Elements of Poetry Colegio Villa Maria by mikeholy


									                  Colegio Villa María La Planicie                                   Rhythm                                                                                Sonnet:                            Fourteen (14) lines with no stanza division
                                                                                    Poetic foot: It is a unit that measures and identifies the rhythm. (It tells us
                   Third Secondary Literature                                       what rhythm is being used.) It is made of a determined combination of                 Petrarchan sonnet:                     One octave and one sextet:
                                                                                    accented (strong) ( / ) and unaccented (weak) ( u) sounds.                                                                   abbaabba + cdcdcd ═ 14         or
     ELEMENTS of POETRY and PROSE                                                                                                                                                                                abbaabba + cdecde ═ 14
                                                                                    The letter u represents the weak sounds. The slash ( / ) represents the
                                                                                    strong sound. There are many types of poetic feet. Here are two common                Shakespearian sonnet:                  Three quatrains and one couplet :
POETRY                                                                              types.                                                                                                                       abab + cdcd + efef + gg ═ 14

    A poem can be:                                                                  iambic foot       u/       One weak sound or syllable followed by                 4. FEELINGS:
                                                                                                               one strong syllable.                                   A poem is personal, subjective, lyrical.
1. A STORY (Narrative Poetry):                                                      anapestic foot    uu/      Two weak sounds or syllable followed by
                                                                                                               one strong sound or syllable.                          5. IDEAS:
    Epic Poem :                                                                     Example:                                                                          It wants to communicate, share, convince.
      The most primitive form of narrative poem.                                    U    /      U /
      About the adventures of a hero.                                               My heart leaps up              Iambic Bimeter
      Mostly have elements of magic and religion.
      Based on myths.
                                                                                    U     / U /                                                                        PROSE
                                                                                    When I behold                  Iambic Bimeter
      Transmitted orally. Anonymous (the author is unknown).                                                                                                              Fiction
                                                                                    Meter: It counts how many times a foot is repeated in a verse.                        It is the product of the author’s imagination.
    Folk Ballad:                                                                           Monometer                1
      Based on sad stories or stories of magic.                                            Bimeter                  2                                                     Elements of the narrative:
      Elements may be added, deleted or changed.                                           Trimeter                 3                                                     Setting:             Time and place.
      Transmitted orally. Anonymous.                                                       Tetrameter               4                                                     Characters:          People in the story.
                                                                                           Pentameter               5                                                                           Main character: hero, heroine.
    Modern Ballad:                                                                         Hexameter                6                                                     Conflict:            Central problem. Plot development is based on it.
     Inspired by the Folk Ballad but author is known.                                      Heptameter               7                                                     Plot:                Events (actions) that make up the story.
                                                                                           Octometer                8                                                     Theme:               Message. The author wants to tell us something
2. PAINTING (that appeals to all the senses):                                              Nanometer                9                                                                          indirectly.
     You create images that you perceive through your five senses.                         Decameter               10
     In order to create those sensuous or sensory (all five senses) images,                                                                                               Short Story:
     the author uses figures of speech.                                             Rhyme                                                                                 A brief narration that is centered on one single conflict (Problem around
                                                                                                                                                                          which the action happens).
      Figures of speech:                                                            End Rhyme:                                                                            It has few characters.
      Simile:             Compare or associate two elements by using the            The agreement of sounds (pronunciation) is at the end of the poetical lines.          There is one setting.
                         comparative words as or like. Obvious comparison.          Ex:                                                                                   It creates one clear emotion (mood) in the reader.
      Metaphor:          Compare or associate two elements without using                                 My little cat           a                                        It can be read during one sitting.
                         the comparative words. Implied comparison.                                      Had a bat               a
      Personification: Give human qualities to things or animals.                                                                                                         Non – fiction
      Hyperbole:         Over-exaggeration.                                         Internal Rhyme:                                                                       It is based on facts, not fantasy. Some forms are:
      Symbol:            a word that stands for something else for a                The sound in the middle of the poetical line agrees with                              Essay                    Biography            Autobiography
                         community of people. Can be called a community             the last sound in that line.
                         metaphor.                                                  Ex.:                     The little boy had a toy.
                                                                                                                                                                                        COMPARISON OF PROSE AND POETRY
3. MUSIC:                                                                           Structure or pattern:
                                                                                                                                                                          PROSE                                   POETRY
                                                                                    It’s the way the poets organize the lines and the rhymes (their material).
    It is created in poetry by two main elements:                                   Ex:                                                                                   Sentence                                Verse / poetical line
    Rhythm: Musicality created by the combination of accented and                   Couplet                 aa
    unaccented sounds.                                                              Tercet                  aba                                                           Paragraphs                              Stanza (s t r o p h e )
    Rhyme: Musicality created by the agreement or coincidence of sounds, in         Quatrain                abba
    this case pronunciation., within (inside) a poetical line or between the ends   Sextet                  cdcdcd or cdecde                                              Rhythm                                  Rhythm
    of lines.                                                                       Octave                  abbaabba
    Other elements of musicality: alliteration, repetition, parallelism.                                                                                                  No rhyme                                Rhyme

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