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           Minutes of ASC held in Shaftsbury Square Hospital 14 October 2007
In Attendance: Gary T (Chair) Tommy P          Steve W       Vincent O       Emer G         Heather B
   Jeanne R    Ian M          Sarah Mc         Peter Mac     Ryan R          John Mc        Tony C
Apologies: Paula S    Brian D               Previous Minutes: Passed        Traditions: Heather


Monday Clonard            NO REPORT
Monday Downshire          See Newcastle
Tuesday City Church             NO REPORT
Tuesday Sr Concillio’s (Newry)
2 service positions filled. Secretary & Treasurer.
Meeting going well, attendance around 8 people. Good atmosphere – carrying a good message of recovery.
The group to discuss the purchase of a heater for the meeting.
Starting balance        £49.80
Rent                     paid
Literature              adequate supplies
Closing Balance          £49.80 & €7
Tuesday Creggan            NO REPORT
Wednesday City Church
3 service positions filled. Needs a Tea person.
Meeting going well, average attendance: 12-14. Good message of recovery. Would appreciate more support.
Starting balance        minus £4.88
Rent                          £20.00
Closing balance               £12.09
Wednesday University Street             NO REPORT
Wednesday Letterkenny              NO REPORT
Thursday Ballynafiegh
2 service positions filled. Needs a GSR & Treasurer.
Average attendance: 11. Needs support.
Literature available
Rent                          paid up for 3 months
Thursday Downshire         See Newcastle
Friday University Street
2 service positions filled. Needs GSR & Treasurer
Average attendance: 20. Needs support. Many newcomers.
Literature available
Rent                          paid in advance
Friday Coleraine
All service positions filled.
Group doing great, numbers up to 5-8. visitors welcome.
Starting balance         £121.00 & €10.50
Rent                    £20.00
Literature              £50.00
Donation to Area        £20.00
Expenses                £10.00
Closing Balance         £21.00 & €10.50
Friday Newcastle
All meetings going well. Detailed reports on each meeting lodged with the NASC Secretary.
Starting balance     £441.85
Rent                 £100.00
Literature           £200.00
Donation to Area    £100.00
Tea & Coffee         £41.85
Closing Balance     £00.00
Saturday Newcastle          See Newcastle (Friday)
Saturday University Street
All service positions filled.
‘Just for Today’ (literature) based meeting. Average attendance 10 - 15 and newcomers attending.
Strong message of recovery carried.
Donations each week are down so folks dig deep to help cover rent and any possible donations to the ASC.
Starting balance         £3.71
Rent                    £20.00
Closing Balance         £22.21
Saturday Shaftsbury Square
All service positions filled.
Average attendance: 8. Needs support.
Literature to be ordered
Rent                        to be paid
Sunday Shaftsbury Square
3 service positions filled. Needs a Treasurer
Average attendance: 14, including many newcomers. Needs support.
Literature to be ordered
Rent                        to be paid
Sunday Derry
2 service positions filled Needs a GSR & Teaperson
Meeting going well, good attendance (12 average) hard to get members for service.
Starting balance        £160.00
Rent                    £20.00
Literature              £19.00
Donation to Area        £120.00
Closing Balance         £30.00

Phone line report:
October 2007
Michelle took over the help line this month, our thanks to Paul T. for several months of duty.
It was a very strange month for calls….only one, and it was someone that didn’t get around to talking. This
had us a bit worried that there was something wrong with the phone itself or the reception or something.
However, after several days of leaving messages, calling the number and so on, we’ve decided that it is
working, there were just no calls. Perhaps this isn’t a time of year for getting clean.

Vincent has put his name forward as a twelve stepper for any calls from Holywell Hospital, after the meeting
there folded due to lack of participation, etc. We wanted to leave the hospital with a way for patients to
reach out to N.A. if they want to. The hospital has agreed to call the help line if they have any one wanting
to reach us, and Vincent will go up, as needed to talk to anyone who reaches us through the Helpline.
That’s all for this month.

Literature report:
                        Stock total: £662.66 (€946.65)
                         Cash total: £417.50

See full stock list for November 07 and separate stock order form in appendix of these minutes.
Website report:
October 2007
Access Statistics
During September out site had 8073 unique visitors and so far October has had 2948.
During the past month I've received a few emails: one promoting an upcoming convention in the states;
another from a couple of addicts who'll be attending the convention in Cork later this month and needed
some information about hotels and a third email from the family of a suffering addict looking for help.
As always copies of these emails and my replies are available on request.

I've recently been invoiced to the sum of £63.38 which covers hosting of the site for the next six months.
I'm currently in the process of redeveloping the site. My time available for this is limited however I hope to
have a progress report soon.
In Service,
Steve W.

PR report:
Sept – Oct
Yellow pages- all forms we signed and returned to yellow pages, the was change to our website
address and the new book is out in November.
P.S.A- the ad for kiss fm is completed and should be aired for the first time next week I can email anyone a
copy if they wish to hear it.
Jail- the meeting in the jail is running well with an average attendance of 7-9. I am in the process of
organizing a p.i. presentation to all the staff with in the prison which they have requested. As I do not have
enough experience dealing with the correctional facilities I have been in touch with eastern area H&I. Paul
O who was heavily evolved in getting the mount joy meeting of the ground has agreed to do this
presentation along with brownie from new York who also has a lot of experience in doing these kind of
presentations this has been arranged for the 30 oct. I do not need any literature as I still have some from
earlier P.I. meetings. I will keep area informed of all progress.
Expenses- I have covered 250 miles this month to do with the jail alone not to mention any other P&I stuff
that I have done this has been very costly for me this month. I have asked about and been guided to ask for
expenses for which I am out of pocket. The civil service pays 49p per mile I get 35p per mile from Tec after
discussing this with other addicts I think 25p per mile is a reasonable request I hope you agree. I travel from
Newcastle to Belfast then to the prison then back to Belfast then home this month I had to go to Newry
before Belfast as you can see this is a lot of miles. At 25p this works out at £62 I have took £60 from the
Newcastle literature order to cover this please pass this money on to the literature sectary. I would be
happy with a monthly travel allowance of £30 I hope you can agree to this.
I am now officially standing down from the service position of P.I. chair I would like to thank all who made it
possible to be of service. I will continue to make the meeting with in the jail my main priority and will
continue to send in monthly reports.
In fellowship Brian D

Treasurer report:
September 2007
Last months total was                             ACCOUNT £320.95. FLOAT £29.00. 25 EUROS.
DONATIONS                                             EXPENSES
Coleraine: £20.00                      Area Literature £81.48
Newcastle: £100.00                     Brian D         £60.00
Foyle:     £120.00                     Website         £63.48

New Balance for October 2007
Bank £241.95 & Float £39.54.                       ACCOUNT £381.49.
Treasurer Peter Mac

     PR: Emer has taken up the PR position on the NASC and will be supported by the committee.
     Secretary: Ian M has taken up the secretary’s position on the NASC
     Newry Meeting: Saturday night 7.30 to 9.00pm. 5 Edward Street.
     Our EDM Summer report is in the appendix.
     See individual meeting reports for service positions available.
     Groups: Please provide reports on finances and meeting attendance for inclusion in ASC minutes.

NEXT MEETING: 11th November 2007
GSR Group Report to Area Service Committee

Group        ______________________     Date   _____________________


Secretary          ________________________

GSR                ________________________

Treasurer          ________________________

Tea Person         ________________________

Treasurer’s Report

Starting Balance      £ ____________________
Rent                 £ ____________________
Literature            £ ____________________
Expenses             £ ____________________
Donation to Area     £ ____________________
Closing Balance      £ ____________________

Any Other Business
                                     N.A.S.C.         Literature Order Form

Item No           Description                                      Price €   Price £   Quantity   TOTAL €    TOTAL £


           1101   NA Basic Text                                    €12.00     £8.40                  €0.00      £0.00
           8801   Basic Text on Audio Tape (Set of 3)              €12.00     £8.40                  €0.00      £0.00
                  Basic Text 20th Ann Ed                           €30.00    £21.00                  €0.00      £0.00
           1112   Just For Today                                   €11.00     £7.70                  €0.00      £0.00
                  Just For Today Gift Ed Hard Cover                €18.00    £12.60                  €0.00      £0.00
           1140   It Works: How and Why                            €11.00     £7.70                  €0.00      £0.00
                  Basic Journal                                    €10.00     £7.00                  €0.00      £0.00
                  The NA Step Working Guide                        €11.00     £7.70                  €0.00      £0.00
                  Sponsorship Experience Basic Text                €10.00     £7.00                  €0.00      £0.00


           1200   Introductory Guide                                €2.80     £1.96                  €0.00      £0.00
           1164   12 Concepts of NA Service                         €2.10     £1.47                  €0.00      £0.00
           1500   Small White Book                                  €1.10     £0.77                  €0.00      £0.00
           1600   The Group Booklet                                 €1.10     £0.77                  €0.00      £0.00
           1601   Behind The Walls                                  €1.10     £0.77                  €0.00      £0.00
           1603   In Times of Illness                               €1.10     £0.77                  €0.00      £0.00
           1604   NA A Resource In Your Community                   €0.50     £0.35                  €0.00      £0.00
           3102   IP2 - The Group                                   €0.45     £0.32                  €0.00      £0.00
           3117   IP17 - For Those In Treatment                     €0.45     £0.32                  €0.00      £0.00
           3121   IP21 - The Loner - Staying Clean in Isolation     €0.45     £0.32                  €0.00      £0.00
           3110   IP10 - Working Step 4 In NA                       €1.10     £0.77                  €0.00      £0.00
                  About Narcotics Anonymous (New PI Pamphlet)       €0.50     £0.35                  €0.00      £0.00


           3101   IP1 - Who What How & Why                          €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3105   IP5 - Another Look                                €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3106   IP6 - Recovery & Relapse                          €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3107   IP7 - Am I An Adict                               €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3108   IP8 - Just For Today                              €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3109   IP9 - Living the Program                          €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3111   IP11 - Sponsorship                                €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3112   IP12 - The Triangle of Self Obsession             €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3113   IP13 - Youth & Recovery                           €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3114   IP14 - One Adicts Experience of Recovery          €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3115   IP15 - Public Information & The NA Member         €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3116   IP16 - For The Newcomer                           €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3119   IP19 - Self Acceptance                            €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3120   IP20 - Hospitals, Institutions & The NA Member    €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3122   IP22 - Welcome to NA                              €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3123   IP23 - Staying Clean on the Outside               €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00
           3124   IP24 - Hey Whats The Basket For?                  €0.33     £0.23                  €0.00      £0.00


          LARGE   12 Steps & 12 Traditions (Set)                    €9.00     £6.30                  €0.00      £0.00
          SMALL   Serenity Prayer                                   €1.40     £0.98                  €0.00      £0.00
          SMALL   3 Step Prayer                                     €1.40     £0.98                  €0.00      £0.00
         SMALL   Just For Today                                   €1.40   £0.98   €0.00   £0.00
         SMALL   My Gratitude Speaks                              €1.40   £0.98   €0.00   £0.00


                 Welcome (Just For Today)                         €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 30 Days                                          €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 60 Days                                          €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 90 Days                                          €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 6 Months                                         €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 9 Months                                         €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 1 Year                                           €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 18 Months                                        €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00
                 Multiple Years                                   €0.55   £0.39   €0.00   £0.00


                 1 - Infinity                                     €3.50   £2.45   €0.00   £0.00
                 4 Years                                                  £0.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 5 Years                                                  £0.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 6 Years                                                  £0.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 7 Years                                                  £0.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 8 Years                                                  £0.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 10 Years                                                 £0.00   €0.00   £0.00

READINGS 7       NOT SOLD SEPERATLY                               €7.00   £4.90   €0.00   £0.00
                 5 LOOSE


                 A Guide to Local Sernices In NA                  €8.00   £5.60   €0.00   £0.00
                 Hospitals & Institutions Handbook (With Tape)   €10.00   £7.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 A Guide to Public Information                    €5.50   £3.85   €0.00   £0.00
                 A Guide to World Services In NA                  €5.00   £3.50   €0.00   £0.00
                 Literature Committee Handbook                    €4.00   £2.80   €0.00   £0.00
                 Handbook for NA Newsletters                      €3.00   £2.10   €0.00   £0.00
                 A Guide to Phoneline Service                     €5.00   £3.50   €0.00   £0.00
                 Convention Guidelines                            €5.00   £3.50   €0.00   £0.00
                 Treasurers Handbook                              €3.00   £2.10   €0.00   £0.00
                 Group Treasurers Workbook                        €3.00   £2.10   €0.00   £0.00
                 Group Treasurers Record Pad (For 13 Months)      €1.00   £0.70   €0.00   £0.00
                 Outreach Resource Information                    €4.00   £2.80   €0.00   £0.00
                 Additional Needs Resource Information            €4.00   £2.80   €0.00   £0.00
                 Institutional Group Guide                        €5.00   £3.50   €0.00   £0.00
                 Basic MUG                                       €10.00   £7.00   €0.00   £0.00
                 NA Wallet Cards (10) With all Readings           €1.00   £0.70   €0.00   £0.00

                                                                                  £0.00   £0.00
Literature Secretary’s report
Description                                        Price €     Price £     Quantity   TOTAL €       TOTAL £

NA Basic Text                                        €12.00       £8.40          14       €168.00    £117.60
Basic Text on Audio Tape (Set of 3)                  €12.00       £8.40           1        €12.00      £8.40
Basic Text 20th Ann Ed                               €30.00      £21.00           0         €0.00      £0.00
Just For Today                                       €11.00       £7.70          10       €110.00     £77.00
Just For Today Gift Ed Hard Cover                    €18.00      £12.60           0         €0.00      £0.00
It Works: How and Why                                €11.00       £7.70           7        €77.00     £53.90
Basic Journal                                        €10.00       £7.00           0         €0.00      £0.00
The NA Step Working Guide                            €11.00       £7.70          13       €143.00    £100.10
Sponsorship Experience Basic Text                    €10.00       £7.00           3        €30.00     £21.00

Introductory Guide                                     €2.80       £1.96          0         €0.00      £0.00
12 Concepts of NA Service                              €2.10       £1.47          6        €12.60      £8.82
Small White Book                                       €1.10       £0.77          0         €0.00      £0.00
The Group Booklet                                      €1.10       £0.77          4         €4.40      £3.08
Behind The Walls                                       €1.10       £0.77          0         €0.00      £0.00
In Times of Illness                                    €1.10       £0.77          3         €3.30      £2.31
NA A Resource In Your Community                        €0.50       £0.35          2         €1.00      £0.70
IP2 - The Group                                        €0.45       £0.32          2         €0.90      £0.63
IP17 - For Those In Treatment                          €0.45       £0.32          0         €0.00      £0.00
IP21 - The Loner - Staying Clean in Isolation          €0.45       £0.32         10         €4.50      £3.15
IP10 - Working Step 4 In NA                            €1.10       £0.77         10        €11.00      £7.70
About Narcotics Anonymous (New PI Pamphlet)            €0.50       £0.35         10         €5.00      £3.50

IP1 - Who What How & Why                               €0.33       £0.23         10         €3.30      £2.31
IP5 - Another Look                                     €0.33       £0.23         10         €3.30      £2.31
IP6 - Recovery & Relapse                               €0.33       £0.23         20         €6.60      £4.62
IP7 - Am I An Adict                                    €0.33       £0.23          0         €0.00      £0.00
IP8 - Just For Today                                   €0.33       £0.23         19         €6.27      £4.39
IP9 - Living the Program                               €0.33       £0.23         20         €6.60      £4.62
IP11 - Sponsorship                                     €0.33       £0.23          3         €0.99      £0.69
IP12 - The Triangle of Self Obsession                  €0.33       £0.23          6         €1.98      £1.39
IP13 - Youth & Recovery                                €0.33       £0.23         36        €11.88      £8.32
IP14 - One Adicts Experience of Recovery               €0.33       £0.23         24         €7.92      £5.54
IP15 - Public Information & The NA Member              €0.33       £0.23         13         €4.29      £3.00
IP16 - For The Newcomer                                €0.33       £0.23          0         €0.00      £0.00
IP19 - Self Acceptance                                 €0.33       £0.23         18         €5.94      £4.16
IP20 - Hospitals, Institutions & The NA Member         €0.33       £0.23         24         €7.92      £5.54
IP22 - Welcome to NA                                   €0.33       £0.23          0         €0.00      £0.00
IP23 - Staying Clean on the Outside                    €0.33       £0.23         50        €16.50     £11.55
IP24 - Hey Whats The Basket For?                       €0.33       £0.23         17         €5.61      £3.93

12 Steps & 12 Traditions (Set)                         €9.00       £6.30          2        €18.00     £12.60
Serenity Prayer                                        €1.40       £0.98          0         €0.00      £0.00
3 Step Prayer                                          €1.40       £0.98          0         €0.00      £0.00
Just For Today                                         €1.40       £0.98          0         €0.00      £0.00
My Gratitude Speaks                              €1.40   £0.98    0         €0.00      £0.00

Welcome (Just For Today)                         €0.55   £0.39   59        €32.45     £22.72
30 Days                                          €0.55   £0.39   54        €29.70     £20.79
60 Days                                          €0.55   £0.39   33        €18.15     £12.71
90 Days                                          €0.55   £0.39   32        €17.60     £12.32
6 Months                                         €0.55   £0.39   38        €20.90     £14.63
9 Months                                         €0.55   £0.39   44        €24.20     £16.94
1 Year                                           €0.55   £0.39    7         €3.85      £2.70
18 Months                                        €0.55   £0.39   13         €7.15      £5.01
Multiple Years                                   €0.55   £0.39    7         €3.85      £2.70

1 - Infinity                                     €3.50   £2.45   18        €63.00     £44.10
4 Years                                                  £0.00    3         €0.00      £0.00
5 Years                                                  £0.00    2         €0.00      £0.00
6 Years                                                  £0.00    3         €0.00      £0.00
7 Years                                                  £0.00    4         €0.00      £0.00
8 Years                                                  £0.00    4         €0.00      £0.00
10 Years                                                 £0.00    1         €0.00      £0.00
12 years                                                          1         €0.00
NOT SOLD SEPERATLY                               €7.00   £4.90    0         €0.00      £0.00

A Guide to Local Sernices In NA                  €8.00   £5.60    0         €0.00      £0.00
Hospitals & Institutions Handbook (With Tape)   €10.00   £7.00    0         €0.00      £0.00
A Guide to Public Information                    €5.50   £3.85    0         €0.00      £0.00
A Guide to World Services In NA                  €5.00   £3.50    0         €0.00      £0.00
Literature Committee Handbook                    €4.00   £2.80    0         €0.00      £0.00
Handbook for NA Newsletters                      €3.00   £2.10    0         €0.00      £0.00
A Guide to Phoneline Service                     €5.00   £3.50    0         €0.00      £0.00
Convention Guidelines                            €5.00   £3.50    0         €0.00      £0.00
Treasurers Handbook                              €3.00   £2.10    9        €27.00     £18.90
Group Treasurers Workbook                        €3.00   £2.10    0         €0.00      £0.00
Group Treasurers Record Pad (For 13 Months)      €1.00   £0.70    0         €0.00      £0.00
Outreach Resource Information                    €4.00   £2.80    0         €0.00      £0.00
Additional Needs Resource Information            €4.00   £2.80    1         €4.00      £2.80
Institutional Group Guide                        €5.00   £3.50    1         €5.00      £3.50
Basic MUG                                       €10.00   £7.00    0         €0.00      £0.00
NA Wallet Cards (10) With all Readings           €1.00   £0.70    0         €0.00      £0.00

                                                                          £946.65    £662.66

                                                                      £417.50 cash

 RD Activity Since Last report

 RD and RDALT attended the ECCNA24 and Summer EDM (see below).

 RD received the five draft WSO pamphlets which I am distributing and requesting feedback be sent
 to, which I will correlate and send to WSO.

 RD is part of an EDM workgroup with UK and Swedish delegates to look at ways to nominate
 European members to the World Board.

 RD and RDALT facilitated the Eastern Area Committee Inventory workshop on September
 15. About 25 people came. Well received. We held a three hour workshop, and
 emphasised mentoring, several members of the Eastern Area helped facilitate. A special
 meeting will be held in the Eastern Area to commence to implement the findings.

 Irish World Unity Day was held in Kilkenny by the South Eastern Area in conjunction with
 the Irish Region and was a success. Many members from throughout the Irish Region
 attended and a live phone link was established to the World Convention in Texas.
 (We have been requested to and will be facilitating workshops in this area, including Area
 PlannngTool and Building Stronger Home Groups, in November and January).

 Strategic Planning

 I have researched information on conducting a strategic plan and have looked at venues. We still
 look at the first Saturday in December. I would like to request to the Regional Convention that I be
 allow to speak on this at the Convention for five minutes perhaps? To see who is interested in
 coming? I think it‟s all of NAs business.

 The Strategic Planning Subcommittee so far consists of Joe H., Dave W. Dermot, Niall S., Irene C.
 We have not yet met; hope to meet after this meeting for half an hour if possible?

 RD Funding

 This was not pre-requested but I needed Niall at the EASC for training purposes, as I’ll be
 steadily handing over to him this year. Therefore we request his travel expenses from Cork
 which are as follows:
 Travel- €12

 Total   €12

 Budget Summer EDM - ECCNA24. Wales, August 2 – 5, 2007

                 Expense                         Estimate         Actual         Owe to/ from

Regional Delegate per diem (5 days x                   200                 200
Hotel x 1 X £46 (74 euros appox)                       370                  74
Hotel x 4 x £30 (euros appox)                                       192
Transfers from Manchester to Llandudno               24              30
Transfers Airport- house (niall)                     11              11

Received                                           614
Total actual cost                                                   507
Delegate owes region                                                                 107

Alt. Delegate per diem                             200              200
Hotel x 5 X £46 (74 euros appox)                   370              370
RD Alt transfer from Mallow                         55               55
Airfare Dublin – Manchester x 2                 140.38           140.38
Transfers from Manchester to Llandudno              24               30
Parking Dublin Airport                                               51
Taxi City Centre (Cork) to Kent Stn.                               5.60
Taxi Heuston Stn/Glasnevin/Heuston Stn                            18.50

RECEIVED                                        789.38
SPENT                                                            870.48
Alt RD IS OWED                                                                     81.10

               EDM Summer Meeting and ECCNA 24, Llandudno, Wales, 2007

 We had a very successful and productive meeting. The RD and RD Alt thank the Irish Region for
 allowing us to be of service. .

 Decisions Taken During the Weekend

        Minutes of the last meeting approved
        Website Coordinator gave us a demonstration of the new EDM website being
         developed- Input welcomed-
     Questions and feedback: - to have a page for NA events or a calendar/ to have a page
     on how to make donations to EDM, bank details, etc./ Don’t use abbreviations. Put
     Fellowship Development instead of FD/ change England to UK/ to have a closed
     message board. This would however have to be moderated by someone, this would
     not be the webservants job/ The website is open to the public, including the language
     pages of the “About us”
      Hungary and Malta bid for Winter EDM 2008 – Hungary was successful.
      Do we as EDM body wish give or support nominations for World Service positions
         (World Board, Human Resource Panel, Conference Co-facilitator)? Consensus
         Suggestion on how to make an nomination for World Board position at this EDM:
 The potential candidates could present themselves during the last session on Sunday. The
 candidates then leave the room and a simple and secret vote would take place, voting yes
 or no for each candidate. This would not be a competition, we can have several
 nominations. Consensus.
      Consensus to adopt the EDM Funding guidelines and add them to the Orientation
      Proposal is to set aside towards EDM in summer 2009 about 1.000 Euro of this
       budget. Consensus
      Consensus: to ask for bids for summer EDM 2009 as usual, but without bid for
      Decision to give a Zonal nomination for World Board position to Paul F., Peter H.
       and Simon J.
      A working group will look into different possibilities of how best to do Zonal
       Nominations and present the options at the winter EDM.
      Elections: FD chair – Miko (Israel). FD vicechair – Joao (Portugal), alt. Secretary –
       Jim D. (UK)

Community Reports
Represented at this session were: Egypt, Finland, France, French Speaking Switzerland, German
Speaking Region, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, UK, World
Board, WSO, Western Russia, Denmark, Lithuania .
     Guests from Malta, Germany, Russia, Denmark, France, Holland, United Kingdom
       and other parts of the World
     Delegate from Holland expressed the wish that the Dutch Region wish to be represented at
       future EDM.
     Baltic States Convention is in September. Request for one or two members from
       EDM to participate with workshop on Sponsorship.
     NA in Malta is growing. Malta is a tiny country with many addicts. We have 30 hard
       core members, two groups with four meetings. Fortnightly H+I groups in 3
       institutions. 6 members from Malta are present at ECCNA. Donation of 100 Euros to
     Portugal Several meetings closing down in the last two years. In 2007, 30 meetings
       closed and only 3 new.
     Poland There are many groups that are not united to the region or to an area. We
       are planning a group assembly.
     Hungary NA is stable. New groups started in the north-east of Hungary, others have
     UK There are 150 children welcome meeting and 16 crèche meetings in the UK. 3
       weekly online meetings. There has been discussion about the benefit of message
       boards: are they useful or are they too public and create a negative image of NA?
     France- Workshops with NAWS held in Paris, very helpful experience. More people
       got interested in Service. NA outside Paris is growing. There is a very small meeting
       in Tahiti.
     Ireland- Need experience on how to use the area planning tool and build a strategic
       plan for the region?
Dave (UK) – we have a 5 year plan only for the PI-committee. Quebec fellowship does
this. We state all the different goals and budgets. It helps to have a plan to follow.
Joao (Portugal) – the area planning tool is new, we don’t have experience on this yet. We
are starting to use it now.
Sisko (Sweden) – we have some experience on strategic planning in our report.
Nick (NAWS) – when we gather information for our inventory, we try also to look at outside
influences. We also ask members of the WSO staff, Board members etc. on their

Fellowship Development Report
“Fellowship Development has become one of the central activities of EDM, offering support to
emerging NA communities to help them build their service structures and deal with local issues.
Fellowship Development activities comprise visits to communities, the organisation of specific
service and recovery workshops at service conferences and local conventions, communications and
responding to different types of requests throughout the EDM Zone.” - from the EDM Orientation

Since our meeting in Geneva, there has been much activity by the EDM members, including
communities carrying out FD work with each other, and, for the first time, partnership between
NAWS and the EDM in carrying out FD work. There has been FD work in Hungary, Malta,
Copenhagen, Istanbul and Pitrea, and we have a attached a separate, long, and interesting
report in case anyone want to read it. This may encourage Irish members to become
more involved in FD.

NAWS Report

Mary B. (World Board) – information from the World Service Office- Mike Polin at the
office has been diagnosed with serious cancer. He is celebrating 21 years clean. Another
member from WSO, Jeff, is also gravely ill. That’s why Becky chose to not come to EDM
this time.
One focus of our work was on rebuilding relationships internally and externally by Public
Information and building a Public Relations office within the WSO. This was very
successful. We have increasing requests. We don’t have the resources to fill all these
requests. We have partnered with local resources, delegates and committees to fill
requests. We need a lot of support from the fellowship.
The World Service Office has 60 staff members, there are 15 World Board members
Business plan workgroup are producing a plan focussed on educating members about
funds and resources needed to carry out these services. We also need personal
contributions, not only as donations.
Basic Text Project went out for review and input. We sent out about 7000 texts and got
about 700 pieces of input back. The input was various, some liked certain stories and
hated others, and the other way round. Some stories were found to be missing. The
approval draft will look different. 10 stories were added and 10 stories were cut. The
approval draft will be available end of August, from as download. Paper copies will
cost 8 $.
The stories now represent a large variety of language and culture. Language groups can
still decide to include their own specific stories in their translated versions.
PR Handbook Addendum contains a collection of various different materials collected
from the fellowship. This can be downloaded from or as paper copy for 3,50 $.
Additional resources are constantly added over the website. A copy of the PR Handbook is
handed to every region at the table.
The PR handbook and the area planning tool are also used and constantly reviewed by
PR focus groups. If you do workshops on these materials, please send feedback to
“Board approved service materials” is material which does not go through conference
approval process but is reviewed and worked on by the World Board. Three draft of this
new material are passed around for information: IP “Group Business Meetings”, IP “Group
Trusted Servants – Roles and Responsibilities” and “An Introduction to NA meetings”.
Targeted literature – the youth IP went out for review and input. It was intensely
workshopped especially by young people. It appears to be too long and a little heavy. The
workgroup is reworking it. There is also a piece to parents and care-givers. This will go out
for approval in the Conference Agenda Report (CAR).
Discussion topics – information about them in the NAWS News January 2007 issue. Our
workshop tomorrow on “Atmosphere in recovery” will focus on the atmosphere in service
meetings. The other topic is “Who is missing from our meetings and why”. Please send us
any reports and experiences with these workshop
Dave (UK) – we found these worksheets very complicated. I can’t see people engaging in
such a complex workshop. Could there be a more basic and simple worksheets?
Nick (NAWS) – if you feel the need to simplify the session, please do it, as works best in
your community.
Service events and World Wide workshops took place in Nebraska, Paris, Egypt, the
middle East. We work with communities to help them get their legal registration as non-
governmental organizations (NGO)
Conference Agenda Report (CAR) will be sent out in English around end of November,
the translated versions by end of December 2007.
Finances at WSO are stable. Our goal is to have one year’s operating expenses.
Currently the prudent reserve is 70 days.
Website – Online Literature: Basic Text is now available online, also all IPs.
Communities can upload and share their service materials and guidelines in the FTP-
download area.
There is a new Bulletin Board for conference participants. Please use this resource.
World Pool information form has been simplified, a new 2-page form, as download from
the website.
Advocates for NA – doctors, lawyers, professionals who have experienced recovering
addicts and can speak on behalf of NA in public. We encourage these relationships and
are starting to make use of them. If you know of anyone like this in your community, please
let us know about them

Seating at World Service Conference – at the last conference three American regions
were not seated. There are more applications for seating this year (Egypt, Poland, a new
Brasil region). After this year, the World Board will suggest a moratorium on seating
regions which were created as a split from existing regions. Priority should be for regions
that up to now had no voice at the conference.
JD (Frenchspeaking Switzerland) – how do we deal with anonymity in PR activities in the
media? Is it ok for members to appear on TV, voices that can be recognized.
Mary B. (World Board) – The tradition about “anonymity on the level of press, radio and
film” is still important and valid. Anonymity is not about the level of people who already
know us. It is towards the media that they cannot use the information about individuals and
publicize it. Example if a big star exposes himself as addict and as NA member, he will be
seen as representing NA by the public. If he relapses, the headline might be “NA doesn’t
work”. If we want that or not. So it is still important to be mindful of that. It is an ongoing
discussion how this relates to the development of the internet.


RD and RD Alt participated in the “Building Stronger Home Groups”, “Who is Missing from Our
Meetings”, and “Planning Fellowship Development” Workshops.

The RD and RDALT have gained experience on “Area Planning Tool” and “Building Stronger
Home Groups”. We also have the material for the workshops we have run in the past “Public
Image” “Infrastructure‟ and „Leadership in NA”. We would like to again propose to the area to host
these workshops/learning days - they are very beneficial. PLEASE BRING THIS INFORMATION

The ECCNA24 in Wales was a great success. Over 800 registered, many newcomers attended both
off the streets and from treatment centres, and 10,000 euros was made in profit.

The EDM and ECCNA25 Summer 2008 will be in Helsinki, Finland (25th-27th July 2008) The
venue that was chosen is Paasi, The venue is quite central, good transportation from
airport and train station. Bus from the airport to the venue.


The Irish Region made a 4,000 euro donation at the Summer EDM. This was much needed and


      Both Malta and Switzerland were enquiring about Ireland becoming their sponsor?
      Portugal has their own NA Newsletter (Serenity) – 4 editions per year
      UK are gathering personal stories for their own HI Pamphlet
      UK has a prison sponsorship programme
      Swedish do huge internal FD and spend all their financial resources doing this. They have a
       very large annual Service Workshops bigger than our conventions. Something to look at
      German speaking region have created a guide for convention committees, with strict rules
       on handling of treasury
      The UK Regional meeting goes on for two days
      The Portuguese Region meeting every three months, it also goes on for two days
      Spain holds meetings every six months, with internet meeting in between

Request for discussion in AOB

   a. I strongly suggest we do as other fellowships are doing and start putting up all our reports,
      of all the subcommittee, on the website, and encourage GSRs and Areas to do the same, this
      information isn‟t getting to the greater fellowship. The Polish have got a good solution to

   b. UK have a Parents and Carers Committee which organises things like meetings with creche,
      I would like to say a few words

Thank you.

In service,
Irene C. RD                  Niall S. RD ALT
                              APPENDIX FOR INTEREST

FD activities at the winter 2007 EDM in Geneva.

We included presentations on FD visits to Greece and Poland in the FD Report session, followed by
question/answer time. We held 2 workshops during the 4 days of the EDM: “Following up FD”
which highlighted the EDM‟s need to build on FD work as an ongoing process and looked at ways
of ensuring that we make best use of our resources. The second workshop continued the theme of
“Sponsoring Communities” which was introduced in Porto, and focussed on practical ways that we
can help each other develop our communities and carry our message.

Ongoing FD activities.

We are continually reviewing & updating the EDM resource pool. Please ensure that you complete
the Resource Pool form, which you will find in this mailing, and pass it on to us if you have not
already done so.

We communicate mainly through emails and have increasingly used internet telephone calls as
more delegates use this service.; we have also had an on-line MSN messenger meeting with the
steering committee, to assist with planning for the upcoming EDM. We have incurred no expenses
to date, other than our expenses to attend the Winter EDM meeting in Geneva, which are published
in the treasury report.

The FD Vice-chair has updated the EDM Resource pool form, and this will be available online on
the EDM website.

Report from FD-trip to Hungary May 24-27 2007 Sisco & Joao

In March Sisko and Joao were selected by the FD Committee to carry out the request for an FD-trip
to the Hungarian fellowship, they also informed the Hungarian delegates that we were to be the
team. After travel arrangements were settled, communication could focus on finding out the details
of the request.

The Hungarian fellowship had already settled an agenda for work-shops in connection with the Pecs
Area VIIth convention. We were to hold three work-shops in as many days on three different topics:
Public Relations, Our Service Structure and Our Recovery Message. The PR work-shop was to be
followed by a “live” presentation to media and professionals.

Thursday May 24th
We arrived at the Budapest airport and were met by three members holding a NA sign. Gabi was
one of them and it was a happy moment to see her again. She was one of our interpreters throughout
the convention since many of the Hungarian members do not speak any English.

We drove the 200 kilometres to Pecs and were in this way able to see some of the lovely country. It
took approximately four hours to reach our destination. The weather was beautiful, the temperature
around 30 degrees Celsius. In Pecs we checked in to the art deco hotel Palatinus and went out for
dinner after which we had a short meeting to discuss the content of the work-shops.

Friday May 25th
The following morning we walked over to the convention site and registered. At 11 o‟clock the
first work-shop on Public Relations started. There were approximately 35 members present, spread
around four tables. We talked about what the members wanted to do with the presentation in the
after noon, whom they expected to attend and what their goals with the presentation were. The
small group discussions focused on two questions: Who do we want to reach with the presentation?
What do we want to tell the professionals and media about NA?

There was a lot of discussion on these issues and all related questions. The Hungarian fellowship is
small but very enthusiastic and very eager to carry the message to suffering addicts. One of the
goals with holding a presentation for professionals and media was to reach the addict on the street.
As things are now many members come to NA via the three treatment centres that are located
around Pecs and the members feel that, although this is good, there are many more addicts that
could benefit from our message.

We spent quite a lot of time discussing how a presentation needs to focus on the core principles
presented in the Public Relations Handbook. For example members discussed the practical
implication of the principle anonymity. Other principles were attraction, cooperation not affiliation,
responsibility & accountability and communication.

Since we knew that a local television company was coming for the presentation and wanted to have
some footage of the convention one member was selected to instruct the cameraman on what was
okay to film. The television company had also requested to record a personal story and one member
was selected to tell his story and we discussed different ways of accomplishing this without
breaking his anonymity.

The fellowship had invited professionals from various treatment and health facilities and media,
they had sent out invitations by letter, made phone calls and sent e-mails. They had not received
confirmation on exactly how many would come. We had brought a power point presentation with
facts about NA that could be relevant for professionals and Gabi set to translate this for the more
formal presentation that we agreed would be held for all that came to the presentation. Five
members were selected to lead this presentation at three o‟clock, and as it turned out two television
companies and one professional from a local treatment centre showed up.

The personal story interview went well and was shown a couple of hours later on local TV. The
translation of the presentation material did not work out well, something with the computer, and the
members ended up talking to the TV crews and the attending professional without pictures. This
also felt like a good experience for the members and they will keep working on translating the
material for future use.
On the Friday evening meeting, Joao was one of the speakers on the topic Freedom in recovery.

Saturday May 26th
The weather continued to be fine. At 11 o‟clock the work-shop on Our Service Structure
commenced. Again there were approximately 35 members present at the same four tables. At this
time many members from around the country had arrived and we started by everyone present
marking their home group (with a heart if they wished) on a map drawn by one of the artists in the
fellowship. Members also wrote down what service position they were currently holding.

This gave us a good view of how the Hungarian fellowship is made up geographically. Most of the
groups are centred around Pecs with Budapest as a close second. There are a few solitary groups in
a couple of other towns. The total number of groups is seventeen. There is actually only one NA
area, that in Pecs which was now celebrating its seventh year. The Budapest groups have attempted
to form an area, but this has yet to materialize.

There is a great need for staying in touch as a fellowship and as a result representatives from all
groups have met regularly, or almost regularly, in what could constitute a regional meeting. As we
talked about this and showed slides on how the NA service structure often is structured, we
concluded that what they actually do is to hold a Group Assembly. There was one held in the
evening where we also listened in and, (although we didn‟t understand a word) the atmosphere was
fantastic and the enthusiasm great!

The issues discussed in small groups were: What kind of structure do we have now? What would
we like to build? The first issue led to many questions and reflections of how things are done at this
time. There are many individuals involved in offering services; there is a twenty four hour phone
answering service conducted by one member, there are H&I meetings held in four facilities by local
groups, there are PI efforts being carried out at group level and convention committees are regularly
formed for the annual convention as well as the Pecs area convention.

The fellowship is very eager to develop the structure, but are not sure on how to proceed. The
feeling is that whenever they ask for guidance from NA as a whole the answer they get is that they
have to work it out for them selves. Which is exactly the answer Joao and I were able to give. We
shared our experience on how the service structure has developed in our regions and could relate to
the frustration that many felt about the slowness of the process. And yet, the best we could come up
with was to suggest they continue to read and translate both recovery and service literature, stay in
contact with other geographically close NA fellowships and keep working locally to find the most
suitable structure to build on.

The most important solution that came up during small group discussions was based on the need for
regular communication and good information flow. It was agreed that there should be a chairperson
or coordinator who is responsible for inviting groups to regularly held service meetings and also
preparing an agenda based on the wishes of those groups; there should be a secretary that makes
sure everyone gets written records of what goes on at the meetings and also assists in following up
on decided action points. This was something everyone thought would bring stability to the current
service efforts that are mostly carried our by individuals or single groups. It would also be a
constructive way of supporting isolated groups and members.

The long day was then followed by a speakers meeting (on the topic Service in recovery, where
Sisko was one of the speakers), a countdown and an auction. Most members stayed up dancing the
night away, but I must say that I certainly am (and perhaps also Joao) too old for that special kind of
celebration, so we were quite pleased with a quiet dinner and a good nights sleep.

Sunday May 27th
The work-shop was not as crowded on Sunday, partly perhaps because of the dancing, but probably
also because we had to reschedule the time to one hour earlier in order for us to get to the airport in
time. There was that four-hour drive up north…

On the topic of Our Recovery Message, we decided to have a large group discussion interwoven
with Q&A. Since we are all recovering members of Narcotics Anonymous, we did not feel our
experience would differ much from the members in the local fellowship. It was good to sit in a
circle and just share experience, strength and hope with each other. The topics that came up were
ones we recognized: How do we deal with members using drug-replacement substances? What do
we do when a member relapses and steals funds? How do protect newcomers from becoming
victims of predatory behaviour? How do we deal with members that practice predatory behaviour?
How do we encourage members to take responsibility for setting up, holding and cleaning up after a
meeting? How do we create an atmosphere of recovery at our meetings? Joao and I could share
some experience on these issues and referred to different literature with more experience from NA
as a whole. It was a constructive, relaxed and rewarding discussion, where the number of
participants increased as the hours went by.
    Finally, we thanked the local fellowship for their wonderful hospitality and asked to stay in touch so
    we can be part of further development, and hopefully, be of assistance if needed. And then we got
    into the airport shuttle ready for a new adventure, which it was, but that is a whole different story…

    Personal reflections, Sisko:
    I was very excited about going to Hungary and thought of it as a tremendous challenge. I have held
    many workshops and felt that I knew enough of the issues to be able to share something useful, but
    that this would be a challenge in terms of language and communication skills. I do think things went
    well considering the prerequisites and the timeframe, but I know I have learnt more about what is
    needed in order to prepare and carry out FD-work in the future. In our discussions, Joao and I came
    up with a number of suggestions on how to prepare for FD-trips so that the work can be more
    effective and more suited to local needs.

    I feel the Hungarian fellowship is so eager and hungry for development, there is tremendous
    willingness to carry our message of recovery and it was a true pleasure to experience that energy. I
    was overwhelmed by the thirst for knowledge and felt I could have talked forever without
    exhausting a given topic; it was as if everything said just opened up new issues and larger areas of
    discussion. And this is probably true of every NA context I have been in; there is just no end to
    issues, ideas, dreams, plans and desires. It is a process, always…

    In this way, I was also made aware of my own shortcomings and my usual way of dealing with
    reality, only proving to me again the need of daily program of recovery from the disease of
    addiction. This is what always impresses me when I do service with members with a lot of clean
    time (such as Joao); their absolute devotion to a rigorous daily program. For me that is attraction
    and what makes me want to continue serving NA, there is always more to gain and learn just by
    following those that go before me…

    So, I felt tired and drained, but also curiously energized and inspired. I saw the typical frustration of
    addicts not getting what they want right now, and I also saw the practical application of open
    mindedness, willingness and faith. This gives me great hope and strength and courage to continue
    working towards our vision: that one day every addict should be able to find recovery in his or her
    own language and culture. NA works and we have a Higher Power to guide us!

    The suggestions:
           FD-committee makes a plan for the trips to be carried out during the coming year, preferably
    one year in advance.
           FD-committee establishes more in detail what kind of help the requesting fellowship wishes
    to have.
           FD-committee selects those to go on a trip in good time, say minimum six months ahead of
           FD-committee schedules face-to-face meetings for members from requesting fellowship
    and/or selected delegates at the EDM-meeting before the trip.
           FD-committee advises those who will carry out the trip on possible resources needed and
    where they can be found.
           FD-committee assists actively in the follow up of the trip.
           FD-committee keeps systematic records of all FD-trips.

    Personal reflections, Joao:
    To go on a FD trip to Hungary with Sisko was both a privilege and an exciting experience. This is
    my last EDM as RD so I will not be able to attend next WSC, otherwise this would be my recent
    Aha!! Moment.
    I am used to talk with and for addicts, and organize and coordinate work-shops is part of what I do
    for a living, so I like to believe that I am prepared for any kind of scenarios. Nevertheless I have to
    say I was overwhelmed by the energy, enthusiasm and creativeness of the Hungarian Fellowship.
    That was a great and inspiring experience and, on a personal level, I have grown a little more as a
    person and as a recovering addict. I thank you for enabling me to have this spiritual experience.
    Most of my “personal reflections” goes the same directions as Sisko‟s. I am not going to repeat
    Sisko thoughts. I have to say how comfortable I was forming a team with Sisko. I really think we
    were a good team and we were able to work together, dealing with our differences and
    complementing each other‟s personal shortcomings. Again, what a fantastic experience.
    What attracted me to the Fellowship, among other things, from the very beginning was the
    marriage between the Spiritual and the practical. We were able to achieve that, me and Sisko.
    However, I have some concerns, nothing new and as Sisko said, we can find them in every NA
    context, and it is part of the growing process.
           Their energy and willingness make the Hungarian Fellowship want to do too many things at
    the same time.
           The Hungarian Fellowship are doing great “carrying the message actions”, but on a group
    level, without the back up and support of a service structure, based on individual efforts: i.e. the
    phone line is carried by one single member 24hours a day that is also a member of a local TC staff.
           Most of the more active members are also employees at the local TCs so the boundaries can
    become mixed up.
           The language barrier was a frustration to me personally, because I felt some times I was not
    able to give away my experience that was so similar, in many aspects, to what they are going
    through at this moment.

    Sisko and I came up with some suggestions for the FD subcommittee. I have to say I was surprised
    with the lack of information on what we are going to find in Hungary: all the research work about
    the Local Fellowship and their needs were made by us, and I believe that this is something that
    needs to be thought through.

    In loving Fellowship
    Joao and Sisko

    Report To the EDM from a FD trip To Copenhagen 2007-05-26

    A workshop on EDM was held at the Copenhagen convention & conference. Veronica from
    Sweden and me participated with the chair of the Danish region. Unfortunately there was a lack of
    participation from the Danish fellowship, just a handful of members showed up, together with a
    handful of members from the Swedish fellowship.
    I was sharing about EDM from a historical view, having had the opportunity to participate from the
    beginning – how it came about, the changes that has taken place, the intent of the body, and how
    Norway has benefited from participating at the EDM.
    Veronica shared about EDM of today –its functions, and how Sweden has benefited.

    After the presentation a very lively and fruitful discussion took place, where a few dedicated
    members participated. A couple of the members of the Danish fellowship strongly feel that it isn‟t
    the right time for participating in the EDM, because of lack of trusted servants, unity and a feeling
    of mistrust within the Danish fellowship. It was suggested that maybe that was a reason why they
    needed help from the outside, and it was also suggested that they ask for help from NAWS to come
    and hold a workshop. I believe it would be a great benefit to the Danish fellowship – a forum that
    could reach as many addicts as possible, so unity, trust and willingness to do service again would
    prevail. This suggestion was met with enthusiasm from some of the members.
    A positive thing is that the regional chair and another trusted servant are going to participate in the
    EDM in Wales, so we have to take it from there.
Another suggestion was also to continue with a FD participation at a service conference early next
year, where more service oriented members could be reached.
My conclusion is that I believe it is important to acknowledge that the Danish fellowship is asking
for outside help and that help is being provided in one form or another.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event, and I willingly offer my services
another time if they are needed.
In loving service

Report from a FD trip to Pitea 2007-06-01 Monica

I was asked by Sisco to make a trip to Pitea in northern Sweden, where they were planning a FD
trip to Murmansk in north west Russia.The NA fellowship in Pitea had previously been visited by
members of the fellowship in Murmansk whom were impressed by the Swedish fellowship, and
wanted them to come to Murmansk to help them and support them. I was to share my experience
from a FD trip, EDM participation and also enthusiasm for carrying the message.
Prior to the journey I contacted the EDM FD committee, and received some good suggestions and
advice from them. A questionnaire was sent to the fellowship in Murmansk – to make it easier to
identify the needs of that fellowship
I was received at the airport by members of the fellowship, and the hospitality shown from the
beginning to the end was just fantastic.
The northern area of Sweden – which covers a very large geographical distance – were having an
area meeting that week-end, and it opened Friday evening with me sharing about my experience
from doing FD, EDM, doing developing service in Norway, travelling etc.
A question and answer session followed and the members participating were very eager and
enthusiastic about the trip they were to make to Murmansk.
The next day, after the area meeting, I organized small group discussions where the topics were:
        Why do service and
How to carry the message
The fellowship again showed great enthusiasm, and came up with interesting results.
After the workshop we again had a Q&A session, where info and experience were shared around
the table.
The area has not yet received an answer to the questionnaire that was sent, and I shared with them
my experience with communication with developing fellowship with language barriers, and that
patience and continuity were keywords here.
I also suggested that they could ask NAWS for the possibility of getting literature free of charge to
bring to Murmansk.

This trip has set thing in a different perspective for me. We‟re talking about NA members who
drives 9 hours in a bus to get to an area meeting, and whom are willing to drive 900 km across
borders to carry the message

This trip has left me in awe, and again with a grateful heart for the opportunity to be of service

In loving service


NA MALTA Convention 16.2.2007 Wolfgang

Till the 16th of February 2007 Malta was only an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily
and north of Africa. The Island, where the Maltese-Knights formed the first European- Knights-
Meeting, the Order of St. John. Now, after the 16.02.07 Malta is the place where 25 clean NA
friends held their first NA convention with more then 120 professionals from all areas of treatment-
and social-cultural backgrounds plus 50 friends and family members attending. It was truly
The convention was a 2 hours- open-meeting-PI-H&I- recovery -Q&A "let's celebrate and
have fun with good food"- convention.I was proud and confused being asked to be one of the
The winter -EDM, the SC and the FD- friends gave me the backup to "just do it". Duncan was the
first speaker. 19 years old, he shared so honestly that people held their breath.. Then came Martin,
the guy that more or less started NA meetings 5 years ago. When he shared, the room was full of
energy. His statement was himself. Malta is a small island with lots of people on it. Everyone
knows everyone somehow. The treatment facilities are strong and doing a good job. But they allow
their clients to drink alcohol at the halfway- level. Lots of them relapse after treatment. And now
here was Martin and 25 other addicts that went through the same treatment but stayed on the NA
way of total abstinence and they are clean! This was the strongest message for the professionals.
They knew Martin and they knew that he was just as bad an addict as everyone else. And here he
was now: a responsible adult, organising, sharing, feeling addict, NOT institutionalised and still
clean. There was a Big silence in the room before a not ending applause. When I shared it was easy
to talk about my love to NA and the worldwide fellowship, the recovery that was given to me and
the trust we have in each other. It was easy to share because it was all around me. On each side
where friends that I would trust with my life. At my side was Simon, a friend, which managed with
calm professionalism the event. I was so proud to be part of that upright rock of NA in the middle
of "treatment -psychology- church-depending -mafia style organized "we help the poor addict"
Yes, I am proud that we are a self-help-program and try to be self-supporting. WE were the hosts in
Malta. In a fancy hotel WE shared our banquet tables with "normal" guests from the hotel and had
"small talk with the professionals that were OUR guests. Some politician kept addressing me as
"Dr. Wolfgang" because he couldn't handle to talk to an average drug addicts on the same level. All
the guests, doctors, counsellors, parents, priests and politicians even the police was proud of "their
NA- addicts". They still had difficulties treating them as equals but you could feel how much they
tried to change it.
A follow up letter was written by Malta NA and sent to all the attendants:
Staff and residents from San Blas Rehabilitation Centre
Staff and residents from Oasi Foundation
The Assistant Commissioner of Police and members from the Drug Squad
Doctors and Staff from Detox Centre
Probation officers
Staff from the Dual Diagnosis Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital
Staff from Sedqa
Councillors and psychologists
Two days later, we held a wrap -up- service- meeting with a small- group-discussion-workshop.
Most of the Malta NA was present and as a result NA Malta will form a regional service committee
and try to bring a bid to the next EDM, to host one of the upcoming Winter EDMs.
Another result of the Workshop was, that Malta NA wants to be connected to all of NA and
therefore will try to send a delegate to the EDM.
Very important was also to realize, that woman are underrepresented and that a special effort will
be made to make women feel welcome in NA- meetings.
Lots of energy was set free. Some of it might not channel into the desired results, but all of it will
help addicts in Malta find a stronger and proud NA fellowship.
Thank you for letting me do this service
Wolfgang W. Berlin
Workshop Istanbul 12/13 May 2007   Paul F. FD Chair

This 2 day event was planned as a follow-up to previous EDM FD events in Turkey. It was attended
by 20+ members of the Turkish fellowship, 7 members from Iran, and myself from the EDM. A
team of 4 members from Iran and myself were funded by NAWS to facilitate the workshops, which
I organised in conjunction with the preceding ECAD conference in Istanbul (see separate report).
The request from the Turkish fellowship centered on Public Information, and helping NA to grow in

We were very fortunate to have the Iranian chair and vice chair of Public Information, who shared
their experience of achieving rapid growth and the consequent challenges that this can present.
Initially, after introductions, experiences of Public Information and the new Public relations
Handbook were shared. Local members had organised the translation of a Powerpoint Presentation
based on “NA – a community resource “ which had been shown to good effect at ECAD2007 in
Vilnius and I demonstrated it‟s use during PI presentations to professionals. On the first day, the
small group discussions concentrated on raising awareness of public information and challenges in
carrying the message. The input of the Iranian members was very valuable in sharing practices that
they have found most effective in their society, which have some parallels in Turkish society.
Connections were made between members to carry forward the work started.

The focus of the second day was to establish a plan of action for the new Turkish Public
information committee to be established at the next ASC. It was agreed that the plan would need to
be realistic, achievable, measurable and fit within a timeframe. With these parameters in mind, the
rest of the day was spent in small groups and feedback sessions. Much intense work resulted in a
plan being formulated and agreed on before the end of the workshop. This plan set timescales for
the formation of the committee, election of trusted servants, training needs, translation of service
materials and budgeting. The Iranian PI committee are invited to attend the Turkish convention in
October, where a review of the Turkish PI plan will take place.

It was agreed that the event had been very successful and had achieved its aim, and that. the
challenge of simultaneously working in 3 very different languages was not a barrier to working
together and sharing with each other.

In conclusion, I feel that this was a very positive experience for all concerned. This was the first
time that NAWS had collaborated with the EDM to bring two neighbouring communities together
for fellowship development, and I was very happy to be a part of this. This joint venture
demonstrates that co-operation of this sort can enable communities to have their needs met and
help each other, in a way that we have been discussing at the EDM for some time. I hope that this is
the first of many such collaborative events.
In loving service, Paul.

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