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Real Estate Proforma by Jason

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The following Real Estate Proforma is a valuation worksheet for buying different types of real estate including apartment buildings. The fields in gray are automatically calculated. By entering certain financial data on the property you are able to calculate all the key ratios. This form his helpful for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate with multiple units or for real estate brokers looking to have a one-pager to market their properties.

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Full Address Boulevard, Suite 505 2001 Wilshire City, State, Zip California 90403 Santa Monica,
Telephone &453-9656 FAX: (310) 829-6288 TEL: (310) Fax

Property Type:
Unit Mix: Address:

Apartment Building: 12 Units
5 Large Two Story Townhouse Units(2bdrms, 1.75 bths, den); 5 Large 1 bed 1 bath 1 Two Story Townhouse(1bdrm, 1bth); 1 Large Single

Listed Price Down # of Units Cost/Unit Current GRM Current CAP Approx. Age Approx Lot Size 31%

$2,900,000 $900,000 12 $241,667 13.95 4.69% 1969 7,497


Highlights & Features
* Prime Southern California Location, * Upside in rents * Great for owner user * Unique townhomes, large units

11.09 6.49%

Annual Operating Data
Scheduled Gross Income Less Vacancy Rate Reserve Gross Operating Income Less Expenses: Net Operating Income Less Loan Payments Pre-Tax Cash Flow Plus Principal Reduction Total Return B
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