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					                               Historic Preservation
It is the mission of the Department of Planning and Zoning to conserve the older
communities in Howard County, their architectural styles, and therein preserve our
history for future generations.

This mission is accomplished through the establishment of historic districts and
identifying historic structures and sites throughout the County. Two historic districts
currently exist, the Ellicott City Historic District and the Lawyers Hill Historic District,
both of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. About 700
individual historic sites have been identified throughout the County. An historic sites
inventory update evaluating these and other potential sites is currently underway. The
update is being conducted by architectural historian, Alice Mordoh.

Before proceeding on work in a historic district, including building, repairing or even
cutting down trees, it is recommended that a call be made to the Department of Planning
and Zoning to determine if approval from the Historic District Commission is required.
To inquire, call (410) 313-4323. Design guidelines for the two historic districts are
available through the Department of Planning and Zoning.

An application for appearance before the Historic District Commission to receive a
Certificate of Approval to do work on a property is listed below. Note that proposed
work may be eligible for tax credits. The Application for Tax Credit form is also listed

               Historic District Application for Certificate of Approval

                                Application for Tax Credit

Historic District Maps (This should be a subpage)

To see the County’s two historic districts, click on the links below.

                               Ellicott City Historic District

                              Lawyers Hill Historic District