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									  Marine Corps Recruit Depot
          San Diego

             Sponsorship Basics
Personal & Professional Development  RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                   Why Sponsorship?

• It is required by MC & Depot Order. 
• In some cases, the first few days and first
  impressions will set the tone of a tour.
• It functions primarily from the “Golden Rule”
  perspective, … put yourself in the new
  Marine’s boots.
• You do have a good support network to assist
  you with a wide variety of issues.
     Typical Primary Concerns

•   Housing

•   Healthcare

•   Area Familiarization

•   Common Key Relocation Tasks
•   Military Family Housing Center – Naval Station San
    Diego - Comprehensive source of housing
    information and assistance; military family housing,
    civilian sector apartments and homes via Rental
    Partnership Program, Drill Instructor “Priority”
    Program, PPV Sites and in-house realtor.
•   Alternate sources of information –
    Recommended apartment locators, publications.
Military Family Housing Welcome Center
                                 2625 Lehardy Street
                         San Diego, CA 92136 619-556-8443
•   Update DEERS contact data - new address
    information. May be accomplished in person, via
    Tricare website, or by telephone.
•   Area military/Tricare medical treatment facilities;
    NavMedCen Balboa, Branch Med Clinic NavSta,
    BMC AmphibBase, BMC NAS N. Island, BMC
    NavTraCen, BMC Depot, BMC Miramar, Tricare
    Out-patient Clinic Clairemont, TOC Chula Vista.
•   Ask for references and recommendations
    in locating Veterinarians. (MCAS Miramar Vet)
 Primary Military Medical Treatment Facility
                          Naval Medical Center, San Diego
                             34800 Bob Wilson Drive
                            San Diego, CA 92134-5000
                               OOD: (619) 532-6400
The TRICARE Service Center located in Bldg. 2, is open Monday- Friday from 7:30 am to
       5:30 pm, and their phone number is 1-888-TRI-WEST (1-888-874-9378).
The Health Benefits Advisors are available Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, and
              their phone number is (619) 532-8328. www.TriWest.com
    Childcare / Youth Programs
   Regional Child Care Resource & Referral
    Address: 2375 Recreation Way
    Bldg # 3320 - Naval Station San Diego
    Phone: (619) 556-8491
    Assists parents in obtaining quality child care by
    providing complete information and resources regarding military and
    civilian providers located throughout San Diego.

   The Navy’s MWR Youth Programs Department operates housing area
    recreation centers and offers a wide variety of recreation programs for children
    ages three to seventeen. Some of these programs include open recreation,
    contract classes, field trips, teen programming, building rentals and special
    events. For additional information on any of these programs or services,
    contact your local Housing Area Recreation Center or call (619) 556-6165.
   The Depot’s Marine Corps Family Team Building program office is the
    source of information regarding ongoing on-base child/youth activities such as
    flag football, cheerleading, basketball, popular dance, summer camps, and
    more. (619) 524-0916.
School Information
Metro San Diego has a broad spectrum of educational institutions
(public, private, parochial) and opportunities available, as well as
programs to address special needs and interests. The School
Liaison at Marine Corps Family Team Building is your best source
for guidance with regards to school resources and contacts.
         For Information and Assistance: 619-524-8032
Two of the better online school information resources –
GreatSchools.com and SchoolMatters.com - can provide a great
deal of basic “know before you go” information to those on their
way to San Diego. Both websites are linked/utilized by the DoD-
sponsored MilitaryHOMEFRONT website.
                           Area Familiarization

•   Armed Services YMCA offers an “Out and About”
    tour.            619-952-0718
•   Encourage new Marines and family to explore the
    area from the East County mountains and desert - to
    the Pacific Ocean seashore and beaches - and
    everywhere in-between. San Diego is blessed with
    great weather, a culturally rich population, and wide
    variety of activities to participate in, and places to go
    virtually all-year round. If anyone ends up being
    “bored” in San Diego, … it’s certainly
    not for a lack of things to do.
                  Common Tasks
•   Welcome Aboard Package (WAP) - Where applicable -
    check with Relocation Assistance to verify that WAP has been sent
    to in-bound Marine – 619-524-5298. (Lead-Time restrictions
•   Temporary Lodging - Depot Transient Billeting
    (619-524-4401), Navy Lodge at MCAS Miramar, Navy Lodge at
    NavSta and NAS North Island. 1-800-NAVY-INN (1-800-628-9466).
•   Utilities – Advise that most require service-connection deposits in
    advance; San Diego Gas & Electric, Water, Telephone, Cable, etc.
•   Change of Address - Can be taken care of online at
    www.usps.com or by submitting the form included in the Change-
    of-Address kit available at the post office.
Need-to-Know, Nice-to-Know
•   Locate Local California Department of
    Motor Vehicle (DMV) Service Centers.

•   Make note of the California
    Car-seat Law; Applies to
    children under 6 yrs / 60 lbs.
    Must be secured in back seat.
DMV Centers (San Diego)
        General Information (800) 777-0133

  3960 Normal St., 92103            4375 Derrick Dr., 92117

         * Chula Vista Location - 30 N. Glover Avenue
    Need-to-Know, Nice-to-Know
•   San Diego County Recorder/Clerk Offices and
    Annexes –

•   RECORDER - accepts and records legal instruments
    (documents) required by law upon payment of
    proper fees and taxes. Functions include the
    maintenance of birth, marriage and death records
    and indexes for San Diego County.
•   COUNTY CLERK - functions include issuing,
    marriage licenses and performing civil marriage
    ceremonies, notaries public, process servers, and
    professional certified photocopiers.
      San Diego County Recorder/Clerk
            Offices and Annexes
Kearny Mesa Branch Office     Main Office
5473 Kearny Villa Rd. 92123   1600 Pacific Highway, Room 260
3rd Floor (858) 505-6262      San Diego, CA 92101
                              (619) 237-0502
    Words of Wisdom from YOU,
          … the Sponsor
•   Advise in-bound Marines to prepare for the financial impact of
    the move to San Diego in order to cushion the effect of higher
    prices in housing and utilities rates.
•   The best one-stop info source is the Depot’s monthly
             Commanding General’s Welcome Aboard
     at Personal & Professional Development – Building 14.
•   Encourage the new Marine and family to take advantage of the
    many military and civilian-sector activity and support
    programs; including – PPD, Single Marine Program, Family
    Readiness/LINKS, Child,Youth & Teen Activities, Armed
    Services YMCA, and the USO.
               Quality Time
   The time a sponsor will need to dedicate to
    assisting a Marine and family which are new to
    the Depot - and the San Diego Community -
    may only be a few hours or a couple of days –
    at the most. Don’t underestimate the value of
    your guidance and understanding, … your
    sponsorship effort is appreciated, and it
    upholds the Marine motto of -
           “Taking Care of our own.”
Relocation Assistance Program Office

IMPORTANT: If you have viewed this brief in order to comply
with Depot Order Sponsor Orientation requirements - please call
or email the Relocation Assistance Program office to request
verification and/or to receive an electronic certificate of
completion for unit tracking and inspection purposes.
             (619) 524-5298       james.yost@usmc.mil

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