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					                           Domain Names

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                                                               Whatʼs a domain made up of?
                                                               What if I already own a domain?
                                                               Choosing a good name
                                                               Multiple Domain Names

This short tutorial is designed to explain what a domain name is and how you can choose
the name which is best for you. Once a website has been designed and put onto the
Internet it needs a way to identify itself. This is why we use domain names. Domain
Names are the addresses you type in your address bar, and every website must have a
unique domain name.

Whatʼs a domain made up of?
A domain name contains three parts. It starts with “http://www.” These are abbreviations
which speak to your computer and let it know you are looking for a website on the internet.
They are commonplace today, and you donʼt normally have to type them. Often just typing
the remainder of the domain (for example does the same job.

The second bit is your choice, but there are a few rules. It is impossible to register a
domain with a space or full stop in it, so either have no spaces or replaces spaces with
hyphens, underscores or something else. There are other rules and exclusions, but they
are less common so they are not included in this tutorial.

The final bit is the suffix. There is a limited choice of suffixes, the most common
being, .com, .biz,, and the list goes on. Two sites can share a name
if the suffixes are different. (For example is owned by us, but is not and could host a different website)

What if I already own a domain?
If you already own a domain name, then it is easy to transfer it to us. This may incur some
extra costs depending on your current domain registrar.

Choosing a good name


There are four key factors which should be considered while choosing a domain name.

Recall: Will the name be easy to remember?
Aesthetics: How will the name look on paper or on a screen?

Impressions: What first impression will it give?
Length: Keep it short and sweet. Less is more, and easier to recall.

As mentioned, every website must be unique. For example, if you wanted to design a
profile for me, you wonʼt be able to use “” because it has already been
registered. Because of this, you have to chose a different name for your website such as
“”. We suggest you keep it simple and self explanatory. If someone finds
a link to, they wonʼt know what company or person it represents, whereas is easier to remember and more relevant.

Multiple Domain Names
It is possible to have multiple domain names pointing to one website. This will increase
your yearly costs slightly as it costs us extra to maintain these, but can prevent people
ending up at the wrong site due to a typing error. (An example is how and both point to