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					                                  Chemical Nomenclature
Write formulas for the following compounds. Name compounds that start with hydrogen as acids.

zinc phosphate            Zn3(PO4)2              chromium(III) chromate        Cr2(CrO4)3
ammonium nitrate          NH4NO3                 strontium dihydrogen phosphate Sr(H2PO4)2
silver chloride           AgCl                   calcium dichromate            CaCr2O7
copper(I) chloride        CuCl                   cuprous carbonate             Cu2CO3
calcium bromide           CaBr2                  ferrous phosphate             Fe3(PO4)2
magnesium sulfide         MgS                    calcium sulfate dehydrate     CaSO4.2H2O
mercury(I) acetate        Hg2(C2H3O2)2           sulfurous acid                H2SO3
lithium oxalate           Li2C2O4                sodium chlorite               NaClO2
aluminum carbonate        Al2(CO3)3              aluminum iodide               AlI3
tin(IV) cyanide           Sn(CN)4                mercurous hydroxide           Hg2(OH)2
potassium perchlorate     KClO4                  hydrochloric acid             HCl
iron(III) thiocyanate     Fe(SCN)3               nitric acid                   HNO3
barium sulfite            BaSO3                  hydrofluoric acid             HF
antimony(III) sulfide     Sb2S3                  phosphoric acid               H3PO4
copper(I) bromide         CuBr                   carbonic acid                 H2CO3
cesium hypochlorite       CsClO                  hydrosulfuric acid            H2S
barium chlorite           Ba(ClO2)2              nitrous acid                  HNO2
sodium hydroxide          NaOH                   chlorous acid                 HClO2
lead(II) chromate         PbCrO4                 hypochlorous acid             HClO
calcium nitride           Ca3N2                  bromous acid                  HbrO2
lead(IV) sulfate          Pb(SO4)2               acetic acid                   HC2H3O2
iron(III) oxide           Fe2O3                  hydrocyanic acid              HCN
magnesium nitrite         Mg(NO2)2               chromic acid                  H2CrO4
mercury(II) hydroxide     Hg(OH)2                iodic acid                    HIO3
silver dichromate         Ag2Cr2O7               ferric oxalate                Fe2(C2O4)3
calcium hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)2             ferrous phosphate             Fe3(PO4)2
silver nitride            Ag3N                   lithium hydride               LiH
sulfuric acid             H2SO4                  cupric sulfate pentahydrate   CuSO4.5H2O
ammonium dichromate            (NH4)2Cr2O7      sulfur hexachloride           SCl6
nickel(II) iodate              Ni(IO3)2         diphosphorous pentoxide       P2O5
ammonium phosphate             (NH4)3PO4        dinitrogen tetroxide          N2O4
iron(II) hydrogen sulfate      Fe(HSO4)2        carbon monoxide               CO
iron(III) hydrogen carbonate Fe(HCO3)3          antimony pentachloride        SbCl5
mercurous hydrogen sulfite     Hg2(HSO3)2       xenon hexafluoride            XeF6
phosphorous trichloride        PCl3             hydrogen chloride             HCl

Name the following compounds using IUPAC (Stock) nomenclature.

Ba(ClO4)2              barium perchlorate       HBrO3                  bromic acid

CsNO2                  cesium nitrite           HClO                   hypochlorous acid

Fe2(SO4)3              iron(III) sulfate        H2SO3                  sulfurous acid

Ba3(PO4)2              barium phosphate         HClO3                  chloroic acid

ZnSO3                  zinc sulfite             P4O10          tetraphosphorous decoxide

NH4NO3                 ammonium nitrate         P3N5           triphosphorous pentanitride

Ca(ClO)2               calcium hypochlorite     P4O6           tetraphosphorous hexoxide

NH4IO4                 ammonium periodate       BrO3                   bromine trioxide

Hg2(NO3)2              mercury(I) nitrate       I2O5                   diiodine pentoxide

LiMnO4                 lithium permangante      Cl2O7                  dichlorine heptoxide

KSCN                   potassium thiocyanate    N2O                    dinitrogen oxide
HgO                    mercury(II) oxide        N2O3                   dinitrogen trioxide
Al(C2H3O2)3            aluminum acetate         Li3PO4                 lithiun phospahate
PbCl4                  lead(IV) chloride        AgI                    silver iodide
Mg(NO3)2.9H2O magnesium nitrate nonahydrate     Cu3N2                  copper(II) nitride

MgCl2.6H2O magnesium chloride hexahydrate       BaSO4                  barium sulfate
HBr                    hydrobromic acd          Al2(C2O4)3             aluminum oxalate
HNO2                   nitrous acid             Pb(SO4)2               lead(IV) sulfate
Al2(CO3)3   aluminum carbonate       NH4IO4               ammonium periodate

PbCl2       lead(II) chloride        Fe(ClO)2             iron(II) hypochlorite

Na2SO3      sodium sulfite           Cu(SCN)2             copper(II) thiocyanate
AuCl        gold(I) chloride         Zn(OH)2              zinc hydroxide
HgSe        mercury(II) selenide     Mg3N2                magnesium nitride
SrCrO4      strontium chromate
                                     Hg2(C2H3O2)2         mercury(I) acetate
NH4NO3      ammonium nitrate
                                     Fe2(C2O4)3           iron(III) oxalate
(NH4)2SO3   ammonium sulfite
                                     NaH2PO4        sodium dihydrogen phosphate
Pb3(PO4)4   lead(IV) phosphate
                                     KHCO3          potassium hydrogen carbonate
Ca3P2       calcium phosphide
                                     CaHPO4         calcium hydrogen phosphate
RbC2H3O2    rubidium acetate
                                     CsHSO4               cesium hydrogen sullfate
Hg2(NO2)2   mercury(I) nitrite       HBr                  hydrobromic acid
FeF3        iron(III) fluoride       H2S                  hydrosulfuric acid
BaCO3       barium carbonate         HNO3                 nitric acid
FeS         iron(II) sulfide         HIO2                 iodous acid
RbClO       rubidium hypochlorite
                                     HNO2                 nitrous acid
(NH4)2CO3   ammonium carbonate
                                     HIO                  hypoiodous acid
Cs2O        cesium oxide
                                     H2SO3                sulfurous acid
NaH         sodium hydride
                                     HIO3                 iodic acid
KMnO4       potassium permanganate
                                     H2SO4                sulfuric acid
Na2Cr2O7    sodium dichromate
                                     HF                   hydrofluoric acid
Na2S2O3     sodium thiosulfate
                                     H2CO3                carbonic acid
KCN         potassium cyanide
                                     H2C2O4               oxalic acid

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