5K Kid Sponsor Sheet 2011 by ashrafp


									                                   Participant’s Name:____________________
                                   Participant’s High School:______________
                                        Orange/Madison Young Life 5K
                                               April 16th, 2011
                               The race will start at 8am at Orange County High School. We are
providing students who are attending Young Life camp this summer the opportunity to raise
money towards a week at camp. Pledges are based on the student completing the 5K race,
however, the pledged amount is to be collected before the race day.

If I, _______________________, complete the 5K, I will have taken 13,100 steps!
           (participant’s name)
            Will you help me make steps towards camp (@ 5 cents a step)?
                     250 steps=$12.50             1250 steps=$62.50
                     500 steps=$25                1500 steps=$75
                     750 steps=$37.50             1750 steps=$87.50
                     1000 steps=$50               2000 steps=$100

 Sponsor’s Name          Phone #          # of Steps # of Steps X       Total Amnt
                                          Sponsored 5 cents (.05)       Pledged and Pd

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