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The Gift of Delicious Food and Great Music
             Wholesale Catalog
            The Gift of Delicious Food and Great Music
                  Boxed Recipe Cards with Music CDs

                               MusicCooks® and Menus and Music® are perfect gifts since                   	 E a sy 	re c i p e s	 w i t h	 	
                               more of us are cooking and entertaining at home!                       	     p ra ct i c a l	co o k ’ s 	 t i p s
                               MusicCooks are filled with recipes for family-style dinners and easy       	 Fo o d	 p h o to	 o n	 e a c h	 c a rd
                               entertaining. The music sets the mood and make the experience fun!
                                                                                                          	 S h o p p i n g	a n d 	 p a nt r y	 l i st	 	
                               Menus and Music celebrates food, music, art, and travel, and these     	     fo r	eve r y	re c i p e
                               gift-boxed cookbooks with music have sold millions.
                                                                                                          	 B u i l t- i n	re ci p e	 e a s e l
                               Each of our Celebration Cards includes a greeting card, recipe card,
                               song download, and colorful envelope—a great value at $4.95 retail.        	 S t u rd y,	wa s h a b l e	 c a rd s
                               I love creating products for your customers to collect and cherish!        	 G re at	 m u s i c	 to 	 e n j oy	 	
                               THANK YOU for your support and encouragement!                          	     w h i l e	co o k i n g	 a n d	 	
                               ~Sharon O’Connor                                                       	     e nte r t a i n i n g !
                                                                                                          	 Co l l e ct i b l e	 g i f t	 b oxe s

    MC 16
    SAL SA !
    Recipes for Latin Dishes with Salsa
    Sizzling Salsa Music
    Simple, flavorful salsa recipes and favorite Latin dishes. This
    exciting food tastes even better with salsa music by legendary
    performers. Whether it’s food or music, salsa inspires
    fabulous Latin flavors and beats—perfect for entertaining!                          New
    Includes illustrations for basic Salsa Dancing!                                     Title
    Shrimp Salsa, P ulled Pork with Avocado-
    Orange Salsa, Chicken Tostadas, Stea k
    with Salsa Fresca, Classic Mojito,
    Horchata, and more…
    Performances by Tito P uente,
    Mongo Satamaria, Ray Barretto,
    Cal Tjader, and Poncho Sanchez
    cooking dvd
    Sharon shows us how to prepare
    all the fabulous recipes. Cooking in
    her home kitchen, Sharon’s step-by-step
    instructions and cook’s tips make it easy and fun!

         m                                    order by fax (800) 479-6176
MC 10                                                     MC 07
CHOCOLATE BLISS                                           THE COCKTAIL HOUR
Dazzling Chocolate Dessert Recipes                        Cocktail Party Appetizers
Seductive Bossa Nova Music                                Piano Jazz—George Cables Trio
A dream gift box for                                      A fabulous hostess gift
chocolate lovers! Perfect,                                with easy appetizers,
simple chocolate recipes                                  cocktails, and great piano
and meltingly romantic                                    jazz for entertaining.
music make life sweet!

recipes                                                   recipes
Devil’s Food Cupcakes, Chocolate Cheesecake, 15-Minute    Parmesan Cheese Crisps, Seasonal Cocktails, Edamame
Chocolate Cake, Truffles, Chocolate Mousse, Mudslide      Spread, Citrus Marinated Olives, Goat Cheese and Leek
Cookies, and more…                                        Tart, Cocktail Walnuts, and more…

music                                                     music
Stan Getz, Double Rainbow; Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stone    Night and Day, Skylark, Autumn in New York, Isn’t She
Flower; Astrud Gilberto, Ponteio; Paul Desmond, Wave;     Lovely, and more…
and more…

MC 02                                                     MC 12
SMOOTH COOKING                                            PLEASURES OF THE CARIBBEAN
Tasty Party Dishes and Drinks                             Caribbean Recipes for Easy Entertaining
Smooth Jazz                                               Reggae and Calypso Music
A cool hostess gift with                                  A great gift for relaxing
easy dinner party recipes                                 escapes at home and
and smooth jazz by                                        island-style parties! Kick
George Benson, Grover                                     back and enjoy a tropical
Washington, Joe Sample,                                   drink, great music, and
David Benoit, and more!                                   vibrant cuisine.

recipes                                                   recipes
Ginger Salmon, Vegetarian Fajitas, Smooth Jazz Burgers,   Coconut Shrimp, Jerk Chicken, Calypso Fruit Salad, Roast
Pappardelle with Bolognese Sauce, Green Chili, Little     Pork with Mango Glaze, Rum Cake, Island Cocktails
Apple Pies, and more…
music                                                     Stir it Up, I Don’t Want to Wait in Vain, Angelina, The
Breezin’, Strawberry Moon, New York Connection, Miles     Harder They Come, You Can Get it if You Really Want, and
after Dark, Missing in Venice, Carmel, and more…          more…

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    MC 03                                                       MC 11
    WINE TASTING                                                INVITATION
    Dishes for Wine                                             TO TEA
    Tasting Parties and                                         Light, Stylish Dishes
    Casual Dinners                                              for Tea
    The Tim Ware Band                                           Delightful Classical
    A great gift for wine lovers!                               Music
    Delicious recipes and fabulous                              For hostess and shower gifts
    music for wine tasting parties                              and for friends and colleagues
    and casual dinners.                                         who love tea!Favorite recipes
                                                                for tea with beautiful, soothing music.
    recipes                                                     Plaza Tea Sandwiches, Buttermilk Scones, Mini Angel
    Crostini, Little Mushroom Terrines, Prosciutto Chicken      Food Cupcakes, Honey-Pecan Tea Loaf, Lemon Tart,
    with Pesto, Renaissance Lamb Chops, Wine-Soaked Grape       and more…
    Cake, and more…
    music                                                       Chopin, Nocturne; Mozart, Flute Quartet; MacDowell, To a
    Seaborne Clouds, Bossa de Bomba, Sonoma Tango,              Wild Rose; Debussy, Girl with the Flaxen Hair; and more…
    and more…

    MC 09                                                       MC 05
    ORGANIC VIBE                                                HOME WITH BABY
    Seasonal Vegetarian                                         Wholesome Recipes
    Recipes                                                     for New Families
    Cooking with Cool Jazz                                      Soothing Lullabies for
    Fresh, flavorful vegetarian                                 Solo Guitar
    recipes with jazz versions                                  For new and expecting
    of favorite songs for a                                     parents! Recipes for
    healthy lifestyle!                                          nourishing meals
                                                                with calming lullabies.

    Spa Salad, Carrot-Ginger Soup, Mushroom Ragout with         recipes
    Polenta, Sweet Potato Fries, Orange-Almond Cake, and        Homemade Granola, Easy Lasagna, Chicken with
    more...                                                     Herb Dumplings, Classic Beef Stew, Carrot Cake, Baby
                                                                Food Purées, and more…
    Fields of Gold, Lookin’ for Another Pure Love, Both Sides   music
    Now, and more…                                              Hush Little Baby, All the Pretty Little Horses, Sleep Baby
                                                                Sleep, All Through the Night, Brahms’ Lullaby, and more…

    MC 08                                                       MC 01
    CHRISTMAS                                                   COFFEE TREATS
    COOKIES                                                     Muffins, Scones, and
    Holiday Baking                                              Quick Breads
    Music of the                                                Bach’s Brandenburg
    Nutcracker Ballet                                           Concertos
    Favorite holiday cookies                                    A delightful gift with muffins,
    and enchanting music for                                    scones, and inspiring music to
    holiday parties, cookie                                     energize life!
    exchanges, stocking stuffers,
    and gift exchanges.
    recipes                                                     Chocolate Scones, Ginger Scones, Blueberry Muffins,
    Gingerbread People, Pecan Squares, Honey Cookies, Mad-      Lemon Poppyseed Bread, Linzertorte, and more…
    eleines, Lemon Bars, Shortbread, and more…                  music
    music                                                       Brandenburg Concertos nos. 2, 3, 4, & 5 performed by
    The Nutcracker Ballet performed by the San Francisco        Boston Baroque
    Ballet Orchestra

4           m                      order by fax (800) 479-6176
MC 04                                                      MC 15
COOKING WITH THE BLUES                                     GRILL TO THRILL
New American Comfort Foods                                 Recipes for Easy
All American Blues                                         Grilling
                                                           Rock & Soul Music
For everyone who loves
                                                           for Cookouts
the blues and satisfying
comfort foods. Hit all                                     Full-flavored recipes and fun
                                                           music for gathering friends
the right notes at great                                   around the grill.
dinner parties!

                                                           New Orleans Shrimp, Southwest Chicken, Grilled Stuffed
                                                           Portobellos, Northwest Salmon, Texas T-Bone Steaks,
                                                           and more…

                                                           My Grill, Lookout for the Cookout, Boss Sauce, Grillin’ is
                                                           Thrillin’ and more…

                                                           MC 14
recipes                                                    PAN ASIA
Red Beans and Rice, Chopped Chicken Salad, Baby Back       Appetizers, Drinks, and
Ribs, Sunday Pot Roast, Chocolate Bread Pudding, Pecan
                                                           Family-Style Dishes
Pie, and more…
                                                           East West Jazz
The Danny Caron Band with Charles Brown perform The        Fresh, easy Asian recipes for
Guitar Speak, Gate Walks the Board, Shine On, Rainy        entertaining and home-style
Night in Georgia, and more…                                cooking. Savory, sweet, and
                                                           spicy dishes from Japan,
                                                           China, and Southeast Asia.
MC 13                                                      Elegant jazz sets a relaxing mood that takes you East.
Easy, Healthy, Fresh Home Cooking                          recipes
                                                           Spring Rolls, Dumplings, Shaking Beef, Scallion Pancakes,
Classic Rock & Roll                                        Chicken Satay, Green Papaya Salad, Asian-Inspired
                                                           Cocktails, and more...
A great gift for everyone
who loves delicious                                        music
                                                           Sweet Jasmine, Sakura, Silk Serenity, Lemongrass &
comfort foods and classic                                  Limes, Matcha Green, Miyako, and more...
rock & roll.

                                                           MC 06
                                                           PIZZA PARTY
                                                           Traditional and New
                                                           Pizza Recipes
                                                           Charlie Giordano’s
                                                           Pizza Band
                                                           A great gift for pizza lovers!
                                                           Easy authentic pizzas and
                                                           traditional Italian music.
                                                           Charlie is the newest member
                                                           of the Bruce Springsteen band!
Buttermilk Biscuits, Chili, Cobb Salad, Jambalaya, Berry
Cobbler, Lemon Meringue Pie, and more…                     recipes
music                                                      Pizza Dough and Sauce, Four Cheese Pizza, Margherita
My Girl, Mustang Sally, Green Onions, You Send Me, Heat    Pizza, Calzone, Sausage and Mushroom Pizza, and more…
Wave, Ooo Baby Baby, and more…                             music
                                                           La Napoletana, Time to Say Goodbye, Santa Lucia, Come
                                                           Back to Sorrento, Tell Her I Love Her, and more…

                            order toll free (800) 444-9515                               5
                                                        Free Sample Recipe
         MusicCooks                                     Card Rings!
                                                        FREE sample recipe
                                                        card ring for each
              DISPLAYS                                  title ordered (min.
                                                        4 units per title).
                                                        Sample CDs $2 each.

    Wire Counter                                Floor Spinner
    Display                                     Display
    Holds 16 MusicCooks                         Holds 64 MusicCooks

    4 Pockets, 4 units each                     16 Pockets, 4 units each
                                                (16 titles facing out)
    Free sample recipe card ring
    for each title                              Free sample recipe card
                                                ring for each title
    Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 21"
    1 additional MusicCooks                     20" x 20" x 5' 6"
    as offset
                                                Includes 4 MusicCooks

    Acrylic Counter
    Holds 24 MusicCooks

    6 Pockets, 4 units each

    Free sample recipe card ring
    for each title
    Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 16"

    2 additional MusicCooks
    as offset

    Wire Counter
    Spinner Display
    Holds 32 MusicCooks

    8 Pockets, 4 units each

    Free sample recipe card ring
    for each title

    Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 24"

    2 additional MusicCooks
    as offset

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         MusicCooks                                                   Celebration Cards
                                                      Send a
CARD                                     RECIPE                                               TUNE!
NEW! FROM SHARON O’CONNOR                                                                       Birthdays
Cele b rat i o n C a rd s
Celebration Cards bring Sharon O’Connor’s passion for food and music to the gift card           Thank You
industry! Celebration Cards celebrate all the right occasions. With a greeting card, recipe
card, and music download, Celebration Cards make great little gifts!                            Romance
                                                                                                New Baby

                         Gifts in
                         1 Card!

                                                                                                Retail: $4.95 each
                                                                                                48 stylish cards to
                                                                                                choose from
                                                                                                Card size:
                                                                                                5"w x 7"h
                                                                                              Wholesale: 6 per style,
                                                                                              packaged in poly bag
                                                                                              Min. Opening Order:
Each Celebration Card includes:                                                               12 sets of 6
A greeting card, a recipe card, and a music download with a                                   Min. Reorder:
colorful matching envelope! 3 gifts in 1!                                                     6 sets of 6

                                   order toll free (800) 444-9515                        7
    B I RT H D AY S                           BIRTHDAYS                                 BIRTHDAYS                                 THANK YOU

    CB10-01                                   CB12-06                                   CB05-12                                   CT11-07

    It’s your day to celebrate!               It’s your day to celebrate!               It’s your day to celebrate!               Thank You
    Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday                            RECIPE: Harrods Scones
    RECIPE: Devil’s Food Cupcakes             RECIPE: Jamaican Jerk Chicken             RECIPE: Carrot Cake                       TUNE: Flute Quartet by Mozart
    TUNE: La Vie en Rose                      TUNE: You Can Get It If You Really Want   TUNE: Shenandoah

    CB12-02                                   CB13-01                                   CB10-08                                   CT12-15

    Cheers!                                   It’s your day to celebrate!               It’s your day to celebrate!               Thanks for being so sweet!
    Here’s a toast to you on your birthday.   Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday                            RECIPE: Caribbean Banana Split
    RECIPE: Island Cocktails                  RECIPE: Slow-Simmer Chili                 RECIPE: Profiteroles                      TUNE: You Can Get It If You Really Want
    TUNE: You Can Get It If You Really Want   TUNE: The Promise                         TUNE: Under Paris Skies

    CB10-04                                   CB10-07                                   CB12-03                                   CT13-15

    It’s your day to celebrate!               It’s your day to celebrate!               Cheers!                                   Thanks for being so sweet!
    Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday                            Here’s a toast to you on your birthday.   RECIPE: Lemon Meringue Pie
    RECIPE: Chocolate Cheesecake              RECIPE: 15-Minute Chocolate Cake          RECIPE: Coconut Shrimp                    TUNE: Heatwave
    TUNE: Nocturne by Chopin                  TUNE: Sweet Georgia Brown                 TUNE: Pan in Harmony

    CB07-04                                   CB15-10                                   CB07-01                                   CT10-09

    Cheers!                                   It’s your day to celebrate!               Cheers!                                   Thanks for being so sweet!
    Here’s a toast to you on your birthday.   Happy Birthday                            Here’s a toast to you on your birthday.   RECIPE: Flourless Chocolate Cake
    RECIPE: Four Seasonal Cocktails           RECIPE: Texas-Style T-Bone Steaks         RECIPE: Parmesan Cheese Crisps            TUNE: Nocturne by Chopin
    TUNE: Night and Day                       TUNE: San Antonio Rose                    TUNE: Green Dolphin Street

    CB10-05                                   CB10-12                                   CB10-10                                   CT12-13

    It’s your day to celebrate!               It’s your day to celebrate!               It’s your day to celebrate!               Thank You
    Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday                            RECIPE: Calypso Fruit Salad
    RECIPE: Chocolate Layer Cake              RECIPE: Fabulous Chocolate Truffles       RECIPE: Chocolate Candied Orange          TUNE: Pan in Harmony
    TUNE: Blame It On My Youth                TUNE: Gymnopedie by Satie                 TUNE: Berceuse by Fauré

    CB12-04                                   CB12-16                                   CB10-16                                   CT08-04

    Cheers!                                   It’s your day to celebrate!               Cheers!                                   Thank you
    Here’s a toast to you on your birthday.   Happy Birthday                            Here’s a toast to you on your birthday.   RECIPE: Lemon Bars
    RECIPE: Nonalcoholic Island Drinks        RECIPE: Caribbean Rum Cake                RECIPE: Three Hot Chocolates              TUNE: You Send Me
    TUNE: Sugar Bum Bum                       TUNE: Sugar Bum Bum                       TUNE: Flute Quartet by Mozart

8                         m                                     order by fax (800) 479-6176
R O M A NC E /                            WEDDING/
FRIENDSHIP                                NEW BABY                                        HOLIDAY                                       BLANK

CR10-02                                   CW11-14                                         CH08-13                                       CV02-02

Life is sweet because of you              Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!   All best wishes for a joyous holiday season   RECIPE:  Classic Ceasar Salad
RECIPE: Classic Chocolate Mousse          RECIPE: Mini Angel Food Cupcakes                and a happy new year!                         TUNE:   El Noy de la Mare
TUNE: Gymnopedie by Satie                 TUNE: Pachelbel Canon                           RECIPE: Gingerbread People
                                                                                          TUNE: Greensleeves Variations

CR13-14                                   CW11-13                                         CH08-02                                       CV02-05

Life is sweet because of you              Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!   All best wishes for a joyous holiday season   RECIPE:  Vegetarian Fajitas
RECIPE: Fresh Berry Cobbler               RECIPE: Raspberry Shortbread                    and a happy new year!                         TUNE:   La Paloma
TUNE: You Send Me                         TUNE: Pachelbel Canon                           RECIPE: Honey Cookies
                                                                                          TUNE: Greensleeves Variations

CF10-15                                   CW11-11                                         CH08-01                                       CV02-13

Thanks for being so sweet!                Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!   All best wishes for a joyous holiday season   RECIPE:  Smooth Jazz Burger
RECIPE: Mudslide Cookies                  RECIPE: Lemon Tart                              and a happy new year!                         TUNE:   The Guitar Speaks
TUNE: You Send Me                         TUNE: Pachelbel Canon                           RECIPE: Ginger Cookies
                                                                                          TUNE: Greensleeves Variations

CF13-13                                   CN05-01                                         CH08-06                                       CV09-02

You are amazing!                          Congratulations on the arrival                  All best wishes for a joyous holiday season   RECIPE:  Carrot-Ginger Soup
RECIPE: Buttermilk Pancakes               of your baby!                                   and a happy new year!                         TUNE:   Seaborne Clouds
TUNE: Blueberry Hill                      RECIPE: Granola with Apple                      RECIPE: Frosted Fudge Brownies
                                          TUNE: Sleep Baby Sleep                          TUNE: Greensleeves Variations

CF11-15                                   CN05-03                                         CH08-12                                       CV09-09

You are amazing!                          Congratulations on the arrival                  All best wishes for a joyous holiday season   RECIPE:  Poached Pear Salad
RECIPE: Madeleines                        of your baby!                                   and a happy new year!                         TUNE:   The Promise
TUNE: Under Paris Skies                   RECIPE: Butternut Squash Soup                   RECIPE: Thumbprint Cookies
                                          TUNE: Sleep Baby Sleep                          TUNE: Greensleeves Variations

CF07-15                                   CN05-13                                         CH08-03                                       CV09-13

Love, happiness, and lots of chocolate!   Congratulations on the arrival                  All best wishes for a joyous holiday season   RECIPE:  Beets and Orange Salad
RECIPE: Chocolate Truffles                of your baby!                                   and a happy new year!                         TUNE:   Sonoma Tango
TUNE: Gymnopedie by Satie                 RECIPE: Apple Crisp                             RECIPE: Chocolate Stars
                                          TUNE: Sleep Baby Sleep                          TUNE: Greensleeves Variations

                                                              order toll free (800) 444-9515                                               9
         Celebration Cards                                  Free Displays!
                                                            FREE counter and

                                                            floor spinner displays!

     1 Pocket                                  4 Pocket
     Counter Spinner                            Floor Spinner
     (shown)                                    24 Pockets, 6-12 cards each
                                                Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 6' 4"
     12 Pockets, 6-12 cards each
     Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 36"

                                                6 Pocket
     4 Pocket                                  Floor Spinner
     Counter Spinner                            36 Pockets, 6-12 cards each
                                                Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 6' 4"
     24 Pockets, 6-12 cards each
     Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 36"

                                                48 Pocket
                                                Floor Spinner
                                                48 Pockets, 6-12 cards each
                                                Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 6' 4"

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                                                                           Menus          and     Music
Gift-boxed Gourmet Cookbooks with Music CDs
                  Food                      Art                Music                  Travel

Sharon O’Connor’s best-selling cookbooks with music CDs celebrate food, music, art, and travel. Her
award-winning publications have sold millions. Each cookbook has recipes from the world’s top chefs that
O’Connor adapts for the home cook. Restaurant profiles, practical cook’s tips, masterpiece art, and music
notes are also included. The music CD for each title features magical performances by Grammy-Award
winners and other great musicians.

   Recipes adapted for home cooks from the best chefs in the world!
   Great music to set the mood for cooking and entertaining
   Sensational food photos, inspiring artwork, travel photos, and restaurant profiles
   Travel writing that carries your customers off to dream destinations

MM 19
Recipes from America’s Most Romantic Restaurants
Gorgeous Jazz, and Inspiring Art
Bring home the pleasures of a table for two! Includes recipes from
chefs at 18 of America’s best restaurants. From French and Italian
to vegetarian and fusion cuisine, the recipes are all adapted for the
home cook. Beautiful enough for the coffee table, the book is filled
with artwork by Henri Matisse, quotes about love and music, food
photos, and an introduction by the popular singer Taj Mahal.
Tender, lyrical jazz by the Kenny Barron Ensemble sets the tempo
for relaxed dining and dancing after dinner. Enjoy great music,
delicious dinners, and magical evenings!

the cookbook
Café Daniel Boulud—New York, Blue Ginger—Boston,
Bacchanalia—Atlanta, Commander’s Palace—New Orleans,
The Driskill—Texas, Hotel Bel-Air—Los Angeles,
Recipes from 18 American restaurants, 208 pages

the music
Alfie, Stolen Moments, Again, In a Sentimental Mood,
The Very Thought of You, I Only Have Eyes for You
Includes 11 selections, 70 minutes

                                         order toll free (800) 444-9515      11
                              MM 16
                              TASTING THE WINE COUNTRY
                              Recipes from Romantic Inns and Resorts
                              Music by the Mike Marshall Quintet
                              Great food, wine, and music for perfect getaways at home!
                              Enjoy more than 100 recipes from chefs at acclaimed wine
                              country inns and resorts, color food photos, inspiring
                              paintings, quotes about wine, suggestions about pairing
                              wine with food, and hosting a wine-tasting party. Perfect
                              for wine enthusiasts.
                              Grammy-Award winning musicians perform joyful music
                              that combines classical, bluegrass, Latin, and jazz and sets
                              the mood for cooking, dining, and relaxing.

                              the cookbook
                              The Aerie—British Columbia, Bernardus Lodge—Carmel
                              Valley, Birchfield Manor—Yakima Valley, Maidstone Arms—
                              Long Island, Meadowood Napa Valley—Napa, Sonoma
                              Mission Inn—Sonoma, Inn on the Twenty—Niagara,
                              Youngberg Hill Inn—Willamette
                              Recipes from 21 contributors, 248 pages

                              the music
                              Solera, Vintage Niagra, Odeon Carmel, Tra Vigne, Opus 2,
                              Long Weekend, Minor Swing
                              Includes 12 selections, 53 minutes

                              MM 18
                              DINING AT GREAT
                              AMERICAN LODGES
                              Recipes from Legendary Lodges, National
                              Parks Lore, Wilderness Landscape Art
                              Music by the Big Sky Ensemble
                              A romantic getaway to 20 luxurious lodges in America’s
                              wilderness! Home cooks will love these full-flavored
                              recipes created by lodge chefs. The cookbook includes
                              sensational food photos, a description of each lodge,
                              masterpiece paintings, quotes by Thoreau, John Muir,
                              and Teddy Roosevelt.
                              On the companion CD, instrumentalists of the Big Sky
                              Ensemble blend bluegrass, country, western swing, and
                              jazz. Inspired by traditional American songs, this music is
                              a cross-country journey to enjoy while cooking, dining,
                              and relaxing at home.

                              the cookbook
                              Lake Placid Lodge, The Lodge at Vail, Jenny Lake Lodge,
                              El Tovar, Timberline Lodge, Lake Yellowstone Hotel,
                              Sundance, The Ahwahnee
                              Recipes from 20 American lodges, 224 pages
                              the music
                              Shenandoah, Tennessee Waltz, San Antonio Rose, Don’t
                              Fence Me In, Red River Valley, Wildwood Flower
                              Includes 15 selections, 54 minutes

1 m    order by fax (800) 479-6176
MM 15
Recipes by Celebrated Italian Chefs
Romantic Italian Music
The best Italian dinners are made at home! This feast for
the senses has more than 120 recipes from extraordinary
Italian chefs and music that captures the soul of Italy.
Poetry, masterpiece paintings, and luscious food and
travel photography complete the experience.
The Pizzarelli-Peplowski Sextet plays the sound of Italy
everyone knows, from Neapolitan songs and opera to pop
songs and music from the movies. Buon Appetito!

the cookbook
Certosa di Maggiano—Siena, Don Alfonso—Sant’Agata,
Hotel Cipriani—Venice, Acquerello—San Francisco,
Villa San Michele—Florence, San Domenico—New York,
Valentino—Los Angeles
Recipes from 21 restaurants in Italy and North America, 248 pages

the music
Ah! Marie, Mattinata, Non Dimenticar, Torna a Surriento,
O Sole Mio, Santa Lucia
Includes 12 selections, 44 minutes

MM 17                                                               MM 14
MUSEUM CAFÉS                                                        BISTRO
& ARTS                                                              Swinging French Jazz
Inspired Recipes from                                               Favorite Parisian
Favorite Museum Cafés                                               Bistro Recipes
Chamber Music by the
                                                                    A gourmet gift with recipes
Rossetti String Quartet                                             from Parisian bistros that
A gift that is a journey to 16                                      capture the taste of easy,
beloved museums. Your                                               family-style French cooking.
customers will love cooking                                         Includes practical suggestions
recipes from their favorite                                         for creating the bistro
museum cafés. Includes stylish                                      experience at home, a
food photos, breathtaking                                           description of bistro style,
images by famed artists, and                                        and guides to sites and amusements in Paris.
descriptions of each museum by celebrities who love them.           Tunes by Edith Piaf, Django Reinhardt, and George
The Rossetti String Quartet’s beautiful and relaxing                Gershwin are brilliantly performed by the Metronote
chamber music is perfect for creating an artful experience          Quintet to set a romantic Parisian mood. Bon Appétit!
at home!
                                                                    the cookbook
                                                                    Chez Allard, Balthazar, Bouchon, Chez Pauline, Polidor,
the cookbook
                                                                    La Poule au Pot, La Fontaine de Mars
Museum of Fine Arts—Boston, Metropolitan Museum of
                                                                    Recipes from 17 Parisian and 3 North American bistros
Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art,
Art Institute of Chicago, J. Paul Getty Museum, San                 the music
Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Seattle Art Museum                  April in Paris, Autumn Leaves, Fascinating Rhythm, Sweet
Recipes from 16 American museums, 208 pages                         Georgia Brown, Swing 39, Them There Eyes, Under Paris
                                                                    Skies, La Vie en Rose
the music
                                                                    Includes 13 selections, 54 minutes
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin
Includes 11 selections, 68 minutes

                                     order toll free (800) 444-9515                             1
     MM 11                                                         MM 12
     THE IRISH ISLE                                                AFTERNOON
     New Irish Cuisine                                             TEA SERENADE
     Traditional Irish Music                                       Recipes from Famous
                                                                   Tea Rooms
     This gift celebrates the best
     of Ireland! Delicious recipes                                 Classical Chamber Music
     from Ireland’s most luxurious                                 A delightful gift for everyone
     castles, manor houses, and                                    who loves tea! Includes
     country house hotels are                                      recipes for delectable small
     adapted for home cooks.                                       sandwiches, scones, cakes,
     Ireland has hosted a gourmet                                  and pastries from famous
     revolution during the past                                    tearooms. Also includes tips
     decades, and today Irish                                      on brewing the perfect pot
     cooking is newly glamorous.                                   and a guide to the world’s teas.
     Beautiful Celtic music for flute, fiddle, Irish harp,
     and accordion sets a gracious mood for festive and            The elegant chamber music for flute, harp, and strings is
     romantic dining.                                              perfect for entertaining, relaxation, and revitalization.

     the cookbook                                                  the cookbook
                                                                   The Empress—Victoria , Fortnum & Mason—London,
     Ashford Castle, Park Hotel Kenmare, Marlfield House,
                                                                   Four Seasons—Seattle, Hotel-Bel-Air—Los Angeles,
     Dromoland Castle, Longueville House, The Shelbourne
                                                                   The Plaza—New York City, Ritz-Carlton—San Francisco
     23 contributors, 240 pages
                                                                   23 contributors, 224 pages
     the music
     Brian Boru’s March, Cup of Tea Set, Carolan’s Dream,
                                                                   the music
                                                                   Greensleeve—Anon, Siciliano—Bach, Gymnopédie—
     Give Me Your Hand, Carrickfergus, Innisheer
                                                                   Satie, The Swan—Saint-Saens, Interlude—Debussy,
     Includes 14 selections, 48 minutes

     MM 13
     Favorite Recipes from
     Celebrated Spas
     Soothing Classical
     Piano Music

     A perfect gift for Mother’s day,
     showers, and for everyone who
     wants to revitalize at home.
     Delicious recipes that maximize
     flavor and minimize calories
     from famous spas are adapted
     for home cooks. Also includes
     recipes for home facials, scrubs,
                                                                 MM04                                     MM 08
     herbal baths, and other luxurious ways to de-stress
     at home.                                                    DINNERS FOR TWO                          DINING AND THE
                                                                 Recipes from Romantic                    OPERA
                                                                 Country Inns                             Recipes from Manhattan
     Beautiful music by Chopin, Debussy, and Ravel is perfect    Music by the San                         Restaurants
     for relaxed dining or for the home spa.                     Francisco String Quartet                 Opera Arias Selected by
                                                                                                          the Metropolitan Opera
                                                                 Perfect for weddings, anniversaries,     Guild
     the cookbook                                                Valentine’s Day, and any romantic
     Canyon Ranch, Chåteau Elan, Golden Door, Sonoma             occasion. This beautiful gift helps      Stars of the Metropolitan Opera join
                                                                 cooks plan fabulous meals with recipes   21 of Manhattan’s finest restaurants to
     Mission Inn, Cal-a-Vie, Rancho La Puerta
                                                                 from the finest country inns of the      create magical evenings! Home cooks
     21 contributors, 272 pages                                  United States and Canada. The            will find recipes for intimate suppers
     the music                                                   romantic classical music provides the    and festive parties. Dinner guests
                                                                 perfect accompaniment for a truly        will enjoy an hour of beautiful arias
     Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 1—Chopin, Pavane—Ravel, Gymnopédies—
                                                                 intimate occasion.                       performed by Beverly Sills, Leontyne
     Satie, Arabesque—Debussy, Réverie—Debussy                                                            Price, Placido Domingo, and more.
     Includes 13 selections, 55 minutes

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MM 10                                     MM 06
ROCK & ROLL DINER                         MUSIC AND FOOD
Popular American                          OF SPAIN
Cooking                                   Spanish Menu Cookbook
Classic Rock & Roll Music                 Classical Spanish Guitar
Home cooks can turn on the stove,
turn up the music, and have some          Bring home the romance and mystery
fun! Easy recipes for chili, jambalaya,   of Spain! Tapas, dinner, and dessert
chicken pot pie, meatloaf, pancakes,      recipes from famous restaurants in
brownies, and 125 other favorite          Spain and fine Spanish restaurants of
dishes from diners throughout             the United States. Classical Spanish
America—simple, satisfying food that’s    guitar music and Catalan folksongs are
perfect for family meals and casual       performed by guitarist Marc Teicholz
dinner parties. The all-new recording     and cellist Sharon O’Connor.
of jukebox favorites sets the stage for
good times.

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