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									FSAE Design Spec Sheet                                                                                                                                                                                               2008
Competitors please replace the sample specification values in the table below with those appropriate for your vehicle and submit this to with your design report. This information will be reviewed by the design judges and may be
referred to during the design event.
--Please do not modify format of this sheet. Common formatting will help keep the judges happy!
--The sample values are fictional and should be used as a baseline for your designs.

Car No.                                                                       114
School                                                                        SUNY-Buffalo
Dimensions                                                                    Front                                                 Rear
Overall Length, Width, Height                                                 106.5 Inches Overall Length, 52 Inches Wide, 46.5 Inches High
Wheelbase                                                                     64 Inches
Track                                                                         46 Inches                                             46 Inches
Weight with 150lb driver                                                      220 (Estimated)                                       330 (Estimated)

Suspension Parameters                                                         Front                                                                       Rear
Suspension Type                                                               Double Unequal Length A-Arm, Pull Rod Actuated                              Satchell Linked Solid Rear Axle, Pull Rod Actuated
                                                                              Spring and Damper                                                           Spring and Damper
Tire Size and Compound Type                                                   Hoosier 18x6-10 R25B                                                        Hoosier 18x6-10 R25B
Wheels                                                                        Kiezer 10x6, 5x1 Offset, 27 Tooth Splined Centers                           Kiezer 10x6, 5x1 Offset, 27 Tooth Splined Centers
Design ride height (chassis to ground)                                        4.5 Inches                                                                  2.5 Inches
Center of Gravity Design Height                                               12.0 Inches Above Ground
Suspension design travel                                                      1.25 Inches Jounce / 1.25 Inches Rebound                                    1.25 Inches Jounce / 1.25 Inches Rebound
Wheel rate (chassis to wheel center)                                          100 Lbs / Inch                                                              125 Lbs / Inch
Roll rate (chassis to wheel center)                                           1.3 deg/g
Sprung mass natural frequency                                                 4.00 Hz (Estimated)                                                         3.66 Hz (Estimated)
Jounce Damping                                                                Not Tested as of February                                                   Not Tested as of February
Rebound Damping                                                               Not Tested as of February                                                   Not Tested as of February
Motion ratio / type                                                           1:1 / Linear                                                                1:1 / Linear (Sight Progressive Rate on Compression
                                                                                                                                                          Due to Birdcage Clocking)
Camber coefficient in bump (Deg / Inch)                                       0.82 Deg / Inch                                                             0 Deg / Inch (Solid Axle)
Camber coefficient in roll (Deg / Deg)                                        0.70 Deg / Deg                                                              -1 Deg / Deg (Solid Axle)
Static Toe and adjustment method                                              0.1 Deg Toe Out, Tie Rods with Male Rod Ends                                0 Deg Toe In / Out, No Adjustment (Solid Axle)
Static camber and adjustment method                                           -1.5 Deg, Interlocking Teeth on Upright to Balljoint                        0 Deg, No Adjustment (Solid Axle)
                                                                              Interface, + / - 3 Deg Range @ 0.5 Deg Increments
Front Caster and adjustment method                                            0 Deg, Interlocking Teeth on A-Arm to Upper / Lower 0 Deg, No Adjustment (Solid Axle)
                                                                              Balljoint Clevis Interface, + / - 3 Deg Range @ 0.5 Deg
Front Kingpin Axis                                                            0 Deg                                                   N/A
Kingpin offset and trail                                                      2 Inches offset, 0 Inches Trail                         N/A
Static Ackermann and adjustment method                                        Parallel Steer, No Adjustment                           N/A
Anti dive / Anti Squat                                                        0% / 0%                                                 0% / 4%
Roll center position static                                                   1.4 Inches Above Ground                                 4.5 Inches Above Ground
Roll center position at 1g lateral acc                                        1.4 Inches Above Ground, 0.5 Inches Lateral in          4.5 Inches Above Ground, 0.125 Inches Toward Laden
                                                                              Direction of Turn                                       Side
Steer location, Gear ratio, Steer Arm Length                                  Rear Steer, 1.5 Inches Above Lower A-Arm Mounts and 1.5 Inches Behind Front Wheel Centerline, 12:1 Ratio
                                                                              Stiletto Rack and Pinion, 2.5 Inches Steering Arm, 6:1 Wheel Rate, Parallel Steer

Brake System / Hub & Axle                                                     Front                                                    Rear
Rotors                                                                        Mild Steel, Floating, 7.25 Inch Diameter, 0.1875         Mild Steel, Floating, 7.25 Inch Diameter, 0.1875
                                                                              Inches thick (LF, RF)                                    Inches Thick (RR)
Master Cylinder                                                               Tilton 76 Series, 0.625 Inch Bore Front and Rear, Tilton Balance Bar
Calipers                                                                      Four Piston, 1.25 Inch Pistons, Fixed Caliper, GP320 Four Piston, 1.25 Inch Pistons, Fixed Caliper, GP320
                                                                              Wilwood (LF, RF)                                         Wilwood (RR)
Hub Bearings                                                                  D60102RS Double Row Ball Bearing with Integral           D60102RS Double Row Ball Bearing with Integral
                                                                              Seals (One per Upright)                                  Seals (One per Birdcage)
Upright Assembly                                                              CNC 7075-T6 Aluminum "Hubright"                          CNC 7075-T6 Aluminum "Hubright"
Axle type, size, and material                                                 600 cc Sprint Car Solid Axle Stubs, 9 Inches Long,       600 cc Sprint Car Solid Axle, 53 Inches Long, 1.75
                                                                              1.75 Inch OD x 1 Inch ID, 7075-T6 Aluminum, 27           Inch OD x 1 Inch ID, 7075-T6 Aluminum, 27 Tooth
                                                                              Tooth Involute Spline, Safety Pin Holes                  Involute Spline, Safety Pin Holes

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Driver Size Adjustments                            Fixed Steering Wheel and pedals. Small, Medium, and Large Interchangeable Upper and Lower Seat Foams
Seat (materials, padding)                          Expanded Foam Lower and Upper Seat Forms. Small, Medium, and Large Sizes. Attached to Lower and Upper
                                                   Firewall by Velcro. Padding Consists of One Layer High Density Foam Covered by Waterproof Vinyl
Driver Visibility (angle of side view, mirrors?)   180 Degree Side Visibility, 2 Inch x 4Inch Side Mrrors Mounted to Front Nose Cone
Shift Actuator (type, location)                    N/A
Clutch Actuator (type, location)                   N/A
Instrumentation                                    None

Frame Construction                                 Tubular Space Frame
Material                                           4130-N
Joining method and material                        GTAW Welding, ER80S-D2 Filler Rod
Targets (Torsional Stiffness or other)             1200 ft-lb/deg
Torsional stiffness and validation method          1040 ft-lb/deg, validated through physical testing and ANSYS beam element analysis
Bare frame weight with brackets and paint          75 Lbs
Crush zone material                                Alcore Dura-Cell 5056 Aluminum Honeycomb (PAA - 5.2 - 1/4 - 0/0025 - N - E)
Crush zone length                                  8.6 Inches
Crush zone energy capacity                         Physical Test:158,640 Inch-Lbs (17,924 Joules)

Manufacture / Model                                Briggs & Stratton / 3814470075
Bore / Stroke / Cylinders / Displacement           75.5mm Bore / 66mm Stroke / 2 cylinders / 590cc
Compression ratio                                  10:01
Induction                                          Naturally Aspirated
Throttle Body / Mechanism                          1.375 Inch / Butterfly Throttle Body
Fuel Type                                          93 Octane
Max Power design RPM                               5500 (Estimated)
Max Torque design RPM                              3500 (Estimated)
Min RPM for 80% max torque                         2800 (Estimated)
Fuel System (manf'r, and type)                     Student Designed/Built, Megasquirt Sequential Fuel Injection, Speed Density , Open Loop
Fuel System Sensors (used in fuel mapping)         Air Temp, TPS, MAP, Baro, Cam and Crank VR Sensors
Fuel Pressure                                      43.5 PSI Regulated, Walbro Returnless Fuel Pump (PFA-32C)
Injector location                                  4.0 inches Before Intake Port, Pointing into Intake Stream
Intake Plenum volume and runner length(s)          115 Cubic Inch / 14.5" Primaries
Exhaust header design                              Stepped Primary Tube Design, 304 Stainless Steel, 2 into 1 Collector, O2 Sensor Mounted in Collector
Effective Exhaust runner length                    29 Inches Long, 14.5 Inches of 1.25x0.065, 14.5 Inches of 1.375x0.065
Ignition System                                    Student Designed/Built, Megasquirt Sequential Fuel Injection, Denso 580 Ignition Coils
Ignition Timing                                    Not Tested as of February
Oiling System (wet/dry sump, mods)                 Stock Wet Sump, Gerotor Oil Pump and Stock Forced Air Oil Cooler / Filter Assembly
Coolant System and Radiator location               Stock Forced Air Cooled, Plastic Squirrel Cage Blower and Steel Air Shrouds
Fuel Tank Location, Type                           Chassis Mounted Between Firewall and Engine, Centerline of Car, 1 Gallon Welded 6061-T56 Tank with
                                                   Welded 6061-T56 Filler Neck, Fuel Safe Filler Cap, JAZ Fuel Vent
Muffler                                            Coast Fabrication 2 Inch Inlet/Outlet Perforated Core, Glasmat Packing, 150 Cubic Inch Volume
Other significant engine modifications             628cc Stock Engine De-Stroked to 590cc Using 16hp Crankshaft, Billet 7075-T6 Connecting Rods, Forged
                                                   Aluminum Aries Pistons, Higher Duration Camshaft, 6061-T56 Pushrods with Steel Tips, Billet 6061-T56
                                                   Roller Tip Rockers, Larger Titanium Valves , Ported Heads, Thermistor Type CHT Sensors Mounted Under Spark
                                                   Plugs, Oil Pressure / Temperature Sensors, Cam and Crank VR sensor, Swain Tech Coatings, ARP Fasteners,
                                                   Cometic Steel Head gaskets, Lightened Flywheel

Drive Type                                         Gaged Engineering Dominator GX7 CVT , DID 428NZ2 Chain Final Drive
Differential Type                                  N/A
Final Drive Ratio                                  4:1
Vehicle Speed @ max power (design) rpm             12:1 Low Gear, 4:1 High Gear, Geared for 80 MPH @ High Gear @ 6000 RPM
1st gear                                           N/A
2nd gear                                           N/A
3rd gear                                           N/A
4th gear                                           N/A
5th gear                                           N/A
6th gear                                           N/A
Half shaft size and material                       N/A
Joint type                                         N/A

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Aerodynamics (if applicable)
Front Wing (lift/drag coef., material, weight)   N/A
Rear Wing (lift/drag coef., material, weight)    N/A
Undertray (downforce/speed)                      N/A
Wing mounting                                    N/A

Optional Information
Body Work                                        2 Layer Fiberglass Attached with Dzus Self Ejecting Buttons, One Nose Cone and Two Side Panels
Rear Suspension                                  Integral Part of Side Impact Crash Structure Allows for Clever Intake Manifold Design, Symmetric About
                                                 Lateral Centerline
Front Suspension                                 Symmetric About Front Wheel Centerline
Roll Hoop Intergration                           Uses Two Roll Hoop Structure Instead of the Traditional Three Hoop, Unusually Rear Biased Driver
Duplication of Parts                             All suspension Mounts Identical, All Suspension Bearings Identical, Same 0.25 Inch Bolts Used at Each
                                                 Suspension Joint, All Four Upright/Birdcage Center Sections Identical, Symmetrical Rear and Front
                                                 Suspension Design (i.e. Left Fits Right, Right Fits Left)

      ffa88ac9-4eb0-4c5d-bfb5-4b0a5ead02c0.xls V1                         3                                                                5/31/2011

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