SCC Grant Ltr 5-31-11 by GilroyDispatch

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									May 31, 2011

Board of Directors
South County Collaborative
P. O. Box 309
Gilroy, CA 95021

(Sent via individual emails and USPS mail)

The Board of Directors of the Gilroy Foundation has put forward “a vote of no
confidence” in the Board of the Directors of the South County Collaborative.

As a result, it has been decided to cancel the support of the SCC’s Strategic
Director/CEO position effective immediately. In addition, the office space
reserved for the Collaborative will be unavailable after June 15, 2011. We ask
that all Collaborative and personal items be removed by that date. Please
remove all files from the laptop computer in your use and leave it in the office,
along with keys to the office, restrooms and conference room.

We are saddened that our support of the Collaborative has been compromised by
the decisions made by the SCC’s Board regarding the missing funds taken by
their former independent contractor.

The Gilroy Foundation has positioned itself as an example of Community
wellness and integrity. The lack of legal reporting of the missing money shows a
lack of judgment by an agency that was a victim but now appears to be covering
up a misdeed. The Gilroy Foundation believes in transparency among our
partners, and unfortunately this trust has been violated.

We hope that the South County Collaborative is able to readjust their position,
regroup and move forward with their work in our community.

John Perales

 Post Office Box 774, Gilroy, California 95021 Tel 408.842.3727 Fax 408.842.8767

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