How to Feed Your Kids Healthy Foods by ade.bogdan


									Some kids just don't want to eat anything considered "healthy." Here are some simple
tricks to help get your kids to eat those healthy foods without a fight.


1. Change what you call the foods your kids won't eat. Broccoli can be little trees,
cauliflower is snow trees, pea soup is monster soup. Tell your kids that horses eat oats
and they can eat oatmeal like a horse.

2. Use cookie cutters. Sandwiches in the shape of a cat seem to just taste better to my
kids. You can use cookie cutters in all sizes for a lot of foods, like slices of cheese, fruit,
toast, or tortillas.

3. A sprinkle Parmesan cheese can make anything taste better. I call it spaghetti cheese
for my kids and they will eat almost anything with spaghetti cheese on it.

4. Sneak veggies in whenever you can. Grated or finely diced carrots, zucchini,
mushrooms, spinach, etc. can be mixed in spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, hamburgers or any

5. Pureed fruits can be used in place of oil in many recipes. If you are unsure if it will
work for your recipe, first try to just replace half the oil with applesauce.

6. Flax seed is a great source of Omega 3. Ground flax seed can be sprinkled on food or
mixed in a smoothie.

7. One of my favorites is broccoli sprinkles. Gently cut the tops of a crown of fresh,
washed broccoli so that you end up with tiny broccoli "sprinkles." You can place them in
a small dish with a little spoon and kids can top anything from mashed potatoes to steak
with them.

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