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									Listening / Pronunciation / Speaking
             Basics in Listening                                         Contemporary Topics Series
             Rost, Michael                                               Rost, Michael
             Munetsugu, Uruno                                            I-A
             962-00-1029-9                 $22.95
             B-LI                                                        The Contemporary Topics Series (formerly the Longman Lecture
                                                                         Series) just got better! This outstanding, three-level series pre-
              Through comprehensive content and careful se-              pares students for the challenges of college by presenting a
quencing, Basics in Listening provides intensive listening prac-         wide range of listening and note-taking strategies and skills.
tice for students who need to activate and develop their un-             Targeting corpus-based vocabulary drawn from the Academic
derstanding of spoken English.                                           Word List, Contemporary Topics ensures that students will be
                                                                         familiar with the most frequently used academic terms. The
Features:                                                                twelve lectures at each level are drawn from a range of aca-
                                                                         demic disciplines, and are recorded to reflect natural interac-
•   28 thematically-structured units, each dealing with every-           tion between professor and students.
    day topics
•   Listening strategies that help students become better                Each level offers these features:
•   Language review that highlights key language topics                  •   Realistic lectures on topics of current interest.
•   New vocabulary and culture notes to provide background               •   Pre-listening activities designed to activate prior knowl-
    information                                                              edge, to introduce key vocabulary, and to provide note-
                                                                             taking tips, models, and practice.
IM                 962-00-1030-2                $17.95                   • A wide range of listening strategies including predicting,
CASS               962-00-1031-0                $99.95                       inferring, listening for the main idea, and listening for de-
                                                                         • “Using Your Notes” lecture review activities.
              Strategies in Listening                                    • Projects including in-class discussions, presentations, contact
              Rost, Michael                                                  assignments, and research projects.
              Munetsugu, Uruno                                           • Listening quizzes for each unit.
              962-00-1033-7                $22.95                        • Teacher Packs for each level, including photocopiable
              HB-I                                                           quizzes, answer keys, and audioscripts for both lectures
                                                                             and quizzes.
               Strategies in Listening exposes students to a vari-       1-SB                      0-13-094853-5               $24.95
ety of listening situations, speaking styles, and tasks that will
help them learn strategies for understanding American English            1-CASS                  0-13-094856-X              $55.95
as it is naturally used. Each unit is organized thematically,
emphasizing practical communication skills.                              1-CD (AUDIO)            0-13-094857-8              $55.95

                                                                         1-TP                    0-13-094854-3              $16.95
                                                                         2-SB                    0-13-084858-6              $24.95
•   A Warm up unit that presents 9 main listening strategies
    to be practiced                                                      2-CASS                  0-13-094859-4              $55.95
•   Listening and Speaking tasks that emphasize the main                 2-CD (AUDIO)            0-13-094861-6              $55.95
    idea, problem solving, and clear activities so students can
    interact and review essential vocabulary and structures              2-TP                    0-13-094850-0              $16.95
•   Review tests that provide students with opportunities to
    review listening skills                                              3-SB                    0-13-094682-4              $24.95

                                                                         3-CASS                  0-13-094864-0              $55.95
IM                 962-00-1034-5                $18.95                   3-CD (AUDIO)            0-13-094866-7              $55.95
CASS               962-00-1035-3                $92.95
                                                                         3-TP                    0-13-094865-9              $16.95

                Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn                                       Academic Listening
                Lebauer, Roni S.                                                       Encounters
                0-13-919432-0                 $40.95                                   Espeseth, Miriam
                A                                                                      0-521-57821-3                 $31.85
                Students are taught to:
                                                                                         Using a content-based approach, Academic
•   Use language cues and conventions that indicate organization        Listening Encounters prepares high-intermediate ESL/EFL
    and emphasis.                                                       students for listening to lectures and taking notes in an Eng-
•   Deal with numbers and statistics.                                   lish-speaking college or university environment.
•   Predict upcoming information.
•   Organize their notes for maximum effectiveness.                     The content focus of this book is human behavior, which
                                                                        includes such high-interest topics as stress and health, intel-
Other features new to this edition include:                             ligence, and friendship. Each chapter explores these top-
                                                                        ics using both academic and informal conversational mate-
•   Supplementary readings drawn from today’s newspapers and            rials. Students have the opportunity to practice listening
    magazines for pre– post-lecture discussions.                        skills such as summarizing or listening for implied informa-
•   Follow-up writing or speaking and listening activities designed     tion; they also can engage in discussion and note-taking
                                                                        activities. In addition, the text presents cultural content
    to develop critical thinking skills.
                                                                        about North America with a view to promoting discussion
                                                                        of cultural differences and universals.
Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn utilizes a three-pronged approach to
vocabulary instruction—defining, using, and retaining. It also in-
                                                                        The content focus of Academic Listening Encounters mirrors
corporates a variety of quiz and test questions to familiarize stu -
                                                                        that of its companion text, Academic Encounters, a reading,
dents with the challenges of true/false, multiple choice, and short
                                                                        study skills, and writing book. Academic Listening Encoun-
answer items.
                                                                        ters can be used in conjunction with Academic Encounters,
                                                                        but it functions equally well on its own.
TM                 0-13-919440-1                $20.95
CASS               0-13-919457-6                $89.95
                                                                        TM                 0-521-57820-5                $38.40
                                                                        CASS               0-521-57819-1                $107.25

                Authentic Listening and Discussion
                for Advanced Students                                                      Listening Tasks: For
                Leshinsky, Jayne Grant                                                     Intermediate Students of
                0-205-14810-7                 $36.95
                                                                                           American English
                                                                                           Schecter, Sandra
                                                                                           0-521-27898-8                $22.95
CASS                        0-13-371709-7                $69.95
                                                                                            Listening Tasks is designed for students
Authentic Listening and Discussion provides a rich listening environ-
                                                                                            who need to understand authentic Eng-
ment for students by making use of:
                                                                        lish spoken at normal speed in everyday situations. Practi-
                                                                        cal topics, such as calling about an apartment, catching a
•   Authentic recordings (not scripted and then recorded)
                                                                        plane, and finding out what’s going on in town, make the
•   A variety of main speakers and many secondary speakers              material interesting and motivating.
•   A variety of listening formats (for example, interviews, news
    reports, monologs, call-in shows, conversations and commer-         The Cassette contains improvised dialogs, telephone ex-
    cials)                                                              changes, public address announcements, and other short
•   A variety of lengths (1 to 12 minute selections)                    recordings of spontaneous, natural speech. Related read-
•   Sections at varying levels of difficulty                            ing and writing tasks are provided as follow-up.

                                                                        TM                 0-521-27897-X                $25.95
                                                                        CASS               0-521-26258-5                $36.50

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                 Active Listening Series!
                 Helgesen, Marc
                 Brown, Steven
                 Smith, Dorolyn

                    Active Listening offers students 20 engaging, task -based units, each built around a topic, function, or grammati-
                    cal theme. In the first two levels (Introducing and Building), students learn to listen through a careful balance of
activities, including listening for gist, listening for specific information, and making inferences. In the third level (Expanding), lis-
tening activities are content-based, drawing on real information from a variety of sources.

Introducing Skills for Understanding                           (HB)
SB                                                       0-521-39881-9                                                                  $24.60
TE                                                       0-521-39884-3                                                                  $33.30
CASS                                                     0-521-39887-8                                                                  $59.40

Building Skills for Understanding                               (LI)
SB                                                       0-521-30992-7                                                                  $24.60
TE                                                       0-521-30995-1                                                                  $33.30
CASS                                                     0-521-39888-6                                                                  $59.40

Expanding Understanding Through Content                          (I)
SB                                                       0-521-39883-5                                                                  $24.60
TE                                                       0-521-39886-X                                                                  $30.00
CASS                                                     0-521-39889-4                                                                  $81.15

                    Great Ideas
                    Jones, Leo
                    Kimbrough, Victoria
                    0-521-28528-3                $26.05

                  Great Ideas is a unique collection of absorbing and enjoyable activities designed to improve the listening and
                  speaking abilities of intermediate to high-intermediate students. Students are encouraged to exchange their
                  ideas and opinions about a wide range of topics, including entertainment, current events, employment,
strange phenomena, the future, and advertising. Photographs, advertisements, maps and drawings, cartoons, and excerpts from
magazines and newspapers help stimulate this exchange. Specially designed communication activities motivate students to share
information by providing each student with some information that the other does not have.

The accompanying cassette consists of both scripted and authentic recordings of people speaking naturally, with the normal
pauses, hesitations, and interruptions that occur in everyday spoken language. The Teacher’s Manual gives detailed notes on
presenting the activities, as well as suggestions for follow-up work.

TM                                                          0-521-31243-4                                                 $27.50
CASS                                                        0-521-32052-6                                                 $33.30

             T O P LACE AN ORDER CALL: (604) 871-7333 F AX: (604) 871-7311 WWW.VCC. CA/ KECBOOKSTORE

3                                                                             Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                  ESL Songbook                                                                 Good News, Bad News
                  Adamowski, Eleanor                                                           Barnard, Roger
                  0-19-541283-4                $24.95                                          0-19-434873-3                $23.95
                  LI-A                                                                         PI

                   The ESL Songbook offers ten original songs written                           Good News, Bad News is a listening
                   specifically for adult and young adult ESL students.                         and discussion text designed around
                   Themes include greetings and small talk, health, the                         an entertaining collection of true sto-
weather, multicultural celebrations, families, and travel. With a key         ries about interesting characters and events. Based on
focus on listening awareness and pronunciation skills, the book also          actual news reports, the course is intended for adults
offers opportunities for discussion, vocabulary development, highlight-       and young adults at the pre-intermediate and interme-
ing key grammar points in context, and exploring poetry for more              diate levels. Each three-page unit focuses on a story
advanced students. The songs range in difficulty from short and easy          presented in radio news format. All units feature a se-
to more complex, and teachers can vary listening tasks for individual         ries of task -based activities designed to guide students
students to accommodate multiple levels.                                      from general to detailed understanding of the news
                                                                              report and to provide meaningful fluency practice re-
All songs are recorded on the accompanying cassette.                          lated to the story’s theme.

Features:                                                                     Good News, Bad News features:

•   an introduction and illustration set the scene for each song              •   Short, focused units that can be completed in one
•   pronunciation exercises focus on features such as linking and re-             class period
    duction                                                                   •   Interesting, light-hearted listening passages based
•   cultural discussion questions stimulate cross-cultural communication          on actual stories from the news
•   activities develop communicative competence                               •   Vocabulary building exercises that introduce and
•   tips on grammar focus on key structures used in the songs                     practice new language
•   extension activities allow more advanced students to explore po-          •   A variety of communicative, task-based listening
    etry                                                                          and speaking activities
•   transcriptions of the music are provided for student/teacher musi-        •   An optional “Extra Practice” section to consolidate
    cians                                                                         new vocabulary
•   an answer key allows for independent learning
                                                                              TM                 0-19-435057-6               $22.95
•   notes to the teacher include suggestions for generic exercises and
                                                                              CASS               0-19-435058-4               $31.50
    practical ways of incorporating the songs into the curriculum

CASS                         0-19-541284-2                $31.50                            Listen For It
                                                                                            Richards, Jack C.
                                                                                            Gordon, Deborah
             Listen First                                                                   Harper, Andrew
             Adelson-Goldstein, Jayme
                                                                                            0-19-434656-0               $30.50
             0-19-434422-3            $26.95
                                                                              Listen For It is a practical text that helps develop the
              Listen First teaches practical communicative listening skills
                                                                              basic listening skills needed for understanding and par-
              through focused listening tasks presented in natural, spo-
                                                                              ticipating in conversations on common topics. Through
ken English. Students learn how to focus on specific information and to
                                                                              guided tasks, students improve comprehension skills such
screen out irrelevant material, how to interact in given contexts and
                                                                              as listening for the main idea and listening for key
how to ask for clarification. The Teacher’s Book contains pre-listening
                                                                              words. They will also improve their comprehension of
and follow-up activities for each unit, plus an answer key and tape-
                                                                              mechanical features such as contractions, stress, and
script. The cassette features all of the listening exercises from the Stu-
dent Book.
                                                                              The Teacher’s Book provides step-by-step instructions
TB                           0-19-434423-1                $31.95
                                                                              for each activity, task objectives, a list of new vocabu-
CASS                         0-19-434424-X                $94.50
                                                                              lary and a variety of new optional activities.

                                                                              TB                 0-19-434657-9               $22.50
                                                                              CASS               0-19-434663-3               $94.50

                  Listen to the Loon
                  White, Joan Roberta
                  0-19-541175-7               $29.95

                  LISTEN TO THE LOON is a new Canadian listening program for intermediate to advanced ESL students. Stu-
                  dents learn about the history, geography, and people of Canada while developing their listening skills. The
                  program includes 14 units covering each province and territory of Canada including Nunavut. Students hear
talks about the rain forests of British Columbia, fiddleheads growing in New Brunswick, the gold rush boom in the Yukon, the fa-
mous Bluenose schooner from Nova Scotia, and much more! Various activities reinforce the information and develop students’

Each unit in the Student Book includes:

•    An introduction and vocabulary preview
•    A chart students fill in for directed listening
•    Varied comprehension tasks
•    Vocabulary expansion through practice with antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, comparatives, compound words, idioms, word
     forms, etc.
•    Follow-up activities including speaking, research, and writing assignments

The Teacher’s Book features:

•    Notes to introduce the topic and prepare students for the talk
•    Transcripts of the vocabulary preview sentences and talks on the tape
•    Answers to all student activities
•    Reference notes for student follow-up activities
•    The accompanying cassette provides dictated sentences covering new vocabulary, 18 talks, and three Canadian speakers
     for variety.

TB                                             0-19-541255-9                            $29.95
CASS                                           0-19-541212-5                            $24.95

                  Tactics for Listening Series!
                  Richards, Jack C.

                  Tactics for Listening is a full-colour, three-level series that provides a comprehensive course in listening skills.
                  The series can be used as the basis for an intensive listening course, as a supplementary text in a conversation
                  course, or as the basis for a language laboratory course.

                  Each level of the series contains 25 units that each provide activities for a 50 to 60 minute class period. Units
are organized around topics or themes that draw on the everyday lives and experiences of adults and young adults. The topics
have been chosen for their frequency in conversation and their intrinsic interest. A wide variety of stimulating and useful activi-
ties are included to give students graded practice in listening.
Basic Tactics for Listening                                         Expanding Tactics for Listening
SB                    0-19-434587-4                 $26.95          SB                          0-19-434660-9                           $28.95
TB                    0-19-434588-2                 $27.95          TB                          0-19-434661-7                           $21.95
CASS                  0-19-434589-0                 $63.00          CASS                        0-19-434662-5                           $63.00

Developing Tactics for Listening
SB                    0-19-434654-4                 $28.95
TB                    0-19-434655-2                 $29.50
CASS                  0-19-434658-7                 $63.00

5                                                                           Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                    Tapestry Listening & Speaking Series!
                    Benz, Cheryl
                    Dworak, Kara
                    Hartmann, Pamela
                    McVey Gill, May
                    Carlisi, Susana
                    Fragiadakis Kalkstein, Helen
                    Maurer, Virginia

•   Listening selections from authentic news broadcasts, interviews, conversations, debates, and stories prepare students for un-
    derstanding college assignments.
•   A variety of speaking activities such as role plays, skills, debates, and presentations provide opportunities for students to
    use vocabulary, language functions, and knowledge of topics.
•   Academic Power Strategies, such as finding a mentor or forming a study group, give students the knowledge and skills to
    become successful, independent learners.
•   Language Learning Strategies help students maximize their learning and become proficient in English.
•   Apply-the-Strategy activities encourage students to take charge of their learning and use their new skills and strategies.
•   CNN video clips expand the topics and further develop listening and speaking skills.
•   Setting Goals and self-assessment sections help students monitor their own progress.

1-SB                                       HB                   0-8384-0009-4                               $42.95
1-SB/CASS PACK                                                  0-8384-0005-1                               $63.35
CNN Video for 1 & 2                                             0-8384-0007-8                               $63.35
IM for 1 & 2                                                    0-8384-0008-6                               $28.95
2-SB                                         I                  0-8384-0016-7                               $44.95
2-SB/CASS PACK                                                  0-8384-0011-6                               $46.95
3-SB                                        HI                  0-8384-0023-X                               $42.95
3-SB/CASS PACK                                                  0-8384--0018-3                              $46.95
CNN Video for 3 & 4                                             0-8384-0008-6                               $28.95
IM for 3 & 4                                                    0-8384-0027-2                               $28.95
4-SB                                        A                   0-8384-0029-9                               $42.95
4-SB/CASS PACK                                                  0-8384-0024-8                               $52.65

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                Listen to Me!
                Foley, Barbara H.
                0-8384-5264-7               $38.65

                Listen to Me! Is designed to improve student listening skills. The text offers a variety of real-life topics – inter-
                acting with neighbors, returning to school, making job decisions, health and emergencies, and experiencing di-
                vorce – embedded in a central storyline.

• An ongoing story line provides internal coherence and stimulates students’ interest. Characters and topics that appear in the
    narratives reappear in the exercises, conversations, and even group tasks.
• A host of listening comprehension and listening discrimination exercises foster better listening strategies.
• Task-based final activities encourage students to experiment with conversational language.
• New to the Second Edition: a streamlined, fifteen-chapter text, pre-listening exercises, a pronunciation section, and up-
    dated topics.

CASS                                                    0-8384-5265-5                   $63.95
SB/CASS PACK                                            0-8384-0734-X                   $66.95

               Now Hear This!
               Foley, Barbara H.
               0-8384-5270-1               $45.95

                • Streamlined units for shorter courses
                • High-interest personal and job situations
•   Pre-listening questions
•   Narrative and conversational passages
•   Conversation, pronunciation, and information-gap activities
•   Tapescript/answer key at the end of the text

CASS                                                    0-8384-5271-X                   $107.95
SB/CASS PACK                                            0-8384-0465-0                   $66.95

The Heart of the Matter
Vai, Marjorie
0-8384-7857-3              $51.35

•   Varied audio selections, including authentic interviews, mini-lectures, dialogues, and songs
•   Critical thinking and problem-solving activities
•   Topics such as legacy of the blues, work in the 21st century, crime as entertainment, and the dream world
•   Materials for social and academic/business listening and speaking skills
•   Video for American culture and commentary

SB/CASS PACK                                            0-8384-6087-9                   $63.35

7                                                                           Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
              Listen In
              Nunan, David

              • A wide variety of authentic listening sources are utilized.
              • The text follows a personalized, learner-centered approach
              • Schema-building activities introduce vocabulary
•   Cultural notes for further class discussion are found in the In Focus section
•   Teacher’s Guide provides lesson plan notes, extension activities, answer keys, and tapescripts

1-SB                                                     0-534-83536-8                                    $41.95
1-TG                                                     0-534-83539-2                                    $32.95
1-CASS                                                   0-534-83542-2                                   $103.20
2-SB                                                     0-534-83537-6                                    $41.95
2-TG                                                     0-534-83540-6                                    $32.95
2-CASS                                                   0-534-83543-0                                   $103.20
3-SB                                                     0-534-83538-4                                    $37.95
3-TG                                                     0-534-83541-4                                    $41.95
3-CASS                                                   0-534-83544-9                                   $103.20

                Advanced Listening Comprehension
                Dunkel, Patricia A.
                Pialorsi, Frank
                Kozyrev, Joann
                0-8384-4842-9              $47.75

•   Compelling cross-curricular lectures for stimulating, up-to-date content
•   Pre—and—post listening activities
•   Spiralled vocabulary, structures, and rhetorical patterns
•   Content-based units
•   Guided notetaking practice

SB/CASS PACK                          0-8384-7407-7             $82.00

Intermediate Listening Comprehension
Dunkel, Patricia A.
Lim, Phyllis L.
0-8384-4838-0               $56.95

•   Focuses on major rhetorical patterns (chronological, process, definition/classification, compare/contrast, and casual analysis)
•   Lectures from across the curriculum (history, science, anthropology, American studies, language arts)
•   Carefully sequenced progression of activities
•   Spiralled rhetorical patterns, vocabulary, and structures
•   Integrated speaking practice

SB/CASS PACK                          0-8384-0409-X                       $80.00

              Basics in Pronunciation                                                 Sound Advantage
              Lane, Linda                                                           Hagen, Stacy A.
              0-201-87806-2                $34.95                                   Grogan, Patricia E.
              I                                                                     0-13-81690-9                $35.95
              Emphasizing the integration of all aspects of pro-                    This text focuses on elements essential for suc-
              nunciation—sounds, stress, rhythm, and intona-                        cessful pronunciation—stress, intonation, individ-
tion—this practical classroom text helps intermediate students       ual sounds (both vowels and consonants), linking, reductions,
speak English clearly and communicate effectively.                   ellipses, consonant replacements, and inflectional endings.
                                                                     Also provides a variety of exercises to practice for the SPEAK
•   Clear, concise explanations and articulatory diagrams            test.
    make this book easy to use and easy to teach.
•   Engaging, fun activities integrate content (science, litera-     IM                     0-13-816331-6                          $4.95
    ture, history) and humor to motivate students and get them       CASS                   0-13-816349-9                          $131.95
•   Meaningful activities help students understand the connec-
    tion between clear pronunciation and clear communication.                          Accurate English
•   Recorded homework assignments enable students to con-                              Dauer, Rebecca M.
    tinue practice outside the classroom.                                              0-13-007253-2                          $38.95
SB/CASS PACK                0-201-69529-4                $33.95
                                                                                   This pronunciation text helps students achieve a
              Focus on Pronunciation                                               near-native accent.
              Lane, Linda                                                          • Teaches vowels, consonants, rhythm, stress,
              0-201-59284-3                $33.95                        and intonation using principles of articulatory phonetics.
              A                                                      •   Provides precise illustrations of lip positions of vowels and
                                                                         consonants, and a diagnostic speech sample.
                Focus on Pronunciation, a comprehensive pronun-      •   Reinforces theory with numerous practice exercises that
                ciation course, is designed to help students enjoy       include phrases, dialogues, reading, passages, and oral
speaking English well. Written for advanced ESL students, Fo-            presentations.
cus on Pronunciation addresses the crux of most pronunciation        •   Includes spelling patterns for ordinary words and aca-
problems by emphasizing elements of English phonology that               demic words.
are difficult or unusual in terms of the world’s language.
                                                                     CASS                   0-13-007287-7                          $131.95
•   Concise explanations and articulatory diagrams aid in
•   Communicative and interactive exercises include informa-
    tion gaps, games, interviews, and listening on substantive
•   Recorded homework assignments provide opportunities for
    out-of-class work.

A Teacher’s Guide includes useful background information and
an appendix describing typical pronunciation problems of stu -
dents from different language backgrounds.

TG                          0-201-59285-1                $24.95
CASS                        0-201-59286-X                $91.95

9                                                                           Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                 English Pronunciation for                                            Pronunciation Plus
                 International Students                                               Hewings, Martin
                 Dale, Paulette                                                       Goldstein, Sharon
                 Poms, Lillian                                                        0-521-57797-7                $27.50
                 0-13-279852-2                                                        I
                                                                                        Pronunciation Plus – Practice Through Interac-
This text helps students overcome problems with English pronun-        tion helps intermediate-level students of North American
ciation. Includes work consonants, vowels, stress, rhythm, and into-   English improve their pronunciation through a variety of
nation.                                                                stimulating listening and speaking tasks that address all of
                                                                       the important aspects of English pronunciation, including:
•   Explains how to produce sounds, highlights pronunciation
    problems, offers tips for remembering pronunciation rules,         •   Individual speech sounds
    and provides exercises for comprehensive practice.                 •   Consonant clusters
•   Includes self-test to evaluate progress.                           •   Stress and rhythm
                                                                       •   Sounds in connected speech
CASS                        0-13-279910-3                              •   Intonation
                                                                       •   Pronunciation of grammar features
                                                                       •   Pronunciation of English spelling

                                                                       Nearly half of the tasks in the book are done with a part-
English Pronunciation for Japanese Speakers                            ner or in small groups, giving students the opportunity to
Dale, Paulette                                                         interact with their classmates while practicing their pronun-
Poms, Lillian                                                          ciation. A strong emphasis on communicative activities al-
0-13-034372-2                                                          lows students to talk about aspects of everyday life as they
I-A                                                                    learn.
CASS                        0-13-034380-3               $37.95         Pronunciation Plus contains sixty concise units, each one fo-
SB/CASS PACK                0-13-321407-9               $71.95         cusing on a discrete topic in pronunciation. Every unit con-
                                                                       tains tasks which involve listening to and repeating material
                                                                       recorded on cassette. Included on the cassettes are word
                                                                       lists, sentences, conversations, and stories, all pronounced in
English Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers                             a natural, everyday style consistent with what students will
Dale, Paulette                                                         hear in real-life conversations with native speakers.
Poms, Lillian                                                          TM              0-521-57796-9                    $28.95
                                                                       CASS          0-521-57795-0                   $102.90
SB                          0-13-281304-1               $42.95
CASS                        0-13-281338-6               $66.95

SB                          0-13-281312-2               $33.95
CASS                        0-13-281353-X               $66.95

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                Pronunciation Pairs                                             Clear Speech From the Start
                Baker, Ann                                                      Gilbert, Judy B.
                Goldstein, Sharon                                               0-521-63737-6                          $27.50
                0-521-34972-9                $27.50                             B-HB
                                                                                 Clear Speech from the Start gives beginning students
                An introductory course for students of                           immediate help in mastering the essential elements
                English                                                          of English pronunciation.
                                                               Like its higher-level counterpart, Clear Speech, this new text concen-
Pronunciation Pairs is a comprehensive pronunciation           trates on topics, such as rhythm, intonation, and sounds as grammar
course for high-beginner and intermediate students of          cues, that will make the biggest difference in students’ ability to un-
English as a second or foreign language. It helps students     derstand and communicate with others. With its creative new
to recognize and pronounce the individual sounds of Eng-       graphics-based approach, Clear Speech from the Start makes it pos-
lish and to differentiate sounds they often confuse. A vari-   sible to teach beginning students the essentials of English pronuncia-
ety of exercises and activities, such as dialogues, games,     tion without relying on verbal explanations.
puzzles, and conversation, provides practice in pronuncia-     Key Features:
tion of individual sounds as well as stress and intonation.
Clever illustrations help students understand the material     Student’s Book
practiced and make the practice interesting, fun and           • Simple vocabulary, short sentences, and visual cues that make
meaningful.                                                        the material accessible to beginners
                                                               • A new way of representing vowels that makes their pronuncia-
“Pronunciation Pairs… provides concise explanations, both          tion easy to learn
for learners and instructors, and controlled, effective        • Visual representing important concepts, such as vowel length
practice with the vowels, consonants, word stress, and ba-         and intonation
sic intonation of American English. The accompanying
                                                               • Unique photos of lifelike models of the inside of the mouth
Teacher’s Manual does an extraordinarily good job of
providing guidance on procedures and techniques for            • “Music of English” boxes that teach students the fundamental
further work, and integration of the material into more            patterns of English rhythm and intonation, using phrases that
spontaneous speech. Pronunciation Pairs succeeds in strik-         are especially useful for beginners
ing a good balance between explanation and exercise,           • Recycling of concepts throughout the course to build students’
both always clear and to the point.”                               knowledge and confidence

TM                0-521-34973-7               $28.95           Teacher’s Resource Book:
CASS              0-521-34167-1               $102.90          • Teaching suggestions and extra examples to support tasks
                                                               • Creative ideas for classroom presentation
                                                               • Theoretical support for new approaches to teaching pronuncia-
                                                               • Answer keys, quizzes, and audio scripts

                                                               Audio Program:
                                                               • A broad selection of exercises
                                                               • A variety of speakers using natural-sounding speech
                                                               • Numerous dialogs filled with examples of key pronunciation
                                                               Clear Speech from the Start is suitable as a classroom text, for
                                                               laboratory use, and for self-study.

                                                               TB                               0-521-63735-X                          $38.40
                                                               CASS                             0-521-63736-8                          $81.15
                                                               Audio CD                         0-521-79966-X                          $81.15

11                                                                         Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                   Clear Speech                                                      Pronouncing American English
                   Gilbert, Judy B.                                                  Orion, Gertrude F.
                   0-521-42118-7               $27.50                                0-8384-6332-0              $58.95
                   I-HI                                                              I-A

                 Clear Speech, Second Edition, is a revised                       Ideal for a complete course or as a pronuncia-
                 and expanded version of the highly success-                      tion supplement, Pronouncing American English,
                 ful and innovative pronunciation course for        Second Edition, presents a comprehensive, thorough overview
intermediate and advanced students of English.                      of the American sound system. This new edition features exten-
                                                                    sive communication and pair work activities, guiding intermedi-
As in the first edition, the emphasis is on the relationship be-    ate to advanced students in their development of clear speech
tween listening comprehension and speaking, and on the              and appropriate intonation.
“musical” aspects of English – students learn how to use
rhythm, stress, and intonation to provide “navigation” guides
for the listener.                                                   Features:

The   Student Book features:                                        •      Pronouncing American English, Second Edition focuses on
•     More practice material                                               vowels, consonants, stress, and intonation, providing in-
•     Pair activities to allow more time for speaking                      depth coverage of relevant pronunciation issues.
•     Exercises that challenge students to make themselves un-      •      An abundance of new communicative group and pair ac-
      derstood                                                             tivities encourage practical use of the language.
•     A focus on sounds as meaningful grammar cues                  •      New illustrated word definitions make vocabulary acquisi-
•     Spiraled teaching points showing systematic connection of            tion accessible to students at a variety of levels.
      different aspects of pronunciation                            •      New chapter on pronunciation in dictionaries provides stu -
                                                                           dents with practice in recognition and production using au-
The   Teacher’s Resource Book provides:                                    thentic dictionary pages.
•     Detailed procedures for each unit
•     Theoretical support                                           CASS                         0-8384-6333-9               $83.00
                                                                    IM                           0-8384-6334-7               $3.95
•     Creative ideas for classroom presentation
                                                                    SB/CASS PACK                 0-8384-4117-0               $88.00
•     Answer keys, dictations, quizzes, and tapescripts

The   Cassettes contain:                                                            Sounds Great
•     A broad selection of exercises                                                Beisbier, Beverly
•     The Clear Listening Test
•     Lectures for listening practice                                           These texts teach learners to discover, recognize,
                                                                                and use American English word stress, sentence
Clear Speech is suitable as a classroom text, for laboratory                    stress, intonation patterns, and high frequency
use, and for self-study.                                            vowels and consonants.

TB                  0-521-42116-0               $28.95              •   Unit progression from controlled practice to communicative
CASS                0-521-42117-9               $59.40                  activities
                                                                    • Individual, pair, and group work
                                                                    • Inductive approach
                                                                    1-SB                0-8384-3964-0                $47.00
                                                                    1-IM                   0-8384-4272-2               $22.95
                                                                    1-SB/CASS              0-8384-0544-4               $64.95
                                                                    2-SB                   0-8384-4273-0               $38.70
                                                                    2-IM                   0-8384-4274-9               $22.95
                                                                    2-SB/CASS              0-8384-7458-6               $64.95

               Well Said
               Grant, Linda
               0-8384-0208-9               $54.95

               Offering a lively and communicative approach for increasing pronunciation and speaking skills, Well Said 2/e
               improves students’ speech intelligibility and confidence for communication in social, academic, business, and pro-
               fessional settings.

•    Students practice the most common challenges in sound/spelling patterns, syllables, word endings, linking, stress, rhythm, and
•    Learner-centered and interactive activities progress from controlled practice into relevant, natural communicative contexts.
•    New activities help students take their studies beyond the classroom and interact with native speakers.
•    Readings, questionnaires, surveys, and interviews provide students with practical situations.
•    Useful appendixes provide an overview of consonants and vowels and offer intensive practice with the more troublesome

IM                                            0-8384-1265-3               $20.70
SB/CASS PACK                                  0-8384-0197-X               $65.35

13                                                                        Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
Interactions Mosaic Series
Interactions Access: Listening and Speaking
SB                                       B-HB                 0-07-232976-9                              $40.45
CASS                                                          0-07-232977-7                              $89.55
Video                                                         0-07-232961-0                             $109.80
Interactions 1: Listening and Speaking
SB                                       HB-LI                0-07-233063-5                              $42.60
CASS                                                          0-07-233064-3                              $87.40
Video                                                         0-07-233061-9                             $109.80
Interactions 2: Listening and Speaking
SB                                        LI-I                0-07-233105-4                              $42.60
CASS                                                          0-07-248133-1                              $88.50
Video                                                         0-07-233073-2                             $110.90

Mosaic 1: Listening and Speaking
SB                                        I-HI                0-07-232953-X                              $36.20
CASS                                                          0-07-248134-x                              $82.15
Mosaic 2: Listening and Speaking
SB                                       LI-LA                0-07-232986-6                              $36.20
CASS                                                          0-07-232987-4                              $53.30

Quest: Listening and Speaking in the Academic World
The three Listening and Speaking books contain listening, speaking and academic strategies and practice activities based on
recordings of everyday conversations, radio programs, and college lectures.

Quest 1
SB                              HB-LI                    0-07-006249-8                                 $43.65
IM                                                       0-07-006250-1                                    -
CASS                                                     0-07-913096-8                                $114.10
Video                                                    0-07-232767-7                                    -

Quest 2
SB                               I-HI                    0-07-006252-8                                 $43.65
IM                                                       0-07-239638-5                                    -
CASS                                                     0-07-913098-4                                $138.60
Video                                                    0-07-232768-5                                    -

Quest 3
SB                              LA-A                     0-07-006255-2                                 $43.65
IM                                                       0-07-239638-5                                    -
CASS                                                     0-07-913100-X                                $138.60
Video                                                    0-07-232769-3                                    -

               A Canadian                                                                Take Charge
               Conversation Book                                                         Engkent, Lucia Pietrusiak
               Carver, Tina Kasloff                                                      0-13-185653-7                          $26.95
               Fotinos, Sandra Douglas                                                   A
               Cooper, Clarice
               0-13-599275-3                 $33.95
                                                                      Take Charge, Using Everyday Canadian English follows in
This highly popular conversation text offers a wide range of vo-      the footsteps of the successful advanced ESL conversation
cabulary and student-centred learning activities to improve com-      text by Lucia Engkent, Take Part: Speaking Canadian Eng-
munication skills. It features a wide variety of topics and activi-   lish. Pitched at the intermediate level, Take Charge focuses
ties for language learners and ten colourfully illustrated units on   on everyday life in Canada in different settings: school,
a variety of pertinent everyday topics.                               community, the mall, work, home, and on the road. Read-
                                                                      ings, dialogues, exercises, and assignments appeal to var-
IG                0-13-848755-3                $31.95                 ied abilities and backgrounds and provide authentic situa-
                                                                      tions in which to learn and to practice.
                 Take Part                                            Features:
                 Engkent, Lucia Peitrusiak
                 Bardy, Karen P.                                      •   Useful topics and issues of interest that serve as a
                 0-13-882275-1               $28.95
                                                                          springboard for discussion
                                                                      •   Authentic dialogues using idioms, shortened forms, and
                   Take Part: Speaking Canadian English is a con-         common expressions that illustrate spoken Canadian
                   versation book for intermediate-level ESL stu-         English
dents. It is ideal for students who have a good grasp of formal       •   Information about Canadian life and culture that gives
English but find the colloquial language difficult. Units focus on        students the opportunity to learn and practice vocabu-
topics of everyday conversation such as the weather, leisure time,        lary
travel, fitness and dining out. Each unit includes dialogues or       •   Vivid illustrations to sustain interest and reinforce mean-
prose passages, language notes, a culture note, additional vo-            ing
cabulary and a variety of activities and discussion questions.        •   Functional grammar explanations
The material in Take Part: Speaking Canadian English is distinctly    •   A flexible, non-sequential structure that allows choice
Canadian. The text provides ESL students with the language and
cultural information they need for everyday life in Canada.           IG           0-13-882291-3                                     $38.95
This new edition features introductions to the dialogues that set     CASS         0-13-185737-1                                     $51.95
the scene and establish the Canadian focus. It also contains new      SB/CASS PACK NO ISBN                                           $59.95
activities, including interaction in pairs and groups, simulations
and problem-solving assignments. The culture notes and vocabu-
lary have been updated, and more idioms have been included.


•    Dialogues
•    Prose passages
•    Language notes
•    Culture notes
•    Discussion questions
•    Activities
•    Assignments
•    Index of language notes
•    Index of vocabulary notes
•    Comprehensive instructor’s manual
•    Cassette audio tape

CASS                        0-13-882283-2               $51.95
IM                          0-13-882291-3               $28.95

15                                                                        Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                Amazing 2! News,                                                      Amazing! Interviews
                Interviews &                                                          and
                Conversations                                                         Conversations
                Bates, Susan                                                          Bates, Susan
                0-13-082271-X               $31.95                                    0-13-012386-2               $29.95
                HB-I                                                                  HB-LB

Amazing 2! News, Interviews, and Conversations is a contempo-         Amazing! Interviews and Conversations is an innovative lis-
rary, engaging, three-part video program designed to teach lis-       tening and speaking text designed to provide a unique
tening, speaking, and pronunciation skills to adult and young         glimpse at Canadians and their culture. Themes include
adult intermediate students of English as a Second or Foreign         dating and marriage, pets, raising children, immigration,
Language.                                                             and opening your own business—just to name a few!

1. News                                                               This inventive book contains authentic interviews with Cana-
A focus on essential listening skills prepares students for under-    dians from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. Interview
standing news on television, a priority for adult language learn-     topics relate directly to the newspaper stories found in the
ers. The broadcasts incorporate actual news footage and fea-          original Amazing! Canadian Newspaper Stories. The
ture a wide range of stories: current event issues which spark dis-   books can be companion texts that work exceedingly well
cussion, inspirational and heroic accounts, amusing endeavors,        together, though each stands easily on its own.
and even romantic adventures.
2. Interviews
News interviews highlight the views, interests, and accomplish -      •   Newspaper stories are presented in a refreshing con-
ments of Canadians from across the country. There are high-               versation or interview format
profile interviews with well-known personalities such as Rick Han-    •   A separate section on functional language features a
sen and Svend Robinson, and an in-depth discussion with a First           variety of listening and speaking activities
Nations mask carver. These, combined with “On-the-Street” inter-      •   Relevant, high-interest themes pique students’ interests
views on topics such as money, travel, parenting, business, dating,       and spark conversation
fashion, and sports bring real people into the lives of language
students who want to gain knowledge about Canada, its people,         IG                0-13-014390-1               $72.95
and its culture.                                                      CASS              0-13-034216-5               $120.95
3. Conversations
Twelve amusing conversations present students with the language
functions they need for everyday survival skills. Students learn      Amazing 2! Canadian
high-frequency language functions such as requesting, inviting,       Newspaper
and suggesting in the context of situations such as shopping for
clothes, ordering food in a restaurant, applying for a job, looking   Stories
for an apartment, or going to a travel agency.                        Bates, Susan
Role-play activities in this section engage students in extended      0-13-742487-6              $31.95
fluency practice with a purpose. While focusing on learning spe-      HB-LI
cific functional phrases, students are guided step by step from
listening, to controlled practice, to open-ended conversations, to    Amazing 2! Canadian Newspaper Stories teaches all
real-life listening and speaking.                                     fours skills through reading texts with a wide variety of
                                                                      language learning activities in each chapter. The presen-
IG on CD-ROM               0-13-082273-6               $39.95         tation of true human-interest newspaper articles at differ-
VIDEO                      0-13-082745-2               $134.95        ent levels makes the text particularly valuable in multi-
                                                                      level classes.

                                                                      IG                0-13-742495-7               $49.95
                                                                      CASS              0-13-775495-7               $46.95

                      Fifty-Fifty Series                                                       The “Issues” Series
                      Wilson, Warren                                                           Numrich, Carol
                      Barnard, Roger                                                           I-A
                                                                                          An exciting, proven approach to listening
               Fifty-Fifty, revised and full colour, is a three-level                     comprehension and discussion, based on
               course in conversational speaking practice. This                           authentic radio broadcasts form National
               series provides realistic listening tasks and solid                        Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” and
pair and group work, all designed to reduce learner anxiety and         “Morning Edition”. Students are presented with interesting
promote language acquisition.                                           and relevant content in unedited everyday speech including
                                                                        hesitations, redundancies, and various dialectical patterns.
•      Each Student Book is divided into 12 main lessons and three
       review lessons.                                                  The series:
•      Grammar summaries, located in the back, contain overviews
       of the sentence structure presented in the main units.           •    Develops essential listening strategies, including pre-
•      Tapescripts are also included.                                        dicting, looking at language, understanding main ideas
•      Colourful art and clean layouts make these texts easy to fol-         and points of view, focusing on details, and note-
       low and transparent to students.                                      taking.
                                                                        •    Fosters critical thinking skills through follow-up activities
INTRO-SB          B         0-13-906935-6               $29.95               that includes discussion, debate, values clarification,
                                                                             and writing assignments.
INTRO-TE          B         0-13-906976-3               $32.95          •    Integrates language and concepts through sophisti-
INTRO-CASS        B         0-13-906984-4               $33.95               cated grammar and vocabulary activities.
                                                                        •    Audiocassettes of the original radio broadcasts are
1-SB              LI        0-13-920000-2               $29.95               available for each book.
1-TE              LI        0-13-920018-5               $32.95
                                                                        Face The Issues                 (I)
1-CASS            LI        0-13-920026-6               $33.95          SB                                    0-201-84672-1                  $24.95
2-SB              I         0-13-920034-7               $29.95          CASS                                  0-201-69518-9                  $54.95
2-TE              I         0-13-920067-3               $32.95          SB/CASS PACK                          0-201-69519-7                  $69.95
2-CASS            I         0-13-920075-4               $33.95          Consider The Issues                      (HI)
                                                                        SB                                    0-201-82529.5                  $24.95
                                                                        CASS                                  0-201-82533-3                  $52.95
                      Putting it Together:                              SB/CASS PACK                          0-8013-1726-6                  $69.95
                      A Conversation Management                         Raise The Issues                       (A)
                      Text                                              SB                                    0-201-62100-2                  $28.95
                      McClure, Kevin
                      0-13-128174-7            $31.95                   CASS                                  0-201-61999-7                  $49.95
                                                                        SB/CASS PACK                          0-201-62131-2                  $60.95
                 This text utilizes listening passages, vocabulary,
                 controlled practice, and open conversations to         IM                                    0-201-76472-5                  $16.95
develop a variety of speaking skills. Vocabulary and idioms are
introduced in context.

CASS                           0-13-128190-9              $32.95

               T O P LACE AN ORDER CALL: (604) 871-7333 F AX: (604) 871-7311 WWW.VCC. CA/ KECBOOKSTORE

17                                                                           Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                  Whaddaya Say?                                                            Sound Advice
                  Weinstein, Nina                                                          Hagen, Stacy A.
                  0-201-67040-2                $29.95                                      0-13-081361-3              $31.95
                  I-A                                                                      I

                                                                                            This new Second Edition maintains the com-
                   • Units on new reductions, plus updated ver-                             prehensive, skills approach to discrete point
                   sions of the original 20 units.                                          listening that has made Sound Advice an
•    30% more high-frequency reduced forms on topics such as             enduring bestseller, with the valuable addition of thought-
     the Internet, health, movies, bungee jumping and more.              provoking questions to stimulate pair and group discussion.
•    Comprehension questions following the listenings.                   Sound Advice helps students understand rapid, relaxed Eng-
                                                                         lish, starting at the word and sentence levels and expanding
•    The inclusion of “social language” such as greetings, good-
                                                                         to short conversations. The text/audiocassette combination
     byes, and apologies.
                                                                         helps students develop their own strategies for understand-
•    Short listening tests for extra practice in typically difficult     ing language as it is spoken and exposes them to a variety
     areas.                                                              of listening phenomena essential for comprehension of au-
                                                                         thentic, natural speech.
CASS               0-201-67043-7                $99.95                   • New art-based preview activities that familiarize stu-
                                                                               dents with the often-troublesome aspects of listening
                Talk Your Head Off...and Write                           • Contextualized exercises that students can understand
                Too!                                                           and relate to, from school and travel to dining out.
                West, Brana Rish                                         • Unique chapter review “chants” that reinforce what stu -
                West, Harlan                                                   dents have learned.
                0-13-476201-0                $25.95                      • TOEFL-style questions that help students prepare for
                I-A                                                            the listening portion of the TOEFL Test.

No repetitive drills and note exercises here, just high-interest to p-   TM                  0-13-081362-1               $20.95
ics such as love, prejudice, stress, superstitions, and family that      CASS                0-13-081363-X               $83.95
are used as conversational tools. The process is simple, yet effec-
tive, and the classroom content is always original and relevant
because students use their own life experiences to answer the
                                                                                          Functions of American English
                                                                                          Jones, Leo
                                                                                          Von Baeyer, C.
• Student surveys and small group participation enable all stu-
                                                                                          0-521-28528-3              $26.05
      dents to feel comfortable conversing with each other—
      encouraging them to express their views verbally and in writ-                       The text is for adults and young adults who
      ing.                                                                                need to learn to communicate effectively with
• Lessons progress in complexity of topic, vocabulary                                     the English they have already acquired. The
      (pertinent to each theme), and grammatical focus.                  text features:

TM                          0-13-613605-2                $10.95          •   Functional Organization—students learn how to do
                                                                             things in English—how to persuade a friend to do
                React Interact                                               something, how to apologize, how to complain, and so
                Byrd, Donald R.H.                                            on. After each function is presented, students learn to
                Clemente, Isis C.                                            understand a variety of ways to express it and then
                0-13-022057-4                $25.95                          some ways to perform it themselves.
                I-A                                                      •   Communicative Approach—To practice each of these
                                                                             functions, there are familiar kinds of teacher-controlled
                 The new edition of this popular conversation text           exercises, as well as many specially designed communi-
offers readers the chance to express the ideas, opinions, and val-           cation activities—pair and small group work involving
ues in English, while concurrently expanding their knowledge of              role plays, problem-solving tasks, and discussions.
grammar and vocabulary.                                                  •   Skills Development—The text focuses on improving lis-
                                                                             tening comprehension as well as speaking. The commu-
Organized by theme and communicative function, React Interact                nication activities are particularly useful in developing
stimulates conversation and lively classroom discussion with high-           conversational skills and fluency. Writing skills are also
interest topics and thought-provoking questions. Vocabulary and              practiced in every unit.
writing exercises help students formulate ideas, communicate them
clearly, and understand others’ points of view.                          IM                  0-521-28529-1               $27.50
                                                                         CASS                0-521-24211-8               $33.30
                   Let’s Talk Series                                                     The Play’s the Thing
                   Jones, Leo                                                            Whiteson, Valerie
                   HB-HI                                                                 Horovitz, Nava
                                                                                         0-521-65791-1                          $29.70
               The revised edition of Let’s Talk is now expanded                         LI-I
               into a three-level series. This communicative
               speaking and listening course in American English                      Fourteen selections from an array of modern
is designed to develop oral communication skills. Let’s Talk in-     international plays give intermediate ESL students an oppo r-
cludes a variety of interesting and innovative topics that encour-   tunity to study excellent writing, build their vocabulary, and
age students to express their feelings, ideas, and opinions.         practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Major Features:                                                      The playwrights range from Henrik Ibsen and Oscar Wilde
                                                                     to Wendy Wassertein, Athol Fugard, August Wilson, and
•    Pair and group work activities can be used in both small or     David Henry Hwang.
     large classes
•    Stimulating themes engage students and generate lively          The Student’s Book contains scenes from the plays accompa-
     conversations                                                   nied by activities, exercises, and assignments. A special
•    Frequent language support facilitates fluency                   grammar section is provided in the appendix. The Instruc-
                                                                     tor’s Manual contains the answer key along with tapescripts.
•    Vocabulary-building exercises prepare students for a topic
                                                                     The cassette contains dramatic recordings of the scenes from
•    Thought-provoking newspaper and magazine articles stimu-        the plays as well as all the texts for the “Listening Task” sec-
     late discussion                                                 tions.
•    Information-gap activities provide additional speaking
     practice                                                        •    Includes engaging and accessible readings by play-
•    A unique Self-study section, including an Audio CD at the            wrights from around the world.
     back of the book, assists students who want at-home listen-     •    Improves students’ oral fluency by helping them under-
     ing practice                                                         stand conversational discourse.
•    Grammar reference material provides additional language         •    Provides a writing activities section and final assignments
     support                                                              for each unit.
Let’s Talk 1(HB)
                                                                     IM                     0-521-65790-3                          $8.95
SB                     0-521-77695-3             $26.10              CASS                   0-521-65789-X                          $31.95
TM                     0-521-77694-5             $27.50
CASS                   0-521-77693-7             $59.40
                                                                                           You Said It!
Let’s Talk 2 (I)                                                                           Wong, Mary Shepard
                                                                                           0-521-65786-5                          $29.70
SB                     0-521-75074-1             $26.10
TM                     0-521-75075-X             $27.50
                                                                                       You Said It! Provides the kind of learner-
CASS                   0-521-75076-8             $59.40
                                                                                       centered tasks that students need to de-
Let’s Talk 3 (HI)                                                                      velop their listening and speaking skills.
                                                                                       Designed for intermediate students, the text
SB                     0-521-77692-9             $26.10
                                                                     uses an ongoing story line to weave together listening and
TM                     0-521-77691-0             $27.50              speaking activities. Students develop ten learner-centered
CASS                   0-521-77690-2             $59.40              communicative projects as they engage in purposeful commu-
                                                                     nication. The ten projects are a monologue tape, a survey, a
                                                                     movie review, an interview, an impromptu speech, a pre-
                                                                     pared speech, a debate, a commercial, a summary of a
                                                                     classmate’s speech, and a presentation of a cultural booth.

                                                                     •    Introduces vocabulary in new and various contexts
                                                                          through “Help with Vocabulary” boxes
                                                                     •    Highlights the most common expressions needed in listen-
                                                                          ing and speaking tasks with “Useful Expressions” boxes
                                                                     •    Integrates the four skills, engages students in purposeful
                                                                          communication, and teaches culture

                                                                     IM                     0-521-65785-7                          $9.45
19                                                                        Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                Have Your Say!                                                         Springboard
                McKay, Irene                                                           Richards, Jack C.
                0-19-541400-4               $30.95                                     PI-I
                                                                                   Springboard is a conversation and listening
                  Have Your Say! Provides an intensive focus on                    course organized around high-interest topics
                  communication practice for intermediate stu-                     that encourage students to talk about what
dents of English. Themes covered in the units range from                           they are most interested in: their own lives,
making introductions and giving personal information to soci-                      aspirations and interests. Each four-page unit
ety and culture, nature and the environment, and explora-         offers two complete lessons, plus optional extension activities.
tions. A wide variety of stimulating activities encourage com-
                                                                  1-SB      PI             0-19435350-8             $22.50
munication in each unit.
• A stimulating listening activity introduces each theme          1-TB      PI             0-19-435351-6            $28.00
• Listening selections include authentic news reports and
                                                                  1-CASS    PI             0-19-435352-4            $63.00
     interviews from CBC radio, as well as dialogues, tele-
     phone conversations, and a short lecture                     2-SB      I              0-19-435353-2            $22.50
• Speaking activities provide practice with a wide range
     of structures and expressions and include interviews,        2-TB      I              0-19-435354-0            $29.50
     questionnaires, surveys, role plays, sequencing conversa-    2-CASS    I              0-19-435355-9            $63.00
     tions, and group discussions
• Key structures and expressions are clearly presented in
     highlighted boxes
• Short “Tips for Talk” offer interesting, practical sugges-
     tions including notes on pronunciation, conversation                           Handshake
     strate gies, and cultural information                                          Viney, Peter
• Sections on idioms provide students with opportunities to                         Viney, Karen
                                                                                    0-19-457220-X          $37.95
     use the idioms in the context of a conversation
• Self-evaluation sections allow students to take responsi-
     bility for their learning and to focus on areas where they                 Handshake takes a fresh and constructive approach
     still need practice                                          to the way students use language. It goes beyond traditional
• Cartoons throughout provide visual interest and add hu-         language skills to the strategies and techniques that we use to
     mour to key aspects of communications                        convey even the simplest message. Topics range from “Starting
                                                                  a Conversation”, “Saying the Right Thing”, and “Complaining” to
CASS               0-19-541438-1               $31.50             non-verbal techniques such as “Gesture”, “Eye Contact” and
                                                                  “Body Language”.
Speech Communication Made Simple
A Multicultural Perspective                                       TB                             0-19-457221-8           $60.65
Dale, Paulette                                                    WKBK                           0-19-457222-6           $17.50
Wolf, James C.                                                    CASS                           0-19-457229-3           $31.50
0-13-020797-7               $33.95
                                                                                 New Person to Person
•    Outlines the speech-writing process from brainstorming                      Richards, Jack C.
     through actual delivery                                                     Bycina, David
•    Covers various types of presentations, from impromptu                       Aldcorn, Sue Brioux
     and informative to persuasive.                                              HB-I
•    Provides suggestions for effective listening.
•    Includes new chapters on body language and gestures;         I-SB          HB              0-19-434678-1         $32.50
     participation in group discussions; communication styles;
     and cross-cultural communication.                            1-TB          HB              0-19-434679-X         $46.50
•    Provides additional classroom activities, homework as-       1-CASS        HB              0-19-434680-3         $63.00
     signments, and review tests.
•    Offers tips for outlining and organizing ideas.              2-SB          I               0-19-434681-1         $32.50
•    Includes a wealth of examples, sample speeches, and          2-TB          I               0-19-434682-X         $46.50
                                                                  2-CASS        I               0-19-434683-8         $63.00
TM                          0-13-020802-7 $15.95

                  Culturally Speaking                                Getting Together
                  Genzel, Rhona B.                                   An ESL Conversational Book
                  Cummings, Martha Graves                            Stempleski, Susan
                  0-8384-4213-7           $35.95                     Rice, Alison
                  I                                                  Falsetti, Julia
                                                                     0-15-529598-5                      $49.35
                    Students learn to speak and act comfortably      I
                    in a new culture by sharing cultural thoughts,
notions, and experiences, and comparing these with the behav-        Getting Together provides enjoyable, task-based conversation
iors, customs, and everyday situations common to life in North       activities, including paired interviews, group decision tasks,
America.                                                             conversational mixers, role-plays, problem solving, word puz-
• Focus on integrated skills                                         zles, “tell me” activities, brainteasers, personality quizzes, and
• Common situations: shopping, dating, going to the doctor,          games. The activities in the book require little or no prepara-
      participating in social events, and sharing common interests   tion by the instructor.
• Nonverbal communication
• Attention to different language learning styles and tech-
      niques                                                         Say It Naturally
• Case studies, critical interests, and topics for discussing        Verbal Strategies for Authentic Communication
      cross-cultural issues                                          Wall, Allie Patricia
• Answer key and transcript at the end of the book                   HB-A

CASS                  0-8384-4212-9            $72.95                Say It Naturally uses a functional-notional approach to help
                                                                     students develop communication strategies for interacting ver-
                                                                     bally within a broad range of American social situations.
Communicating Effectively in English
Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers                           •   The activities range from verbal strategies and discussion
Porter, Patricia A.                                                      questions to dialogs and role plays.
Grant, Margaret                                                      •   Book 1 contains information on using the telephone, mak-
0-5341-7268-7                $65.35                                      ing and responding to introductions, asking for informa-
HI-A                                                                     tion; making, accepting and declining invitations, and
                                                                         apologizing and responding.
Communicating Effectively in English presents a highly interac-      •   Book 2 contains information on making excuses, compli-
tive, experiential format for developing stronger speaking and           menting and responding, expressing opinions, agreeing,
listening skills in a variety of contexts.                               and disagreeing, attracting attention and warning, and
                                                                         sustaining a conversation
•    Small-group and large-group communication
•    Interview, discussion, and public speaking skills               SB/CASS PKG 1                      0-03-022197-8                          $40.50
•    Progression from informative to persuasive speeches             SB/CASS PKG 2                      0-03-022198-5                          $40.50
•    Emphasizes the process of developing a speech
•    Student-centered

IM                    0-8384-7269-5            $21.95

21                                                                         Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
                Discussion Strategies                                                      Conversation Strategies
                Kehe, David                                                                Kehe, David
                Kehe, Peggy Dustin                                                         Kehe, Peggy Dustin
                0-86647113-8                $29.80                                         0-86647082-4                $29.80
                HI-A                                                                       B-A

                  This new text goes beyond everyday conversation,                         Pair and Group Activities for Develop-
                  with 38 activities for high-intermediate to advanced                     ing Communicative Competence. 24
                  ESOL students. Skills needed at high academic and                        Activities for pair and small group con-
business levels are developed, and students work in real discussion       versation practice to develop strategic conversation
formats—pairs, triads, small groups, and whole class. Discussion top-     skills.
ics are high-interest, and no in-depth background is necessary.
Clear, step-by-step focussed practice of 13 discussion skills—using       To develop strategic competence, students must learn the
rejoining/giving clarification, using comprehension checks, soliciting    words, phrases, and conventions that are used and fol-
and using details, interrupting, expressing opinions, volunteering an-    lowed as two speakers engage in the active give-and-
swers, referring to information and opinion sources, helping discussion   take of conversation. These are the strategies we use to
leaders, and leading a discussion.                                        get more information, make comparison, correct some-
                                                                          one politely, agree and disagree, summarize, share in-
                                                                          formation and make decisions in a business meeting.
                                                                          Students also practice polite forms, rejoinders, clarifica-
                                                                          tions, follow-up questions, getting a response, expressing
                Conversation Inspirations                                 probability, interrupting, and avoiding conversation kill-
                Zelman, Nancy Ellen                                       ers.
                0-86647094-8                $29.80                        Each activity has three parts: a teacher’s introduction, a
                B-A                                                       student’s introductory exercise to be done individually,
                                                                          and the pair/group practice that makes use of informa-
                 Now over 2,000 conversation topics. From time to         tion gap and other interactive formats.
                 time, every teacher needs a fresh inspiration. For
                 that moment of need, this book is a quick and easy       Each fun, student-centered activity begins with controlled
                 resource. The author explains how to organize 8          language but moves to an open, imaginative exchange.
different conversation activities: talks, interviews, role plays, chain   The work is enjoyable for both students and teachers,
stories and other group activities, and discussions. Procedures for       and the activities are easy to implement in any interme-
each are clearly laid out. In the introduction, general procedures for    diate class.
conducting conversation classes are suggested. These revolve around
the use of topic cards, monitoring, and correction techniques, and a
variety of game rituals which make the conversation class effective
as well as enjoyable.

Conversation Inspirations has been thoroughly revised with the issues
of the 90’s in mind. Half of the 2,000+ topics are new. The new
design makes it easy for large or small group work, structured con-
versation practice or a free exchange of opinions, you will come
back to this book again and again.

             T O P LACE AN ORDER CALL: (604) 871-7333 F AX: (604) 871-7311 WWW.VCC. CA/ KECBOOKSTORE


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