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					            SONCAP PROCEDURE

Step 1:


1) Exporter to approach SONCO (SONCAP OFFICE) in the country of Export or SONCO closet to country of export.

2) SONCO to provide standard / CVG.

3) Exporter to test product in accredited ISO7025 laboratory using standard / CVG provided by SONCO.

4) Exporter to submit test report to SONCO.

5) SONCO to issue PC if test report meets standard specification.

6) Exporter to forward copy of PC to importer in Nigeria.

7) Importer to forward PC to SONCAP office in Nigeria for stamping.

8) Importer to forward the stamped PC to bank for processing Form M.

Step 2:


1) Exporter to send ORIGINAL SC to importer in Nigeria.

2) Exporter to submit PC and the shipping documents to SONCO.

3) SONCO to review the documents if adequate.

4) SONCO to issue SONCAP certificate to exporter.

5) Importer to forward original SC to SONCAP office Nigeria for stamping.

6) Importer to present stamped SC at port for clearance of consignment.

Please view the web below for more information and lists of SONCO

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