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           CMU Career Services — 215 Bovee U niversity Center — (989) 774-3068 — Careers@cmich.edu
                   Please remem ber that site addresses and links change and shut dow n without notice.

Career Information
CareerThreads.com: www.careerthreads.com

Central Michigan University-Apparel Merchandising and Design: www.ehs.cmich.edu/amd

Co lorado Sta te Univers ity-Appa rel Design an d Produ ction C aree rs: www.cah s.co lostate .edu /dm /am m ajor/c aree rs.htm

De sign Counc il-Fashion: www .yourcreative future.org /fash ion/fashion01 .htm

Fashion.ne t-Ho w to get a Job in F ash ion: ww w.fashion.ne t/how to

InfoM at-C aree r Ce nter: w ww.infom at.com /care er/index.h tm l

Job des cription s of c ool fashion ca reers: ww w.fashion.ab out.com /style/fas hion/cs/c ooljob s/inde x.htm

Ma rist Co llege-C aree rs in F ash ion: ww w.m arist.edu/c om m arts/fash ion/fashc aree rs.htm l

Sewing.org-Ca reers in the Te xtile Indu stry: ww w.se wing.org/e nthu siast/htm l/et_tex tilecare ers.htm l

Employment Information
24 Seven, Inc. (Fashion Jobs and Career Placement): www.24seveninc.com/index.php

AllRetailJobs.com: www.allretailjobs.com

Am erican Association of Family and Consumer Sciences-Career Connection: http://fcscareers.aafcs.org/search

Am erican Asso ciation of Textile Chem ists & Colorists-CareerSite: www.aatcc .org/career/career.cfm

Appare l New s-C lassifieds: w ww.app arelnews .net/C lass/index .htm l
T    Paym ent is re quired to acce ss c urrent job pos tings.

Appare l Indus try Board, Inc .-Classified s: ww w.aibi.com /htm l/class ifieds.h tm l

Appare lSearch.com -Em ploym ent: www.ap pare lsearch.com /em ploym ent.htm

Assoc iation of the N onw oven Fa brics Industry-Jo b M art: www.inda.org /class/job m art.htm l

Apparel Magazine-Classifieds: www.bobbin.com/bobbin/business_resources/classifieds.jsp

Ca reerTh read s.co m -Potential Jo b O pen ings: www .care erthread s.co m /Job s.htm

Co m pute r Integrated Te xtile De sign Ass ociation-C aree rs: www.citda.org /site.as p?c urpa ge= careers .htm l

Co stum e So ciety of A m erica-Job Bo ard: w ww.cos tum eso cietyam erica.com /jobboard .htm l

Da ily News Record-C lassifieds: www.dn rnews.com /Classifieds.cfm

Fashion Caree r Ce nter: http://fashioncareercenter.com

Fashion 41 1-R eso urces: w ww.fash ion-411.c om /Fas hion_res ourc es.h tm

Fashion Group International-Fashion Access Network: www.fgi.org/mem ber/index.php
T    Me m bers have ac ces s to these em ploym ent oppo rtunities.

Fashion-Job.com: www.fashion-job.com
Fashion Jobs Central: http://fashionjobscentral.com

Fashion.net-Job Listings: www.fashion.net/jobs

Fashion Place-Employment: www.fashionplace.com/Biz/Em ployment

Fashion Resume.com: www.fashionresume.com

FashionW indows-Classified s: www.fashionwindows.com/classifieds/default.asp

Fibre2Fashion-Apparel & Textile Jobs: www.fibre2fashion.com/jobs/index.asp

Hiring Fas hion Com pan ies O nline: http://fashion.about.com/od/hiringcompanies

InfoM at (T he Large st Fa shion Industry S earc h En gine)-Caree r: www.info m at.com /care er/index.h tm l

Malakye.com (Action Sports Industry Career Opportunities): www.malakye.com

Re tail Sales , Ma nag em ent and M erchan dising Job s Pa ge: ww w.n atio njo b.c om /retail

Savannah College of Art & Design-Jobmagnet: www.scad.edu/jobmagnet

Sporting Go ods Ma nufactu rers Ass ociation-E m ploym ent O ppo rtunities: www.sg m a.co m /jobs /index .htm l

StyleCareers.com: www.stylecareers.com

Th e Fa shion Biz-T op F ash ion Sites: www.fash ionbiz.com /fashionbiz/ShowLinks.cfm
T     Link s to designer’s pag e, som e m ay have em ploym ent and/o r con tact info rm ation.

The Retail Network: www.retailnetwork.com

W om en's W ear D aily-Clas sifieds : www.wwd.com/notavailable/registered?target=/classifieds

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