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									Save energy.                   Let the experts at
                              benchmark your
 Start with brain power.    facility’s energy
high perfor                   ance

Dedicated to providing the right solutions for building
                                                            More than
                                                                        75        %
                                                                                  of the nation’s commercial,
                                                                        industrial and institutional buildings were built before the
                                                                        introduction of today’s energy-efficient technologies.
environmental systems, MacDonald-Miller delivers high
                                                                         By optimizing your building’s environmental
performance with a focus on innovative engineering                       systems, you can benefit financially with
                                                                         incentives, increased reliability and lower
and operational excellence.
                                                                         energy bills.

                                                                         There has never been a better time to
                                                                         improve the energy efficiency and
MODEL   DESIGN   BUILD   COMMISSION   MAINTAIN   OPTIMIZE                environmental performance of your
                                                                         building. Get smart and save.

The second tallest skyscraper in Seattle, the Washington
Mutual Tower was completed in 1988. It stands 770 feet tall,
with 55 stories and a floor area of 1.2 million square feet.

“MacMiller has provided the operational wisdom for
 making our facilities operate more efficiently. They
 have proven time and time again to have the technical
 knowledge and implementation resources to assist us           “MacDonald-Miller has partnered
 in achieving our energy-efficiency goals.”                     with us in several ways to help
                                                                us achieve considerable energy
Jeff Kasowski                                                   savings at Pier 66 including VFD
Wright Runstad & Company
                                                                installations, chiller plant and
Operations Manager
                                                                steam system optimization, and
                                                                space scheduling. As a result,
                                                                we were able to reduce our
                                                                annual electricity usage by over
                                                                50% or 2 million kwh, and our
PIER 66                                                         steam use by nearly 40%.”

The Bell Harbor Complex on the Seattle waterfront includes     Dennis Scott
                                                               Port of Seattle
a conference center, cruise ship terminal, museum space,
leased office suites and food service facilities.              Facilities Maintenance Manager
                                                               Marine Maintenance

Built in 1993, Bellevue Regional Library houses more than
325,000 volumes and the most comprehensive reference
collection in the King County Library System.

“As our HVAC contractor since 2006, MacMiller has evaluated
 our libraries for energy efficiency, suggested numerous
 enhancements and helped us save energy, upgrade
 control systems for peak performance and optimize our        “MacDonald-Miller has been
 maintenance of essential systems. I appreciate MacMiller’s    integral to Kemper Development’s
 detailed cost-savings analyses with payback periods and       success over the past 25 years.
 grant opportunities.”                                         In the last four years, MacMiller
                                                               has helped us receive over
Gregory Smith                                                  $546,000 in energy-efficiency
King County Library System
Director of Facilities                                         incentives and reduce our annual
Management Services                                            energy bill by $225,000. MacMiller’s
                                                               continuous innovations to applying
                                                               technology and operating strategies
T HE BE LLE VUE COLL E C T I ON                                have proven to be good business
An urban hub with premier retail, restaurants, offices and
a world-class hotel, this Eastside development includes       Glen Bachman
Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square and Bellevue Place.           Kemper Development
                                                              VP Operations
                                                    aspiring to operational EXCELLENCE
                                                                                                                                                                        Operating &

                                                                                                                                                                     HVAC System
                                                                                                                      EXECUTE APPROVED                              Improvements                BUILDING PERFORMANCE
      YOUR BUILDING                            ENERGY BENCHMARK                           ENERGY AUDIT
                                                                                                                      RECOMMENDATIONS                                                           MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                                                                                  Lighting System

                                                                                                                                                               Water Conservation

                                                                                                                                                             Alternative Energy
                                        OPTIMIZE YOUR BUILDING SYSTEMS
                                      Following an energy benchmark to review your building’s current
                                     energy usage, you can identify inefficiencies with an energy audit.   32001 Federal Way Building
         Let the experts at         Your custom audit shows how savings can be realized by making
        MacDonald-Miller                                                                                          “MacDonald-Miller, via their Building Performance Management program,
                                   improvements to your systems, procedures and behaviors, and
 benchmark your facility’s                                                                                         has provided operational changes to our building systems that have
    energy performance.          includes the estimated cost as well as the financial justification to
                                                                                                                   achieved substantial energy savings for our facility. We have improved our
      Email us today at         achieve those savings.
                                                                                                                   Energy Star rating by 5 points and lowered our energy cost for December           Once you improve your inefficient systems, you want persistence in                  2008 by 31% compared to the same month in 2007. To date we’ve seen
                             savings. MacDonald-Miller’s Building Performance Management program                   an ROI of 23% in 16 months.”
                            gives you this persistence by combining utiliVisor,™ an exclusive web-based
                                                                                                                   Melinda R. Tillotson, CPM, RPA
                           measurement and verification tool, with our experienced certified performance           GVA Kidder Matthews
                          engineers for on-going operational oversight and system optimization.                    Senior Property Manager
                                                                       BUILDING PERFORMANCE SERVICES
“MacDonald-Miller’s approach to building                             Having cost-effective and proven approaches for the diverse uses of
 performance is all about making buildings                          buildings is at the cornerstone of MacDonald-Miller’s Building Performance
 work as efficiently as possible. No matter                        Services. From small buildings to large campuses and simple to highly
 how new or old the building, we work with                        complex systems, MacDonald-Miller has developed a unique set of
 your team to achieve peak operating                            tools, processes and programs that deliver results—keeping your
 efficiency, reliability and comfort
                                                               building working while saving you money year after year.
 while minimizing your investment
 and maximizing your financial
                                                             BUILDING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT
 return with verifiable results.”
                                                           Operational excellence is not a one-time achievement. It is an
Perry England
                                                          on-going quest requiring persistence and continuous management.
VP Building Performance                                 MacDonald-Miller’s highly skilled and certified performance engineers
                                                       are committed to maximizing the energy efficiency of your
                                                      building systems.

                                                    UTILITY INCENTIVE COORDINATION
                                                   By making a commitment to energy efficiency, your building
                                                 may qualify for financial incentives. A dedicated coordinator at
                                                MacDonald-Miller works with you to ensure all available incentives
                                               are received. In 2008 MacDonald-Miller secured over $1.8 million
                                              worth of utility incentives for customers’ energy conservation projects.
   Contact MacDonald-Miller to
    benchmark your building’s
 current energy performance.

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