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									  Buy FC Barcelona tickets at the Nou Camp – your chance to
           see the best football team in the world

That Futbol Club Barcelona among the best football clubs worldwide is beyond question and any
serious football fan has to at least make one pilgrimage to the club's famous stadium to see them
play at home.

The club is often known simply as Barça, and if you do attend a match at the Nou Camp you'll find
many foreign visitors as well as locals. Following the 1992 Olympics Barcelona was put back on
the map as a short stay destination thanks to easy access from the UK and other European countries
thanks to low cost airlines Easyjet and then Ryanair and other budget carriers, and the rise in
fortunes of the club over the last few years since Joan Laporta first became club president has
ensured that the number of Barcelona tickets sold to tourists has rocketed.

Sandro Rossell is the current president, with Pep Guardiola coaching the squad, succeeding Frank
Rijkaard whose own reign, although successful, ultimately fizzled out.

Although the names often change - Ronaldinho experienced his career highs during his first seasons
at Barça and Samuel Eto'o was another hugely successful figure One of the big highlights of the last
few years has been the growth of Lionel Messi as a player, brought up through the ranks of the
youth club and now one of the best players in the world, , although as well as his own talent he has
Xavi, Andres Iniesta, David Villa and Carles Puyol to thank too.

While attendance figures were at one point low, even the current economic crisis can't prevent fans
from seeing the current team live, which is why you should book your FC Barcelona tickets in
advance, and their passion is infectious. If the visiting team is Real Madrid then that passion is
displayed at full force, venting Catalonia's longstanding feud with Madrid .

The ground can hold just less than 100,000 spectators and when the stadium is full the roar of the
crowd can deafen. Football in Spain is often treated as a family event, so you'll find people of all
ages attending matches including family outings with grandparents and grandchildren.

Whether Barça win, lose or draw is always important, particularly if they are playing Real Madrid,
simply watching the players - especially Messi - sometimes seems like true art. Modest and
unassuming, Messi always seems to enjoy himself on pitch and the crowd loves him.

The Nou Camp is one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world and going there is an experience
all in itself. While football fans should aim to see Barça in action, the stadium is also hugely
popular as a tourist destination. In fact the Barça museum is the most visited museum in Catalonia,
ahead of Barcelona's Picasso Museum and the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres.

With displays of trophies, documents and photos you can also participate in the stadium tour, which
includes visits to the changing rooms, the tunnel and the directors area.

So next time you're in Barcelona how can you resist the draw to the Nou Camp to pay homage to
one of the greatest football teams on Earth? Order your FC Barcelona tickets online and make sure
you see them when you're there.

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