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Grand Canyon Hotel Operators


									Federal Communications Commission

Chairman Julius Genachowski
Commissioner Michael J. Copps
Commissioner Robert M. McDowell
Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
                                          May 21,2011
44512 Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20554

Re: WT Docket 11-65

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm sure some of you have visited the Grand Canyon. Most visitors agree that the
Grand Canyon has natural beauty unsurpassed anywhere in the world. What our
beloved canyon does not have, however, is state of the art wireless broadband
Visitors expect this kind of service. The 21 Century idea of taking a vacation and
getting away from it all does not extend to leaving one's wireless broadband
connections behind. The lack of these things is a huge negative when it comes to
attracting and retaining visitors here, as is any tourist area without high performance
wireless broadband. It is also a disadvantage for the mostly small businesses around
the Grand Canyon that serve visitors.

The guests in our lodging establishments sometimes look dumbstruck when they
learn they can't use their portable devices the way they do back home. Those of us
who operate businesses here year round also miss the productivity gains we would
get from advanced wireless broadband.

For all these admittedly self-serving reasons, the Grand Canyon Hotel Operators
Association expresses its support for approval of the AT&TT-Mobile merger. The
benefits of expanded wireless coverage it would deliver to the Grand Canyon lead us
to ask you to support this proposal.

Dhiru "Robin" Prema
Shakti Investments Inc.

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