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                                               January 2011
                                                                                         Inside this issue:
      Updates, Announcements, Reminders!

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                                                                                 International 4-H, Inter- 4
        CALENDARS                                                                national Night, Con-
                                                                                 grats & Good Luck,
      Calendars are                                                              Food Safety Training
                                                                                 Hippology Practice,          5
      and ready for                                                              Home Ec School
                                                                                 Calendar Dates               6

              Ben Bischel 2010-2011 County Council Treasurer

                                     Ben Bischel is the 14
                                     year old son
                                     of Mary Jo
                                     and Matt
                                     Bischel. He is a
                                     member of Desert
                                     Mesa 4-H Club. Ben
                                     is currently serving
                                     as your 2011 County
                                     Council Treasurer.
        Updates, Announcements, Reminders, Cont’d.!

 Shooting Sports: January 3rd will be a mandatory safety meeting for Shooting
 Sports. Archery will start at 6pm led by Newt McCarty. Firearm Safety will
 follow led by J.R. Colby. These trainings will take place in the 4-H Building.

 Horticulture: January 22nd at 10am, John Garlisch will begin Horticulture
 Classes at the Demo Kitchen. If you have an interest in gardening and plants,
 please show up. This class is an open class. He will be gearing this program
 in 2 ways: one towards the Junior Master Gardener curriculum and secondly
 towards creating a horticulture judging team.

 Natural Science Programs: John Garlisch is creating spring outdoor pro-
 grams for natural science projects including, but not limited to Forestry, Geol-
 ogy, Wildlife Habitat, Horticulture, Entomology, etc… If you have a strong in-
 terest or would like to help him plan these events, please email John

           Kids and Kows Expo

The tenth annual Kids Kows and
More Expo is slated for March 3rd
and 4th at the New Mexico State Fair
Grounds. Set up for the event will be
on the afternoon of March 2nd.
This is a field trip opportunity for Albuquerque Area sec-
ond through fourth grade classrooms. As always we will
need a great deal of volunteer manpower to help pull this
event off. Group Leaders, Presenter Assistants, gophers,
photographers and other job duties will be required.
If you would like to help out on one or all days please call
Elliott at 243-1386. ES

Welcome to NM 4-H (This is 4-H) is
scheduled for February 19th. All first         The next Leader’s Association
year 4-H’ers are required to attend
(excluding Cloverbuds). There will also
be a workshop for parents so plan on                 meeting will be
coming and staying. Mark your calen-
                                                   January 13th at 6 p.m.
dars and more information will follow!

                                          The 2011 Calendar is now posted.
   Building Corp will                                   Go online at
   meet again January           
   20th, 7 p.m. Come one                  calendar-of-events.html
         come all!                        to view the yearly and monthly cal-

                                          Livestock Committee
                                          will meet January
                                          24th at 6 p.m.

Senior Leadership Retreat will
be held January 29th and 30,
Marriott Hotel. Ctb

                                          There will not be a Rodeo Committee
                                          Meeting in January; we will resume
                                          our regular meeting schedule in Feb-
                                          ruary. ctb

 If you are interested in submitting Community Service Scholarship
applications for any upcoming State Activities please have them in the
            County office by the following dates in January:
       10 Home Ec School Community Service Scholarships
        10th Youth Get-Away Community Service Scholarships
             See Cassidy or Virginia for more information

+ Carnival will be held at the       Finland has been added to the list
4-H Building on Saturday                  of countries of Japan, Aus-
Feb 12th. You may sign up                 tralia, and Costa Rica. Ap-
                                          plications are due to Linda
for a country and/or a                    Schultz in the State Office on
game booth with Virginia                  January 7th. The full appli-
Chaves in the office by                   cation and further informa-
January 7th.                              tion can be found on the state
                                     international.html or contact
                                     John Garlisch in the office.

            Congratulations to Lilly
            McCarty for winning
            the Novice essay con-
            test. She and a friend
            will be attending Youth
            Get Away for FREE!
                                             Good Luck to
                                             Jacob Lowry
         FOOD SAFETY TRAINING                 who will be
                                           competing in the
The Food Safety Training for                  Impromptu
International Night will be                contest at the
held February 3rd at 7 p.m.                    National
Anyone planning on participat-               4-H roundup in
ing in International Night                 Denver January
must attend. One parent and                    6-9th ctb
one child need to be in atten-


 The first Hippology practice is slated for January
 18, 2010, 6:00 pm at the 4-H Center. Hippology
 is a competitive equine event where members
 are asked to ID different Horse related items and complete
 a written test. It is fun. Come to the first practice on January
 18th to learn more.                                          ES

                 3rd Annual NM 4-H Home Ec School

What: New Mexico 4-H Home Economics Schools
When: March 18-20, 2011
Where: Valencia High School, Los Lunas
Who: Any 4-H Member with an interest in Home Economics.
Fees: $65 per youth participant; $35 per adult volunteer

The New Mexico 4-H Home Economics Schools are designed for 4-H members ages 9-
19 who are interested in learning skills related to Home Ec Projects and finding out
about project opportunities in New Mexico. 4-Hers choose one track per year. All par-
ticipants will be engaged in a service learning project and fun evening activities. This
year all participants will also be taking part in fun fitness activities throughout the

Food Preservation & Gifts School: Learn the basics of food preservation and design-
ing gifts from the kitchen. Pilot activities from new 4-H Projects.

Creative Touches & Denim School: Recycle your clothing into denim crafts and new
garments by using the Creative Touches and Duded Up Denim Projects.

Housing & Interior Design School: Learn about basic interior design and creating
functional accessories for your room.

Home Ec School Photographers: Learn about taking quality photos, putting together
slideshows and creating marketing materials. 4-H Members may apply to be part of this
special team at the 2011 Home Economics School. CTB

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             New Mexico State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and educator.
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                                                                             CALENDAR DATES!
Lead Agent for: Horse Council, Livestock projects,                23-24 Holiday-Office Closed
Achievement Night, Rodeo, Fairboard                               31- Holiday-Office Closed
Email -
                                                                  3 Shooting Sports Safety Training-6pm
                                                                  6 County Council Mtg-6:30pm
                                                                  13 Leader’s Assn. Mtg-6pm
                                                                  17 Holiday-Office Closed
Lead Agent for: Rifle and Archery,                                20 Building Corp Mtg-7pm
International Committee
Email -                                         22 County Council By-law mtg-10:00 am
                                                                  24 Livestock Committee-6pm

Lead Agent for: Friends of 4-H Dinner, Favorite Foods Show,
County 4-H Council, Rodeo                                                 Cloverleaf Newsletter on the Web!
Email -                                       
                                                                          (There is no www)


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