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					SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Tips for Blogger
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? SEO in my opinion is a way that is done by the Web master
or the blog master to optimize their site or blog to get good rankings on search engines or search
engine. And what I want to talk about is the optimization tips in the Google search engine, because for
now Google is the world's most popular search engine.

and probably a lot of mistakes, but for the beginner so-so to read and try, because what I write is the
things that I do and still find it useful, as is evident from the report of the tracker that I use either of the
site meter or google analytics that my blog visitors nearly 50 percent comes from search engines.

To avoid too long to read intermezo, here are some tips for our blog to get good rankings on search

Original Content.
The first thing to remember for your blog to get good rankings on search engines is the content of your
blog is the original fruit of your own writings or in other words not copy and paste the results from the
work of others. Besides the optimization of search engines, copy and paste actions often invite problems
from the original owner of the work, let alone that you copy and paste is protected by law or in other
words the copyright, you can really get serious problems.

Inserting Meta tags in the header template code.
The second thing we must not forget is the need to install meta tag in the header of your template code.
For this one I've discussed in my blog, but frankly I was in placing the meta tag is somewhat different
than what I described in this document, if you want to install meta tags like that I use, code like this:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "archive"'>
<meta content='noindex,follow' name='robots'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='noindex,follow' name='robots'/>
<meta content='text/html; charset=utf-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/>
<meta content='Your Name' name='Author'/>
<meta content='1 days' name='revisit-after'/>
<meta content='Your Blog Description' name='description'/>
<meta content='Your Blog Keyword' name='keywords'/>

Put keywords in accordance with the contents of your
In installing the meta keywords, we recommend you use keywords that are related to the content of
your blog. Suppose you have a blog about health topics, the keywords you use should also be keywords
about your health.

Apart from having to relate to the content of your blog, the keywords must be in pairs too many
keywords in the search by person (Internet users), it's useless ranking of your blog get first position in
search engines with specific keywords, but those keywords are rarely sought or even never in the search
by many people. For example you put keywords in meta keyword SEO Tips for you, and when you type
SEO Tips on search engine position of your blog in the top position, aka number one, but keep in mind
that if the keyword SEO Tips will be in the search by the crowd or not ? If some would not find these
keywords on search by a person, then you should not put those keywords and please look for other
keywords that if many in the search by many people.

To issue this keyword, you are able to find free tools that can give you suggestion keywords what many
of search by the crowd. Please search for self in the search engine above.

Selection of a good blog template.
That the intention to choose a good template here include a template that we use the first time in
loading is not part of the post let alone sidebar footer. If you're observant, when you open this blog
belong to me then that opens the first time is part of the header then the post, and then the sidebar and
the last is the footer. If you are experiencing the same thing with what I wrote earlier, then it is also
found at the search engine spiders, when the crawler visited your blog search engine, part of the crawler
plot as I wrote earlier. Well if your blog is in access is part of the sidebar first then it can be sure your
blog will lose the position to access the blog in his post first.

For this of course depends on the designer template in terms of putting in place the post code on a
position on the sidebar or below the sidebar.

You should never choose a template that his sidebar
on the left and right.
As I wrote above that it is better that the loading is the first post rather than the sidebar. If you use a 3
column template that it was the sidebar on the left and right, it can be sure that the first time in loading
the sidebar on the left first and then the post. Unlike the case with 3 column template that its second
sidebar on the left or both on the right, because although both are in the left sidebar, post code can still
be placed on top of the sidebar code to set the float code in the template. Still confused? Maybe next
time will be discussed in detail.
Do not be too often change the template.
For those of you who like to mutually face with a new blog, I recommend to stop the habit (such as
smoking should be stopped)

Do not over fill the left sidebar with heavy data.
If you're too in love with templates 3 columns that it was the sidebar on the left and right, then you
should not too much stuffing left sidebar with heavy data. Data on heavy categorize such banners or
images, animation, javascript, and others. If you store data that is too heavy on the left sidebar, then
during crawling by the search engine will be very difficult to reach to the content of your post, so that
your position will be defeated by its news blog that advance in crawling. So should that be in store on
the left is only the writings of ordinary light for the access / loading.

Do not remove the code in the template heading.
For those of you who like tinkering with the template code, you should not omit a heading code in your
template. Code heading in the mean is maybe you often see code h1, h2, h3, h4 on your template, now
the code is not got rid of it or not made because it was first viewed by search engines is data available
on the h1 code h2, h3, and the next. h1 in general is for the title of the blog, so it makes the title of the
blog not to long-ROBLEM because the blog title is the first front face viewed by search engines. For
example, the title of my blog will be more weight when taking the title of the blog tutorial, or blogspot
tutorial, tutorials on appeal or column with the title of my blog because of keywords (keywords) that I
seek is a blog on search engine tutorials. But for this case I am more concerned people get to know me
in the appeal by the name of my blog.

Use bold, italic, or underline.
Use bold, italic, or underline the keywords are in a sense of importance on the post is very good for
search engine optimization. Suppose the post we discuss about the free templates, so in the writings of
our free templates are printed in bold, italic, or underline. But even so let thicken a similar writing too
much in one post because it is considered spam by search engines, in this case is google, so yes that's

Always use the tag "alt" in the picture.
Search engines generally do not quite understand the meaning of a picture, then it should add the code
"alt" on your image code. Tags "alt" is an extension of the "alternative", so search engines will better
identify the purpose of your images when using the tag "alt".

Do not create hidden text or hidden links.
What is meant by hidden text or hidden links is to make a text or link the same color as the background
so as not to be seen by visitors to the blog. So for this one should not be done, because it will make
google's wrath on your blog because it is considered deceive the eyes of visitors.
Try to keep your blog linked by many blogs or
More and more blogs or websites create links to your blog, the better the assessment of the search
engine to your blog, and even better if your blog is linked by having a high page rank.

Make between a post linked to another post.
One attempt that can be done by yourself is between a posting that one associated with the other
postings, say I often write the words that contain such links, please read here, please read this post, and
others so that between the posts each other so united with each other.

Try not to have broken links.
That the intent with broken links is that you create a link, but when in click on the link page does not
exist or is not found. If you have a link like this, then these links should be improved or yes on fox just be
plain text not a link.

Always update your blog with new postings.
Search engines really like to blog or website whose content is always fresh or fresh, so if you are diligent
post an article then your blog will be more frequently visited by search engines. And keep in mind also
that the more writing on your blog of course the more the keyword or keywords that represent your
blog. So, let's race to fill our blog with new postings.

Or maybe the question arises, why are many websites that have never updated the content of this
website or a website like this but they still have a good ranking in search engines. For this one of course
another story, because many websites are using the valuable tools or expensive software that makes
their site will always be fresh or fresh look in the eyes of search engines. So, the choice is yours, want to
update your blog with new content or purchase expensive tools.

For users of blogger blogs, use the comment box of
the original bloggers.
Many users blogs from blogger to feel disappointed with the comment that was made by the bloggers
themselves with complicated reasons and in the form of pop-ups, so use the comment box such as 3rd-
party haloscan and so forth. Maybe if viewed from its box comments made by bloggers is a bit
disappointing, but for SEO do not regard lightly the problem, why not? Because if there are visitors who
comment on your posts, then the comment is considered by search engines as part of your post. So
basically the more you comment the more savings we have keywords in your post. and one other
advantage that there is any incoming comments, the comment can directly transfer to our email
address, so that we can know the development of incoming comments on a post.

What about taking another comment box like haloscan. If you use comment box from haloscan, for the
problem in saying so-so appearance is superior but viewed in terms of SEO in a sense not good because
each incoming comments will not be indexed by search engines as part of your post, so too bad if the
thousands keyword donations from visitors can not be yours. In addition, if there is a comment,
haloscan party would not deliver those comments to our email address, so .. that certainly we will not
know the latest developments of incoming comments.

Post title should represent the entire contents of posts
This one is sometimes forgotten by many bloggers, make the post title is a bit perfunctory, but the post
title is the representative of the entire post. Why is that, because the general title of the post is set in
the template code as a heading 2 (H2) or heading 3 (h3), and therefore prior to view the content of the
post, the first search engine will see the title of the post. So, make the title of the post must be with the
words as attractive as possible and to represent the content of the post.

That was some SEO tips, actually there's plenty to do in improving our ranking in search engines, due to
finger my already tired of typing continues, I think on both ends meet before so, maybe next time will be
continued again.

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