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					                                                                                                Librarians and Libraries Working for the Common Good

             SRRT Task Forces
                (check all that apply)

_____ Alternative Media Task Force (AMTF)
Promotes the acquisition and use of alternative
information resources in libraries.

_____ Environment (TFOE)

Promotes awareness of environmental issues among

ALA members and the public.

_____ Feminist (FTF)
Provides feminist persepctives and initiates action
on issues related to libraries, librarianship, informa-
                                                                                                  Round Table
                                                                                                   OF THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION
tion services, and ALA.                                                                                                                  FOUNDED 1969

_____ Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty
Fosters greater awareness of the dimensions, causes,
and ways to end hunger, homelessness, and poverty.

_____ International Responsibilities (IRTF)
Advocates socially responsible positions on issues
of international library concern.

_____ Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Supports and advances the observance of the
holiday as an American celebration.

_____ The Rainbow Project
Promotes youth books with gay/lesbian/                                                                    AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION
                                                          Social Responsibilities Round Table
bisexual/transgender/questioning (GLBTQ)                                                                 
                                                            American Librar y Association
experiences through annual bibliographies and                    50 East Huron Street
other activities. This task force is a joint                      Chicago, IL 60611                                   SRRT
GLBTRT/SRRT undertaking.                                                      
                                                                                                    Join Us!
                   Responsibilities                                               To join SRRT, please f ill out this form and send
                                                                                  with a check for the indicated amount, payable to

                    Round Table                                                      ALA/Social Responsibilities Round Table.

                                                                               DUES (in addition to ALA member dues)
                                                                               _____ Student, Retired, Unemployed—$5
                                                                               _____ Personal Member—$15
Since 1969, members of the Social Responsibilities Round Table
                                                                               _____ Institutions—$20
(SRRT) have worked to make the American Library Association                    Dues include FREE subscription to SRRT e-Newsletter.
(ALA) more democratic. They have also worked to promote a more
                                                                               ALA MeMBeR nUMBeR

progressive agenda.


In doing so, SRRT has provided a home within ALA for progressive
librarians, library workers, and supporters who agree to promote social
                                                                               CITy                        STATe/PRov                ZIP/PC

responsibility as a core value of librarianship.

                                                                               PAYMENT METHOD
The SRRT Newsletter, in publication since 1969, has been a constant            My check is enclosed for $__________, payable to the American
source of alternative viewpoints on libraries and their role in society.       Library Association

                                                                               Charge $_________ to my       VISA       MasterCard
                                                                                 American Express

                                                                               CARd nUMBeR                              exPIRATIon dATe

           w w w. L I B R . O R g / S R R T
                                                                               nAMe on CARd


                                Subscribe                                                              Mail to:
                                                                                              American Library Association
                          to SRRT discussion lists at
                                                                                                 50 east Huron Street
                                                         Chicago, IL 60611
                                                                                         join online at