paid, registered members are permitted to cast a vote in Post Elections. This
decreases the likelihood one of the candidates recruiting a group of friends to come to this
meeting just to vote for them whom may never be seen again.

The seriousness of voting should be stressed to members to ensure they understand the
importance of voting to elect the most qualified and deserving candidates. To obtain
privacy, a voting station should be set up somewhere a little bit away from where the
members are so that A.Y.’ers can vote in private. Every person is allowed to cast one vote.

       President’s Vote
       The President’s Vote should be cast first. The President casts a secret ballot for
       each position before the rest of the voting begins. This ballot should then be taken
       by the Post Advisor. This ballot remains unused unless there is a tie. In the case of a
       tie, the President’s Vote is used to determine the winner. Besides this special vote,
       the President may also cast a vote along with everyone else.

       Ballots should clearly show the names of the nominees and the position that they
       are running for (See Sample Ballot in Appendix C - 5).

                                                          24 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                A Day In An A.Y. Post
                            “Creating The Next Great Executive”

       Counting the Votes
       The counting should be done away from the members of the Post. The votes should
       be counted by the Post Advisor and outgoing President and / or Vice President.
       Remember, the President’s Vote should only be used in case one of the positions
       results in a tie. In this situation, the President’s Vote should be opened and used to
       break the tie for that position only.

  ** The winner is the person with the most votes. No matter what your personal feelings
about the winner are, or who you believed should have been elected, it is the decision of the
 members that places a person into a position. Everyone should have an equal chance, and
                     remember, sometimes people can surprise you! **

The results should be announced as soon as possible following the voting process. Ensure
that at some point you give all the candidates a round of applause. All members and
candidates, whether elected or not, should be encouraged to stay active within the post,
help out on committees and with projects, and continue to run for positions in the future.

AT NO POINT should candidates or members know the number of votes that an individual
received. This info should not be disclosed which is why the votes are counted by the Post
Advisor and President / VP. Should any member ask, simply let them know that the vote
was close, whether they actually were or not.

If the opportunity is there, try to promote your new executive to the community! Have it
on the school announcements, or in the local community newspaper, or even send a quick
e-mail to your Regional Rep or Provincial President!

Mr. & Miss. Allied Youth Selections
Unlike the other positions Mr. & Miss. A.Y. are normally selected by the outgoing executive.
Time should be allotted at one executive meeting to discuss these positions and make a
decision. The Executive should be aware of when this particular meeting will take place in
advance, so that they can come prepared with names as suggestions.

The majority of the Executive should agree on a person(s) before someone is officially
selected. Don’t worry – this may sound like a lengthy discussion, but normally those who
are outstanding to one person, will be outstanding to everyone! The winners can be
announced at the same time as the other elections or at a special ceremony (ex: your
Inductions Ceremony, etc).

                                                          25 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                  A Day In An A.Y. Post
                             “Creating The Next Great Executive”

Can a non-present member accept a nomination for an Executive Position?
       No, the member being nominated must be present to accept the nomination.

If only one person is running for a position what do we do?
        There is a yes / no vote, and speeches still take place.

When does voting end?
       Voting ends after everyone at the voting meeting has casted a ballot. Remember
only paid, registered members are permitted to vote.

How long must an A.Y.’er be in A.Y. before they are allowed to hold an executive position?
       As long as someone is a registered member, then they are allowed to hold an
executive position. There is no particular length of time.

Can A.Y.’ers who are running for a position be voted upon if they are not present the night of
the election?
        No, they must be present at the meeting that elections are being held.

Can an A.Y.’er have another A.Y.’er vote on their behalf if they are unable to attend the
       No, in order to cast a vote, you must be present at the meeting that elections are
being held.

Should the entire Executive be elected at the same time?
       This is for each individual Post to decide, depending on their structure. The
Advisory Committee requires that each Post elects a President and at least 1 other position
by the end of June each year. However, a post can elect more than 2 positions in June, or
they can wait until September when new members join.

What is a spoiled ballot?
        A spoiled ballot is one that is not clearly marked with an X. If there is any scratched
out marks or changes to the ballot, then it is considered spoiled. In this case, it is not
included in the vote. If a member would like to make a change to their ballot, they may ask
for a new one.

                                                            26 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                      A Day In An A.Y. Post
                                 “But We Don’t Know What To Do”

  Even the youth with the most outgoing personality, and strongest leadership abilities is
going to need to learn what to do, and how to do, it at some point! That’s where executive
 training plays a huge role. How you go about training your executive differs from post to
post, since everyone will have their individual strengths & differences. This is meant to be
                   a general guide to make sure you cover all the basics.

Why spend time doing executive training?

This is a fair question. A lot of new Post Executives and Advisors may not see the
advantages to this training right away. However, taking the time to plan and deliver strong
executive training is a necessary component a strong executive, and even more important
to an active post! Another advantage is that your new executive may have some members,
if not all, who have never experienced being on an A.Y. Executive. This is a great
opportunity to show them about A.Y., as well as help build their leadership skills, right at
the beginning.

Keep in mind that this training will not iron out all the kinks of the new executive right
from the beginning. They will still need time to experience their roles, and feel them out
before they can become that “All-star” Executive every post strives to have. It is important
to give them room to grow and help when necessary. Before you know it, they will be
taking on greater challenges and bigger projects!

           quote:                          When and where should we plan our
                                                                     executive training to be?
 "The friends I have made in A.Y. are irreplaceable, the
 lessons I have learned can’t be taught anywhere. ThisOnce again, this will vary from Post to
                                                   your Post. If you elect all positions in the
   program has given me everlasting memories. I can’t
        imagine “me” without it!” – Ashley Reid     spring, then the summer may be a good
                                                    time to plan training for a day or two at
    someone’s cabin. Or, if there are a few positions to elect in the fall, you can wait until a
   weekend in September and do it on a Saturday at your local school or community center.

How long should our executive training last?

Remember that training can be an ongoing process! However, most importantly it will
depend on how experienced (if at all) the executive is. The length of training will vary from
Post to Post depending on how knowledgeable and experienced the members of the
executive are. It may take a new Post two days to cover the same material an experienced
Post could cover in one!

                                                           27 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                     A Day In An A.Y. Post
                                “But We Don’t Know What To Do”

How do we decide what to do at our executive training?

There are 2 major things to think about when choosing activities for the training: the areas
where the post is weak and what individual executive members feel they need to build on.
Based on this, the training should include activities and sessions that will help strengthen
areas where the entire Executive and post are weaker in. For example: if your Post
Executive is having trouble realizing what their roles and responsibilities are, then you
should base a few activities around discovering what each Executive Members specific
roles are, and provide some time to practice these roles (ie. writing sample minutes for the

As well, it is important to listen to each Executive member to hear what they feel they need
work on. A common reply from Executive members is that they have a fear of speaking in
front of people; therefore it would be beneficial to allow some time for public speaking

What can we do at Executive Training?
The options for your Post are only limited by your creativity! There are countless ways to
prepare a post for the upcoming year. However, below are a few suggestions that may be a
good starting point for a Post. Eventually you will find your own way to run things, that
will ensure all the necessary topics are covered throughout the training.

One stumbling block many Post Advisors and Post Presidents struggle with early in the
planning stages for their Executive Training is who to ask to do the activities and sessions.
After all, there will be times that the Post Advisors and / or President may not be highly
knowledgeable about the topic that the Executive need help with. Or the Advisor and
President may be new to the A.Y. Program, and are not comfortable enough with the topic
to discuss it themselves. There are 2 options:
                  Do It Yourself                                  Invite Someone In
   o   Contact Your Local Provincial Executive        o   Contact Your Local Provincial Executive
       Member or the A.Y. Office for Info on the          Member or the A.Y. Office to ask for a
       topic                                              representative (either Youth or Adult) to
   o   Plan a day(s) of activities that offer a           attend your Executive Training.
       variety of different styles (Interactive vs.   o   Meet with this person ahead of time to
       Lecture vs. Mixer-based vs. Discussions)           discuss what topic(s) they will be training
   o   Ensure that your Executive is involved             your Post in.
       and that they do not feel like you are a       o   Ask them to try and involve the Post
       teacher, and they are in school!                   Advisor and President in the training
   o   Give breaks often, so they stay refreshed!         process.

                                                               28 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                 A Day In An A.Y. Post
                             “But We Don’t Know What To Do”

Teamwork Activities
There are a large number of team work and ice-breaker activities which can help the group
become more comfortable with one another. Therefore, it is a great idea to plan some
teamwork challenges and mixer games near the beginning of the executive training. Below
are a few suggestions of activities and feel free to search the web for more ideas!

       Defining Teamwork
       Ask your executive to come up with their own definition of teamwork. This is a
       great lead in to the rest of your day, as it helps them really think about what the
       “ideal” team is like. A good follow up is to get the group to compare their model
       definition to their own Executive, and then discuss areas where they are similar to
       the definition and areas that are different and could be altered to better suit their

       Cooperation (Alphabet Volleyball)
       The Executive is given a volleyball and forms a circle. The instructions are that the
       group has to bump the volleyball 26 times and yell a letter of the alphabet (in order)
       when they bump the ball. They complete the 26 bumps without letting the ball
       touch the ground. If it hits the ground they have to start at the beginning. The
       facilitator should watch the group and look for things like: When someone dropped
       the ball was the response positive or negative? Was everyone being included? Is
       there a certain person who always kept track of the letters? Afterwards, discuss
       how these questions and the responses have an impact on how well they work as a

Communication is an element that needs to be emphasized with the executive from the
very beginning! If the communication between the members and the advisors is strong, it
can create a lot of positive energy among your group and result in a more active post.
However, the opposite is also true. If the communication between your Post is poor, then
this can be the spark that ignites a downward spiral for the whole year.

Lines of Communication in an A.Y. Post:
   o Post Advisor & Post Executive
   o Post Executive & General Members       o   The Post & Parents
   o Between Executive Members              o   The Post & Regional Rep
   o Between Post Advisors                  o   The Post & Provincial Pres
                                            o   The Post & the Community

                                                          29 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                    A Day In An A.Y. Post
                               “But We Don’t Know What To Do”

There are tons of places where communication can go astray with your Post. But don’t
worry; listed below are a few simple steps to avoid this disaster before it happens!
   A. Provide Training! Provide Post members with ways to give detailed and clear
       instructions. Get an alumni, teacher or Provincial Executive member to come in and talk
       about it. You could also teach them how to do proper follow up with each other, to ensure
       everyone is staying on top of things.
   B. Write It Down! If there is something that has to be remembered get the President or
       Secretary to write it down and pass out copies to everyone. Feel free to do up a letter
       about the plan for the year and pass it out to parents, or community / school members –
       the more people who know about upcoming activities or events, then the more
       responsibility is put on the post to ensure it goes ahead.
   C. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, silly!) Do not assume that people know what you’re
       talking about. If you do, it can mean some people miss out on essential info. If it’s
       important enough to talk about, then make sure everyone understands what it is you’re
       talking about. While this may be time consuming to executive members it will be
       recognized later as everyone will be on the same page.
   D. Say It Twice! Never hesitate to repeat something more than once. Chances are
       someone missed it the first time around.

Public Speaking
                    Fact: The #1 Fear in North America is Public Speaking
                This means more people in North America are afraid of speaking
                                 in front of people than dying!

Many people, young and old, have a fear of public speaking, although most will have to face
that fear in some way throughout our life. With that said, mastering this skill can be a
necessity not only for A.Y. but also, a great skill for life!

One side of the fear is the speaking side of this, but an even bigger side is standing and
being comfortable in front of a group of people. Members are often nervous of messing up
when speaking in front of others, or that other A.Y.’ers will laugh at them. Listed is an
example of a plan to help get members more comfortable. This can be carried over through
numerous meetings.
 Meeting #1        Meeting #2         Meeting #3          Meeting #4        Meeting #5
 State:             State:             State:           State:             State:
    Full Name          Full Name          Full Name        Full Name          Short Speech
   Grade               Grade              Grade            Grade           on a Topic of their
                       Fav. Sport         Fav. Sport       What’s your     choice
                                          Fav. School   favorite thing
                                       Subject & Why?   about being a
                                                           30 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                  A Day In An A.Y. Post
                              “But We Don’t Know What To Do”

Defining Executive Members’ Roles
If you want to avoid confusion, frustration and possible disaster throughout the year then
this is the 2nd most important thing to cover at Executive Training. An ongoing problem
with many youth is that they get elected to the executive but have no idea what their role is.
This doesn’t mean these youth are not going to be strong Executive members! It
means they haven’t been informed what they are expected to do, or do not appreciate the
importance of their roles.

To start this section of training by asking every Executive Member to answer this question
on a sheet of paper, without discussing it aloud to each other:

              “Which position on the Executive is the most important, and why?”

After everyone is finished, ask them to read out their answers. A common answer among
executive members is the President or the Post Advisor. The answer to this question can
lead into many different topics. A good place to start is by discussing how every position is
equal and that without every Executive member being an active participant on the
Executive then the whole Post can fall apart. When all the members work together and
co-operate, only then can the Post lead an active and successful year!

The next step to define the Executive Members’ Roles is to figure out what each person is
directly responsible for (this goes back to good communication from the beginning).
Encourage the members to list what they think their roles are, and then go through them
together and discuss the answers. From there, you will want to get some practice with the
members doing their job (ie: Get the Secretary to write sample minutes, get the Treasurer
to develop a budget, or get the President & V.P to create an agenda for a mock meeting).

Year Planning 101
Congratulations, you’re almost there! Although this probably the last stage of your
Executive Training. It is without a doubt the most important stage in the planning. This
step encourages the Post Executive to use a calendar and go through every month creating
an outline of what the Executive want to do throughout the year.

     This is Mandatory for all Posts to complete, and is due into the Advisory Committee
     sometime in October! (The AC will send out Sample Calendars for you to complete).

Posts normally start with everyone brainstorming the projects they want to do throughout the year,
and then go through each month to plot the projects. This is used as a guideline to help keep Posts
active and on task as the year progresses. (See Appendix C – 5 for a sample month).

                                                             31 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                               A Day In An A.Y. Post
                            “Time To Get Down To Business!”

    Alright, so now we’re getting down to the work! Well… almost. This is the part most
A.Y.’ers and Advisors cringe at. However, don’t worry; meetings in your A.Y. Post shouldn’t
 be torturous! Meetings are a time for all your members and advisors to come and work
  together to plan out what to do in upcoming weeks while taking time to have some fun!

                 There are 2 main types of meetings: Executive & General.

Executive Meetings
Executive Meetings are the meetings that only the Executive Members and Post Advisors
attend. They typically occur every 2 weeks in between your General Meetings, however, if
your post is planning a special event, it may be necessary to hold extra meetings.

Throughout the year, the Executive (or members in the Executive – President, VP and / or
Advisor) may make decisions that are not popular amongst the General Members or other
Executive Members. It is important that the Executive face the members together on a
common front, so that a split is not created in the group.

      It is crucial that Executive Members attend all meetings unless they have a
      justifiable reason. Throughout the year, your Post is likely to run into situations
      when certain members are bored, uninterested, or tired of being on the Executive.
      This may mean they need time to rest, however, they should realize that they have
      signed up for this position and cannot give up half way through the year.

      Obviously, some reasons (ie. a doctor’s appointment, studying for exams, etc.) are
      acceptable, however other reasons (ie. “I forgot”, or “I fell asleep”) are not. Some
      Posts implement a Point System. For every time an executive member misses an
      event or meeting for an unacceptable reason they earn a point. If members
      accumulate 3 points throughout a specific time frame, then the Advisor should
      approach them and ask if they are committed and still interested.

      Remember, that some people just need a little extra push to be active. Do not push
      people away too quickly, or else you may lose some great talent!

      Executive meetings can be held anywhere that works for the Executive. Some Posts
      will hold Executive Meetings in an A.Y.’er’s or Advisor’s home. That way, they have
      an informal setting which may make the group more productive. You will have to
      judge your own Executive and choose a good location.

                                                         32 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                         A Day In An A.Y. Post
                       “Time To Get Down To Business!”

Role of the President
The President should chair most of the Executive Meetings, and take charge right
from the beginning to ensure the meeting runs smoothly and efficiently. Here is a
list of suggestions for the President:

o   Be Prepared! Have notes, minutes and all materials ready.
o   One person speaks at a time – everyone listens.
o   Everyone should get a chance to speak.
o   Respect everyone’s ideas – no “put-downs”
o   Do not discipline members at a meeting; wait until after the meeting is over to speak
    to the member in private
o   Speak positively. Do not phrase things in a negative manner (ex: Instead of “we’ll
    never do that”, try “we may need to work extra hard to get this task”).
o   Speak loudly & clearly.
o   Pay attention when others are speaking, they need to feel that their ideas are
    important too.
o   Simply raise your hand if you wish for everyone to quiet down, do not scream or
o   Keep the meeting focused, try not to wander.
o   Keep calm, and don’t lose your cool. If you need to calm down talk to your VP and
       your Advisor after the meeting.
o   Involve your Post Advisor when possible.

Post Advisors may need to support the President throughout the year (especially in
Junior Posts). It is important that the President be perceived as the person leading
the post and oversees what is being done. If the President is not perceived as a
leader, then they will not be followed.

Regardless of the length of a meeting, an agenda must be developed. This will keep
the meeting on task and the meeting will go much quicker and much more smoothly.
The President, VP and Post Advisor should develop the agenda before the meeting is
to take place, and other Executive Members should be asked if they have any other
topics they would like to add. (See Appendix C – 1 for a sample Executive Meeting

                                                    33 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                 A Day In An A.Y. Post
                              “Time To Get Down To Business!”

General Meetings
General Meetings are the meetings that normally happen twice a month, and involve all
registered A.Y. Members in your Post. These meetings provide your Post Executive to talk
to all the general members about what the plans are for the upcoming weeks. At these
meetings it is important to plan not only a business component, but also a fun component.
By planning a social section, it will keep your A.Y. General Members more interested,
attentive and involved! The President & VP should create an agenda in advance (See
Appendix C - 2 for a Sample General Meeting Agenda).

What do we do if a member does not have a receipt and the treasurer will not issue a cheque
without one?
       Unfortunately, no cheques can be issued without a receipt. However, a new receipt
can be written and signed by people in authority.

What can we do if our Post President cannot properly chair a meeting?
        This is why you have a Vice-President! If this situation arises, then it should be
discussed with your Post Advisor. Try not to remove someone if they are still learning, and
have not been given much support or help yet. Remember, A.Y. is a chance for people to
learn and develop their skills and for some people it will take longer than for others. If the
situation cannot be corrected this way, then you should try and bring in outside sources (ie.
Regional Rep, Provincial Executive or Advisory Committee Members) to help train the
President a little more, or at the very least assess the situation. If nothing else works, then
the Post Advisor can ask the President to step down and let the VP assume the position of
President. However, it is important to give this person as much support as possible during
this phase.

                                                           34 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                  A Day In An A.Y. Post
                       “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #1)”

 The final 2 topics in this section outline the general steps in planning two different events
    so that Executives can have stepping stones to follow when they attempt their own
   projects. The first activity is a guide to planning a Food Drive, a simple event, and the
second activity is a guide to planning an Inductions Ceremony, a much more detailed event.

  ** A.Y.’ers & Advisors should note that these guides are not complete, and there may be
  other steps or alternate ways that a Post can use when planning and while figuring out
                         what works best for each individual post!**
Food Drive:
       Setting a Time
       Choosing when to host a project is more of a difficult
       decision then simply picking a weekend when specific people
        are free. When the Executive creates a year plan that
       should give you a general idea of when would be best.
        Here are some factors to consider:

   1. Many groups will want to do food drives around certain holidays (ie. Christmas or Thanksgiving)
      because many food shelters are looking for donations during these busy times.
   2. What will work better for your group – a weekend morning, or an evening afterschool?
   3. Are there any major school or community events on the same date / time as the date your
      group has chosen?
   4. Are there any Provincial or International Events the same time as the time your group
      has chosen? (Check with your Regional Rep).
   5. Are there Post Advisors available? (**Make sure to check with P.A.s before setting a
      time, because at least 1 Advisor needs to be at all A.Y. Events).

       Choosing a Location
       Next, your group has to find a location for their food drive. The location will have to
       meet the needs of the majority of your members. Choose a spot where your
       members can get to easy and ensure that there are a number of houses close

       Prep Work for the Food Drive
       Once the location is chosen, a member should create a newsletter with the
       information about the event (ex: the areas that are going to be cover, a bit of
       background on the A.Y. Organization, what date / time the event will take place,
       etc.). Photocopy the newsletter, and drop it off in the mailboxes of the houses that
       you’ll be going to for the food drive, a few days before the event. This allows the
       houses to know about the event and be prepared with some food donations.

                                                              35 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                             A Day In An A.Y. Post
                   “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #1)”

    Telling Your’s
    Events such as food drives cannot be successful without any A.Y.’ers attending. You
    will need to let your General Members know of the date / time of the event at a
    General Meeting, or two, before the event. Remember to e-mail a reminder the day
    before the food drive, if this is how your Post communicates. Try to make it sound
    fun, so that members will be excited to take part. Also, remind the group how good it
    will be to provide help to others. (A.Y. may be fun, but it’s also about giving back
    to our community).

    The Day Is Finally Here!
    On the day of the food drive, the group will need to arrange with your Post
    Advisor(s), which one of them is going to bring a car. Also, you will need something
    to store all the food you collect. Finally, the Executive and Advisors will need to
    figure out who is going to bring the food to the food bank (or if the food needs to be
    stored, then arrangements for that need to be made).

    Ensure that an Executive Member, and an Advisor show up slightly before the
    A.Y.’ers to arrive. That way if any members arrive early, someone will be there with

    Finally, arrange the A.Y. Members into at least groups of 2; so that no one has to go
    to a door alone (this is considered a safety concern, in case a stranger invites them

Finally, go and have some fun giving back to your community. Even when you’re doing
  community service projects, members will always find ways to enjoy themselves!!

                                                       36 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                    A Day In An A.Y. Post
                        “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2)”

    This is a swearing-in, candle lighting ceremony done by each new executive (Post & Provincial)
                                  as soon after taking office as possible.

This is the “official” ceremony that Posts try to organize annually. Normally, it takes place
in late Spring (if your whole Executive is elected in May) or early in September. Posts try to
make this a Semi-Formal Event, and often serve a meal. This is a great chance to get the
New Executive some practice by involving them in the planning and background work. At
both, Provincial or International Conference, this ceremony is performed to pass on the
responsibility from the old to the new Executive or Cabinet.

Setting a Time
Choosing a time that the majority of the post can get together can be a challenge. Listed
below are some factors to consider when planning an event:

   1.   When is your Executive going to be elected (In the Spring or Fall)?
   2.   What will work better for your group – a weekend or weekday night?
   3. Are there any major school or community events on the same date / time as this event?
   4. Are there any Provincial or International Events on the same date / time as this event?
      (Check with your Regional Rep).
   5. Are there Post Advisors available? (**Make sure to check with your P.A.s before setting a
      time, because at least 1 Advisor needs to be at all A.Y. Events).
   6. This event will need all of the Executive Member’s to work together, so try to ensure that
      all Old and New Executive Members can make it.

Developing a Budget
A budget is one thing that needs to be done well before the Inductions Ceremony. There are
no exact figures in this section, however, here are some guidelines to consider when
developing a budget.

There are 3 main questions to look at when planning your schedule:
   1. What do we want to do?
   2. How much will it cost?
   3. Can the post afford it?

Now, the group needs to decide how much the event will cost and how much the post
actually has to spend on the event (Expenses vs. Revenue).

                                                                37 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                 A Day In An A.Y. Post
                       “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2)”

       To figure out how much the event will cost, you will need to develop a schedule
       for the event. Then for each section of the schedule, make a list of what will need to
       be paid for. After that, assign each Executive Member certain things they should
       check into, to find out the costs of, and tell them they need to have the different costs
       for their items by the next meeting. At the next meeting, finalize the details of the
       event and an estimated total cost. This should give you a ball park of how much you
       need to spend (remember to always account for some miscellaneous costs, as they
       are unanticipated).

       This is the money the post actually has to spend. There are two types: Existing and
       Anticipated. The existing revenue is money your post has fundraised or
       collected over the past year that you can spend on the event. Anticipated revenue is
       the money that the post will gain by charging a fee for the event. Keep in mind, not
       all posts will charge money for people to attend the Inductions Ceremony. Each post
       will have to make this decision, if they wish to charge money or not, based on how
       much existing revenue the post has and how high the expenses are. The biggest
       factor in deciding to charge a fee or not is whether or not the Post is going to
       overspend and lose money. You do not want to end up in the situation where the
       event was a success, but then realize there is not enough money to cover it. Post
       Advisors should supervise the Executive when they are creating a budget.

Where to Have It?
Before you can plan out the night, or send out invitations a location must be chosen. Most
importantly, it has to be a location that is accessible to the majority of your A.Y.’ers. Here
are some other good tips to help you select a location:

       o    Is there enough room to sit the number of guests expected?
       o    Can the location provide a headtable? Podium?
       o    Will you need to provide your own sound system, or can they provide one?
       o    Does the place cater, or do other arrangements need to be made?
       o    Will the location allow candles (for the Inductions Ceremony)?
       o    Does the cost of this location fit into the budget?

                                                           38 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                 A Day In An A.Y. Post
                       “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2)”

Creating a Schedule
The next logical step once you know when, where and how much the ceremony will cost is
to design a schedule that will suit the Post and what suits their expectations. Besides the
actual candle-lighting ceremony, Posts have some wiggle room as to what todo at their
inductions. (See Appendix D-1 for a Sample Inductions Schedule)

Advisors and the Executive should set a meeting prior to the date of the Inductions to work
out a schedule. If time permits, try and bounce the schedule off your General Members to
get their opinion and feedback.

Here are a few suggestions to try and fit into the schedule:
       o    Candle-Lighting Ceremony
       o    Meal
       o    Greetings (From Regional Representative, Provincial President, Advisory
            Committee, Board of Trustees, and / or Government Reps)
       o    Overview of the year from the Secretary
       o    Presentation of your Past Year (ie. PowerPoint Presentation)
       o    Reflections from some Outgoing Executive Members

Remember, be creative when coming up with the schedule!

Invitations & Special Guests
When coming up with a guest list, it is important to remember how many people can fit
into the chosen location. Most posts will invite all of their A.Y.’ers along with their parents.
If this is a special event, you can also invite outside people which will help show off your
A.Y. Post’s activities. Some potential guests may include: Provincial Executive Members,
Advisory Committee Members, Local School or Community Reps, and/or Government Reps.

It’s a great idea to get an Executive Member to design an invitation for the event, that can
be photocopied and given out to A.Y.’ers to bring home to parents, as well as any special
guests. If your budget allows the Post to purchase stamps, you can mail them directly to
the A.Y.’ers’ home.

It is important to make sure that the date, time, location and what the Inductions Ceremony
is included on the invitation. Another good idea is to ask people to RSVP a week or so
before the event is to take place, as it is easier to finalize meals and seating plans with
accurate numbers!

                                                           39 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                A Day In An A.Y. Post
                     “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2)”

Committees & Responsibilities
An essential part of organizing any big event is creating committees to ensure that the
work is shared out equally among the Executive and General Members. Each committee
normally is led by an Executive Member, and then a group of 2 – 4 General Members
volunteer to work with and plan out the details of their assigned tasks for the event.

      Decorating Committee
      Some posts place a great deal of emphasis on their decorations especially for the
      gym or community room in which most Inductions take place. Some people have
      more talent with this area than others, and some have a greater interest.
      Some key responsibilities include:
      o Deciding on what decorations to use
      o Developing a list of materials that will be needed and come up with an estimate on
          how much it will cost.
      o Arranging who will be at the ceremony early enough on the day of the event to
          ensure it is decorated in time (**Make sure the building is booked early enough**).

      Banquet Committee
      This tends to be one of the most demanding to lead. This is because it can require so
      much attention to details and because it is the most formal, and structured, part of
      the evening. The Executive Member leading this committee needs to be a strong
      coordinator and take this important role very seriously.
      Some key responsibilities include:
      o Ensuring the plan for the meal is in place.
      o Making sure all materials that are needed are available (ex. Tables, chairs, candles,
           table cloths, Inductions script, etc.)
      o Consulting with the Post President, VP and Post Advisor to design an agenda for all
           the tables.
      o Making sure there are thank you gifts for all special guests and speakers.
      o Setting up the location for the banquet with assistance from post members.

      Clean-up Committee
      This committee may be the least appealing, and tends to be the most overlooked. It
      is for this reason you need someone who is assertive and willing to make sure that
      people carry their weight in cleaning up to be assigned to this committee. Because
      this is such a difficult task, the Post Advisor is often actively involved.
      Some key responsibilities include:
      o Making sure the necessary materials for scheduled and emergency clean up are there
      o Designing a schedule of who will be responsible for what.

                                                          40 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                      A Day In An A.Y. Post
                          “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2)”

Some other committees may include: Slideshow Presentation Committee, and Invitation &
Special Guests Committee.

         Role of the President, VP & Post Advisors in Committees
         These three positions should be given very little direct responsibility in the above
         committees. This is because by having the President & VP separate from most
         committees, they are available to support all other committees when needed. They
         need to ensure that committees are staying on task and are not losing focus. This is
         the same for the Post Advisor. The Advisor can do a final check on all committees to
         make sure that nothing has been missed.

There are 2 ways to provide food for an Inductions Ceremony: the meal can be catered or it
can be a potluck style dinner.

                        Catering                                      Potluck Style
     o    Could be a professional catering place or a   o   Ask every A.Y. family to bring a dish
          restaurant.                                       (such as: salads, desserts, appetizers).
     o    Pros: No need to worry about the amount       o   Pros: No cost to the Post.
          of food that may or may not be brought.       o   No need for a down payment in advance or
     o    Everyone eats the same, no diversity.             a need to know the numbers in advance.
     o    Can ensure no people with allergies come      o   Variety of food.
          across allergen.                              o   Cons: Uncertainty in how much food
     o    Cons: Often have to place a down payment      o   Food that people may be allergic too could
          in advance for a certain number of meals          be brought.
          (You may not have definite numbers).
It is up to the Executive to decide which style to go with, however, it will significantly affect
the banquet and seating style. The decision should be made fairly early in the planning

Special Guests & Greetings
It is a good idea to send an invitation, as well as contact each special guest well in advance
so they can put it in their schedules. Also, ask them to RSVP by a certain date which will
help determine if they can be a speaker or not.

If / when a special guests RSVP that they will be attending, it is common to ask the guest to
bring greetings on behalf of the organization they represent (ex: MHA on behalf of the
Government, or Provincial President on behalf of the Provincial Executive).

                                                               41 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                 A Day In An A.Y. Post
                      “Putting Your Leadership To The Test (Part #2)”

A few notes when getting Special Guests to speak at your Induction Ceremony:

 o If any speakers on the agenda are not in attendance, then make sure not to call upon them
   at the event. This draws unnecessary attention to their absence and makes the Executive
   seem unorganized.
 o Make sure the person introducing the speakers is aware of their official titles. It shows a
   lack of respect and disorganization if this type of detail is overlooked.
 o Try to contact any Special Guests by phone first, then by a formal letter at a later time.
 o Always thank the Special Guests for attending, and after they bring Greetings. Also, try to
   remember to introduce the Special Guests at the beginning of the evening.

Candle-Lighting Ceremony
The formal Candle-Lighting Ceremony has a specific script that should be closely followed
during each ceremony. This is listed in Appendix D - 2. To properly execute this sacred
ceremony, the following items are needed:

 o   A.Y. Shield, Wreath, Cord, & Candle
 o   Enough red candles for the old executive
 o   Enough white candles for the new executive
 o   At least two copies of the Inductions script
 o   Practice the ceremony beforehand to ensure that both the old and new Executive knows
     what to expect during the actual ceremony.

As you can tell by reading this section, there is a great deal to planning a successful
Inductions Ceremony (or another large-scale event). It is dependent on a strong team
effort of committed and enthusiastic young people. It is also important to ensure that
everyone is engaged in the decision-making and planning stages.

All this being said, planning a big event gives the post a sense of purpose and achievement.
It is a unifying event that brings an executive together! Do not strive for perfection, strive
for excellence. Finally, at the base of all this planning – it should be fun!!

                                                           42 | A D a y I n A n A . Y . P o s t
                                    The Leftovers
                      All That Extra “Stuff” You Might Need

Appendix A – All the Contact Info
     A – 1: A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Executive                            60
     A – 2: A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee                              61

Appendix B – Provincial Executive Positions
     B – 1: Provincial President                                                         62
     B – 2: Vice-President                                                               63
     B – 3: Regional Representative                                                      64
     B – 4: Member – At – Large                                                          65
     B – 5: Provincial Executive Application Form                                        66

Appendix C – A.Y. Post
     C – 1: Sample Executive Meeting Agenda                                              67
     C – 2: Sample General Meeting Agenda                                                68
     C – 3: Attendance Form                                                              69
     C – 4: Ballot Sheet Example                                                         70
     C – 5: Sample Year-Plan (1 Month)                                                   71

Appendix D – Inductions
     D – 1: Induction Ceremony Schedule                                                 72
     D – 2: Induction Ceremony Script                                              73 – 74
     D – 3: Inductions Checklist                                                        75

Appendix E – Incident Report Form
     E – 1: Incident Report Form                                                   76 - 78

Appendix F – Forms
     F – 1: A.Y. Member Registration Form                                                79
     F – 2: A.Y. Advisor Registration Form                                               80

Appendix G – The Ralph Davis Memorial Scholarship
     G – 1: Scholarship Application                                                81 – 82

                                                                43 | T h e L e f t o v e r s
                                 The Leftovers
                                  Appendix A - 1

                          Provincial Executive 2010 – 2011

   Provincial President            Nathan Whalen
                                   3 Bastow Court
                                 St. John’s, A1E 5Y4

     Vice - President              Nadine Lovell
                                  9 Pittman’s Lane
                                Sop’s Arm , A0K 5K0

International Co-President             Vacant                          N/A

       Avalon Rep                   Monica Lee
                                    PO Box 473      
                                  Goulds, A1S 1G6

       Eastern Rep                     Vacant                          N/A

      Western Rep                  Adam Jackson
                                    1 Front Row 
                                Sop’s Arm , A0K 5K0

   Member – At – Large              Jessica Alcock
                                 4 Fitzgibbon Street
                                 St. John’s, A1E 2G1

   Member – At – Large               Sapora Gale
                                   General Delivery
                               Pollard’s Point, A0K 4B0

   Member – At – Large               Chelsey Hicks
                                  36 Burton Street
                                 St. John’s, A1E 5M5

   Member – At – Large            Kirby St. George
                                     PO Box 296    
                              Green’s Harbour, A0B1X0

    Provincial Office                Ellen Chalker              Phone: 729 – 0725
       X - Officio                    Box 21145       
                                 St. John’s, A1A 5B2     

                                                                 44 | A p p e n d i x A - 1
                                The Leftovers
                                Appendix A - 2

                         Advisory Committee 2010 – 2011

     Chairperson                Walter Hammond   

  Vice – Chairperson               Cara Eustace 

      Secretary                    Cody Dunne   

 Member – At – Large               Eileen Fahey

 Member – At – Large              Susan Gilbert   

 Member – At – Large              Chelsea Gillis

 Member – At – Large               Sonia Lovell  

 Member – At – Large             Jessica Peckham

 Member – At – Large              Michael Power

 Member – At – Large             Lindsay Turpin 

 Provincial President            Nathan Whalen
(Youth Representative)
       X – Officio

Provincial Coordinator              Ellen Chalker           Phone: 729 – 0725
      X - Officio                    Box 21145    
                                St. John’s, A1A 5B2

                                                             45 | A p p e n d i x A - 2
                                    The Leftovers
                                     Appendix B - 1

                   Roles & Responsibilities of the Provincial President
               on the A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Executive

   1. Sit on the Provincial Executive, and be the core figure in planning the annual
      Provincial Conference & Leadership Kick – off Weekend.

   2. Assist in organizing & coordinating the annual Presidents & Post Advisors Weekend

   3. Chair all Provincial Executive Meetings:
         o With the Provincial Coordinator, develop an agenda for meetings.
         o Write and forward the minutes of the meeting to all Exec Members.
         o Develop a year plan with the executive early in the year, which will help
             guide everyone through own responsibilities.

   4. Develop task lists and delegate responsibilities to other executive members. As well
      as follow up with reminders to ensure duties are being completed.

   5. To work closely with all post presidents & advisors. Get feedback from them on the
      program, and find ways that the Provincial Program can assist at the post level
      (ie. monthly emails, newsletters, phone calls, etc…).

   6. To encourage and work with the regional reps to plan regional functions throughout
      the year (ie. rallies, sleepovers, fundraisers, etc…).

   7. To attend seminars, conferences or meetings, when requested to represent and
      speak about A.Y.

   8. To sit on the A.Y. Advisory Committee as a voting member & bring the concerns and
      ideas of the youth to them.

During Provincial Conference, candidates for this position:
      o Give a speech, no longer than 3 minutes in length, to conference delegates.
      o Are interviewed by their peers & advisors.
      o Take part in hot seat questions.
      o Deliver a campaign, which positively promotes themselves to others.

                                                                     46 | A p p e n d i x B - 1
                                     The Leftovers
                                      Appendix B - 2

                Roles & Responsibilities of the Provincial Vice – President
               on the A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Executive

   1. Sit on the Provincial Executive, and be a core figure in planning the annual
      Provincial Conference, Leadership Kick – off Weekend & A.Y. Week.

   2. Co-chair all Provincial Executive Meetings, and assist the President in all other
      Provincial Executive activities, as well as fill in for the President when they are
      unable to attend.

   3. To keep in close contact with all post presidents & advisors. Get feedback from
      them on the program, and find ways that the Provincial Program can assist at the
      post level

   4. Work with executive members to create presentations, videos, television, radio (or
      other new and innovative ways) so you can make contact and do presentations or
      other types of promotion of the program, in an effort to create new posts.

   5. Sit on the P.R. Sub-Committee of the Advisory Committee, and work with the
      Executive to help improve the Provincial Marketing Plan.

   6. Be a person who can both write very well, and is well spoken. So that you are able
      to develop press releases, newspaper articles, and other forms of ways to get the
      word out to the public of what Provincial A.Y. and individual posts are doing
      throughout the year.

   7. To represent A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador by sitting on the International Cabinet
      of A.Y., as International Co-President.
      Duties include: organizing and coordinating the annual A.Y.I. Conference, as well as
      other A.Y.I. Activities.

During Provincial Conference, candidates for this position:
      o Give a speech, no longer than 3 minutes in length, to conference delegates.
      o Are interviewed by their peers & advisors.
      o Take part in hot seat questions.
      o Deliver a campaign, which positively promotes themselves to others.

                                                                       47 | A p p e n d i x B - 2
                                     The Leftovers
                                     Appendix B - 3

                Roles & Responsibilities of the Regional Representative
               on the A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Executive

   1. To attend all Provincial Executive meetings and assist in the planning of all
      activities: Provincial Conference, Leadership Kick – off Weekend, & A.Y. Week.

   2. Assist the President & Vice-President in organizing & coordinating the annual
      Presidents & Post Advisors Weekend when asked.

   3. To contact and ask posts within your region for feedback on events. Also, to find out
      what post members want to see at upcoming events. Remember, your job is to
      make sure your region members are happy, so the best way to find out what they
      want is to ask! (ie. regular emails & phone calls).

   4. To organize regional executive training and / or individual post training throughout
      the year so your posts can succeed.

   5. To co-organize with the help of different post, regional functions such as rallies or

   6. To review monthly reports sent in by posts, and let the President & Vice – President
      know who has or hasn’t submitted reports. Also, to reply to posts and do follow ups
      based on their reports.

   7. To attend seminars, conferences or meetings, when requested to represent and
      speak about A.Y.

   8. Report back to the Executive during meetings to fill them in on all the different
      activities and projects you have completed in your region during your term.

   9. To make contact and do presentations or other types of promotion of the program
      in an effort to create new posts / recruit new members within your region.

During Provincial Conference, candidates for this position:
      o Give a speech, no longer than 3 minutes in length, to conference delegates.
      o Are interviewed by their peers & advisors.
      o Take part in hot seat questions.
      o Deliver a campaign, which positively promotes themselves to others.

                                                                      48 | A p p e n d i x B - 3
                                     The Leftovers
                                     Appendix B - 4

                Roles & Responsibilities of the Member-at-Large Position
               on the A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Executive

   1. To attend all Provincial Executive meetings and assist in the planning of all
      activities: Provincial Conference, Leadership Kick – off Weekend, & A.Y. Week.

   2. Assist the President & Vice-President in organizing & coordinating the annual
      Presidents & Post Advisors Weekend when asked.

   3. Will be connected with a regional representative and support that representative
      and region throughout the year. For example, they will assist in planning regional
      functions, or help reps make contact with posts throughout the year. Contact via
      phone calls and e-mail is a must several times throughout the year between the 2
      Executive Members. Travel to the designated region may be required.

   4. To participate in discussions that involve the future of Allied Youth and its
      programming (conferences, post levels, etc.).

   5. To sit on other committees as require to support provincial and local Allied Youth.

   6. To attend seminars, conferences or meetings, when requested to represent and
      speak about A.Y.

During Provincial Conference, candidates for this position:
      o Give a speech, no longer than 3 minutes in length, to conference delegates.
      o Are interviewed by their peers & advisors.
      o Take part in hot seat questions.
      o Deliver a campaign, which positively promotes themselves to others.

                                                                      49 | A p p e n d i x B - 4
                                          The Leftovers
                                          Appendix B - 5

As a member of the A.Y. Provincial Executive, you would be able to:

    o    Act as a core figure in planning and coordinating the annual A.Y. Provincial Events, including
         Provincial Conference & Leadership Kick – off Weekend, as well other events both
         provincially & regionally.
    o    Take part in Provincial Executive Meetings multiple times throughout the year, as well as
         complete tasks & duties that come from these meetings.
    o    Work closely with the A.Y. Advisory Committee.

  This form must reach the A.Y. Office: Box 21145, St. John’s, NL. A1A 2B2 by _____________________.
    As a member of the Provincial Executive your expenses are covered by Provincial A.Y.
A complete list of each position’s roles & responsibilities will be emailed to the candidate once
       this form is received by the Provincial Office. Also, lists of all candidate’s roles &
             responsibilities are available on our provincial website:

        ** More than one member from a chartered post may apply for the same position**

Candidate Name: ______________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________            Grade: ____________

Telephone Number: ___________________________________________            Age: ____________

Name of Post & Charter #: __________________________________________________________________________

Position Running For (Please select one):
   o Provincial President (Level 2 or under)
   o Provincial Vice-President & International Representative (Level 2 or under)
   o Avalon Regional Representative (Level 2 or under)
   o Eastern Regional Representative (Level 2 or under)
   o Central Regional Representative (Level 2 or under)
   o Western Regional Representative (Level 2 or under)
   o Member-At-Large (Level 2 or under)

____________________________________________    ____________________________________________
Candidate Signature                             Post Advisor Signature

____________________________________________    ____________________________________________
Parent / Guardian Signature                     Principal Signature

                                                                              50 | A p p e n d i x B - 4
                                   The Leftovers
                                   Appendix C - 1

                    Sample A.Y. Post Executive Meeting Agenda

                            Executive Meeting Agenda
                       Bay Bulls Post #985 – March 14th, 2010

1. Meeting Called To Order (President)
2. Attendance & Housekeeping (Any Additions to the Agenda are made here)
3. Executive Member Reports
       a) Secretary’s Report (Read Out Previous Meeting’s Minutes)
       b) Treasurer’s Report (Update Executive On Finances)
       c) Other Executive Members Can Update Depending On What They’ve Done
4. Old Business (Items that have been talked about before but need to be spoke about again)
       a) Provincial Conference Registration
          o How many members pre-registered? Did their forms all get in on time?
       b) Provincial A.Y. Week
          o Did we submit our form to the A.Y. Office? Are we past the deadline?
       c) Wake-a-thon Update
          o Report From Committees (Are they completing their jobs?)
          o Are Members Interested?
5. New Business
       a) Provincial Conference Registration
          o Award Applications. Do they have any done? Do they need help?
          o Provincial Executive Nominations. Is anyone interested?
       b) Next General Meeting
          o Plan Out What’s Going To Happen At It.
          o Which Executive Members Will Talk About Which Topics.
          o Decide on Mixers or Education Session & Assign Someone To Plan It
6. Closing
       a) Set Date / Time / Location for next Executive Meeting
       b) President or Secretary should go over everyone’s responsibilities that were

                                                                     51 | A p p e n d i x C - 1
                                        The Leftovers
                                         Appendix C - 2

                        Sample A.Y. Post General Meeting Agenda

                                 General Meeting Agenda
                        St. Anthony Post #1204 – October 12th, 2010

 1. Call Meeting To Order
 2. Attendance & Housekeeping
 3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (Review What Happened At The Last Meeting)
 4. Old Business (Items that have been talked about before but need to be spoke about again)
        a) Membership Drive
            o Was it successful? Did we attract new members?
        b) Bake Sale Fundraiser (Treasurer)
            o How much money did we raise?
        c) Leadership Kick-Off Weekend
            o Did members enjoy it? Any suggestions for next year? What was your
               favourite part?
 5. New Business (Items that are upcoming and have not been talked about before)
        a) International Conference
            o Pre-Registration Forms & Fees Due Dates
            o Who’s Interested?
            o Travel Information
        b) Upcoming Halloween Projects
            o Committee Reports (Haunted House Committee & Face Painting
            o Suggestions for other Activities?
 6. Education Session (If applicable, not all Posts will have these at every meeting – check with speaker
                           in advance to see if they need anything)
 7. Mixers (Have Socials Rep or another Executive Member choose which mixers in advance will be
 8. Next Meeting (Inform members of time / date / location of next General Meeting)
 9. Adjournment (Meeting ending)

** Not all Posts will have Mixers and / or Education Sessions at every meeting; however
 they should be incorporate when they can be – they help keep members interested. **

                                                                              52 | A p p e n d i x C - 2
                                  The Leftovers
                                   Appendix C - 3

                                  Attendance Form’s Name   Date /

    ** The Date of the Meeting or the Name of the Event you are taking attendance at
                          can be filled in along the top row **

                                                                  53 | A p p e n d i x C - 4
                                 The Leftovers
                                  Appendix C - 4

                                Ballot Sheet Example

President                              If ballots are done in this format, then two
Jane Smith ____                        columns can be put on the same page &
John Doe ____                          then cut down the middle. This will save
                                       on paper and photocopying costs.
Vice - President
Mary Mack Yes ____ No ____
                                       One ballot should be given to each
                                       registered member, who is in attendance
Harry Potter ____
                                       at the meeting elections take place at.
Edward Cullen ____
Ron Weasley ____

Barock Obama ____
George Bush ____
Bill Clinton ____

Ellen Chalker ____
Walter Hammond ____

Cara Eustace Yes ____ No ____

Eric Lindros ____
Wayne Gretsky ____
Sidney Crosby ____

Junior Rep
Brad Pitt ____
Angelina Jolie ____
Jessica Alba ____
Adam Sandler ____

                                                                 54 | A p p e n d i x C - 5
                                                    The Leftovers
                                                    Appendix C - 5

                                           Sample Year-Plan (1 Month)

  Sun                 Mon                  Tue                  Wed               Thu               Fri                 Sat

Monthly Reports are submitted online at
                                                                       1                 2                 3                  4
                                                                                               Monthly Report – simply go to the AY Posts
                                                                                                  Due Online
pull-down menu and select “Post Reports” to enter
your monthly report for your region.                            Food Drive       Food Drive        Food Drive

           5                    6                   7                  8                 9                10                  11
                  General Meeting                                                                  Leadership       Leadership
                                                                                                    Kick-Off         Kick-Off
                       Food Drive         Food Drive            Food Drive                          Weekend          Weekend

        12                   13                  14                   15                16                17                  18
 Leadership /   Thanksgiving Day       Exec Meeting                                             Post Year Plan
    Kick-Off             Holiday                                                               due to Advisory
   Weekend                                                                                          Committee

        19                   20                  21                   22                23                24                  25
                  General Meeting          Operation           Operation           Operation         Operation
                                     Christmas Child     Christmas Child     Christmas Child   Christmas Child

        26                   27                  28                   29                30                31
                    Exec Meeting                                                                    Halloween
                                                                             Halloween Post
Maybe your local Elementary School would like to have AY
members come and host a Haunted House... tell stories, host a
Fish Pond, give out some candy… have fun!!


                                                                                           55 | A p p e n d i x C - 6
                                 The Leftovers
                                 Appendix D - 1

                           Sample Inductions Schedule

                    Greetings & Welcome (Usually by President)

                 Introductions of the Head Table & Special Guests



  Greetings from Provincial Executive (Provincial President, VP or Regional Rep)
   Greetings from Advisory Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair or Other AC Member)
  Greetings from A.Y. International (Board of Trustees or A.Y.I. Cabinet Member)
   Greetings from School or Community Representative (Principal, Mayor, etc.)

Year End Review Presentation (Description of your Post’s Activities by the Secretary,
                        PowerPoint Presentation, etc.)

            Announcement of the Post’s Mr. & Miss A.Y. (If applicable)


                                    Thank You’s

                                  Official Closing

                                                                 56 | A p p e n d i x D - 1
                                      The Leftovers
                                       Appendix D - 2

                               Allied Youth Inductions Script

Before you begin, the President should ask that everyone remain silent throughout the
ceremony since this is one of the highlights of the A.Y. Year.

The Old & New Executives should stand at the front of the room, the incoming on one side and
the outgoing on the other in corresponding positions. Each member of the old executive takes
a lighted, red candle to pass over to the new officers taking over their position. The new
officers should all have white, unlit candles.

RETIRING PRESIDENT TO NEW PRESIDENT: What are the symbols of Allied Youth and what do
             they stand for?
NEW PRESIDENT: The SHEILD stands for Allied Youth
                The TORCH stands for Fellowship
                The WREATH stands for Communication
                The CORD stands for Unity
RETIRING PRESIDENT: Do you promise to act as the President of your post, represent the
             members with pride and never do anything that will bring disgrace to the
RETIRING PRESIDENT: To coordinate the activities of the post and work very closely with
             your executive and Post Advisors in the organizing and carrying out of all A.Y.
RETIRING PRESIDENT: To take your responsibility seriously and do your best to carry out
             what is expected of you as Post President for Post (Insert Charter Number &

             hands I commit these symbols. It will be the duty of you and your officers to
             see that these are never disgraced and the principles for which these
             standards are maintained.
NEW PRESIDENT: I accept my responsibilities

These officers then go to the end of their respective lines and the Retiring President may blow
out his / her candle.

                                                                        57 | A p p e n d i x D - 2
                                        The Leftovers
                                        Appendix D - 2

              torch which symbolizes fellowship amongst all A.Y.’ers have an extra special
              meaning to you as VICE PRESIDENT symbolizing the duties and
              responsibilities to which you were elected and do now accept.
NEW VICE-PRESIDENT: I accept my responsibilities.

These officers then go to the end of their respective lines.

All other officers do the same as the Vice-President, replacing VICE PRESIDENT for the
position they are inducting.

After each other position has been inducted, the Retiring & New President should reach the
front of the line again.

RETIRING PRESIDENT : All Allied Youth members, leaders and advisors, please rise and repeat
             after me the Allied Youth Motto:
             “My purpose in joining Allied Youth is to increase my awareness of the issues
             facing youth today, and, as a result, try to the best of my ability to improve
             myself and the community in which I live.”

       “I, ______________________, Post President” replacing President with their own position.

        “Do hereby resolve that I shall execute the duties of my office to the best of my
ability and that I will further the success of Allied Youth locally, provincially, and
internationally through my thoughts, words and actions, that I will be faithful to all its
purposes and never do anything that will bring suspicion or disgrace to Allied Youth”

RETIRING PRESIDENT: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your new executive for the forthcoming

   Everyone applauds and the President can once again thank everyone for coming to their

                                                                         58 | A p p e n d i x D - 2
                                        The Leftovers
                                         Appendix D - 3

                                      Inductions Checklist

 Below is a checklist of what you may need to prepare for your Inductions Ceremony. It is
by no means a complete list; however it should be a good starting point for your Post. Some
               spaces have been left blank so you can fill in your own ideas.

   o Agendas for all Executive Members
   o All Special Guests Invited
   o Podium, Microphone & Sound System Arranged
   o Plaques for Any Awards
   o Sashes for Mr. & Miss A.Y.
   o White & Red Candles
   o Lighter or Matches
   o Inductions Ceremony Script
   o Enough Tables & Chairs
   o People arranged to Set – Up & Clean Up Banquet
   o Practice the Inductions Ceremony in Advance
   o Banquet Roll or Table Cloths
   o Caterers or Volunteers to Serve Food Arranged
   o Name Cards to put on Tables for Special Guests
   o Someone to Say Grace
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o ___________________________________________________
   o   ___________________________________________________

                                                                    59 | A p p e n d i x D - 3
                                       The Leftovers
                                        Appendix E - 1

                          Allied Youth of NL Incident Report Form

Section A

Volunteer/Advisor             First Name:
                              Last Name:

                              Mailing Address:

                              Postal Code:

                              Email Address:

                              Home Telephone Number:

                              Work Telephone Number:

                              Post Charter Name and #:

Location of Accident:

Date and Time of Accident:

Section B:     Nature of accident (including location and extent of one of the following
               3 areas)

     1.     Injury:


     2.     Behavior:


     3.     Health Related: (i.e. seizure, epilepsy):

                                                                    60 | A p p e n d i x E - 1
                                       The Leftovers
                                        Appendix E - 1

Page 2

Section C:      Cause of Injury

   1.        Briefly describe circumstances leading to injury:

   2.        Was volunteer/Advisor present or supervising?       Yes ___________   No ___________

   3.        Was anyone else involved?     Yes ___________ No _____________

   4.        If YES, who and how?

Section D:      Treatment

   1.        Treatment administered:

   2.        By Whom:

   3.        Was member sent home?        Yes ___________   No _____________

   4.        If YES, how and with whom?

   5.        Was member sent to hospital? Yes ___________          No _____________

   6.        If YES, how and with whom:

                                                                         61 | A p p e n d i x E - 1
                                        The Leftovers
                                           Appendix E - 1

Page 3

Section E:      Who was contacted?

   1.        Was a Doctor called? Yes ___________   No __________

   2.        If YES, name of Doctor:

   3.        Was member sent to a Doctor? Yes ___________ No _____________

   4.        If YES, name of Doctor:

   5.        Was parent/guardian notified? Yes ___________ No _____________

   6.        If YES, by whom?

   7.        Was the Allied Youth Advisory Committee/Office notified? (709.729.0725)

          Yes __________ No ___________

   8.        List witnesses to accident:

   9.        Please add any further information which you consider important:

I have read and understand the Privacy Policy which applies to this form: Yes _____

NOTE: Dated signatures from the assigned Volunteer/Advisor and the person
attending the member are also required. Each must be submitted by mail before this
from can be processed.

1 copy to Provincial AY Office; I copy to the AY Advisory Chair; and one copy to
school/community leader (Principal and/or Mayor).

Thank you.

Allied Youth Provincial Office
P.O. Box 21145
St. John’s, NL                                  Provincial Coordinator: Ms. Ellen Chalker
A1A 5B2                                Advisor Committee Chair: Mr. Walter Hammond

                                                                        62 | A p p e n d i x E - 1
                               Member Registration Form
                               A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador

 All A.Y.’ers must complete and return this form to the Post before taking part in any
  Allied Youth activities locally or provincially. Posts will forward this form to the
                                    Provincial Office.

Full Name: ________________________________________________________
Complete Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Postal Code:________________________________     A.Y. Post: ___________________________________
Date of Birth: ________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________
M.C.P.: ______________________________________________
In Case of Emergency, please list an Emergency Contact, who will be available to be
reached: Contact’s Name: ______________________________________ Phone #: _______________________

                                      Video / Photo Release
I, ____________________________, understand that photos, videos and images of my child will
  be taken during the year while participating (or during travel to and from) Allied Youth Events
and may be used on the organization’s website or in other forms of promotional materials for the
    program. I give permission for Allied Youth Newfoundland and Labrador to use my child,
      _______________________________,’s image on their website or for promotional use.

_______________________________                          __________________________
Parent / Guardian Signature                              Date

                                    Permission to Participate
I, ____________________________, understand that the information about my child submitted
  with this registration form will be used only by the Allied Youth Advisory Committee and all
    information will be kept confidential to other personnel. I certify that all the information
    provided on this form is true and complete. Also, I agree to grant my child permission to
    participate in local, provincial and international Allied Youth Events. By submitting this
             registration form on behalf of my child, I agree to accept all these terms.

_______________________________                          __________________________
Parent / Guardian Signature                              Date

        ** Please attach the $15.00 Registration Fee when returning this form**

        You only get out of A.Y. what you put into it!

                               Advisor Registration Form
                              A.Y. Newfoundland & Labrador

All A.Y. Advisors must complete and return this form to the Post before taking part in
any Allied Youth activities locally or provincially. Posts will forward this form to the
                                    Provincial Office.

Full Name: ________________________________________________________
Complete Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Postal Code:________________________________    A.Y. Post: ___________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________

In Case of Emergency, please list an Emergency Contact, who will be available to be
reached: Contact’s Name: ______________________________________ Phone #: _______________________

                                     Video / Photo Release

 I, ____________________________, understand that photos, videos and images of myself will
 be taken during the year while participating (or during travel to and from) Allied Youth Events
and may be used on the organization’s website or in other forms of promotional materials for the
  program. I give permission for Allied Youth Newfoundland and Labrador to use my image on
                              their website or for promotional use.

________________________________                       _________________________________
Advisor’s Signature                                    Date

 ** Please attach the $15.00 Registration Fee & a copy of your Certificate of Conduct
                                  when returning this form**

        You only get out of A.Y. what you put into it!

                          The Ralph Davis Memorial
                     Allied Youth Educational Scholarship

  One award, valued at $500.00, available to A.Y. Members across
Newfoundland & Labrador presently in their final year of high school.

                               Application Form

IMPORTANT                                       REQUIREMENTS
A Complete Application consists of the          All applicants:
following elements:
                                                    o Must be a current, registered A.Y.
   o This application form fully                      Member
     completed & signed.
                                                    o Must be enrolled and currently
   o A detailed, typed account of the                 completing Level III at a high school
     applicant’s involvement in Allied                in the Province.
     Youth written by the applicant.
                                                    o Must be attending a Post Secondary
   o Letter of recommendation written by              Institution
     the Post Advisor detailing the
     applicant’s Allied Youth involvement.        No other material will be presented to the judges
                                                  – no material will be returned.
   o Letter of recommendation written by
                                                  Announcement of the scholarship winner will be
     a teacher of choice from your school
                                                  made at the Closing Banquet of Provincial
     detailing school participation and
     academic achievement of the                  Conference.
                                                  All applications should be mailed to:
                                                         Allied Youth Advisory Committee
   o Transcript of your school grades in
     Level III at the mid-term reporting                 P.O. Box 21145
     period.                                             St. John’s, NL
                                                         A1A 5B2
   o A Recent
     Photograph                          Deadline
                        All Applications must reach The Allied Youth
                        Advisory Committee postmarked no later than
                               The Ralph Davis Memorial
                         Allied Youth Educational Scholarship

  Applicants must complete this section completely, and return it with application.
                  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Name: ______________________________________________________            Age: _____________________

A.Y. Post (Name & Charter Number): ______________________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________

Name(s) of Post Advisor(s): _____________________________________________________________________

Name of School Principal: ______________________________________________________

Number of Years in A.Y.: ______________________________________

Name of Post Secondary Institute You Plan To Attend:

    I, ______________________________________________________, understand that the information
     submitted in and with this application will be used to assess my eligibility for the
 scholarship. I certify that all the information provided on this application form and in all
  the attached material accompanying it is true, and complete. I am also granting Allied
Youth Newfoundland & Labrador permission to use my image, or information provided, for
  promotional purposes. By submitting this application, I agree to accept all these terms.

_____________________________________________   _________________________________
Applicant’s Signature                           Date

In a sealed envelope, with this application, please include:
       - Personal Account of A.Y. Experience
       - Letter of Recommendation from Post Advisor
       - Letter of Recommendation from School Teacher
       - Recent Photograph
                                   Special Thanks

The Writers
      Tom Brophy
          Alumni of A.Y. Post #1055 – Baltimore
         Post Advisor, St. John’s Community Post #1179, Torbay Post #1051
         Chair, International Board of Trustees
         Chair, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee
         Cabinet Advisor, Allied Youth International
      Ellen Chalker
          Provincial Coordinator, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador
      Dave Dove
          Alumni of A.Y. Post #1048 – Twillingate
          International President, Allied Youth International
          Provincial President, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador
          Post Advisor, Twillingate Post #1055
          Cabinet Advisor, Allied Youth International
          Various Positions, International Board of Trustees
          Chair, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee
      Cody Dunne
         Alumni of A.Y. Post #1175 – Holy Cross
         International President, Allied Youth International
         Provincial President, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador
         Youth Rep, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee
      Mary Beth Doyle
          Regional Coordinator, Addictions Services St. John’s
      Cara Eustace
           Alumni of A.Y. Post #1051 – Torbay
          Provincial Executive Member, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador
          Post Advisor, Torbay Post #1051
          Various Positions, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee
          Cabinet Advisor, Allied Youth International
      Susan Gilbert
          Alumni of A.Y. Post #1017 – Grand Falls-Winsor
          Provincial Executive Member, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador
          Member, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee
      Walter Hammond
          Post Advisor, Various Posts
         Various Positions, Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee
         Cabinet Advisor, Allied Youth International
      Elaine Power
          Secretary, Department of Health & Community Services
      Susan Walsh
         Consultant, Department of Health & Community Services

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