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Maid of Erin


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									                   Bronte Harbour Yacht Club November 2010 newsletter

Maid of Erin
   Tony Warner’s

                                                          Photo by Grad Dewar
                                                     BHYC BOARD
                                                                                         Thanks BHYC for the turkeys!
                                                     OF DIRECTORS                           Thank you to BHYC for the generous donation of the six
                                                     Cheryl Etherington
                                                                                         turkeys to Mission Services. They were in dire need of the food
                                                                                         for their Thanksgiving Dinner. They expected over 1000 people
  is published monthly by the Bronte Harbour
  Yacht Club. Deadline fo submissions is the         905-822-0490
                                                     Vice Commodore
                                                                                         to join them for Thanksgiving Dinner.
  Friday following the third Monday of each
  month. Send submissions to:
                                                     Chris Burcher
                                                                                            As an addition, RHYC also held their Turkey Regatta yester-
  Bronte Harbour Yacht Club                          905-320-8460
  2514 Lakeshore Road West                           Rear Commodore, Sail                day in Hamilton Harbour. I was pleasantly surprised to their
  Oakville ON L6L 1H8                                Jim Pollock
                                                     905-466-6354                        name on the donor list just before that of BHYC.
                                                                                            Apparently, they also had donations after their race and a
  SIGNAL Editor                                      Rear Commodore, Power
  Myron Lasko                                        Bill Hewitt
  519-843-4994                                       905-847-5864                        number of people donated chickens & hams.
  SIGNAL Advertising                                 Rear Commodore, Training               As a total weight BHYC just edged them out!
  Jay Kirkpatrick
                                                                                            Once again, thanks to Jim, the race committee, and the racers
                                                     Tom Box
  905-847-1367                                       905-827-6437
  Cruising Director                                  Treasurer                           attending the Turkey Regatta for helping out others who needed
                                                                                                                                    - Glenn Freeman
  Cheryl Cavell
                                                                                         this food.
                                                     Sam Spares
  905-822-0490                                       905-827-6732
  Accounts                                           Secretary
  (Monday-Friday 9am -5pm)                           Alex Treiber
  Christine Stitt                                    905-827-6437
  905-308-5244                                       Social Director
  Joel Stitt                                         Laura Jurasek
  905-467-9818                                       905-827-6437
  CLUBHOUSE                                          House Director
  905-827-6437                                       Phill Langill
  Winter Club Hours                                  905-827-6437
  Monday, Tuesday 4pm to 8 pm                        Membership & Publicity Dir.
  Wednesday 4pm to 10pm                              Jay Kirkpatrick
  Thursday 4pm to 8pm                                905-847-1367
  Friday 2pm to 8:30pm                               Past Commodore
  Saturday 12pm to 8pm                               Mike OʼConnor
  Sunday 12am to 8pm                                 905-681-7633

                Budding Flora                                                                COME SEE DAVID AND LYNN GRAHAM
                                                                                               FOR ALL YOUR BOATING NEEDS
                                                                                                                          Bronte Harbour
                                                                                                                     2508 Lakeshore Road West
                                                                                                                     Oakville, Ontario L6L 1H8
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                                                                                                                         Tel: 905-827-2166
                           & Floral Arrangements
                             Diana Bissonnette
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                                                   Natalie Bullard
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       A realtor who gives you the time you need and the service you deserve.
Call or visit Beausoleil II if youʼre thinking about buying or selling a home or for a
Complimentary Home Evaluation or just to talk about boats in general. Natalie JN

                                           LET’S PARTY!
        t was a historical night for Bronte Harbour Yacht Club    cost $27,375.31/year plus HST plus cola ($2300/month
        last night, the members unanimously ratified the agree-   inclusive of all lands). 18 mooring slips on West Bank at
        ment that the Lease Negotiation Committee struck with     $550/year plus associated dredging fee
   Town of Oakville and that the Board unanimously ratified       ● NO termination prior to 2038 (28 years)
   the previous evening.                                          ● Buy out possibility after 2038 and continuing through
      I want to thank my Lease Negotiation Committee,             end of term (Town MUST purchase BHYC improvements at
   Michael Glynne, Jay Kirkpatrick, Peter Kirkwood, Stein         FMV upon termination or at end of term unless renewal
   Pedersen and Dave Smith for the thousands of hours that        agreement signed)
   went into this process. We have an amazing deal that guaran-   ● Mooring Commitment – Town commitment to use best
   tees that we will be here for another 50 years!!!!. But our    efforts to accommodate BHYC members with undertaking to
   work has just begun, we know need to put together a com-       work together
   mittee that will LEAD us into the next 50 years. Do I have     ● Town maintains seawalls and ramps – Town will assume
   any volunteers???? I am so excited for the club and its        all maintenance at zero cost to BHYC for all ramps and sea-
   future. Thank you to all the members that agreed with the      walls and will be upgrading the power to 30 amp on the west
   LNC and the Board that this was an amazing deal.               bank and improving the water supply and upgrading the
   Wooohoooo Bronte Harbour Yacht Club Rocks!!!!                  walkway down to the docks with hand rails (eventually they
                                                                  will be putting in a seawall)
      For those of you who weren’t there here is the deal:        ● Club maintains it’s buildings and facilities – no change
       50 ½ year license agreement with the Town ending in        but we have a Town commitment to loan Capital Improve-
   July 2061                                                      ment Funds to us for improvement of our facilities

   (guaranteed no less than 28 years and our buy out clause is    ● Me Too Provision!!!!! – this assures that if any other
   maintained)                                                    boating club negotiates a better deal then we will receive the
   ● Realty tax exempt under Provincial MPAC guidelines           same deal.
   (projected savings of $21,820 in 2011: over $30,000 in 2012       This is a time to put aside our differences and to celebrate
   and over $1,750,000 over the life of the agreement)            our future. I need to talk with our social director but a party
   ● All lands currently occupied by BHYC are under one           will be held in early December to allow the members to
   agreement now                                                  come out and celebrate this historical event.
   ● Market rent starting at $0.55/sq ft annually – Total land       Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!                 -Cheryl

TGIS photo: Grad Dewar
LAURA JURASEK Social Director

          Vera Lista was our grand spaghetti sauce winner!
          s I write this I nurse a tad of a headache. Ooops, not   The valves are highly calcified. Some kinds of oyster are
          enough to eat at Spaghetti night. I don’t know why       commonly consumed by humans, cooked or raw. Other
          though because there was so much food. We had            kinds, such as pearl oysters, are not. We will be doing the
over 11 entries of spaghetti sauce, all amazingly delicious        oysters raw with all the trimmings and I know this will be
but sadly only one could win. Well, three actually. We had         another sold out event. As of press time we are unsure of the
first, second and third prizes and yes folks, your beloved         price but will let you know as soon as we can price the night.
bartender Vera took home the coveted prize of a $50.00             And don’t forget to bring your singing voices.
Chapters gift certificate and two bottles of wine. John               January 22nd, 2011 will be Sushi night. Similar to the
McMullen (twice in one week) took home second place                last Sushi night, instructions will be given as to how to make
followed by Sue Butterfield with third. It was a completely        sushi. This was a very popular event and this year we are
sold out night and the band was awesome. Next it’s chili so        even adding Sake. Again, we have not priced it out yet but
get your recipe’s ready, practice, practice, practice and we’ll    will let you know when we do. We supply everything you
let you know the date. December 3rd is Turkey Roll and I           just need to bring yourselves.
know they are looking for some sponsorships so please dig             I’d like to thank the Social Committee for everything they
deep and come up with some unique prizes for Turkey Roll.          did for Spaghetti night. Thanks to Charlene Niziolomski,
December 10 brings Oyster Night and a carol sing. We are           Fiona Styant, Lynsey Nicks, Phil Langill, Sara Pedersen
looking for someone to play the piano or some musical              and Stein Pedersen. Thanks to our volunteers Tammy
instruments so that we don’t have to sing without accompa-         Anderson and Pat Arbour (one a new member and one a
niment. Please contact Social on the website if you can give       prospective new member). Sara and Stein did all of the clean
up a few hours. About Oyster Night! The word oyster is             up in the kitchen which I really appreciate. If you’d like to
used as a common name for a number of distinct groups of           join us on the committee please just e-mail social on the
bivalve mollusks which live in marine or brackish habitats.        website and we’d love to have you.

2 Board positions open                                             OYS Speaker Series
Vacant positions needing to be filled are:
Membership and Publicity Director                                  NOVEMBER 19: ADRIFT IN ANTARCTICA
- this is also open to associate members                           What could be more terrifying that have your ship go
Secretary                                                          down in Antarctica? PCYC sailor Taylor Echlin was
If you care to throw your hat in the ring for any of these two     aboard the MS Explorer in the Antarctic Peninsula when
positions or can recommend a suitable candidate let me             that happened. The Explorer sank 20 hours after hitting
know well before the November AGM if you could.                    ice and Echlin spent almost a day in an open boat before
                  Mike O’Connor,                                   being rescued.
                  Chairman of the Nominating Committee             $15 dinner at 7 pm Talks start at 8 ($5)

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                                                   Whether Buying or Selling!
                              No Obligation Market Evaluation, Any Real Estate Questions, Anytime . . .

                             Call Glen Kenmuir                          Sales Representative
                              Direct:    905-330-9669                  Office: 905-338-3737
                              Email:     gsk@idirect.com               Website: www.royallepage.ca
                                                                       WINTER BAR HOURS
PHILL LANGILL House Director

Tried our new menu?                                                       LAST CALL ½ HOURS PRIOR TO CLOSING
As I write this blurb for the signal it is cold outside and I can        SUNDAY                                       12:00 – 20:00
just think of you all asking how do I spend my minimum
                                                                         MONDAY                                       16:00-20:00
$25.00 at the club?
   Well there are lots of things going on each month at the              TUESDAY                                      16:00 –20:00
club from a social event, darts, Wednesday dinners, and/or               WEDNESDAY                                    16:00 -22:00
just a refreshing drink at the bar. Check out bhyc.on.ca for             THURSDAY                                     16:00 – 20:00
events.                                                                  FRIDAY                                       16:00 – 20:30
Turkey Roll Dinner Friday, December 3                                    SATURDAY                                     12:00 – 20:00
Turkey Roll this year will be on Friday December 3 and the                             EVENTS are EXCEPTION
kitchen will be in full swing. This year we will be doing our       Please note: We do not accept $50.00 or $100.00 bills
own turkey dinner (last year was actually catered). It will be
fresh cooked turkey sliced at the club on white or whole
wheat bread, fresh mashed potatoes, gravy, corn niblets, and        Mason’s Cruising Seminars
apple or blueberry pie for $10.00 plus taxes. Please reserve at     We host our seminars right in The Store - Saturday mornings beginning
the bar as we seat a maximum of 80 and last year we sold            at 10 am. Please register in advance (and we'll save you a seat) at 905-
out!                                                                278-7005 or info@thestoremasons.com
   If you haven’t come into the club since November 1 don’t         Nov 13: Mike Peterson - From Dreams to Reality When Mike told us
be shy to come on in and try the new larger portion 12 item         that he's been cruising for 6 years with teenagers - we had to meet him!
menu which has been getting great reviews from members              Mike and his wife were non-boaters who built their own 65' boat, sailed
already. The items are available everyday that the club is          across the Atlantic and then around the Mediterranean.
open. These items are:                                              Nov 20: Rob and Mary MacLeod - Living His Dream Under Her
Mini Garlic Rosemary Flatbread with garlic spread (bread            Terms We've known Rob for years and knew that he's always wanted to
will be cut into triangles), shredded cheese, and chicken           cruise. The problem was that his wife Mary, was a 'fair-weather' boater.
breast for $6.00 tax included.                                      In the end, they did sail to the Bahamas and cruised for 9 months!
Sliders (4) mini angus burgers for $6.50 tax included               Nov 27: Rob MacLeod - 9 Things I Learned On A Year Long Cruise
Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza for $3.25 tax included                    After boating for 35 years Rob thought he was prepared for his year long
Cheese Deep Dish Pizza for $3.25 tax included                       cruise. Rob tells of the things he learned - both good and bad - with a
Garlic Bread (4) for $2.50 tax included                             great deal of humour.
Nachos with Cheese for $7.00 tax included. Add chicken for
if you like for an extra $2.85 tax included
Big “Ball Game Pretzel” for $2.25 tax included
Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche (8 oz) for $5.95 tax included
Chicken Pot Pie (8oz now, not 6oz) for $5.50 tax included
Jamaican Pattie for $2.25 tax included
Crab Cakes (3) for $6.75 tax included
Chicken Sandwich and a bag of chips for $5.50 tax included
Come support your club!!!! Phill

                                                                      BHYC contact Glenn Freeman

                                                                      469 Bay Street North
                                                                      Hamilton, Ontario
Toronto Maple Leafs                                                   L6L 1N2
                                                                      Phone 905-529-7245 (SAIL)
Game Day Special                                                      Fax 905-529-0599
Every day that the Toronto Maple Leafs play home or away
during the 2010 season the club will be featuring a Labatt

$3.00 tax included.
Budweiser special. This special will be from opening to
close of the club and a bottle of Budweiser will be only              www.haarsticksailmakers.com
            e were a live-aboard family with three active children       circumstances and common sense pointed to electrocution, not
            at a freshwater marina on a tributary of the Willamette      drowning. they argued that there were no burns on his body. I
            River near Portland, Oregon. Other kids were already         pointed out that Lucas had been in an electrolytic solution, which
swimming in the cove because it was that kind of day - hot and           eliminated the resistance of the skin (ordinarily skin resistence re-
hazy. This was a common practice by adults as well as children           sults in burns when an individual is electrocuted on land). To my
during the warm summer of 1999. Our sons Ian, age 10 and                 complete horror, they responded that they would not know how to
Lucas, age 8, asked to swim with their friends. Permission was           test for something like that.
granted, subject to close adult supervision by parents including            I told them that testing was not difficult and that I was going to
their mother, a graduate nurse. The boys were both wearing Type          test the water in the area. I then called the local Sherrif’s Depart-
II PFD life jackets, so it was great fun and presumably safe to          ment and left a message telling them my suspicions. With my dig-
play in the water. Our children were schooled in aquatic safety.         ital voltmeter, I went to the area where Lucas had been, put the
Being young professional people, my wife Sheryl and I had taken          negative lead to a ground, dropped the positive lead into the
every precaution we could for piece of mind in a water environ-          water, and immediately got AC voltage. I notified the Sherrif’s
ment.                                                                    Department, reporting what I had found and that I wanted to get
   On the inside of the dock, the kids were having a great time          someone to confirm my test.
floating downwith the river current on an inner tube. Lucas                 They agreed to send out some deputies while i called in an
moved away from the others toward his mother, who was keeping            electrician. He arrived later that morning, tracing the electricity to
pace on the dock with the children’s water activity. As he ap-           a powerboat that was in the area where the kids had been swim-
proached the ladder to get out of the water he let out a big gasp,       ming.
immediately rolling onto his back in his life jacket, apparently un-        Concerns about liability soon unleashed a stream of other in-
conscious. Sheryl yelled to the other kids to help him and jumped        vestigators, all of whom were suddenly interested in determining
into the water herself. As the kids approached Lucas, they felt a        the source of the current. The local utility company wound up
slight tingly sensation in the water and immediately backed off.         sending a team. The owner and manager of the marina arrived.
Upon hitting the water downstream from Lucas, Sheryl’s extremi-          More deputies were called. Meanwhile, the electrician and I con-
ties went numb and she experienced difficulty moving her lims,           tinued our investigation, focusing on the powerboat. We found a
which at the time, she attributed to fear. Somehow Sheryl manged         12V wire lying on top of an AC wire, which had gotten hot
to pull Lucas to the dockside where others assisted in getting him       enough to melt its own insulation and that of the hot (black) AC
onto the dock.                                                           wire. This put 120V AC into the entire ground system of the boat,
   I arrived moments later after hearing the commotion and, along        including the engines and propellers. This, coupled with the lack
with another onlooker, started giving him CPR, which we contin-          of an AC safety ground, forced the voltage and electrical current
ued until the paramedics took over approximately 15 to 20 min-           into the surrounding water. Freshwater is not a good electrical
utes later. Our beloved Lucas was pronounced dead at 6:30 pm at          conductor; therefore the AC was unable to reach ground at a suffi-
Portland’s Emmanuel Hospital. One moment he was laughing and             cient current to potentially trip the breaker. Because of its high
playing - an instant later his short life was over, leaving our hearts   slinity, the human body is a much better conductor of electricity
broken forever.                                                          than freashwater. (Saltwater is more conductive than the human
   As parents we suffered agonies of “how did this happen?” This         body, which explains why electric shock deaths have not occurred
question then turned into “why did this happen?” We                      in salt water. ) As Lucas approached the ladder, he passed into the
relived every moment trying to sort out what we did or didn’t do.        field of AC current, and for a brief moment, completed the circuit
   It was not until the next morning that we were able to start un-      to ground. His heart was stopped instantly; the insidious path of
ravelling the pieces of the mystery. The first assumption was that       electrical current took the life of our son.
he drowned. However he was wearing the best life jacket money               At first we considered this a freak accident - a unique set of cir-
could buy, which kept his face out of the water even though he           cumstances that just happened to us. But this event completely
was unconscious. He was pulled from a floating position only             changed my life and my focus. I was determined to understand
moments after rolling onto his back and CPR was started immedi-          how this could happen and to do everything i could to keep it
ately. Also, at no point during CPR could we detect a heartbeat          from happening again. I did not want anyone else to suffer the
and his colour was good. Neither of these observations would in-         pain we had suffered. I, with the collaboration of my business
dicate drowning.                                                         partner, wrote a couple of articles for The American Boat and
   As Sheryl was telling me what had happened, she said she had          Yacht Council (ABYC), describing the accident and the action I

never been so fearful in her life as to have her extremities tingle      have taken to create public and professional awareness of the
and go numb to the point where she could hardly move while in            problem. to provide education and a better understanding of the
the water. Ian then related to me for the first time that he also felt   concepts involved, and to encourage the following of the ABYC
a tingling as he approached his brother. Upon hearing all thisit         sandards and the use of ground fault type devices onboard boats
seemed clear to me that he did not drown, but that somehow AC            and in marinas.
electricity was present in the water where the kids were swim-              determined to enhance my own knowledge so that I would
ming. Our Lucas had been electrocuted.                                      have a solid understnding of AC currents in freshwater envi-
   I then called the County Coroner’s office, requesting an au-             ronments. With Andy Tufts, my business partner, we have
topsy if they had not already done so, because knowledge of the          done that using many different avenues, not the least of which
was with ABYC. We are now both ABYC Master Technicians.                people often ignore signs (as happened in the case of a 19 year
Also the thrust of our marine business changed significantly from      old girl in 2005) or may fall into the water accidentally, the only
emphasis primarily on sales to one concentrating on keeping            certain cure is to have GFCI type devices installed on boats that
boats electronically safe using ABYC standards.                        would automatically interrupt the flow of electricity in the case of
  Our business motto became “Safer Boating Begins With A Safe          a fault. There have been at least 60 needless fatalities and 100 un-
Boat”. On-line I also started checking out freshwater drownings        warraqnted casualties from freshwater electrically induced faults.
with the suspicion that many were possibly electric current               The unfortunate reality is that currently there is no post-mortem
related.                                                               evidence available to coroners to ascertain whether electricity was
   Much has happened in the years since and all of it good. The        involved in a drowning. Nor do most law enforcement people
awareness of electric shock drowning as a serious freshwater           have the technical skills or tools to investigate this type of acci-
issue has significantly increased. A USCG funded ABYC grant            dent. This lack of knowledge, traininbg , and tools leads to ques-
implemented by Catt. David Rifkin and James Shafer has greatly         tions abiut how many deaths have occurred due to faulty wiring
added to the understanding of how AC current behaves in fresh-         on boats. Some time after Lucas’s death, two Multnomah County
water. The truth is that most people electronically shocked in         River Deputies and I condudcted a random sampling of 50 boats
freshwater, unlike my son, are drowned. This is because of skele-      in three freshwater marinas in the portland area. We found 13
tal muscle paralysis caused by low levels of AC current using the      boaqts leaking potentially lethal electric current into the water. A
body as part of its return path to its source. This is what Sheryl     ratio of 26 percent of faulty boat wiring leads one to wonder if the
experienced when she jumped into the water to rescue Lucas.            number of reported electrical deaths in freshwater is only the tip
That she didn’t drown or get electrocuted was due to the voltage       of the iceberg. If you have any doubts about your boat, it should
gradient of the electrical current. from its source. She entered the   be inspected by an ABYC certified technician. Do not depend on
water farther from the faulty boat leak than Lucas. Depending on       an electrician with experience only on land. Let’s boat safely and
several bodily factors, a range of say 15 to 30 milliamps (mA) of      save lives.                                          - Kevin Ritz
AC current will create muscle paralysis, and the drowning of even
good swimmers is the result. An AC current flow of around
100mA will put the heart into fibrillation, and death will likely
follow within seconds. This is a very serious problem, but it is
preventable.                                                           For more information, contact Kevin Ritz: kevinritz@gmail.com
   First and foremost, no one should go in the water at a ,marina.     His article was originally posted in the USCG Auxiliary magazine
Signs should be posted on every pier warning people to stay out        EBeacon, Winter of 2009. Thanks to Noel Almond for forwarding
of the water. Since not everyone will read this article and since      this to the Signal.
A 37 Year Old Tradition of Helping Our Community                             Bronte Rocks review
2010Turkey Roll                                                                      he Bronte Rocks committee has already had its’
                                                                                     first meeting to plan for next years’ Labour Day
This year the proceeds from this                                                     weekend regatta. This years’ event was a great
event will be distributed as follows:                                        success despite the high winds (I promise not to pray quite
                                                                             so hard!) and cool weather. We are pleased to report that
Halton Salvation Army Lighthouse Shelter                                     we made a good profit and hope to do even better next
Ian Anderson House (In memory of Garry Jones)                                year. With close to 90 boats, it appears that we are the
Home Sweet Hope                                                              biggest and best attended regatta on the Canadian side of
BHYC - Visually Impaired Sailing Program (VIP)
                                                                             Lake Ontario. Next year we are looking at hosting an even
BHYC - Jr. Sailing Program
                                                                             bigger and better event.
   You will note that we have added "Home Sweet Hope" which
is a local organization that assists the homeless in Halton. As part            As you know, it takes many people to run an event of
of our fund raising efforts we also ask that our members bring               this magnitude. We will need help from all of you to make
dried food goods or $$$ as the price of entry to the Turkey Roll.            this years’ regalia successful. We will try to keep you, the
The food goods are donated to the Halton Food Fare Food                      club members, up to date on our planning process and in-
Bank just in time for the holiday season. BHYC is a vital part of            formed as to what to look forward. If you have any ques-
the Oakville community and our annual contributions to various               tions, or want to make any suggestions, or can help in any
local charities clearly demonstrates just that.                              way, our committee members are: Jim Pollock, Graham
   The success of this annual event is clearly due to the generosity         and Elsa Beattie, Phil Languill, Barb Dermott, Diane
of our members, and the local retailers who donate the prizes.
                                                                             Grieve, Steve Harding, Pat Toal, Ron Barr, and Sue
In 2009 we raised and donated $10,025.00 our goal is to beat that
figure in 2010.
   A hot turkey sandwich dinner cooked and served by Phil and                We would also like to welcome our new committee mem-
his staff will be starting at 5:15 PM, please sign up at the bar so          bers, Tony and Judy Byrne and Laura Jurasek. We are
that we can estimate the number of dinners that we need. The first           looking forward to having them on the team.
Turkey Roll wheel spin will start at 7:00 PM.                                                                     Trudy Doody
   Let’s make this 37th year as memorable as past years. I thank                                                   Bronte Rocks Chair
you in advance for your support and generosity.
                                               - Mike Onishi

       Boat Prep and Maintenance
     • Boat Washing • Boat Detailing • Boat Waxing
     • Interior Cleaning • Antifouling • Deck Cleaning
       • Fall Haul-Out Preparation • Shrink Wrapping

    We offer customized services to suit your boating needs.
             One-time service, weekly, or bi-weekly.

        K.M. Bradley & Associates Co. Ltd.
                   Marine Boat Works Division
                       Contact Paul Keeley
    c. 905-339-7687 t. 905 825 4191 em. pkeeley@cogeco.ca

                                                                                       Club Donation
                                                                          Harbour Yachts Inc. will donate 10% of their
                                                                       commission from the sale of any BHYC member’s
                                                                          boat, either to the BHYC Jr. Sailing Program

                                                                   Contact     John Haynes       john@Harbouryachts.ca
                                                                        or the Visually Impaired Sailing (VIP) Program.

                                                                               Ron Smith         ron@Harbouryachts.ca

           905-842-1111            www.harbouryachts.ca
            An evening with the Shar ds
            An evening with the Shards
Cr uising the lesser known islands of the Car ibbean
Cruising the lesser known islands of the Caribbean
                                                                                       Darts: We’re
                                                                                       so romantic
                                                                                                 ver 50 darts afi-
                                                                                                 cionados signed up
                                                                                                 on October 27th at
                                                                                       the first night of darts, 48
                                                                                       showed up the following week
                                                                                       so they must have enjoyed it.
                                                                                       They’ve been divided into 12 teams and play round robin
                                                                                       each week. We play two games alternating each week,
                                                                                       Cricket and 301; each team prefers one of these games
                                                                                       and it shows in the results.
                                                                                          Every Wednesday Colleen is in the kitchen at 6 making
                                                                                       dinner for those of us liking to make a complete evening
                                                                                       of it. The meal typically is $15. It used to be dinner and a

                                  Bur Burlington
             Sponsored by thelington
                                                                                       dance; now its dinner and darts, we’re so romantic.
   Sponsor ed by theSail Squadron Power &
                 Power &
                                                                                       No darts on December 22nd or 29th.            - Alan Brans
                       Sail Squadr on
                                                                                       Anchoring Seminar at BPSS
     The Shards Southerly with a swing keel allows the boat to visit the
       lesser known y with a the Caribbean that charter vessels seldom see.
 The Shards Southerl islands of swing keel allows the boat to visit the lesser known
                           Visit Saba, Monserrat and others.
                  January 21st, 2011                                                   The Burlington Power and Sail Squadron invites you
  islands of the Caribbean that ch arter ve ssels seldom see. Visit Saba, Monserrat

                   Januar 21st, Rd.
        Kings Court, 1159yKing201 1Burlington
                                       and others.
                                                                                       to attend a Seminar on Anchoring by Lori Mason of
             Attitude 1159 K ing Rd. 18:30
         K ings Cour t, adjustment atBur lington                                       The Store Mason’s Chandlery, Port Credit sponsored
                Buffet Dinner at at 18:30
              Attitude adj ustment 19:00                                               by the Canadian Power and Sailing Squadron
                   $25.00 per person
                  Buffet Dinner at 19:00                                               November 21 from 1:30pm-3:30pm.
      A portion of the proceedsper in support of the
                    $25.00 per go son                                                  at the Burlington Sailing &Boating ClubHouse
              of the proceeds go Program
   A por tionBurlington Able Sail in suppor t of the                                   841 LaSalle Park Road. Reserve your seat by
                 Bur disabled to enjoy Sail Progr am
            helping thelington Ableour great sport of sailing
                                                                                       contacting Ian Munro at ianmunro@sympatico.ca
              For disabled to Les Armstrong 905-637-2270 or
      Helping the tickets contactenjoy our great sport of sailing
           Carol Krummenacher 905-335-4460 (H) 905-338-8911 ext 240 (W)
                 F tickets contact Les Armstrong 905-637-2270 or

           DESIGNED                             Home&Boat

                                        4                                                                        Ronald Prokop CIM

                                                                                                                 635 Fourth Line, Unit#10
              We carry a wide variety of materials
                                                                                                                 Oakville, ON L6L 5W4
                                                                                                                 Bus. (905) 842-4911
                 such as Sunbrella and foam,
                upholstery and drapery fabrics.
                                                                                                                 Serving Individual Investors
              See us for a quote on boat cushions.
                                                                                           www.edwardjones.com                              Member CIFP

                     2446A Lakeshore Rd. West, Oakville.
                                                                                                                                                          ad code

 Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Home Ownership Dreams
 Providing Mortgage Solutions for all your Home Purchase, Re-
 Finance, Construction or Investment Financing needs.

                                                Oakville/Burlington Representative:

 MorBridge Financial Corp.                      Anthony Byrne, MBA
 522 Mt. Pleasant Road, Suite 3C                Mortgage Agent
 Toronto, On, M4S 2M3                           Lic. # M10000957
 Broker Lic. # 11939                            905 609-0392
 www.morbridge.com                              tbyrne@morbridge.com
IRC's Premier Event is coming to Lake Ontario in 2011
                                                                            IRC Racers in the 2010 Lake Ontario 300 photo by Annmarie Yapp

The executive of the International IRC                         40-boat fleet so we are expecting to exceed those numbers in
Owners Association - Lake Ontario Fleet                        2011 and we anticipate this fleet will also participate in the

                                                               NA's two weeks later. With the addition of a significant
is proud to announce that the                                  number of out-of-region boats joining us, we expect to see
2011 IRC North American Championship                           the NA’s fleet swell to well over 60 boats.
will take place August 12-14, 2011                                With the steady growth of IRC on Lake Ontario in the last
at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.
                                                               number of years, we are pleased that we attracted the
                                                               attention of US-IRC and the Canadian Yachting Association
    n early October, members of the IRC Lake Ontario Fleet     in approving the co-sanctioning of the 2011 IRC North
    executive, representatives from the Royal Canadian         American Championship by the Lake Ontario fleet. Nearly
    Yacht Club and John Brim, President of US-IRC, met in      50 boats competed in our Lake Ontario Championship Series
Toronto to finalize the awarding of the 2011 IRC North         in 2010, and with significant IRC participation in many other
American Championship to the International IRC Owners          regional events such as the Lake Ontario 300 and the Bronte
Association - Lake Ontario Fleet in conjunction with the       Rocks Regatta, we are witnessing continued growth around
Royal Canadian Yacht Club. This is the first time this event   the lake. This was the first year for IRC racing in Rochester
will be held outside of the United States.                     and next year, they will have a regular IRC series. Just like
  With this announcement we would also like to confirm         we are seeing in the Golden Horseshoe, there are new boats
that the IRC Lake Ontario Fleet will be partnering with        being measured and added to our fleet from clubs from all
LYRA and the Port Credit Yacht Club to host the 2011 IRC       around Lake Ontario.
Canadian Championship. The IRC Canadians will run in              We look forward to hosting these events next year and
conjunction with the LYRA course racing program on July        plans are already underway to ensure we deliver two top-
29-31, 2011 with the IRC North American's scheduled for        notch regattas, both on and off the water. Mark these dates
two weeks later on August 12-14 at the RCYC. As you may        on your calendar – these are two events you will not want to
recall, the 2010 IRC Canadian Championship attracted a         miss!                                         -Kevin Brown
                                              Will rounding mark during Diehards Regatta photo: Grad Dewar

 Mechanical service to Power and Sail, Diesel and Gas
 2508 Lakeshore Road West
 Bronte Harbour
 Oakville, Ontario L6L 1H8

 Scott Strang                   MERCURY & MERCRUISER
 John Thom                          VOLVO PENTA
 Telephone/Fax: 905-825-0561   YANMAR SALES & SERVICE
           NOVEMBER                                                            DECEMBER

Sunday            Monday               Tuesday      Wednesday                  Thursday       Friday               Saturday
14                15                   16                                      18             19 Friday Night      20BHYC
                                                                                              hors d’ouvres
                                                                                                                        Awards Night
                                                                                              OYS Speaker series
                                                                                              Adrift in Antarctica at LeDome
                                                   Darts Night 7:15                                                Cocktails 5:30 Dinner 6:30
                                                                                              $15 dinner at 7:00   Awrds presentation Dancing
                                                   dinner available 5:30 on                   Talk starts at 8:00
21                22                   23          24                          25 BHYC        26                   27
                                                                                    Annual    Friday Night
Don’t miss our $3 Budweiser specials                                                General   hors d’ouvres
every Toronto Maple Leaf game!                      Darts Night 7:15                Meeting   5:30 on
                                                    dinner available 5:30 on
28                29                   30           1                          2              3 BHYC        4
                                                                                                Turkey Roll

                                                                                               $10 turkey dinner
                                                    Darts Night 7:15                           starting at 5:15
                                                    dinner available 5:30 on                   First roll 7:00

5                 6                    7            8                          9              10            11
                                                                                               Oyster Night
                                                     Darts Night 7:15                          &
                                                     dinner available                          Carol Sing
12                13                   14           15                         16             17                   18
                                                                                              Friday Night
                                                     Darts Night 7:15                         hors d’ouvres
                                                     dinner available                         5:30 on
19                20                   21           22 No Darts                23             24 Christmas Eve 25 Christmas Day

 26 Boxing Day 27                      28            29 No Darts               30             31 New Year’s Eve1 New Year’s Day

 2                 3                   4             5 Darts Night             6              7                    8
                                                         dinner available

                                                 See us first.
          Big or small we can handle them all, from major refit to small gelcoat repairs.

              Contact Jim Pollock or Peter Southall. Weʼre in the Metro Marine building.
                      2508 Lakeshore Rd. West, Oakville, Ontario L6L 1H8 905 825 BOAT (2628)

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