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                                                       Chief Burbank Applauds
                                                     Governor Cuomo’s Actions
                               SALT LAKE CITY— Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank releases the
                               following statement in support of Governor Cuomo’s action regarding the
                               Secure Communities Program:
         Chris Burbank
         Chief of Police       “I applaud Governor Cuomo’s move to suspend New York State’s participation
                               in the Federal Secure Communities Program. The Secure Communities
           June 1, 2011        program combined with misguided state legislation has promoted a shift in local
     Public Information        law enforcement’s mission across the country and driven a wedge between the
For Immediate Release          police and the public. The resulting priority adjustment places emphasis upon
                               civil immigration action over community policing and all criminal enforcement.
                Contact:       The conceit of the program is its intention to target serious criminal offenders.
        (801) 799-NEWS         Unfortunately, community members and traffic violators are often more
          (801) 799-6397       significantly impacted than violent offenders. We in law enforcement must
                               safeguard community trust. Without the support and participation of the
                 email:        neighborhoods in which we serve, we cannot provide adequate public safety         and maintain the well-being of our nation. As Governor Cuomo appropriately
               website:        asserts, the Secure Communities Program has not had its intended effect and          we have experienced more negative consequences than positive.”
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