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Last Minute - Green Christmas Gift Ideas--PDF

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					           Last Minute - Green Christmas Gift Ideas
Here are some ideas on how to m ake your holiday                For Anyone - Give the gift of an “experience” such
m ore sustainable. Rem em ber to get off to a good              as a spa visit, tickets to the theatre or a sporting
start by taking your reusable shopping bags with you            event, or download gift cards for m usic or books.
when you head to the stores.
                                                                For a Friend or Coworker - A good backpack to
For the Gardener on Your List - Consider a plant                encourage active transportation (it’s hard to walk or
or a gift certificate for a garden centre. Go naked             bus when you are lugging tonnes of "junk" in both
(packaging free) and tuck the gift certificate into a           directions).
pair of good gardening gloves and tie with a raffia,
paper or fabric bow.                                            For the Adults - LED night lights. They are cool to
                                                                the touch (i.e. safer) and use just pennies a year
Give the Gift of Food - A basket of hom em ade                  worth of electricity. Look for them in local hardware
cookies and candy are always a hit with kids and                stores.
adults alike. Can’t cook, don’t bake ... how about a
basket of local and/or fair trade food item s. Forgo            For Anyone - “W ind-up” radios and flashlights. Good
the usual paper or plastic basket stuffing and stuff            em ergency gear for anyone and great for the little
the basket with a Christm as tea towel or hand                  ones. The wind-up feature acts as a built in
towel.                                                          “autom atic shut-off” that cuts down on the need for
                                                                parents to creep around in the dark and turn off the
How About a Gift That Supports a Cause - Such                   “what-nots”.
as a calender that supports a charity in your area
e.g., anim al shelter, or consider Fair Trade item s            For the Tweens and Teens - Movie tickets are
such as those that can be found at Ten Thousand                 always a hit. Em pire Theatre tickets are available at
Villages and Unicef, or consider “adopting” an anim al          Sobey’s stores and can be used for m ovies, the IMAX
through the World Wildlife Fund.                                and concessions.

                                                                For the Kids - If you are purchasing a gift that
For a Fam ily Gift - How About a "Night at the                  requires batteries, include rechargeable ones as part
M ovies" Basket - Tuck gift certificates from the               of the gift.
local video store into a popcorn bowl or basket filled
m icrowave popcorn, popcorn seasoning and theatre               For the Little Ones - there are LED night lights and
candy like licorice, jujubes, gumm y candy and candy            flashlights that regularly cycle through a rainbow of
coated chocolates etc.                                          colours. (Note: we have it on good authority that
                                                                som e are “m agic” - guaranteed to ward off m onsters
                                                                and other unwanted night creatures)

                                     This publication has been developed to support the Nova Scotia Department of
                                     Environment and Labour’s Pollution Prevention Plan and the goals of the government-
                                     wide sustainable procurement initiative.