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Winter 2009
                                       ...To the Rescue
                                                 Rehoming Some of Colorado’s Most Eligible Dogs

Rescue Spotlight:
Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue
Erin Bradford

It’s every rescue’s dream
come true: an adopter becomes a volunteer, takes on
                                                                dogs.” Either way, the group has not turned away any
                                                                dogs in need, other than those with aggression issues,
                                                                in-state or out-of-state, since the couple took over the
increasing responsibilities as time goes by and ulitimately     rescue last year. Shelter dogs take priority over owner-
takes the reins. That’s what happened with Brent and            surrenders, but the group takes in plenty of both.
Linda Wagner. In 2001 the couple adopted their first Saint Saint Bernards hold a special place in the couple’s heart.
Bernard from Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue (CSBR).                 “We love Saint Bernards because they are companion
Linda became involved with public events, paperwork,               animals. They are far more person than dog at times.
and home visits for the rescue, and Brent jumped on
                                                                   They are as lazy or as active as you want them to be,
board about a year later. Now, the couple runs the rescue          within limits, and almost universally love people,” says
with the help of a tight-knit circle of volunteers and             Brent. He finds them easy to train and delightful house
fosters. And they couldn’t be doing a better job, with 55            EnCana Cares Chili Cook-Off 2008
                                                                   dogs. But at the same time, the massive size of the
dogs placed this year so far and over 100 dogs placed since        breed and its requirements can make good homes hard
they took over the rescue in early 2007.          To save or print this photo, right click on the image and save it to
                                                                   to find. CSBR turns down approximately 80 percent of
                                                                   prospective disk, CD or email no cookie-cutter perfect
                                                  your desktop, my documents, homes. There isas attachment.
The couple hit the ground running, and with CSBR’s
dogs coming from far and wide, they have stayed busy.              family, according to Brent: “They may be homes with
As Brent explains, the ratio of owner-surrendered                  a single mother, a family of 7, or a retired couple living
animals from Colorado has been steadily decreasing                 in the mountains. We have all of these among our
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lately: “The majority of our intakes are sourced from              adopters. To be successful, they must be people who are
out of state. We’re not sure if this is due to a maturing          committed to a lifetime with their Saint, along with the
of the dog ownership population in Colorado. Maybe                 work that goes along with them. Obedience training
folks are starting to understand that a dog is a lifetime          is vital in a breed that can reach 200 pounds, and
commitment or they’re taking other paths to dump their             education is key. Potential — fetch the rest on page 2

   October 20, 2008 - Denver’s third Annual EnCana
   Cares employee chili cook-off competition
   raised $12,000 for Denver charities. The second
   place award of $750 for Best Theme/Costume
   went to Einstein’s Formula, cooking for All
   Breed Rescue Network, one of the organizations
   chosen by EnCana employees. ABRN president
   Martha Smith (in photo right, with Westie) and
   all of us say, “Thank you, EnCana!”

                                                                                    — you found it from page 1 !

    Saints and Sinners                                                              adopters need to understand that these dogs drool and
                                                                                    shed like no other breed.”
    Brent Wagner, Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue, Inc.

                                                                                    Currently there are over 20 Saint Bernards available for
       ast Spring we were horrified to hear about an animal cruelty case in         adoption. Handling the care of so many large dogs takes a lot
       Stratton, Colorado. 41 dogs had been starved to death, many of them          of cash, so the rescue has had to get creative. “We had a huge
    Saint Bernards. When authorities arrived, there were only five dogs             success with our golf tournament last year. We raised more
    continuing to draw breath, one of whom couldn’t be saved in the following       money than we ever had on a single event with an impressive
    days. The four survivors ended up under the care of the Burlington
                                                                                    turnout of 144 golfers. We also hold an annual bowling
                                                                                    tournament, as well as a picnic for previous adopters with a
    Sheriff’s Department, where they spent several months recovering under
                                                                                    silent auction. We use GoodShop and GoodSearch and have
    the care of Doug Beechley. All four dogs nearly doubled their body weight
                                                                                    a Fundraising Coordinator who keeps us on track with new
    over the course of the next three months. The only female to survive was        ideas on a regular basis.” Some fundraising ideas fail and some
     placed with a rancher in eastern Colorado who had been very interested         succeed, but they are always willing to try out new ideas.
     in her from the time of her seizure by the Sheriff’s department and was
                                                                                    To help cover medical costs, the rescue charges a $275
     tenacious in keeping track of her throughout her recovery. We applaud
                                                                                    adoption fee for highly adoptable dogs and $150 for
     his care and concern for a horribly mistreated dog. The story of the three
                                                                                    senior dogs or those with special needs, such as ongoing
     remaining Saints follows.                                                      medical expenses. All the dogs that come through CSBR
     When Monahan, Curtis, and Henley were picked up from Burlington,               are vet checked, spayed or neutered prior to placement,
     they were still very nervous around strangers, but they had put on             microchipped, updated on shots and Bordetella, dewormed,
     enough weight to look like thin Saint Bernards and not the emaciated           heartworm checked, and placed on heartworm-preventative.
     animals that had been seized. They got their names on the drive back           CSBR attempts to correct any medical problems that a dog
     across I-70 to Denver, after one of our transport co-pilots managed            may have to ensure that they are as healthy as possible prior
                                                                                    to adoption.
      to find the names of the first four ships out of Pearl Harbor on
      December 7, 1941. We felt that these guys deserved survivor names             No rescue is an island, and CSBR depends heavily on its
      as well. They spent the hours on the drive back quietly watching              volunteers to keep the group running. Most are previous
      everything. We stopped at McDonald’s in Limon to get them some                adopters who have a passion for the breed. The group’s
      cheeseburgers; Curtis took 15 minutes to build up enough courage
                                                                                    webpage features Gold and Silver level volunteers and boasts
                                                                                    a large crew of both. CSBR holds monthly meetings and
       to try his. They arrived back in Denver and promptly set off for their
                                                                                    dinners for the volunteers to keep the crew motivated. “We
       baths. They didn’t complain a bit as they were scrubbed down and
                                                                                    are fairly demanding of our volunteers and fosters because
       blown dry. Knowing that the likelihood of placing them together              we know it’s hard work. We let them know we appreciate
       was almost zero, we felt it best to split them up immediately. Each          them as much as we can, and we ask a lot of them.”
       dog went to one of CSBR’s three intake homes.
                                                                                    In the short time that Brent and Linda have been running
        Monahan is the oldest of the boys. We are guessing him to be around         CSBR, they have had their share of heartbreak, with two
        six years old. He is a beautiful guy who is still putting on weight. We     dogs being euthanized for medical reasons and 31 euthanized
        discovered not long after he came to us that he needed surgery on           for aggression issues. “The aggression cases are the worst,
        his left front elbow to correct a genetic condition. He is recovering       knowing that most often, the dog had been driven to a
        nicely from the surgery and will probably walk without a limp in            condition that we couldn’t solve in a safe manner,” says
         several months. He is the most — follow your nose to page 3                Brent. “You know you are having a massive impact on the
                                                                                    lives of the dogs you take in, as well as the world that they
                                                                                         are exposed to as they travel through life. An aggressive
            H e n le y                                                                   dog is a huge risk, and you must be willing to identify
                                                                                         that risk and make hard choices when necessary.”
                                                                                         Another challenging aspect of running the rescue is
                                                                                         taking in dogs that are too old or sick to be chosen by
                                                                                         But those sad moments are outweighed by the joy of
                                                                                         placing a dog that seems unlikely to survive, let alone be
                                                                                         adopted. “We brought in a dog named Morris that had
                                                                                         been used as a guard dog at a meth lab. Morris and his
                                                                                         brother endured horrendous living conditions, which

	     ABRN Newsletter 	                         	         	         	         			2																					 	      	        Winter 2009                   	
                                                                             saints and sinners                here it is from page 2!
                                                                           reserved of the boys, having been in the “facility” in Stratton
                                                                           for so many years. It takes him a lot of time to trust folks, and

                                          Pand y                           he has finally stopped running away when you approach him
                                                                           with anything in your hands. He moved from his intake home
    Morris’s brother did                                                   to a foster family in Bailey in October and is doing very well with
    not survive. Morris                                                    their Saint, Bubba. He will be the most work of the three boys
    should not have                                                        and probably will not be placed for another six months until he
    survived, but he did.                                                  has learned to relax around people.
    He has now found a
                                                                           Henley is a younger Saint (we believe him to be somewhere
    loving family and is a
                                                                           between a year and 18 months). We expected him to take quite
    very happy dog.”
                                                                           some time to open up. We were wrong. He has blossomed into a
    Brent and Linda credit                                                 wonderful, happy puppy. He loved playing with his foster house-
    their determination,
                                                                           mates, and thrives on human attention. He suffers from genetically
    stubbornness, honesty,
                                                                           flawed hips, but seems to be responding to supplements very well.
    and pragmatism for
                                                                           We’re hoping that he’ll be able to live a full life without having to
    enabling them to
    continue rescuing.                                                     suffer hip surgery. Henley was adopted by a wonderful family in
    “We refuse to lose,” he says. “Sometimes we still do, but we           Evergreen who recognizes the challenges of managing bad hips in
    go down fighting. We have to make hard decisions all of the            a dog this size, and feels that he is more than worth the work.
    time, but we do with the best interest of the dogs and Rescue           In some ways Curtis is the greatest success of all. We believe he’s
    in mind at all times.”                                                  around the same age as Henley (they could be littermates). He
    So, what’s next for CSBR? Well, while Brent can’t see                   came in with very little muscle tone, terrified of everyone and
    running the rescue forever, right now CSBR is operating one             everything. He was painfully shy and appeared to be a long-term
    dog at a time: “Whether that means years more or decades,               project. Amazingly, within 24 hours of arrival at his intake home,
    we really can’t say,” he admits. “But knowing that we’re                he was playing full-bore with the other dogs and acting like a
    making a difference to the next dog, along with the large               normal puppy. He lived in a foster home for a short time and was
    and small successes that we get when we don’t expect them”              adopted by a couple who had already adopted a Saint, “Sunshine”,
    keep the couple moving forward every day.
                                                                            from CSBR. Sunshine has put him through boot camp, and he has
    Brent says that the best advice he could give to someone                developed into a normal, young, happy Saint Bernard. At first he
    wanting to start a rescue is to take advantage of mentors               was unable to keep up with Sunshine. Now he sometimes leaves
    and seasoned volunteers, and he and Linda continue to                    her worn out. It’s almost impossible to tell that he had not had a
    take valuable guidance from the former president of CSBR,
                                                                             normal, happy life.
    Nina Washington. Also, he advises people to understand
    the sacrifice involved. “This isn’t just a question of time and         We are astonished at the capacity of these guys to forget their
    money, although there are huge demands on both. It is a life            horrible past and move forward. And we are so thankful for all of
    of massive joy and huge disappointment. It can break your               the volunteers - intake and foster homes, transport, and bathers
    heart one day, and lift it the next.” Also, he advises people to        - who were willing to step up on very short notice and get these
    gain an intimate knowledge of their chosen breed in order to            guys into Rescue. We’re extremely grateful to Doug in Burlington
    evaluate and place dogs appropriately. Contact Colorado Saint           for getting them back to health and for contacting us when he
    Bernard Rescue at 720-981-1700, cosaintrescue@gmail.com or              was able to release them. The work continues, and most likely will
    www.cosaintrescue.com                                                             for awhile with Monahan, but we feel very fortunate
                                                                                      that Curtis and Henley have already found loving
                                                                                      families and are optimistic that Monahan will most
                                                                                      likely find a family to call his own. For anything good to
                                                                                      come from all of this is awe-inspiring.
                                                                                      We promised not to discuss the legalities of the animal
                                                                                      cruelty case against the alleged perpetrator until the
                                                                                      matter has been fully adjudicated. For a summary
                                                                                      of Colorado legislation related to animal cruelty
                                                                                      and links to organizations worldwide that you can
                                                                                      contact to report instances of cruelty, go to www.
                                                                                      allbreedrescuenetwork.com and click on the link that is
                                                                                      on the home page.
                                                         Curti s

	   				 ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808 	                         			3																					 	           	

    A Cause for Paws 2008 5K Doggie Dash
    and 3K Walk-a-Thon
    Jordan Di Marco, ABRN Hotline Volunteer
    Every year for the past 19 years the Humane Society of                After everyone has had their exercise, participants are
    Boulder Valley holds one of its most important fundraisers            invited to enjoy a much-deserved and tasty pancake
    – the Cause for Paws. I have only been participating for 4 of         breakfast and to check out vendors at the Pet Expo.
    the 19 years, but I plan on participating in the future as well.      Local companies such as groomers, dog daycares and
    The Doggie Dash consists of lots of able-bodied humans and            veterinary clinics have booths to check out.
    their four legged companions vying for the top spot. The              Many local sponsors participate as well – including
    race is a Bolder Boulder qualifier and is always entertaining         Boulder’s own KBCO 97.3 FM and the Daily Camera
    to watch. This year 160 people participated and finished              newspaper. Ginger from KBCO is a regular, and she is
    the race.                                                             always happy to announce the race winners!
    The Walk-a-Thon is a lot of fun at a slower pace. The path            The Humane Society of Boulder Valley is a great asset
    takes several hundred people and dogs into an open space              to our pet community. Every year they take in and
    and down the creek bed where the pooches can take a dip.              re-home hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, ferrets
    At the turnaround point there are water stations for dogs             and small mammals. They will often rush to the aid
    and humans alike. Each year it is a challenge to try and              of natural disasters, opening their doors to animals
    guess the breeds of many of the dogs, as a lot of the HSBV            displaced in hurricanes or fires. Their veterinary clinic
    alumni come to visit each year.                                       boasts a wonderful caring staff that not only takes care
    Everyone who participates in the race or walk submits                 of shelter animals and strays, but is open to the public
    a donation to the Humane Society and is encouraged to                 as well. As an ongoing support to the animals they
    collect pledges for the event. Each year they have pledge             adopt out, the Humane Society has a Training and
    incentives ranging from Humane Society water bottles                  Behavior Center with socialization and puppy classes.
    and camp chairs to airline tickets and iPod speakers. It is           Of course, all of this would not be possible without the
    always neck and neck for the top spot but this year I won!            extraordinary work of volunteers who donate their
    I raised $1775 for the Humane Society and was deemed the              time to assist in shelter operations, pet adoptions, and
    top adult fundraiser. I am so glad that I was able to raise           veterinary clinic work.
    that much money for a worthy cause. The total fundraising
    for the event was $53,000!

                       Kuma’s Surprise
                       John Kryder, Great Pyrenees Rescue (PYRescue)
                        On a recent cold and rainy evening some intelligence-challenged
                          individual left our Kuma’s gate open, and he decided to go for a stroll
                            in the meadow, me in chase. He got as far as the pond (about a
                               quarter mile from the house) and couldn’t seem to get around
                                 the cattails, so he promptly jumped in the pond. The bank is
                                   steep, and he didn’t know it’s almost a 4-foot drop-off at
                                       that spot. Weighing 160 pounds, Kuma sank like a rock, up
                                          over his head. He (and I) learned he can swim, but you
                                          should have seen the look on his face. He still wouldn’t let me catch him, but he slowly walked
                                          back to the house, shaking water every 50 or so feet, not looking at me, and trying to maintain
                                          what was left of his dignity. We finally got him dry, and he has been the best behaved Pyr you have
                                          ever met since then!

	   ABRN Newsletter 	                  	         	        	         			4																					 	           	        Winter 2009                  	
    Max’s Wagging Tails Fund
    Jan Larkin started Max’s Wagging Tails Fund on behalf of her beloved               Plum Creek Kennel
    Weimaraner, Max. Max, adopted from Mile High Weimaraner Club
    Rescue, was an older dog who sadly got sick and didn’t live very long              Club Dog Show
    after Jan adopted him. She fell in love with him, but due to his separation        The Rocky Mountain Cluster • February 14-18, 2009
    anxiety, she felt he didn’t have much of a chance. Previous homes                  National Western Stock Show Complex
    couldn’t deal with him, and he was returned several times. As a result
    of Jan’s dedication to him, the help of a trainer, and medication, Max                Volunteer at the ABRN booth – call board member
    conquered his separation anxiety. She set up this fund hoping that other              Diane Lesher at 303-520-0705 or email Dlspot@
    rescue dogs with behavioral issues would find permanent homes with the                comcast.net. Bring dogs, introduce your breed, and
    help of training and education. Two training seminars have been funded                tell people about the work your rescue group is doing.
    so far by Max’s Wagging Tails Fund - Canine Separation Anxiety on July
                                                                                          Attend the Parade of Rescue Dogs on Saturday,
    27th and the Resource Guarding Seminar on November 1st. One of the
                                                                                          February 14 – 12:00 noon – Center Ring – board
    Fund’s goals is to reach as many dogs as possible under the umbrella of
    ABRN, a coalition of over 100 different dog rescue groups. The seminars               member Sandy Moore, coordinator – 303-751-6704
    and training are available to members and adopters of ABRN dogs. If you               or cynthiaamber@comcast.net. ABRN members
    have specific training needs, ideas on seminars, trainers, and facilities that        interested in participating with a rescued dog should
    could house an educational seminar, we’d love to hear from you. Email                 contact Sandy.
    board member Diane Lesher at Dlspot@comcast.net.                                      Visit 100 vendors selling everything for and about

    Resource Guarding Seminar                                                             dogs – from the sensible to the sublime.
                                                                                          Meet the breeds and attend a breed seminar.
    On November 1st , many of us attended a seminar on resource
    guarding. The seminar, funded by Max’s Wagging Tails Fund, was                        Dog show! So many beautiful dogs in one place, you
    conducted by Lisa L. Sickles, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) and                    won’t be able to stand it.
    behavior consultant of WagWag Enterprises. Since numerous dogs                        Raffle of a wonderful weekend mountain getaway
    arrive in rescue with behavioral problems - and often because of                      package that will include lodging, a dinner certificate
    behavioral problems - it’s critical that we understand and have
                                                                                          and more. The raffle is a fundraiser for ABRN. Contact
    professional guidance on resolving them. Dogs with severe guarding
                                                                                          any ABRN board member or ABRN member after
    behaviors are often less desirable as pets and can also be deemed
    unadoptable if the behaviors are not corrected. Guarding of resources                 January 1st to purchase a raffle ticket for $5.00 (5 for
    - food, objects like toys, locations like the bed or couch, owners,                   $20.00). Get yours today.
    perhaps the most coveted resource - is common. It can be tricky,                      For more information about schedules, parking, and
    time-consuming, and may take a lot of knowledge, patience and hard                    events, visit the Plum Creek Kennel Club’s website at
    work to resolve. Lisa educated us on what the behavior looks like, i.e.               www.onofrio.com.
    accelerated food consumption, freezing up, growling, snarling, etc.,
                                                                                        If you have never attended the Plum Creek Kennel
    ways to prevent the behaviors, and a protocol for desensitization and
    counter conditioning. Lisa recommended a variety of resources, such                 Club Dog Show, you are in for a delight for dog
    as books by Patricia McConnell and Jean Donaldson, and websites like                lovers. If you have attended, you can look forward
    www.dogwise.com, and she answered questions on specific problems                    to another amazing experience. This event is always
    experienced by the seminar participants with their dogs. Lisa can be                well attended, and it is All Breed’s opportunity to
    reached at 303-619-8013, Lisa@wagwag.net or www.wagwag.net. She                     raise public awareness about our work and the
    offers private lessons and group classes, and if she feels your problem             traits of specific dog breeds. The Rescue Showcase
    requires help she is unable to give you, she will refer you to others.              is always poignant and uplifting. It is a parade
    Our thanks go to Jan Larkin and Max’s Wagging Tails Fund for                        of rescued dogs, with a brochure available to
    making this seminar possible.                                                       onlookers describing the dogs being showcased. It
                                                                                        is heartwarming to see so many dogs that, in many
     All Breed Rescue Network Needs Your Help!                                          cases, came from tragic conditions to be happily re-
       At a time when we are re-homing a record number of dogs,                         homed with loving families. There is no shortage of
       our donations are down. Please help rescue dogs where it is                      wagging tails here.
      most needed with a tax-deductible donation. Go to “How You
      Can Help” on our website and donate through PayPal. Or mail
      a check to ABRN, P. O. Box 150803, Lakewood, CO 80215-0803.
                           Thank you for your support!

	      				 ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808 	                              			5																					 	         	

               Canine Money Laundering                                                       Maya, Gracie and friend
                                                                                                     before rescue.
    Leslie Brown, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

    Dear Diary,
    I have somehow misplaced my cash deposit of $450 – I know it was here
    somewhere, but I don’t remember where I left it last night. Oh, well,
    it’ll turn up.
    It turned up. Gadzooks! I was cleaning up the yard today, and the poop
    looked a little different. On closer inspection, sure enough, there were
                                                                                                                                  Maya today.
    little Abe Lincolns, Al Hamiltons, Andrew Jacksons, etc. - peeking out at
    me all over the yard. There was even a Ben Franklin. Now what?
    I bought a colander at the thrift store, and some old cookie sheets and
    with the help of my jet stream hose, am methodically rinsing off all the
                                                                                                       A Heartfelt Thank You
    stuff and spreading it to dry on the cookie sheets. Everything is in tatters
    – it appears hopeless.
                                                                                                     to Our Generous Donors
                                                                                                     EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. Employee Chili Cook-Off
                                                                                                                     Meredith and Don Masse
    I think that’s the last of it – everything is dried off and in Baggies – several
                                                                                                        Marita Rossmueller, HO-BO Care Boxer Rescue
    of them – I guess I’ll just file them away under “lessons learned”.
                                                                                                               Maggie Smith and Irv Edelman
                                                                                                                          Doug Hawes
    Sally Gilman has a friend in the Treasury Department who gave me a
                                                                                                                          Maria Barnes
    website address – it can’t hurt.
    3/24/07                                                                                              We are grateful, also, to our regular donors
                                                                                                             who wish to remain anonymous.
    Got the letter written, everything packaged up and mailed off, registered
    mail. I don’t hold out much hope, but you never know. I enclosed a
    photo of Ulysses Grant peeking out of a turd for credibility.                          “To The Rescue” Welcomes
    4/12/07                                                                                New Designer
    A letter from the Treasury Department – they have actually                             Do you like our new look? Beth Barnett is an artist and designer
    acknowledged receipt of my package! My “mutilated money case”                          in Kansas City, Missouri, who loves to create art and designs for
    has been rated as “Grade 3 – requires more than cursory examination.                   homeless pets and their people. She has graciously volunteered
    These notes may contain a moderate amount of foreign matter” (ha!)                     to be our new pro bono designer! Beth has a menagerie of her
    – Can I hope?                                                                          own – a beautiful, statuesque Greyhound, a handsome Jack
    8/1/08                                                                                 Russell Terrier (a.k.a. The Nudge), two big, fluffy cats, and a small,
    A check arrived today from the Mutilated Currency Division of the
                                                                                           snowshoe, ninja calico kitty. Oh, and last but not least, a husband
                                                                                           named Tony. We were fortunate to find Beth through Creative
    Department of Treasury – for $445!!! Now if I can just remember to
                                                                                           Paw, a network of creative professionals who are willing to work
    put this someplace safe and out of reach from nosey noses.
                                                                                           pro bono for animal welfare organizations such as ours. More of
    8/2/08                                                                                 Beth’s work can be found at www.littlebethbarnett.com. Also
    Safely deposited. Note to self: Share this information with All Breed                  check out www.creativepaw.org or contact Linda Formichelli at
    Rescue Network – you never know when it will come in handy for                         linda.creativepaw@gmail.com. We are grateful to Linda and Beth
    someone else! This is the website I went to: www.moneyfactory.gov                      and are looking forward to many wonderful newsletters to come.
    I noticed there are lots of websites dealing with mutilated currency.                  Our heartfelt thanks go to designer Reagan Osborne, www.
    Lucky for us dog people!                                                               ZeaCreative.com, who designed our newsletter pro bono
                                                                                           since October, 2005. She did a great job for us, and we
                                                                                           enjoyed working with her.

	       ABRN Newsletter 	                           	          	         	             			6																					 	          	       Winter 2009
    ABRN Board Members                                                   ABRN Shelter Liaison List
    President: Martha Smith (303) 338-0878                               Adams County Animal Shelter (Brighton, CO)
    Vice President: Karen Brown (303) 841-6052                           Bill Lesher (720) 320-8489
    Secretary: Jeanne Phipers (303) 985-2811                             Aurora Animal Care Center (Aurora, CO)
    Treasurer: Susan Lummanick (720) 320-2413                            Diane Lesher (303) 680-6265 home or (303) 520-0705 cell
    Member-at-Large: Diane Lesher (303) 680-6265                         Denver Municipal Animal Shelter (Denver, CO)
    Member-at-Large: Sandy Moore (303) 751-6704                          Lisa Ransdell (720) 985-3300 or (303) 871-4720
    Member-at-Large: Lisa Ransdell (720) 985-3300                        Martha Smith (303) 338-0878
    Member-at-Large: Mary Toornman (303) 973-0212                        Bonnie Guzman (303) 733-4220

    ABRN Hotline Volunteers                                              Dumb Friends League (Denver, CO)
                                                                         Martha Smith (303) 338-0878
    Susan Brown, Hotline Coordinator (720) 851-7222                      Backup: Sandy Moore (303) 751-6704
    Sarah Brashear      Nancy Gregory
                                                                         DFL Buddy Center (Castle Rock, CO)
    Ronda Brewer        Lu Horner
                                                                         Karen Brown (303) 841-6052
    Cassandra Benton    Mimi Karsh
    Chris Collins       Debra McClelland                                 Humane Society of Boulder Valley (Boulder, CO)
    Jordan DiMarco      Sharon Nichols                                   ♦ None at this time. If help is needed, contact a board member.
    Carol Farina                                                         Humane Society of Weld County (Greeley, CO)
                                                                         ♦ None at this time. If help is needed, contact a board member.
                     ABRN Mission                                        Larimer Humane Society (Ft. Collins, CO)
                                                                         Karin Lang (970) 667-4314
    The mission of All Breed Rescue Network, Inc., is to provide a
                                                                         Backup: Teresa Shively (970) 224-1264
    vehicle for the fostering and rehoming of abandoned purebred
                                                                         Longmont Humane Society
    dogs, to assist in increasing the adoption of shelter dogs by
                                                                         ♦ None at this time. If help is needed, contact a board member.
    promoting awareness and working with shelters, and to educate
                                                                         Mesa County Animal Services (Grand Junction, CO)
    the community regarding responsible dog ownership including
                                                                         ♦ None at this time. If help is needed, contact a board member.
    the spay/neuter of companion animals.
                                                                         Table Mountain Animal Care Center (Golden, CO)
                        ABRN Vision                                      Janet Nelson (303) 466-2459
                                                                         Lois Williams (303) 986-5296
                 Ending euthanasia                                       Backup: Susan Lummanick (303) 948-2526
            of adoptable dogs in Colorado.                               ♦ NOTe: If unable to contact a shelter liaison or if there is
                                                                         none, please contact a board member.
    Stay In Touch!
    If you are interested in being on our rescue referral list or         To The Rescue, ABRN News, published quarterly.
    if you are on the list and have changes you need to make,             Susan Heidicker Brown, Editor
    please contact a member of the ABRN List Committee: Jenni             Erin Bradford, Assistant Editor
    McKernan, (303) 783-5772 or colosheltierescue@prodigy.                Beth Barnett, Designer - www.littlebethbarnett.com
    net; or Mary Kenton, (303) 929-7355 or mail4mjk@aol.com.              Jeanne Phipers, Board Liaison
    Would you like to feature a dog on ABRN’s website? Contact            Lois Williams and Maria Barnes, Distribution
    Jenni McKernan at (303) 783-5772 or at colosheltierescue@             ABRN reserves the right to edit any submissions for
    prodigy.net to highlight a rescue dog on the website. Please          content, length, or grammar prior to publication. By
    follow up with Jenni when that dog has been adopted. Let              submitting your article, you grant ABRN the right to
    Jenni know if the dog would be suitable for an active lifestyle,      publish your material in any future publications. While we
    and she can add the “Jog Dog” icon next to the dog.                   welcome all submissions, only a limited amount of material
    If you have a temporary change, such as a vacation,                   can be published.
    please contact the hotline coordinator, Susan Brown,                  To submit articles for the newsletter, please call Susan
    at (720) 851-7222 or editor@skybeam.com.                              Brown at (720) 851-7222 or e-mail editor@skybeam.com.
    To find the appropriate rescue group to adopt or                      Photographs of rescued dogs are always welcome. If photos
    surrender a purebred dog, first check our website, www.               are digital, please set your camera at the highest resolution
    allbreedrescuenetwork.com. If the information is not found            (3 MB minimum). Deadline for submissions for the next
    there, call our hotline, (303) 989-7808.                              issue is February 28, 2009.

	   				 ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808 	                                			7																					 	      	
                                                                      ABRN Newsletter                 Winter 2009

163,700 dogs and cats entered Colorado
shelters in 2007.
Nearly 45,000 were euthanized.
Give to the Pet Overpopulation Fund
The Pet Overpopulation Fund, a Colorado tax checkoff,           amount on your
is working to save animals’ lives. In the 6 years since its     Colorado income
inception, the Fund has subsidized more than 32,000 spay        tax return and
and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats in underserved areas     support this
of Colorado. It also helps create and implement education       worthwhile
programs that encourage Coloradans to have their pets           endeavor. These
spayed or neutered. No one looks forward to filing their        are dollars
income tax returns. Yet the task can be a little less painful   well spent.
if you view it as an opportunity to donate to a cause in        Your gift is
which we all strongly believe.                                  tax-deductible
The Pet Overpopulation Fund is a charitable fund created        and could save
by the State of Colorado whose goal is to eliminate             a pet’s life! All
euthanasia of dogs and cats in Colorado that result from        donations are used to benefit the animals; administrative
random breeding. Remember that a fertile dog can produce        services are provided at no cost to the Fund. For more
2 litters a year of 6 to 10 puppies per litter. In 6 years      information on the Pet Overpopulation or to acquire
one female dog and her offspring could produce 67,000           downloadable promotional materials to support the
dogs. With that in mind, please enter a generous donation       marketing effort, go to www.savecoloradopets.org.

All Breed Rescue Network
P.O.Box 150803
Lakewood, CO 80215-0803

      Pa nd y, St . Be rn ar d

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