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					                      THE TAIL

          May, 2010          GREATER SHELBY KENNEL CLUB                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                  President’s Message

                            Members of GSKC,
     Upcoming GSKC
                            The Club has been very active since the Annual Meeting in September 2009. At that meeting all
   Meeting: Wednesday,      of the current Directors were re-elected to serve additional 2-year terms. Please join me in ex-
     April 28, 2010 at      tending congratulations to Wayne Beard, Tia Flynn, Mary Hewes, Jay Stone, and Pat Welden.
       7 pm in the
 Cordova Community Center   In November, Elaine Beard volunteered to serve as the newsletter editor for the next year.
        Classroom           Please send her your brags and announcements at

                            One of the recommendations coming out of the July 2009 AKC events was to select an Assistant
                            Show Chair and an Assistant Trial Chair. I am delighted that two members have agreed to ac-
                            cept these positions. Jay Stone will serve as the Assistant Show Chair for the July conformation
                            shows. Lynne Briggs will serve as the Assistant Trial Chair for the obedience trials and rally tri-

                            The November/December meeting was held at Ann Hutton’s home. The potluck supper was
In This Issue:              overflowing with seasonal delights. Members filled Ann’s living room. Recipients of GSKC’s
                            annual awards are featured in this edition of the newsletter. The annual gift exchange with dirty
                            Santa held everyone’s attention as members decided whether to choose a new gift or appropri-
1.   President’s Message    ate an “old” one.
2.   Titles
3.   Photos                 Preparations are underway for the July AKC events to be held at the City of Southaven Multipur-
                            pose Arena on July 17 and 18, 2010. All of the judges have been hired. Mr. Joe Gregory and
4.   Brags                  Mr. Robert Moore were hired as “all-rounders”. Sadly, after taking the assignment, Mr. Moore
                            had to resign as an AKC judge due to health reasons, and asked for our prayers. Mr. Joe
                            Tacker will replace Mr. Moore and will assume the full assignment of Mr. Moore. As they have
                            done in the past, Onofrio Dog Shows will be the superintendent and Best in Stewards will pro-
                            vide stewards. Garden Studios has been retained as the show photographer.

                            Another silent auction is planned for the July events with Ann Hutton coordinating this fundrais-
                            ing activity again this year. She asks that members begin identifying items for donation.

                            This year’s Spring agility trials are scheduled for April 9, 10, and 11, 2010 at the Multipurpose
                            arena behind Shelby Showplace Arena. Dennis Akins will be the trial photographer again this
                            year. Volunteers are needed for each of the days as well as for setup on Thursday April 8.
                            Please contact me if you can help on one or all of the days.

                            We have Fall series of agility trials scheduled for October 15, 16, and 17, 2010, also at the Multi-
                            purpose Arena behind Shelby Showplace Arena. Not all of the plans have been completed at
                            this time.

                            Once again the conformation handling classes at the Cordova Community Center are full of par-
                            ticipants and their dogs. Many of the participants are junior handlers, who are being instructed
                            by Rachel Kent, a new member. We all hope that the participants will be successful in showing
                            and pointing their dogs in local shows.

                            In concluding, I wish you, your families, and your dogs a pleasant spring with safe travel to all of
                            your destinations. Please keep us up-to-date about your wins and other stories.

                            Sincerely yours,

                            Betsy Tolley, President
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                2009 WAS A FANTASTIC YEAR FOR GSKC!!!

The year started with turmoil and indecision but turned out to be a year of great events
and solid growth. Thanks to the steady leadership of President, Betsy Tolley, Showchair
David Nutting, and a whole gang of tough dedicated members.

We ended the year with a really fun Awards Banquet. Ann Hutton enhanced her
reputation as a skillful and gracious hostess by opening her home to the Club for the
party. We all had a great time. As evidenced by the awards given at the banquet, many
of our members continued to compete aggressively in AKC competitions throughout

Don Gold received great success with his Puli.
TITLE during that period was HSAs with HIT. That is HERDING STARTED COURSE A

David and Betsy have five dogs which earned awards this year.

CH Wildwood Iskorka Of Fiery Run SC
Sparklette earned her Conformation Championship Title, as well as her JC (Junior
Courser) and SC (Senior Courser) Titles.

Fiery Run Uslada JC
Potsey earned her JC Title

CH Lammermuir-Stonehaven My Memories
Elvis earned his Conformation Championship Title.

Borchis Tathar Numenesse JC
Tex earned his JC Title

CH Borchis Amras Numenesse SC
Amras earned both his JC and SC Titles.

Ann Hutton has two Cavaliers with new titles.

Radiant Always On My Mind OA OAJ

Radiant Caddo The Litigator OA AXJ

One of GSKC's most cherished awards is presented to the member whose loyalty and
outstanding contribution to club activities is recognized and appreciated. The 2009
Member Of The Year Award was presented to Pat Welden. Pat is the type of dedicated
member who could win this honor every year. She served as Club Secretary, member of
the Board of Directors, organized conformation classes, and helped newcomers with
application for membership. Pat served on both the Agility Trials Event Committee and
the 2009 GSKC All Breed Dog Show Event Committee. Our Club is fortunate to have Pat
Welden as a member and as a friend. She deserves and receives the sincere thanks and
admiration of her friends in GSKC!
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                                                       Conformation Class
Agility Trials                                         We have a new Junior Showmanship Instructor!
                                                       Rachael Kent has been showing dogs for 14
The Agility Trials were held April 9-11, 2010 at       years. She began showing in Junior Showman-
the Agricenter. There was over 800 entries.            ship when she was 11 years old. While a Junior,
We would like to thank everyone who partici-           she qualified to compete at the Westminster Ken-
pated or volunteered at the trials. Everyone           nel Club dog show multiple times. She enjoys
who attended had a great time including the            working with the next generation of dog show
dogs.                                                  handlers and their dogs too. Good sportsman-
                                                       ship is emphasized along with handler-dog team-
                                                       work. And of course we have fun.

                                                       The next Conformation Class begins on June 8,
BRAGS!!                                                2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cordova Community Cen-
                                                       ter. Please make plans to attend.

Elaine Beard’s Miniature
Longhaired Dachshund, Rocky won Best of
Winners and Best of Breed Saturday, January
23, 2010 in Greenville, MS under Judge Mrs.           PROGRAM CHAIR
Paula Hartinger and Best of Winners on Sun-
day the 24th. Rocky was shown by Trudy
Golden of N. Little Rock, AR.
                                                      A Program Chairman and Sunshine Chairman
                                                      are needed. Anyone interested in this position
                                                      should contact Betsy Tolley at
Pictures from the 2009 Christmas Party

Member of the Year 2009—Pat Welden       Jay Stone and President Betsy Tolley   Olivia Harvey and President
and Newt Hewes                                                                  Betsy Tolley

 Rachael Kent, our new Junior Handler    Wayne Beard and President Betsy         Two of our Junior Handlers, Jameson and
 Instructor                              Tolley                                  Garrison Stone with President Betsy Tolley
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 Below are suggested changes to the By-Laws of the Greater Shelby Kennel Club. Be sure to
 be at the meeting so you can vote on these changes.
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                                             Cats and Dogs Are Household Hazards

                        Dogs and cats are a lurking household danger, according to a new report showing the pets cause all kinds of
                        injuries related to falls. The pet trips - estimated at more than 80,000 a year - occurred while people were
                        chasing after them, stepping over them, breaking up a Fido fight, and other scenarios. Dogs are the biggest
                        hazard. Those injured noted various circumstances for their injuries, including: "tripped while crossing the
                        street with their dog," "fainted while training her dog," and "walking dog and fell up steps," among other
                     The researchers don't suggest you send your four-legged resident packing. "Certainly pets are wonderful and
have many benefits, so we're not saying anything about not having pets," said study researcher Judy Stevens, a senior epidemiolo-
gist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and

Dogs More Dangerous

The results come from a nationally representative sample of emergency department visits to about 60 hospitals from
Jan. 1, 2001 to Dec. 31, 2006, finding some 7,456 records were linked to pet-related falls. [Graphic show
breakdown of injuries and circumstances by pet.]
From this, the researchers calculated the national estimate would reach 86,629 for fall injuries associated with cats and dogs in the
United States in 2006. Though an alarming number, it's just 1 percent of the 8 million fall injuries treated in emergency depart-
ments, Stevens said.
Even though cats are known to follow at your heels, or right beneath your feet, dogs were involved in nearly 7.5 times as many
injuries as cats.
That's "mainly because dogs are bigger and stronger, and we do see children and women are most likely to be involved in a fall
with a dog," Stevens said, adding that women and children are on average smaller and weaker and so more likely to get pushed or
In fact, gals were more than twice as likely as men to have pet-related fall injuries. And children and the middle-age group were
the most likely to end up in the ER after an accident with the fur balls.
Dogs vs. cats
More than a quarter of dog-related injuries happened while people were walking the pet, with the most frequent circumstances
falling or tripping over one's dog (31 percent of cases) and being pushed or pulled by the four-legged friends.
As cats are mostly homebodies, it's no surprise most falls involving the bossy felines (nearly 86 percent) occurred in or around the
house. Nearly 12 percent of these injuries happened while people were chasing cats.
In 2006, about 43 million U.S. households owned dogs and 37.5 million households had cats. Nearly 64 percent of households
with pets had more than one pet, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.
With so many furry residents, falls are bound to happen. But Stevens offers tips for reducing the risk:
Just being aware that pets can be a fall hazard is a step in the right direction.
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                 CH. Edgehill Bedazzled By Alberto, “Tomba” passed
                 away February 8, 2010. This was sudden and the vet
                 feels it was Hemangiosarcoma. Tomba was ten and a
                 half years old and was a wonderful representative of
                 the Golden breed. We will miss him and he is in our
                 hearts forever. Run free my friend.

                                               Lynne Briggs

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