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									INCLUDES: Globe, Altitude, 20:Q&A, Hotstuff

                                                                                             March 2010
                                                                                             Issue 6

                                       Dive In
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  The bou uto - the Zorb
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  Sirto, Ka bane’s Paniyir
  S ousta. B val.
  Greek F

  Visit Me
          lbourne                                Novotel Brisbane Airport’s new view
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  a lov er of mu paholic
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  to visit.

                                  Your gu
                                  exciting to


                                    ons at

 PLUS                          and abr home

  Music with the New Camerata
  Easy parking at Brisbane Airport
  Meet a Royal Flying Doctor                                                     Queensland Australia
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                        06               08                                                   14                                                         15





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4   AIRSPACE 03|10
                                   16                                                21                                                  26
                                        06 Get Travelling                                      22 20:Q&A

                                        08 Melbourne Experience                                24 The golden gate to the U.S.

                                        12 Hotstuff                                            25 Easy parking at Brisbane Airport

                                        13 National Aviation Policy Arrives                    26 Yassou Paniyiri

                                        15 Reserve your room                                   29 Altitude

                                        16 The thriller - that’s Manila                        30 Fun and games

                                        19 On the runway                                       31 Photo of the month

                                        21 New world orchestra for Brisbane

                                        From The Editor
                                        Welcome to the Autumn edition of                       But there’s also lots to do right here in Brisbane.
                                        Airspace, keeping you up to date on                    You can’t miss Paniyiri - Brisbane’s fabulous Greek
                                        aviation, tourism and industry news.                   festival that attracts thousands each year for food,
FROM THE INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL                                                                music and dancing.
                                        In this edition we take you to a number of local
                                        and overseas destinations including the fabulous       In addition to our feature destinations, we
DEAN TAYLOR                             Philippines, celebrating the start of direct flights   introduce you to a Royal Flying Doctor, whose
                                        from Brisbane to Manila with Philippine Airlines.      second home is in the air; as well as developments
                                                                                               around Brisbane Airport.
                                        Melbourne is also on our list of “must-see”
BOOK REVIEW                             destinations, with Tiger Airways introducing low       We hope you enjoy this edition of Airspace and
                                        cost domestic flights to whisk Brisbane passengers     invite you to contact us if you have any comments
                                        away to this charming, cosmopolitan city.              or hints for our readers.

                                                                                               From the team at Brisbane Airport Corporation.

                                                                                                                               03|10 AIRSPACE      5
          Be in the know
          before you go
                 iger will start flying to Brisbane in March; Philippine Airlines will do the same. Last year saw V Australia start
                 flying to Los Angeles and Phuket, Thai Airways fly direct from Brisbane to Bangkok, and a record number of
                 passengers travelling through the airport.

              Despite the economic climate,            Booking your holiday:                        Navigating through check-in
          Brisbane Airport has continued to            online or travel agent?                      and security
          experience increased competition and
          seat capacity, ensuring airlines deliver        A quarter of all travel bookings last        Once you’ve managed to book your
          special airfares and packages, making        year were made online. Online travel is      holiday, you then have to get there, and
          passengers the winners in air travel.        growing rapidly. Even if you prefer to       airports can be confusing places. Here
              Domestic air travel is the cheapest it   have a travel agent book for you, using      are a few handy tips to help you navigate
          has been in at least two decades. Low        websites for preliminary research as a       through the check-in and security
          cost fares to an increasing number of        cost comparison tool before visiting your    processes at airports quickly, so you have
          destinations have made the jet-setting       travel agent is a good way to go.            more time to focus on the fun aspects of
          lifestyle a reality for many people, and        To make the most of booking online,       travel, like Duty Free shopping.
          with passengers numbers still on the         you need to find the cheap tickets.
          rise, it seems the lifestyle may be set      Surprisingly, the time of day you search     Check-in
          to continue.                                 for cheap tickets is important.
                                                                                                       To get through check-in more easily
              It’s also easier than ever to organise      Some cheap ticket outlets have their
                                                                                                    there are a number of websites that can
          your dream holiday, with numerous            systems optimised to make the most
                                                                                                    assist you to streamline the process. One
          websites available to grab cheap last        money from corporate clients who mainly
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          minute deals and flights and travel          buy their cheap tickets in the morning
          agents at your disposal for advice. Yet      or afternoon, not the evening. Cheap
                                                                                                       The website provides a free search
          with so many options the task of booking     airline tickets are best found after dark,
                                                                                                    tool, featuring the luggage allowances
          a holiday can seem overwhelming. Not         so wait until 8pm to do your searching.
                                                                                                    of over 100 different airlines. It provides
          to mention, once you get to the airport,     For domestic travel you can also visit
                                                                                                    you with the carry-on allowance,
          dealing with check-in, security, customs,    www.virginblue.com.au between 1pm
                                                                                                    standard checked-bag size and
          quarantine and the rest.                     and 2pm daily for happy hour prices.
                                                                                                    weight, and the cost for oversized and
              Here’s a few helpful hints on how to        Other good websites for
                                                                                                    overweight baggage.
          overcome the sometimes difficult side of     bookings include www.zuji.com.au,
                                                                                                       The website is a one-stop shop,
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                                                       booking experience. The alternative can
                                                       see people spending a lot of time on the
                                                       phone to airlines and hotels.
                                                          Travel agents to help you plan your
                                                       trip include Flight Centre, Escape Travel,
                                                       Harvey World Travel and STA travel.
6   AIRSPACE 03|10
Security                                        to do if you are a passenger with special
                                                needs and require assistance making
   For information on what to pack
                                                your way through airport terminals.
and what can be taken into your
                                                   And if you would like to know
carry-on luggage, it’s best to check
                                                more about the security conditions in
the federal government’s website,
                                                any country in the world simply visit
                                                http://www.smartraveller.gov.au, the
   This website has all the details on the
                                                Australian Government’s travel advisory
items you can’t take in your carry-on
                                                and consular information service.
luggage, like liquids, aerosols and gels,
and prohibited items. In addition, this
website also has information on what

Smart Traveller Top 10 Travel Tips

    1. Check the latest           3. Before travelling         5. Check to see if you       7. Check with health         9. Leave a copy of
       travel advice for             overseas register            require visas for the        professionals for            your travel itinerary
       your destination and          your travel and              country or countries         information on               with someone at
       subscribe to receive          contact details              you are visiting or          recommended                  home and keep in
       free e-mail notification      online, or at the local      transiting. Be aware         vaccinations or other        regular contact with
       each time the travel          Australian embassy,          that a visa does not         precautions and find         friends and relatives
       advice for your               high commission              guarantee entry.             out about overseas           while overseas.
       destination is updated.       or consulate once                                         laws on travelling
                                     you arrive, so you       6. Make copies of your           with medicines.           10. Before departing
    2. Take out appropriate          can be contacted in         passport, insurance                                         Australia check whether
       travel insurance              an emergency.               policy, travellers         8. Make sure your                you are regarded as a
       to cover hospital                                         cheques, visas and            passport has at least         national of the country
       treatment, medical         4. Obey the law. Consular      credit card numbers.          six months validity           you intend to visit.
       evacuation and any            assistance cannot           Carry one copy in a           and carry additional          Research whether
       activities, including         override local laws,        separate place to the         copies of your passport       holding dual nationality
       adventure sports,             even where local laws       originals and leave a         photo with you in             has any implications for
       in which you plan             appear harsh or unjust      copy with someone             case you need a               your travel.
       to participate.               by Australian standards.    at home.                      replacement passport
                                                                                               while overseas.

                                                                                                                                 03|10 AIRSPACE     7
    globe            TRAVEL INSIGHTS
                     DESTINATION: MELBOURNE

8   AIRSPACE 03|10
rne   Whether you are a sports fanatic, a lover of music and fine art or a shopaholic -
      cultured, cosmopolitan Melbourne is the place to visit.

      It’s a city of experiences - Southbank, Docklands, Brunswick Street, Lygon Street,
      museums, galleries, restaurants and gardens. Or travel beyond the city to the majestic
      Great Ocean Road, The Shipwreck Coast, wineries and the mountains.

                                                                              03|10 AIRSPACE   9
         globe            TRAVEL INSIGHTS
                          DESTINATION: MELBOURNE

                                Now that Tiger Airways offer direct flights from Brisbane,
                                you have even more reason to embark on a Melbourne
                                getaway. Michael Smith, 4BC presenter and former
                                Melbourne local, shared with us some inside knowledge on
                                how to get the most from your Melbourne adventure.


                   What are your favourite restaurants in Melbourne?                 Melbourne is the shopping Mecca of Australia.
                       I know it’s old-fashioned, but I still love Flower Drum       What are the hot shopping spots you recommend?
                   for the best Chinese food. I’ve never had a disappointing            I’m not a huge fan of shopping, but I do appreciate
                   experience there.                                                 Melbourne’s confidence and sense of style. The only Ted Baker
                       I went to Coda Restaurant (Flinders Lane) within days of      shop is in Melbourne so I get shirts and ties there whenever I’m
                   its opening and was so impressed: none of that disorganised,      in Melbourne. The SABA shop always seems to have better
                   shambolic service new restaurants can suffer from. The menu       things in Melbourne too! But let’s face it, being a bloke I like
                   is designed for sharing and the location (in a CBD basement)      the one-stop-shopping that DJs and Myer offer. If I’m feeling
                   is very Melbourne, very cool.                                     energetic and brave, I explore Melbourne Central and GPO
                       The French Brasserie (Malthouse Lane) combines                Melbourne. Still can’t beat Henry Buck though!
                   wonderful, rich traditional French food with a lovely wine
                   list. It would be rude not to sample some of the French wines,
                   wouldn’t it?
                                                                                      B                                              C
                   What are your favourite bars?
                       Taxi Bar in Federation Square holds many happy memories
                   for me. Many a good business meeting has been held there.
                       Bar 1806 (169 Exhibition Street) brings out the showbiz
                   side in all of us with its red plush curtains and stage. It has
                   all the classic, classy cocktails, plus a great exhibition of
                   cocktail paraphernalia.

                   Best place to get a coffee?
                                                                                     Anything else you love about Melbourne you’d
                       Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar (Bourke St) is an old friend! Or
                                                                                     like to mention?
                   if I have time to walk through the laneways, then Degraves
                   Street has cafe upon cafe and all of them are consistently           The Queen Victoria Market deserves a few hours each
                   good. It’s a great place for people watching. For coffee beans    time you visit Melbourne. The fresh food and lovingly-made
                   to take home, go to David Jones (Little Collins) and explore      produce is irresistible. I love places where you can see the
                   The Sensory Lab. Don’t let the sales assistants in slightly       people really care about the food they present. They’re such
                   pretentious white coats put you off – the coffee itself is        interesting folk, too – full of stories.
                   genuinely good...

                                                                                     You can catch Michael hosting 4BC radio's drive
                                                                                     program between 3pm-6pm weekdays.

    10   AIRSPACE 03|10
                                             D                                                    E                                                      F

Melbourne’s five best
kept secrets?
                                                                                         1                                                  2
                                                                      Gertrude Street in                  If you’re feeling arty, go to Crumpler
                                                   Fitzroy has some vibey new restaurants                 Bags in Fitzroy and design your own
                                                           and boutiques, full of colourful                 laptop or messenger bag. For under
                                                                                characters.                 $200, you’ll have the only bag of its
                                                                                                                    kind anywhere in the world.

                                     3                                                   4                                                  5
   Hardware Lane can be a target for                I love steak. Love it. The Chophouse                       Curtin House (252 Swanston) is
   tourists, but if you head straight to                   not only satisfies those carnivore                 a must. Each level of this building
Golden Monkey Bar, you won’t leave                     cravings, but upstairs at their Goose                has something for everyone: from a
  for hours. Very dangerous and very                     and Vinyl Bar, you can bring your                Chinese restaurant, a fine wine bar, an
                  delicious cocktail list.          beloved LPs and relive the 70s and 80s                entertainment venue, a beer hall, even
                                                                                      in style.                    a rooftop cinema in summer.

                               G                                                                                                                         H

                              Images used in this feature are                A Le Petite Gateaux (MC)                E Paris Cat Jazz Club (MC)
                        supplied courtesy of Tourism Victoria                  B Regent Theatre (MC)               F Mirka at Tolarno Hotel (MC)
                       and photographers Mark Chew, James                            C Yarra River (JL)                 G Journal Canteen (MC)
                                  Lauritz and David Hannah.                 D Paris Cat Jazz Club (MC)               H Federation Square (DH)

                                                                                                                                 03|10 AIRSPACE     11
hotstuff                       HOT FASHION AND TRENDS
                               FROM THE INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL

                                                             Magic ball bracelet                                                      Gatsby Pave earrings

                                                                              $175                                                                                        $95

                                               Magic drop ball earrings


                                              For further information on
                                              jewellery or purses shown in
                                              this feature, please contact
                                              Oroton (07) 3860 5727                                                                            For further information
                                                                                                                                              on sunglasses shown in
     Chevron mini across body bag                                                      Leopard mesh flap over clutch
                                                                                                                                           this feature, please contact
     $295                                                                                                            $345                Sunglass Hut (07) 3860 4437

                     Dolce & Gabbana          Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
                                              100ml EDP Spray
          Oversize rectangular frames with
      straight across bridge detailing from   Flowerbomb is a sweet floral fragrance
         Dolce & Gabbana. A unisex frame      with a long lasting scent that leaves
        featuring subtle logo detailing and   a chic, swirling trail with notes of
                           maximum style.     mingling jasmine, fuschia and orchids.
                                              $145 Duty Free

                                                                                       Krug Grande Cuvee
                                                                                                                                      The ultimate in tough chic- Unisex
                                                                                       A great tasting French Champagne               rimless shield frames from Prada with
                                                                                       from Krug.                                     multi layer silver studded arms. Rock
                                                                                       $229 Duty Free                                 and Roll with a distinctly hard edge.

                                               Persol                                                                                            Penfolds Grange 750ml

                                               The classic Persol 649. A style icon                      Penfolds Grange is without doubt one of Australia’s and the world’s
                                               in its own right, the 649 is given an                 most famous wines. Such is the reputation of Grange that each vintage
                                               Autumnal update in dark red with                      is eagerly awaited by collectors both in Australia and overseas, making
                                               the ever present Persol silver clasp                                         it also one of the world’s great wine investments.
                         Lacquer clutch        detailing. Sure to become a fashion                                                                         $589 Duty Free
                                               must have frame.

                                                                                                                         For further information on Duty Free
                                                                                                                        products in this feature, please contact
                                                                                                                        First Tax & Duty Free (07) 3860 5049

12      AIRSPACE 03|10
National aviation policy arrives
   The Federal Government recently released                “Aviation is being recognised as the             “We have established the Brisbane
Australia’s first ever National Aviation Policy        lifeblood in Australia’s challenging              Airport Community Aviation Consultation
document ensuring certainty for the industry           geography and its importance will only            Group, the Brisbane Airport Technical
around economic development, safety,                   grow as our economy becomes more global           Noise Working Group, the Brisbane Airport
aviation planning and infrastructure.                  and air travel becomes more popular.              Community Forums and the Brisbane
                                                                                                         Airport Planning Coordination Forum on

                                                                                                         Planning and Development.
                                                                                                            “In addition, we are undertaking a range
       Airports are a critical piece of                                                                  of activities to build understanding between
          machinery in a global economy                                                                  the airport and the community.

   Brisbane Airport Corporation’s CEO
                                                           “Airports are a critical piece of machinery
                                                                                                            “In 2010, we will expand this program
                                                                                                         further, with the opening of the Airport
                                                                                                         Experience Centre – the first of its kind in
and Managing Director Ms Julieanne Alroe               in a global economy and our airports’             Australia,” Ms Alroe said.
said it was the most far-reaching review               capacity to grow is vital for the long-term          “We will continue to work with the
of Australia’s multi-billion dollar aviation           prosperity of the nation.”                        Federal Government and with Airservices
industry ever undertaken. She welcomed the                 Ms Alroe said managing the impacts            Australia and our airline partners to reduce
Government’s recognition of the importance             of an airport required good planning,             fuel use, carbon emissions and noise.
of the industry and the need for airports to           technology and community engagement.                 “We are achieving major community
have investment certainty.                                 “We are undertaking a comprehensive           benefits without compromising the
   “We are pleased to see recognition of               community engagement program because              long-term sustainability of Brisbane Airport.”
the fact that sustainable airport operations           we recognise the impacts an airport has on
are critical to Australia’s prosperity and             its community.
competitiveness,” Ms Alroe said.                                                                         You can download the National Aviation Policy
                                                                                                         at www.infrastructure.gov.au/aviation/nap/

Travellers Dig Deep for Surf Lifesavers
   For more than 15 years, one of Queensland’s                “By donating, the global community is
most recognised icons, the Lifesaver, has                 effectively ensuring our volunteers have the right             Faced with an emergency, would
watched over visitors passing through Brisbane            training and equipment to do their job, which is                          you know what to do?
International Airport.                                    to save lives,” he said.                                            Surf Life Saving offers a free
   The lifesavers not only represent the best of the         During the 2009/2009 patrol season, Surf Life                    downloadable CPR guide for
                                                                                                                                              your mobile.
state; the unique lifestyle, the beach, volunteerism      Saving Queensland performed 4,165 rescues and
and mateship, but also serve as a donation point          carried out 286,694 preventative actions.                                 Text the word “CPR” to
for travellers to place any unwanted change (in              There are some simple rules people can                                       0458 72 83 57
                                                                                                                           to download the free CPR Guide
any currency) into their rescue tubes.                    follow to ensure their time at the beach is safe
                                                                                                                           to your mobile phone today and
   Last financial year, more than $3,500                  and enjoyable.                                                               learn to save a life!
was donated by visitors passing through the
                                                            For more information about how you                                            (standard SMS and
International Terminal, which has gone directly                                                                                           data charges apply)
towards keeping volunteer lifesavers on alert             can support Surf Life Saving, visit
across our beaches.                                       www.lifesavingfoundation.com.au
   Surf Life Saving Foundation executive director
Steve Francia said every cent donated through
the collection points went towards keeping watch
over beachgoers.

       F                    L                     A                     G                    S
Find the flags        Look at the        Ask a lifesaver         Get a friend to        Stick your
  and swim            safety signs       for advice and          swim with you         hand up for
between them                                 follow it                                     help                                      03|10 AIRSPACE        13
14   AIRSPACE 03|10
For business or pleasure...

Reserve your room at Novotel
   Now in its third month of operation,         boarding passes prior to departure and LCD
Novotel Brisbane Airport has reached            screens with flight information.
cruising altitude with business soaring.           Guest rooms are spacious with 23 of the
   The demand from conference groups            rooms featuring baths and the smallest room
has been high and continues to increase,        having an area of 26 sq m.
keeping the hotel’s staff busy delivering the      Large flat screen TV’s have been installed
4.5 star level of service which is synonymous   in every room and in-room safes are large
with the brand.                                 enough to store a laptop.
   The hotel’s conference facilities – six         The Catalina Restaurant, Bar and
dedicated meeting rooms and an executive        Lounge is open daily for breakfast, lunch       Executive Chef Troy Bedford
boardroom – have been designed to cater for     and dinner while coffee, bar service, an all    has catered to a broad range of
small to medium groups from 12 people to        day menu and room service are available 24      palates by offering a selection of
120 theatre style.                              hours a day.                                    contemporary dishes including rice
   All meeting rooms feature floods of             The restaurants open plan kitchen            noodle salad with Thai spiced beef,
natural light that filter through large         features a grill section where meals ranging    snow peas and grilled lime, sand
floor-to-ceiling windows, state-of-the-art      from steak to seafood are prepared a la         crab and leek ravioli, pancetta,
audiovisual equipment, broadband, Wifi and      minute.                                         roasted garlic and parmesan,
easy access from the ground floor level.                                                        Condamine River Wagyu rump,
   With the airline traveller in mind, the                                                      Boerewors beef sausage and a
lobby features a web corner with computers                                                      bittersweet chocolate tart with
for guests to access the internet and print                                                     poached pears and basil syrup.

                                                                                                Starters range from $18 to $30
                                                                                                for a dozen Pacific oysters.

                                                                                                Mains from $19 to $42 for
                                                                                                400gm 18 month aged rib on
                                                                                                the bone.

                                                                                                Desserts and cheese from $16.

                                                                                                                03|10 AIRSPACE    15
 The thriller that’s Manila:
 Gateway to the Philippines

    An archipelago of 7,107                        golf in championship courses, spa
 islands, the Philippines stretch                  indulgences, beachside leisures and
 from the south of China to                        adrenaline-charged adventures.
 the northern tip of Borneo.                           Known for its surf, the
 The country has over a                            Philippines offer surfing
 hundred ethnic groups and a                       opportunities for all levels. La
 mixture of foreign influences                     Union, four hours north of Manila,
                                                                                                        Philippine Airlines start
 that have moulded a unique                        offers gentle beach breaks – perfect
                                                                                                        flights from Brisbane
 Filipino culture.                                 for beginners. Baler and Infanta
    For the getaway that caters to                 in Quezon province and Daet
                                                                                                        to Manila in March
 every interest and age group, the                 in Camarines Norte offer bigger                      making it even easier to
 Philippines offer a diverse range                 waves and a more adventurous                         reach this nearby stretch
 of activities in a variety of settings,           experience. For those seeking                        of holiday heaven.
 from hard-to-resist shopping and                  extreme surfing thrill, the wild east
 dining in cosmopolitan Manila to                  coast is the place to be.

 The top three islands to visit in the Philippines:
      Boracay                                                            Cebu
         The tiny island of Boracay is one of those places where you        Cebu is one of the most popular destinations in the
      can stay happily marooned for a very long time. Known as           Philippines. It is the country’s oldest city and consequently
      one of the best beach destinations in the world, Boracay is the    known for its rich historical culture. Cebu is famous for its
      quintessential island paradise – dazzling beaches lined with       diving grounds and resort hideaways that ensure you your own
      palm trees, splendid sunshine, warm crystalline water and no       private stretch of beach.
      shortage of activities on offer. There is an undeniable chilled-
      out vibe; the island code is barefoot and informal.                Must see and do in Cebu:
                                                                         •	 	 actan	Island –	a diving mecca with sites ideal for beginners
      Must see and do in Boracay:
                                                                            and experts alike.
      •	 	 at	Caves	–	jungle paths lead to the caves sheltering small
         bats and flying foxes. Spelunkers and adventure seekers will       C
                                                                         •	 	 asa	Gorordo	Museum	–	a tour inside this old residence is a
         enjoy exploring the caves.                                         brief journey into the Filipino lifestyle circa 1860 to 1920.

      •	 	 riday’s	Rock	–	get up close and personal with triggerfish,
         F                                                                  C
                                                                         •	 	 olon	Street	–	the oldest street in the Philippines is the
         red bass, scorpion fish and emperors in this famous fish-          heart of downtown Cebu. Historical markets, shopping
         feeding station.                                                   malls, restaurants, and business establishments converge in a
                                                                            lively mix.
      •	 	 apak	Wall –	the most famous of Boracay’s dive sites where
         close encounters with grey reef sharks, groupers and giant         T
                                                                         •	 	 aoist	Temple	–	climb its 81 steps representing the 81
         trevallies are common.                                             chapters of Taoism scriptures. At the top you light joss sticks
                                                                            and have your fortune told.
      •	 	 olabog	Beach –	famous for its perfect
         windsurfing conditions.

16   AIRSPACE 03|10
   Bohol, one of the most beautiful island provinces in the    Climate:     March to May is hot and dry, June to October
Philippines, is relatively undiscovered by the holiday crowd                is	rainy,	November	to	February	is	cool.	
but offers fascinating encounters with nature, history and
culture. Its 16th century watchtowers and ancient coral        temperature: 32oC; humidity 77%
stone churches with gilded altars and priceless icons are
worth visits.                                                  Currency:    Peso(P)
                                                               Tipping:     Tipping is expected for many services. The
Must see and do in Bohol:                                                   standard practice is 10% of the total bill.
                                                                            Tipping is optional on bills that already
•	 	 aclayon	Church	–	built in 1595, it is one of the oldest                include a 10% service charge.
   stone churches in the Philippines and retains is century-
   old architectural design.                                   Transport:   By Air - Philippine Airlines start services from
                                                                            Brisbane Airport to Manila from 18 March
•	 	 hocolate	Hills	–	Bohol’s iconic tourist attraction is
   C                                                                        2010. Philippine Airlines also provide daily
   the unique panorama of over a thousand haycock hills,                    connector services to major cities and towns.
   which turn into a confectionary spectacle in summer.                     By land - Taxis are widely available in key
                                                                            cities, but Jeepneys and buses are a popular
•	 	 unta	Cruz –	ancient stone watchtower in Maribojoc                      form of cheaper public transport.
   town used by the Spaniards as a lookout against
   marauding bands of pirates.                                 Language:	   	 ilipino	is	the	national	language.	English	is	the	
                                                                            business language and spoken widely.
                                                               Time Zone:   GMT plus 8 hours, or 2 hours
                                                                            behind Australia.

                                                                                                              03|10 AIRSPACE      17
18   AIRSPACE 03|10
On the runway
                                                                                                January 2010.
                                                                            party was held in
                                                e Your  Glasses” cocktail                   ght together aviat
                            ation’s annual “Rais                       roe, the event brou
 Brisb ane Airport Corpor                aging Director, Julieanne Al                    e in the new year. Now
                     new CEO and Man                                 tatives to welcom            hievements of the
 Hosted by BAC’s                                 industry represen
               rtners, airlines , government and           rtunity for BAC    to showcase its ac
 business pa                             provides an oppo                         future.
                       ise Your Glasses                       and plans for the                                                                                                          aging
  in its 12th year, Ra                    about innovations                                                                                                         BAC CEO and Man
                        aring information                                                                                                                                     Julieanne Alroe,
   year past, while sh                                                                                                                                              Director,
                                                                                                                                                                    toasts a new year
                                 L to R: Wayne Clift                                                                                                                 Brisbane Airpor t.
                                 (Beetswalking Co
                                 Derek Hayden (Tig
                                  Airw ays), Ben James (B

                                                                                                                                   ome Team)
                                                                                                                L to R: (BAC Welc
                                                                                                                               lie Smith, Erin
                                                  y (BAC),                                                   Kirsten Dunne, Ju
                               L to R: Mark Wille                                                                     Hansen, Melanie Cooke.
                               Loretta Petroff (Airservices
                               Australia), David
                                                  Wright                                                       L to R: Mark Wallis
                                       sland Motorways
                                                                                                               Leata Aliamoa na (DEEDI),
                                (Queen                                                                                             Aviation),
                                                                                                               Brendan Long (GE
                                                                                                                Daniela Rees (DEE

                                                                                                               L to R: Corrina Si
                                                                                                               Carolin e Friend,
                                                                                                               Desleigh Liscombe
       L to R: Kersty                                                                                           (The Rainbow Se
 Ch ristensen (BAC),                                                                                                                    s starts
Chaya Waters (BAC
                    ),                                                                                                Raise Your Glasse
             tgomery                                                                                                    a new year for Brisbane
 Tracey Mon                                                                                                                                     .
         (Pure Source                                                                                                      Airport Corporation
 Recr uitment), Giselle
    Hodgson (Deloitte
           Consulting).                                                                                                                                                          Alroe
                                                                                                                                                               L to R: Julieanne
                                                                                                                                                               (BAC  ), Councillor Jane
                                                           an (Asia                                                                                            Prentice (Brisbane
                                     L to R: Victor Shar                                                                                                        Council), Th e Hon. Andrew
                                     Pacific) , Alfred Shankar
                                                          rla                                                                                                   Fraser (Queensland
                                     (Asia Pacific), Ca                                                                                                         Treasurer), Bill Gr
                                      Hannaford (BAC).                                                                                                           (Chairman, BA   C).
                                                                on (ISS
                                          L to R: Rod Anders
                                            Security)  , Ron Hunt (ISS
                                            Security), Steve Go
                                                               op (BAC).
                                         (BAC), Peter Dunl
                                                                                                                             L to R: Gert-Jan de
                                                                                                                             (BAC), Ph  il Smnith (Avis
                            Bill                                                                                             Australia), Thiago
        Chairman of BAC,                                                                                                        risbane Roar).
                     s over 200                                                                                               (B
     Grant, addresse                                                                                                                                nnings
                        al Raise                                                                                                 L to R: Randall De
     guests at the annu
            Your Glasses even
                                                                                                                                (Clayton Utz), Barry Peach
                                                                                                                                                    g Chen
                                                                                                                                   (BAC), Wei-Loon
                                                                                                                                              (Clayton Utz).

                                                                                                                                                                      03|10 AIRSPACE         19
20   AIRSPACE 03|10
The New World Brisbane...
The New Camerata of St John’s
    Camerata of St John’s is the Brisbane-            Remember 1987? The winds of change             2010 is an exciting year for Camerata,
based, Queensland chamber orchestra made           were caressing Brisbane. A long standing       marking the move into the Conservatorium
up of talented, professional Australian string     state government was coming to an end.         Theatre at Southbank – arguably the
players who perform without a conductor.           World Expo ‘88 was about to announce           nation’s finest chamber music venue – and
    Originally formed in 1987 as an                the city to the world. A new international     the release of their debut studio album
educational opportunity for emerging artists,      quality domestic airport was being             Essential Camerata.
the group reformed in 2005 and is now              completed. Brisbane commenced its ascent          Their performance series kicks off on
regarded as a point of attraction for players      to the “new world city” of today. Her time     March 27 with “Piers to Perfection”, when
who have established careers overseas and          had come.                                      Camerata joins with the internationally
wish to return to the Australian chamber              The seeds of Camerata of St John’s          acclaimed Brisbane-born, London-based
music scene.                                       were sewn back then. At that time,             pianist, Piers Lane, in what promises to be a
    Camerata of St John’s leader, violinist        a student group with idealistic aims,          thrilling season opener.
Brendan Joyce says, “I have colleagues in the
south who say: ‘Brisbane’s really changed,
it’s got first class restaurants, cafes and
shopping.’ Well, it also has a first class
chamber orchestra - Camerata of St John’s.”

   Remember 1987?
   The winds of
   change were
   caressing Brisbane.

    Make no mistake, Camerata of St John’s
is earning itself a reputation as ‘one to watch’
on the classical arts scene today.
    After acclaimed performances at the
Australian Festival of Chamber Music
in Townsville last year – a classical music
proving ground – the audacious group of            Camerata was the brainchild of Elizabeth
                                                                                                    For more information on Camerata of St John’s,
professional string players, performing            Morgan – one of Australia’s most
                                                                                                    please visit www.camerata.net.au
standing up and running their own band             distinguished violin teachers, originally
with no conductor or director, has burst           from England and based in Brisbane
onto the national stage. Being named as            for decades. Throwing young players
                                                                                                    Experience Brisbane sights.
one to watch in the ABC Limelight’s “2010          together with no conductor and no
Smart Arts” listings, Camerata is enjoying         director to speak of, they were forced to        Experience Brisbane sounds.
the thrilling wave of success.                     sink or swim.                                    Experience Camerata of St John’s.
    “It’s exciting to live in Brisbane,” says         They swam. Not only did many of those
Joyce. “Nobody can deny there is a buzz            players (including Joyce) go onto successful
                                                                                                    For more information or to purchase 2010
here. The city is on the way up. It’s              careers and opportunities abroad, but            Concert Tickets:
awesome to be part of that. Camerata is            Camerata of St John’s became an innovative
developing in parallel with our city, feeling      and compelling force in chamber music            Call:      Qtix 136 246 or 07 3371 8132
the excitement not only of playing the             in Australia.                                    Visit:     www.camerata.net.au
music, but the bustling interest around us.           From little things big things grow, and       Email:     camerata@camerata.net.au
I’ve lived in America, I’ve explored living        in 2005 Elizabeth Morgan re-invented
in other Australian capitals, but what was         Camerata of St John’s into a professional
I thinking? This is so much more fun –             ensemble made up of some talented
Brisbane is where it’s at!”                        Australian string players.
                                                                                                                               03|10 AIRSPACE        21
20:Q&A                DEAN TAYLOR - FLYING DOCTOR
                      ROYAL FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE

                                20:Q&A                                                             with Dean Taylor from
                                                                                                   The Royal Flying Doctor Service

 1. What does your job entail?                   care services to smaller communities on a           we need to raise around $6 million dollars.
    I am currently the Principal Medical         regular basis to help them stay healthy and         This is why our new partnership with
 Officer. This is a new role for the RFDS        live healthier lives.                               Brisbane Airport is so important, because
 in Queensland and it means I have a             5. What’s an average week for a                     without these funds and the donations and
 management responsibility for all of the           Royal Flying Doctor and are you on               bequests from our very generous donors, the
 doctors in Queensland but still work in a          call 24/7?                                       RFDS wouldn’t be able to deliver the life
 hands-on capacity out of the Cairns Base.          The RFDS is a 24/7 operation, but a              saving services that people rely upon.

 2. How long have you worked in                  key management challenge for the medical            7. What sort of training do you and the
    this role?                                   officers, as well as the pilots, is fatigue.           other royal flying doctors and nurses
                                                 There are strict rules governing continual             have to undertake?
    I have been with the RFDS for almost
                                                 hours engaged in work and adhering to                  Our doctors need to have at least five
 10 years, but the journey has only just begun
                                                 these ensures the safety of all concerned. In       years post graduate experience. We now have
 in this new role. I had been the Cairns Base
                                                 Cairns a Medical Officer could be rostered          positions for people focused on one area of
 Senior Medical Officer before this role and
                                                 on to visit any one of the twelve clinic            care (Primary Health Care or prehospital
 spent my first 15 months as a medical officer
                                                 locations we service from our base, or may          care). We also have rural procedural general
 in Rockhampton.
                                                 be taking part in a field day where the focus       practitioners with emergency and critical
 3. What made you want to join                   is on health education and preventative             care experience. Midwifery is required for all
    the RFDS?
                                                 check ups. Medical Officers not attending           nurses and child health and/or critical care
    It was a great opportunity to provide        clinics will provide consultations over the         post graduate qualifications and experience
 healthcare to people who have very limited      phone either directly to patients, to ships         are required depending on the area that they
 access to medical services. The work is         at sea or as a support to the staff in smaller      work in.
 challenging and is broad in regards to the      Queensland Health facilities throughout             8. What do you enjoy most about being
 medical situations you encounter. Plus I        the state. These doctors will also fly out to          a Royal Flying Doctor?
 was looking forward to working with rural       attend to medical evacuations and transfers            I am still motivated by the same things
 people and have an interest in aviation.        of patients who need to be moved from one           that led me to join the RFDS. I also enjoy
 4. What is the role of the Royal Flying         medical facility to another that can provide a      the team work and team spirit of the
    Doctor Service in Queensland and             higher level of care.                               organisation that is focused on working
    around Australia?
                                                 6. How does the RFDS manage to                      together for the good of other people.
    Our new tagline is “the furthest corner,        get enough funds to continue
 the finest care” and I guess that sums it up.      helping people?                                  9. What types of aircraft are in the
                                                                                                        RFDS fleet?
 We try to make sure that people who live a         The RFDS seeks donations and
 long way from the cities have access to the                                                            Across Australia the RFDS operates
                                                 corporate support because the funds from
 best medical services possible. This means                                                          the Beechcraft King Air B200 and Pilatus
                                                 the State and Federal Governments cover
 making sure we can get to them quickly                                                              PC12. Both of these aircraft deliver the
                                                 the cost of delivering the service, but not the
 when a medical emergency strikes, but it                                                            performance required to travel distances
                                                 full cost of aircraft and medical equipment.
 also means taking a range of primary health                                                         and land on remote strips and can be fitted
                                                 This means that every year in Queensland

22   AIRSPACE 03|10
with a highly functional aeromedical cabin.     in the far north requires you to stay in the    homestead, at a field day or in the back of an
In Queensland this year we have added two       communities overnight and that adds to the      aircraft at 30,000 feet.
Cessna Caravans to the fleet to add capacity    time away from home.                            18. What is the worst job you’ve
to the Primary Health Care work carried         13. What one word would you use to                  ever had?
out in far north Queensland. In Western             describe yourself?                             I worked as a builder’s labourer during a
Australia they have just started operating a      Calm.                                         break in university. Putting putty into nail
Hawker 800XP2 jet to deal with the long                                                         holes on a fully timbered house motivated
distances that they need to fly.                14. How do you wind down after work?
                                                                                                me to continue studying to be a doctor.
                                                   A good bit of exercise and time with the
10. What is the strangest thing that                                                            19. Do you live in Brisbane?
    you’ve had to deal with at work?            family. When the kids were smaller I could
                                                combine both by running with a pram, but            No, I live in Cairns and work at the
   I attended to an emergency evacuation
                                                now I am waiting for them to get a little       Cairns Base in Aeroglen. The Cairns Base
of a man who had a tree fall on his head.
                                                better on their push bikes.                     is the largest RFDS base in Australia and
While waiting for us to arrive he went
                                                15. What would you like to be doing in          has over 120 employees working across the
back to his caravan and casually had a few
                                                    five years?                                 range of RFDS disciplines.
beers. When we got there he had a serious
fracture of his neck and he required careful      The same thing.                               20. What is you favourite local
preparation for the flight. Working on him                                                          getaway and favourite international
                                                16. What processes do you undertake                 holiday spot?
in the dark caravan was a challenge as was          for recruiting doctors to the RFDS?
getting him out and into the aircraft. It was                                                      Port Douglas is just up the road and
                                                   It can be a challenge to recruit RFDS
a real example of the stoic nature of many of                                                   a great place to relax. I travelled around
                                                doctors. If you have five years post graduate
the rural people that I have encountered.                                                       the world before having children and I
                                                work, like working independently and with
                                                                                                am looking forward to taking them on
11. What is your proudest achievement           small teams and have experience in rural
                                                                                                their first trip overseas to either New
    to date?                                    medicine – give us a call. We do have a bit
                                                                                                Zealand to enjoy some outdoor activities
    There is no single thing, but I am proud    of interest from European doctors who look
                                                                                                or to Japan to immerse them in a different
of each time we help people survive through     forward to the challenges that are unique to
                                                                                                cultural experience.
life threatening situations. Also, the work     the RFDS, and we find that we can learn
that we now do in the preventative health       from their experience too. At present we
areas is making a huge difference in tackling   have about 30 RFDS doctors working in
chronic disease and helping people to live      Queensland but we could do with a few
healthier lives.                                more.
12. What is the hardest part of                 17. Where do you go for lunch?
    your job?                                      Lunch for me could be eaten anywhere             To find out more about the Royal Flying Doctor
   There is a real impact on family life with   from a lunchroom in a Queensland                      Service, or to help this great service with a
any type of shift work. Beyond working          Health clinic in an indigenous community            donation please visit www.flyingdoctor.org.au/
night shift, some of the clinic work we do      like Aurukun, on the veranda of a rural

                                                                                                                              03|10 AIRSPACE          23
 The Golden Gate to the U.S.

 San Francisco
          Travellers from Australia      Known as SFO, San Francisco International Airport is smaller, faster and the hometown airport
          have a choice of entry to      of one of the world’s finest cities. Named the Best Airport in North America in 2008 by Skytrax*,
       the United States. Why not        SFO is the preferred gateway to America with non-stop flights connecting to nearly 100
     avoid the smoggy skies, long        domestic and international destinations.
     lines and 16 lane motorways
                                         There are so many reasons to connect through SFO:
      by arriving at San Francisco
             International Airport?

                                         Leave your heart in San Francisco:                  Enjoy a layover:
             * Skytrax is the aviation   Have a layover of four hours or more? Check         SFO has the largest international terminal
       industry’s leading independent    out the city via the Bay Area Rapid Transit         in North America, so there are plenty of
      research organisation. The Best    (BART) system, which takes less than 30             things to keep you entertained. Many local
       Airport in North America was      minutes from SFO’s International Terminal to        restaurateurs serve up fresh fare including
     based on passenger survey results   reach Union Square and other attractions.           those behind some of the best-loved eateries
                           from 2008.                                                        in the Bay Area such as Ebisu, Firewood Grill
                                                                                             and Emporio Rulli.
                                         Connect with Ease:
                                                                                             Relax or conduct meetings in one of 14 airline
                                         Non-stop connections to 65+ U.S. cities on 20
                                                                                             lounges, shop at stores including Gucci,
                                         domestic airlines and 30+ international points
                                                                                             Sephora and the San Francisco Museum
                                         on five continents via 29 international carriers
                                                                                             of Modern Art, or enjoy a massage at
                                         to Europe, South America and the Pacific
                                                                                             XpresSpa. Also, Wi-Fi access throughout the
                                         Rim. The Connecting Baggage Desk is
                                                                                             International Terminal means travellers stay
                                         located directly outside the Arrivals Hall exit,
                                         so there’s no need to walk long distances or
                                                                                             A $10 million permanent art collection
                                         transfer between terminals to recheck baggage
                                                                                             showcases an array of works and SFO often
                                         tagged to its final destination.
                                                                                             hosts musical performers throughout the
                                                                                             airport, or visit the Aviation Library and the
                                                                                             Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum.

                                         Getting to SFO from Brisbane:

                                                    Depart                            Depart                           Depart
                                              Brisbane on Qantas         OR     Brisbane on Air New      OR      Brisbane on one of 20+
                                                                                      Zealand                    flights to Sydney daily
                                                   Connect                                                      and fly direct to SFO on
                                            In Sydney and fly direct                 Connect                      United, seven days of
                                              to SFO on Monday,                 In Auckland and fly                     the week.
                                             Wednesday, Friday or                 direct to SFO on
                                                   Saturday                     Monday, Wednesday,
                                                                                 Friday or Saturday

                                                                                                                For more information
                                                                                          Visit SFO’s site for business travel professionals

24      AIRSPACE 03|10
                                                                                                   The Airport’s Twitter feed, ‘SFOGal’ at
Domestic Terminal Upgrade                                                                                          Parking at Brisbane Airport
                                                                                                                   The quick, short and long of it
                                                                                                                       Whether you need to park your
   With domestic passenger                 The CUS is the gate lounge            It will replace the existing      car for 10 minutes, 2 hours, or a day,
numbers at Brisbane Airport             area used by Jetstar, other          open-air PARKSHORT car park           Brisbane Airport Parking has a product
forecast to increase from               regional airlines, and from          in front of the terminal.             to suit your needs.
14.8 million passengers in              late March, Tiger Airways.               The new car park will                 Save time by parking your vehicle
2009 to around 33.3 million             This area will be transformed,       provide more than 5,000 mostly        within easy walking distance of either
passengers by 2028/29, Brisbane         providing additional aircraft        undercover car parks.                 the International or Domestic Terminal.
Airport Corporation (BAC) is            gates, passenger lounges, a              Together with the existing        Parking at Brisbane Airport is an easy
putting infrastructure in place         new food and beverage outlet,        multi-level PARKLONG facility,        and economical choice.
now to ensure the Domestic              offices and airline facilities.      the total number of car parks             BAC has introduced a new look for
Terminal is ready to respond.              Much of the work for this         at the Domestic Terminal will         its parking products to help you choose
   BAC has commenced a                  project will be carried out behind   climb to more than 9,000.             the option that suits your needs.
staged upgrade and expansion            the scenes, but passengers will          During construction of the
of the Domestic Terminal                see changes during 2010.             new car park two temporary
Precinct, including changes to             The second stage of the           PARKSHORT facilities will
the terminal, the precinct’s road       expansion, due to commence           open – one best for Qantas and
network and car parking.                mid April, will deliver a second     QantasLink, and the other best
   January saw the kick off for         multi-level car park to the          for Jetstar, Virgin Blue, Tiger
                                                                                                                        Just $2 for up to            Time to meet or
the Common User Satellite               Domestic Terminal by the end         Airways and other airlines.               15 minutes in any         farewell passengers
(CUS) Upgrade Project.                  of 2011.                                                                   PARKSHORT car park.          at the gate. Best for
                                                                               Below: Artist’s impression of the
                                                                                                                                              stays of up to 4 hours.
                                                                              expanded Common User Satellite

 Follow the on-airport signs or visit
  www.brisbaneairport.com.au for
                   directions to the
             temporary car parks.
                                                                                                                    For travellers who will   $25 plus your parking
                Alternatively, phone                                                                                 be away for a day or            charges in the
                 1300 732 240 for                                                                                  more. Best for stays of     Domestic Terminal’s
                  more information.                                                                                   more than 4 hours.        PARKLONG facility.

                                                                                                                                       03|10 AIRSPACE        25
 Yassou Paniyiri!
        60,000 people – 3 massive days – 30 fabulous food stalls – 100,000
     honey puffs – 950 volunteers – 4,000 high kicks – Greek gods – the stars
       of dance – the doyennes of food - 1 self appointed Greek Goddess and
     20 cans of heavy duty hairspray – more than 50 hours of entertainment –
     6,000 coffees - the bouzouki, tarabuka, lira and laouto - the Zorba, Sirto,
      Kalamatiano and Sousta - Pasarela on the Park – 500kgs of Haloumi …
         Ladies and gentlemen, this is Brisbane’s Paniyiri Greek Festival ...

                                                    appearances from Greek Goddess Effie and
                                                    the return of Greek singing sensation Maria
                                                    Maroulis; Grape Stomping, Olive and
                                                    Honeypuff Eating Competitions; Hellenic
                                                    Dancing and Zorba Till You Drop and the
                                                    popular Paniyiri Cooking Program featuring
                                                    Queensland culinary bombshells Tanja and
                                                    Gen from My Kitchen Rules.
    While the historic steps of the Acropolis          In Musgrave Park more than 30 food
 may be some 15,000 km from the grassy flats        stalls will showcase the tastes, recipes and
 of Brisbane’s Musgrave Park, all the sights,       secrets of food from all corners of Greece,
 sounds, characters and culture from the            while on the main stage famous Greek
 country which produced Homer, haloumi,             dances the Zorba, Sirto, Kalamatiano and
 honey puffs, Socrates, Plato and the famous        Sousta, performed to music performed on
 Zorba will be celebrated in style during the       traditional Greek instruments including
 much anticipated festival.                         the bouzouki, tarabuka, lira and laouto are
    Brisbane’s famous Paniyiri Greek Festival       enjoyed by Greeks and non-Greeks alike in a
 will this year celebrate over three days from      wonderful cross cultural celebration.
 Friday May 21 through to Sunday May                   After an enormously successful first year
 23 showcasing the very best in Hellenic            in 2009, Pasarela: Parade on the Park will
 hospitality from dance and music, through          again be held on the Friday night – a fashion
 to cultural events, fashion, food and              celebration showcasing leading edge and
 much more.                                         couture fashion and starring well known
    Queensland’s signature celebration of all       names on the catwalk.
 things Greek and the state’s largest cultural         PANIYIRI Chair Chris Kazonis said
 festival, Paniyiri, will this year celebrate its   he was thrilled to announce the ongoing
 34th festival with a headline entertainment        partnership this year with BTQ Channel 7
 program and a tribute to the famous gods of        and said the event would welcome a number
 Greek mythology.                                   of the station’s national stars as well as
    The Paniyiri Main Stage in Musgrave             Brisbane’s much loved local faces.
 Park will host almost 20 hours of
                                                        “If you only learn one Greek word,
 entertainment over the weekend including
                                                                make it Paniyiri.”
 the return of Greek Dancing with the Stars;


Aroun…                            12 March Brisbane Broncos    19 to 21 March               21 March Wrecked - The       27 March to 27 June

                                  vs North Queensland          Brisbane Tinnie &            Tangalooma Ocean Swim        Hats: An Anthology by
                                  Cowboys                      Tackle Show                                               Stephen Jones
                                                                                            27 March Brisbane Lions vs
                                                               21 March BDO Brisbane        West Coast Eagles            28 March Brisbane Broncos
                                                               Coot-tha Challenge and The                                vs Auckland Warriors
                                                               Great Brisbane Bike Ride

26    AIRSPACE 03|10
                                                                                                              Date:               Friday May 21,
                                                                                                                              Saturday May 22 &
                                                                                                                            Sunday May 23, 2010

                                                                                                              Time:                 From 12pm on
                                                                                                                               Saturday and 10am
                                                                                                                                       on Sunday

                                                                                                              Location:           Musgrave Park &
                                                                                                                                   The Greek Club,
                                                                                                                                  Edmondstone St,
                                                                                                                                   South Brisbane

                                                                                                              Entry:              $8 Adults (13+),
                                                                                                                              $2 Aged Pensioners,
                                                                                                                                    Children free

                                                                                                              Info:          www.paniyiri.com.au
                                                                                                                                or 07 3844 1166
                                                                                                                ** The full program will be announced
                                                                                                                                         in late March.

APRIL                                                 MAY
1 April Brisbane Lions   9 to 18 April The 11th       8 May Brisbane Lions    21 to 23 May Paniyiri Greek    29 May Brisbane Lions
vs Carlton               Annual Brisbane Queer Film   vs Fremantle            Festival                       vs Collingwood
                                                      15 May Brisbane Lions   29 and 30 May                  29 May Carlton Draught
                         17 April Brisbane Lions vs   vs Geelong              Cootha Classic                 Doomben 10,000 Day
                         Western Bulldogs
                                                                                                For details visit www.visitbrisbane.com.au

                                                                                                                       03|10 AIRSPACE         27



                             Expanding our paw
                             print into Brisbane
   ROCKHAMPTON                                                                                         MELBOURNE                                                           ADELAIDE
                   28                                                                                       $
  FROM                                                                        *                FROM                                                           *     FROM              *

                                                                             one                                                                              one                     one
                                                                             way                                                                              way                     way

*Conditions Apply. Flights to/from Brisbane subject to regulatory approval. Book by 20 March 2010 see the website for the full travel period. The “Tiger
Raw” fares is the lowest available fare from Tiger Airways Australia which is fully inclusive of all taxes and charges. The “Tiger Raw” fare does not incur
payment of the $6 convenience fee associated with credit card purchases, per flight, per sector. “Tiger Raw” fares must be purchased using a Mastercard
       28        AIRSPACE 03|10
debit card issued by an Australian financial institution. The advertised fare is for travel one way, hand luggage only. Seats are limited and may not be
available during peak periods or on all flights, public holidays or certain blackout periods or once sold out. All bookings are non-refundable and non-
transferable. Tiger Airways reserves the right to change, modify and cancel this promotion without prior notice. Refer to www.tigerairways.com for more
information. Tiger Airways Pty Ltd ABN 52 124 369 006. CD2218
                                                                                                              BOOK REVIEW             altitude
                                                                                           WILDHORSE CREEK | THE SILENT SEA

  Wildhorse Creek - McGinnis Kerry $32.95
     Set in the magnificent Gulf Country of Australia in the 1970s, this is the
  story of a young man looking to make himself a new life. Billy arrives to find a                                                    Altitude
                                                                                                                                                     t to you
  community of very colourful characters and is soon caught up with the notorious                                                                               by:

  Reillys of Wildhorse Creek. Impressionable Billy is quickly drawn in to the
  excitement and adventure of working with the tough and unpredictable cattleman
  Blake Reilly.
     Wildhorse Creek is a novel about family tribulations and tragedies, violent                                                  Depart ivals Level 2,
                                                                                                                                Brisban ures Level 3
                                                                                                                                       e Intern       a
  weather, bitter feuds, passion, friendship and first love. But essentially it’s the                                               Ph: 07     ational nd 4
                                                                                                                                            3860 5
  story of a young man from a broken home who falls into a family where he can at
  last belong.

  The Silent Sea: A Novel From the Oregon Files $32.95
     On December 7, 1941, four brothers exploring a pit on a small island off the
  coast of Washington state make an extraordinary discovery, only to be interrupted
  by news of Pearl Harbor.
     In the present, Juan Cabrillo, Captain of US spy-ship Oregon, chasing the
  remnants of a crashed satellite in the Argentine jungle, makes a shocking discovery
  of his own. His search to untangle the mystery leads him, first, to that small island
  and its secret, and then much farther back, to an ancient Chinese expedition, and a
  curse that seems to have survived for over five hundred years.
     If Cabrillo’s team is successful in its quest, the reward could be incalculable. If
  not…the only reward is death.

                          Coffee on the fly
                               Merlo Coffee,
                            the award winning
                            Queensland coffee
                            house known
                            for their fresh
                            espresso, is now                                Pamper yourself
                            available at the                                    Brisbane
Brisbane Domestic Terminal opposite the                                       Airport’s first                                 New Customs at
Jetstar check-in.                                                             Beauty Salon is                                 Brisbane Airport
    With quality coffee, comes quality                                        now open! The                                   The new
Barista’s – pop in and meet Trista as you treat                               Beauty Stop is                              Queensland
your taste buds to a cup of Merlo’s Private                                   new to Airport                              Customs House
Label - premium house blend exclusive to                                      Village, opposite                           was officially
Merlo owned stores.                               Woolworths and is open seven days a week                                opened at Brisbane
    When airport staff indulge in their first     from 9am to 5:30pm. Product offerings                                   Airport by the
coffee they will receive a complimentary          include manicures, pedicures, massage,           Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon.
reusable Merlo mug for $3.50. From then on,       waxing, piercing and cosmetic tattooing.         Brendan O’Connor, MP on 22 December
all refills are only $2.50 ¬– great value and     Keep an eye on www.airportvillage.com.au         2009. Customs bring over 250 staff to the
environmentally friendly.                         for airport staff specials.                      airport precinct.

                                                                                                                               03|10 AIRSPACE             29
 Fun and Games

 Sudoku | Easy                                Sudoku | Hard

                          5       7            2           1                   5
                  7   8   3   9   5            4   5                   9
     2                1                   9                4       7       1   3
          1       2   9   8       3       5                    7   3   5
          6               7           1        7                               2
     3            9       2   1   4   8                5   6   9
     5                        2           3    8   1       7       2
                  4   5   1   8   2                    6                   2   7
                  6       9                    5                   6           4

30   AIRSPACE 03|10
Photo of the Month
Colourful evenings at the Transit Tavern, Airport Village.
(Photo courtesy of Transit Tavern)
                                                             03/10 AIRSPACE   31
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