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					                                       Christmas Hampers - 2010                                        BASIC                              REGULAR                                            LUXURY
BWTRI CHRISTMAS HAMPER                   £26.95                                     £45.95                                £69.95
                                         Jam, chutney, luxury drink, cake,          An even greater choice of             A large hamper full of quality food. Great gift
                                         coffee, biscuit, Welsh food,               Welsh food treats ideal gift          for a family or someone special.
                                         chocolate and more...                      for a couple.                         Approx 20 items
                                         Approx 8 items                             Approx 14 items

                                         Quantity                                   Quantity                              Quantity
BWTRI CHRISTMAS TREATS                   £19.95                                     £30.95                                £49.95
                                         Chocolates, biscuits, sweets, snacks       Even more treats for                  Full of sweet treats for the Festive period.
                                         and more treats to enjoy over              someone special or to be              Ideal gift for a couple or family.
                                         Christmas...                               shared.                               Approx 16 items
                                         Approx 6 items                             Approx 10 items

                                         Quantity                                   Quantity                              Quantity
BWTRI CHEESE AND PATÉ                    £27.95                                     £39.95                                £59.95
(Ideal gift for foodies!)                4 Welsh cheese truckles, 2 Welsh           5 Welsh cheeses, 3 Welsh              7 Welsh cheeses, 4 Welsh patés, mushroom
                                         patés, a special chutney and a pack        patés, chutney, and 2 packs           antipasti, jar of chutney, jar of relish, 3 packs
                                         of savoury biscuits.                       of savoury biscuits.                  of cheese biscuits and a jar of olives.

                                         Quantity                                   Quantity                              Quantity

Choose your packaging type:- Burgundy & Gold Box                        Wicker basket (+£3.95/hamper)                      Wicker picnic basket (+£8.95/hamper)
NAME:                                                                                  NOTES
                                                                                          1. Fill your own hamper service available ask staff for assistance.
ADDRESS:                                                                                  2. If the above list does not meet your requirement, then a member of staff
                                                                                             will be happy to help you.
PHONE NUMBER:                                       DATE REQUIRED:                        3. Clearly state when ordering if you want to avoid certain products.
                                                                                          4. Delivery charged at £10.95 per address in the UK. This may include more
Delivery (£10.95 any address in the UK:        OR        Store Pick-up:                      than one hamper to each address.
or £5.95 within 10 miles of shop.)                                                        5. 5% discount over £200, 10% discount available on orders over £350.
Please pay 25% deposit with order. Please keep your receipt as record.                    6. Contact 01758 613113/ for further information.

STAFF USE ONLY: Total order value: £                Deposit paid (25% @ £      )-               Full payment received -              Initials:         Date: