Rent Arrears Letter

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					For the Attention of: "[Enter Tenant's Full Name]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]"

From: "[Enter Landlord's Full Name]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]" "[Enter Address - Line 1]"

Date: 2 July 2009

Re: Rent Arrears Dear "[Tenant's Name]" I am writing to advice you that my records indicate your rent is now overdue. I provide specific details of the arrears below: Date Due Amount Due Amount Paid Total Amount Due

I would be grateful if you could take action to ensure the account is brought up to date within the next 7 days. If full payment has been made in the last few days please ignore this letter. If you have any queries on the above, then please contact me.

Yours sincerely; "[Sign and Print Name Beneath]"

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Description: Rent in Arrears - Reminder Letter 1 You can use this letter if your tenant starts getting into rent arrears. This letter is worded to politely remind your tenant that they need to pay their rent on time. Please visit FreeLetting.Com for lots more free guides and free letting AD UK or Worldwide. Please also click on our affiliate Goggle links to support continued free documents from FreeLetting.Com.