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					                                                                                    Mid February -
                                                                                     April 2011

Serving Collegeville, Trappe, Evansburg, Rahns, Royersford, Linfield and Limerick

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2   CALL 610-613-5347 FOR ADVERTISING
                                        COL 2/16/11
COL 2/16/11
                        COL 2/16/11
              LOCALLY YOURS CLIP   SAVE   5
COL 2/16/11
                                                  3rd Saturday of Every Month, 11 am - 1 pm
   Homemaker's Country Quilters Guild             Roll Over & Read
              presents                            Montgomery County Public Library, Children’s Dept.,
                                                  2nd floor, 1001 Powell St. Norristown. Elementary
   A SHOWCASE OF QUILTS XIV                       school age children can read to specially-trained dogs.
                                                  Bring your own book or read one of theirs. For more
         SCRAP HAPPY                              info, visit or call 610-278-5100, ext. 3.
   Friday, March 25, 10 am - 4 pm                 Tuesday, February 22, March 22 & 29, 11:15 am
  Saturday, March 26, 10 am - 4 pm                Angelina Ballerina Story Time
                                                  Royersford Public Library, 200 S. 4th Ave. ,
    Montgomery County 4-H Center                  Royersford. A special dancing story time complete
            Creamery, PA                          with craft, hosted by Miss Kelly, Director of LeRoux
         Route 113, one mile south of             School of Dance. Pre-registration is required. Space
            Skippack Pike (Rt. 73)                is limited so call today 610-948-7277. Ages 2 and up.
             Donation $7.00                                              TOWNHALL MEETING
       Special feature this year                                   Tuesday, March 1, 6:30 - 8 pm
         will be the Keepsake                                     ESTATE PLANNING ASSET PROTECTION
       Quilters Traveling Exhibit                                         HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS
                                                         Denise          15 Keystone Drive, Limerick
 Also included                                     Satterthwaite, CFP®   RSVP 610-489-1923
 will be                                             Choices for Your Health and Wealth                      Saturday, April 16, 9 am - 10 am
 a Raffle Quilt,                                        Guest speaker is Tony Craddock, Vice President,      Egg Hunt and 7 pm 8:30 pm -
 Merchant Mall,                                                   Associates of Clifton Park.                Flashlight Egg Hunt
 Bag Raffle,                                      Saturday, March 6, 10 am - 5 pm                            Black Rock Park, 1286 Black Rock Road between
 Demonstrations,                                  Annual Trunk Show and Open House                           Routes 113 and 29, Upper Providence.
 Quilter's Cafe,                                  Belle of the Ball Bridal, 2837 W. Ridge Pike,              Call the township office 610-933-1979 or visit
 Educational Displays, Recycle Room,              Norristown, 20% Off All Gowns Purchased.          for more info.
 Door Prizes, and Consignment Shoppe              By Appointment Only, Call 610-630-3979 or email            Saturday, April 16
                                                                           Spring Pet Photos
Thursdays, Feb. 3 thru April 21, 10:30 am                                                                    Urban Hound, 1639 W. Main Street, Trappe.
Preschool Story Time                               For the Brides                                            Call 484-973-6295 for details.
Children's Dept., Montgomery County Norristown     2011 Bridal Show Schedule
Public Library, 1001 Powell St. Norristown.            Sunday, February 27, 1pm
Ages 3-5.. Enjoy stories, games and songs              Chateau Granieri, Norristown
with a caregiver.
                                                       Tuesday, March 8, 7pm
Saturdays, 11 am-3 pm                                  Plymouth Meeting Mall
Free Craft Activities
Lakeshore Learning Store                               Sunday, March 13, 1pm
340 W. DeKalb Pike, KOP Ages 3 & up.                   The Dolce Hotel Valley Forge, King of Prussia
610-354-0551                                       Sunday, March 21, 7pm
2nd Saturday of Every Month, 10:30 am                                       Exton Square Mall, Exton
Montgomery County Public Library, Children’s                                 Sunday, March 27, 1pm
Learning Center, 2nd floor, 1001 Powell St.,                    Springford Country Club, Royersford
Norristown. Open to all ages. Build, create, have fun.       For more info and free tickets, log onto
No registration required. For more information, visit         or call 610-278-5100, ext. 205.
                                                           ROLL OVER AND READ
 Why is Pepe so sad? Because he has no one to read to him. You can make Pepe and his friends happy by reading to them on the 3rd Saturday of
 each month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. No registration is necessary. Bring your own book or use one or ours! Montgomery County - Norristown Public
 Library, 1001 Powell St., Norristown Youth Services Department, second floor. 610-278-5100

         6                               COMMUNITY CALENDAR
                                                                                                                                                 COL 2/1611
COL 2/16/11
                                                LIFE LINE ORGANIZATIONS
                                                       he Borough of Royersford is fortunate to       the voluntary fund
                                                      have two fire companies and an EMT unit         drive, the chicken
                                                      ready to respond to the emergency needs         barbeques, the sale
                                                of the borough. There is a common thread              of Christmas trees,
                                                that is woven through the fabric of each of           Easter flowers,
                                                these organizations…. HELPING OTHERS IN               Mother’s Day flow-
                                                TIME OF NEED. In the early days of the fire           ers, bake sales, sup-
                                                companies, fighting fires and rescuing anyone         pers and other
                                                trapped were their major responsibilities.            fundraisers just do
                                                Over the years their endeavors have increased         not provide the sup-
                                                to the point that they now multitask. Yes, fire       port funds that are
                                                fighting is their major call to duty, but add to      desperately needed.
                                                this, responding to vehicle accidents, residen-       I appeal to property
                                                tial rescues, Medevac assists, ambulance              owners especially-
                                                assists, river rescue and other emergencies           buy a tree, buy a lily,
                                                as needed.                                            buy a mum, buy a
                                                  There is a division of labor within the units.      cake, attend a
                                                Some fight fires, some protect those fighting         supper.
                                                fires (fire police), and others assist with raising      Do it because it is the right thing to do. If you do
                                                funds to keep the organizations operational.          not have need then give the purchase to someone
                                                Over the years those desiring to become               else. By all means support the fire company. When it
                                                involved with fire companies has dwindled             comes to the annual fund drives, $100 should be the
                                                drastically. The lack of men and women who            minimal amount given. Remember one thing, IF you
                                                enlist with a fire company is causing concern.        have a fire or an emergency you will expect a unit to
                                                The consequences of insufficient dedicated            be at your location doing what the fire company per-
                                                personnel to fight a fire and attend to other         sonnel have been trained to do.
                                                emergencies could be grave.                              Both fire companies are currently working on
                                                  The men and women of these three emer-              improving their service to the borough. Much time
                                                gency organizations are 100% volunteer. This          and effort and planning are underway seeking
                                                means they do not receive remuneration for            improved efficiencies to include utilization of equip-
                                                their efforts. The fire companies do receive an       ment and manpower more effectively.
                                                annual contribution from the Borough. This               The next time you hear a fire whistle blow and you
                                                amount does not come close to covering costs          are in your comfort zone, eating supper, mowing the
                                                of mandated requirements such as insurance            yard and planting flowers, having a picnic with the
 3rd picture: Ambulance Chairman                and training. Equipment replacement and               family, even sleeping in the middle of the night or
                                                maintenance of existing equipment requires            involved with a project during the day, think about
 J. G. Shipkovsky                               on-going funding.                                     this.
 Bottom picture: L-R:                              The fire companies are plagued with the               The weather may be hot as blazes or cold as ice,
                                                same economic down turn as other organiza-            it may be raining cats and dogs, or sleeting or snow-
 Borough Fire Chief Gary Wezel;                 tions. Because fire companies and EMS units           ing……..BUT….. dedicated fire personnel are going
 Fire Chief Friendship Dave Panetta;            attend to emergencies that involve life and           from their comfort zone into weather related
 Fire Chief Humane, Chas Chell;                 destruction of property, it is imperative that        challenges all for the cause of HELPING OTHERS IN
                                                their funding be kept at the highest level. I         TIME OF NEED.
 Fire Marshal Harry VanHorn.                    must remind all those living in the borough that

      istraction burglaries and thefts are becoming more and             mine where the victim keeps currency in the house. The victim is
      more common throughout the entire country, mainly                  distracted either inside the house, i.e. turning a light switch on and
      targeting the elderly population.                                  off, knocking on water pipes, etc.; or outside, i.e. to show the victim
                                                                         damage outside of the home, areas needing repair, determining
   Suspects posing as legitimate workers approach elderly home-          property lines, etc.
owners at their residences with the intent of gaining entry under
a seemingly legitimate ruse. The real purpose is to divert the             Once the victim is distracted, the unseen suspects enter the home
homeowner while accomplices search for currency and jewelry.             and remove currency and jewelry. In some cases, the suspects have
                                                                         gone as far as to remove safes from the homes.
   Some of the more frequently used ploys, by the suspects, are
claims to be from the local electric company, water department,             If someone shows up at your
cable company, roofing, paving, driveway seal-coating, or other          door unannounced claiming to be
building trade workers, city inspectors, surveyors, tree trimmers,       a utility worker, call your utility
or government personnel from a Social Service Agency.                    company and ask a rep if someone
                                                                         has been scheduled to show up at
  In some instances, women and children accompany male                   the house.
suspects and participate in the diversion of the homeowner.
                                                                            Or simply dial 9-1-1 and explain
    The suspects may offer a rebate by giving the victim a $100          to the communications officer what
bill with a request for change. This allows the suspect(s) to deter-     is occurring.

     8                                        MEET THE MAYOR
                                                                                                                                                  COL 2/16/11
 from any advertising Merchant in this magazine. There will be 4 winners with every issue!!
Merchant of Choice if you are winner
In what year did the multi-lane Route 422 Highway open? (Not to be confused with
Old Route 422 or Ridge Pike).

List 2 merchant's offers that you will use:    List 2 merchants you would like to see:

            Winners and Winning Merchants will be announced in the next issue.
            Entry form gives my permission to publish my name if I am a winner.
City &Zip                                                    Phone
                   One winning entry for correct answer to the trivia question.
             Three MORE winning entries for qualified entry for Merchant of Choice.
              (HINT: Merchant of Choice must be an advertiser in this magazine!)

                                 Mail, E-mail or fax entry by 4/10/11
               Locally Yours Community Magazine - P.O. Box 563 Eagleville, PA 19408-0563
             Fax: 610-948-3245 (Wait for fax)

                                      LOCALLY YOURS CLIP                                      SAVE   9
 COL 2/16/11
        uring a severe storm on the evening of           Therefore, he does not
        March 8, 2008, 29 year old Daniel Horulko        always receive the attention
        was driving on Rt. 363 in Worcester. After       and care that is needed.
a hard day's work, he was on his way to see his
infant son. The fierce wind had blown a tree                Dan's family want and
down and onto power lines where it was dangling          need to bring him home
precariously over the road, taking out all of the sur-   so that he can be cared
rounding neighborhood's electricity. Dan was com-        by those who love him.
ing around a curve, and with limited visibility, was     Over $100,000 of modifi-
not able to stop in time. His vehicle impacted the       cations must be made
hanging tree, crushing the cab onto him. Dan was         to their house to build a
flown by medical helicopter to Hahnemann                 handicapped accessible addition in order to
Hospital with severe head trauma. He remained in         give Dan the care he deserves. This does not include
the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit for more         the costs of additional healthcare services.
than four months.                                           The family is hopeful that with consistent stimula-
   Against doctor's expectations, he survived the        tion and reliable care, Dan will become more respon-
extensive and life threatening head and brain            sive. They are turning to family, friends and the com-
                           injuries of that fateful      munity to help them raise the necessary funds so they
                           night. Now after 2 1/2        can bring him home.
                           years, Dan can breathe               Submitted by Tina Argiris, Famous George's Pizza
                           on his own again but he
                           remains unable to com-            Any assistance that you can offer would be greatly
                           municate or feed and           appreciated. Monica can be reached at 610-828-0180.
                           care for himself.              If you would like to make a donation to help the family,
                                He is at a great         make your check payable to the "Daniel J. Horulko Special
                            disadvantage at the                    Needs Trust' (you can abbreviate SNT)
                            nursing facility where he                     and mail your donation to:
                            is currently residing              "Bring Dan Home", C/O Monica Horulko
                            because he is unable to          318 W. 5th Avenue, Conshohocken, PA 19428
                            ask for assistance.

 We are grateful to Luke Kelly and InSite Fireams for sponsoring this feature. Please be sure to thank him as well!

   10                                       GOOD DEEDS
                                                                                                                  COL 2/16/11
 Wynne’s Express Lube & Auto Repair:
   Your One Stop Auto Repair Shop
           ynne's Express Lube & Auto Repair Inc. is an
           independently owned and operated full-service
           repair and preventative maintenance auto repair
           center. Our full-service preventative maintenance
     and auto repair facility has been performing high
     quality, guaranteed auto repairs and oil changes at
     1635 West Main St. in Trappe since 2006. Your
     guarantee of satisfaction and confidence can be assured
     at Wynne's Express Lube & Auto Repair because John
     Wynne Jr., the owner, personally supervises every job.      • No Appointment Needed for Oil Change
     We service and repair all makes and models of domestic      • Hybrid Vehicles Serviced Here
     and import cars, trucks, and SUVs. We are your              • AAA Approved Auto Repair
     logical alternative to the dealership for all scheduled     • Authorized for Fleet Maintenance Services for A.R.I.
     maintenance of your personal vehicle, fleet car or truck.     Fleet Services
     Bring in your foreign and domestic auto, SUV, or pickup     • Authorized for Fleet Maintenance Services for GE
     today with complete confidence that your vehicle              Capital Fleet Services
     will be serviced correctly while maintaining your           • Member of the Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce
     manufacturer's warranty.                                    • Member of the Alliance of Automotive Service
     Wynne's is fully equipped with the tools and machinery        Providers of Pennsylvania
     to render total auto service. We use the latest diagnos-
     tic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or
     serviced properly and in a timely fashion. We only use
     quality replacement parts. Our ASE Certified techni-
                                  cians offer prompt profes-
                                  sional service including
                                  computerized tune ups, oil        Whether you are in need of an oil change,
                                  changes, electrical service,
                                                                    preventative maintenance, minor or major
                                  brake, shock and exhaust
     Buy 5 oil changes get 1 free system repairs, front end         repair, you can rest assured that you will
     alignments & fuel system service, etc. In fact, all of your receive the best in service at competitive prices.
     preventive maintenance, major and minor repairs can                 CALL US AT 610-489-4050
     be handled here, by us. John and his technicians share a         Hours: Sun. Closed, Mon.-Thurs. 7:30 am - 6 pm;
     combined knowledge and experience of over 120 years!                 Fri. 7:30 am - 5 pm; Sat. 7:30 am 12 pm

   1635 W. Main St., Trappe                                    

                                          BUSINESS FOCUS                                                         11
COL 2/16/11
                             COL 2/16/11
                                   BLAST FROM THE PAST
     n the 1940's, the Commercial Hotel                                              The postcard included a terrific picture of the Commercial Hotel.
     advertised "the largest sea food platter in                                     Unfortunately, I could not share it with you because it is copyright-
     Pennsylvania".                                                                  ed material. Check it out!
Located diagonally across the street from the                                        You can view the page at
Collegeville railroad station, the hotel was a popular                               mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=VPROD&Product_Code=978073853
place to stay for summer tourists and local boarders.                                8099
The building has had various additions and face-lifts
since that time. It is now the home of DaVinci's Pub.
                                                                                     Scroll the pages to the index page, click on page 23 and scroll
Source: Along the Perkiomen (page 28) by                                             to page 28. You will find it fascinating, at least I did!
Jerry Chiccarine.

         Merchant of Choice Winners                                                         $$25 TRIVIA QUESTION WINNER!!!!!
Congratulations to the following $25 gift certificate winners                               Congratulations to Caroline Gennaria of Royersford for
   from our April issue and their Merchants of Choice!                                                winning September's trivia drawing.
  Many thanks for entering our drawing. Don't give up.
                                                                                            She correctly answered, in the 1940's,the Commercial
               You could be a winner, too!
                                                                                              Hotel was located where DaVinci's Pub now stands.
         Kathleen Jackson of Collegeville                                                        Congrats to Giovanni's Pizza & Restaurant
                    - Ruby’s Diner                                                                        as her Merchant of Choice.
          Jeffrey Feingold of Royersford                                                    This one was difficult - only 3 of you had it correct and
                                                                                             unfortunately, one was disqualified for not designating
                - Barrister’s Bagel Co.                                                        their Merchant of Choice! Better luck next time!
         Michael Burnick of Collegeville                                                     Please pay attention to the rules. Watch for your next
         - Collegeville Italian Deli & Market                                                        Locally Yours around the first of May.
                                 Mail, E-mail or fax entry by 4/10/11                                                  Mail, E-mail or fax entry by 4/10/11
               Locally Yours Community Magazine - P.O. Box 563 Eagleville, PA 19408-0563             Locally Yours Community Magazine - P.O. Box 563 Eagleville, PA 19408-0563
            Fax: 610-948-3245 (Wait for fax)                   Fax: 610-948-3245 (Wait for fax)

                      SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MERCHANTS                                                                                                                13
 COL 2/16/11
Carol Van Voorhis   King of Prussia   Ruby's Diner                Nancy H. Foster         Audubon           Nonna Rosa Pizza
Jason Trecoske      King of Prussia   Famous George's             Anna Handwork           Oaks              Audubon Ale House
Rose Gallagher      King of Prussia   Gateway Cafe                Anne Stralkowski        Eagleville        Village Café
Joy Denick          King of Prussia   Bagelicious                 Karen Bickleman         Audubon           Bertucci's
Virginia Houser     Norristown        Greco Roman Restaurant      Anita Rogers            Royersford        Speck's Drive-In
Patricia Douglass   Norristown        Tosco Pizza                 Theresa Adams           Rahns             Ruby's Diner
Joan Sigg           Norristown        VF Beef & Ale               Dawn Tomchick           Collegeville      Pizza Stop
Patricia Marchese   Jeffersonville    Unique Nails                Michelle Rist           Royersford        Perk Valley Pet
Karen Hartley       Collegeville      Ruby's Diner                Philip L. Knerr         Audubon           The Saloon
Sally Cauffman      Royersford        Giovanni's Pizza            Sandra F. Grubb         Oaks              Primo Hoagies
Colleen Foley       Royersford        Rossi's Pizza               Carla Romarate-Knipel   Jeffersonville    Irish Shop
Rhonda Pilgrom      Limerick          Limerick Diner              Theresa Weber           Norristown        Village Café*
LaVera Seymour      King of Prussia   A1 Sparkles                 Jeana Molinaro          Collegeville      Rossi's Pizzeria
Bill Godshall       King of Prussia   In Site Firearms            Brian Gottshall         Royersford        New Golden Buffet
Denise Branca       Norristown        Primo Hoagies               Carol Sue Bullick       Royersford        PrimoHoagies
Kelly Reid          Bridgeport        Famous George's             Roy Coburn              Collegeville      Wynne's Express
Sherri Romano       Eagleville        Keystone Grill              Sylvia V. Luther        King of Prussia   A Classic Clip Plus
Patty Stadnik       Audubon           Collegeville Italian Deli   Theresa Gregory         Bridgeport        PrimoHoagies
Mary Berger         Oaks              The Irish Shop              Anne Helensky           Swedeland         Elite Cleaners
Linda Ghiloni       Norristown        Ruby's Diner                Samuel/Eileen Sandor    King of Prussia   Dairy Queen
Donna Dickey        Schwenksville     Tommy Mo's                  Nicole Burgess          Oaks              Jasmine Asian House
Pat Canfield        Collegeville      Giovanni's Pizza            Joan Detwiler           Audubon           Elite Cleaners
Barbara Bono        Limerick          Limerick Diner              Reenie Santoro          East Norriton     Designed Treasures
Mary Beth Dorn      Royersford        Rossi's Pizzeria            Freda Scatchard         Norristown        Speck's Drive-In
Kelly Davis         King of Prussia   Belle of the Ball Bridal    Sam Kolunie             Collegeville      Collegeville Italian Deli
Diane Karver        King of Prussia   Gateway Cafe                Julie Sheehan           Collegeville      Perk Valley Pets
Shirley Weaver      King of Prussia   Bridgeport Paint Center     Betsy Gibbons           Limerick          Giovanni's Pizzeria
Rose Boris          King of Prussia   Ruby's Diner                Susan Bowes             Royersford        Irish Shop

   14                            AND THE WINNER IS...
                                                                                                                             COL 2/16/11
              BULLETIN BOARD   15
COL 2/16/11
                                               PRSRT STD
                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                              Permit No. 286
 P.O. BOX 563, EAGLEVILLE, PA 19408-0563
610-613-5347 •    SEPA 19399

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