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					                Universal Telephony Platform
                                      overall presentation

Connect, Software Services Platform
June 2010
 Company presentation

 Portfolio overview

   For transit carriers
   For ISPs
   For Telcos


 Company presentation

 Portfolio overview

   For transit carriers
   For ISPs
   For Telcos


Technicolor “Cirpack”: Corporate Overview
 Developer of Voice Switching Equipment for Operators
   Class-4 Transit & Class-5 Local Exchange Switch, TDM & IP
   NGN & IMS
   Easy to maintain, easy to deploy

 Products Operational on the Field Since 1998
    Over 300 Cirpack systems deployed in real telco infrastructures
    Over 30,000 E1 interfaces shipped (TDM, IP technologies combined)
    Over 8 million VoIP Class-5 licenses in operation
    About 100 telco customers in 35 countries
    Aquired by Technicolor in 2005

 Targeted Markets
   Local Exchange Operators and Carriers, ISPs and ASPs
   Massive Broadband telephony & Triple Play deployments (VoDSL, VoWiMAX, VoCable, etc.)
   IP Centrex (Hosted PBX) and Fixed-Mobile Convergence
   Legacy Class-5/4 replacement (POTS and ISDN telephony)

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“Go to Market” Model
  Efficient R&D for Quick Time-to-Market
     Use standard hardware & protocols (Strong R&D partnerships)
     Focus on developing superior interface boards and switching software
     Commit to Linux for high reliability and fast time to market

  Partner with Third-Party Vendors for Global Solutions
    Leading IP Phones, IADs, Access platforms, Application servers, SCPs, etc.
       are deployed and/or have been certified with Cirpack Switches
    Extensive ecosystem to promote best-in-class equipment

  Leverage System Integrators for Worldwide Operations
    Direct approach to operators to design solutions
    Fulfillment, financing, maintenance and level 1&2 support are done by local partner
    Training & Level 3 support are done by Cirpack

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Technicolor “Cirpack”: Customer Base

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Cirpack References in Broadband Telephony

             Largest VoIP operator in EMEA with over 4 million subscribers (May 2008)
             Promoted as a primary line service replacing the PTT
             Subscribers services and Transit 100% based in Thomson’s Cirpack

             Subscribers services and Transit in DENMARK 100% based in
             Thomson’s Cirpack
             Largest alternative broadband operator in Denmark

             Deployed Thomson’s Cirpack in France and Belgium for consumer VoIP

             Largest Cable Operator in France
             Replaced all their Cisco and Nortel voice platforms with Cirpack

    One of the largest installed base in the World with over 100 customers
              Over 7 million DSL, Cable, FTTH & WiMAX subscribers
 Company presentation

 Portfolio overview

   For transit carriers
   For ISPs
   For Telcos


Cirpack Portfolio:

       Switching                    SBC           Application Servers

  NGN                     •Access SBC            CIRPACK Apps:
  •Class 4&5 Softswitch   •Interconnect SBC      •Tones
  •Database               •Media Proxy           •VoiceMail
  •Media Gateways         •Localisation Server   •Prepaid
  •Media Servers                                 •LCR
  •Transcoding GW         IMS
                          •P-CSCF                CIRPACK IMS
  IMS                                            •Telephony AS
  •I/S-CSCF                    OSS/BSS           •Centrex AS
  •MGCF                                          •Reachability AS
  •HSS                    •BIS
                          •CDR collector

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Value proposition


Cirpack System Components – core network

Softswitch / Database / SBC

 Media Proxy :

   slide 11
Cirpack System Components – media gateways

Remot e Telephony Gateway
connecting up to16 E1s

Public Telephony Gateway
connecting from 16 to 63 E1s

    slide 12

Cirpack SW Architecture

                        in your network :

          I.T.                       VAS              TELEPHONY                 Carriers          PSTN
                               IVR    VoiceMail
             mediation                                        Subscriber
    SSO                                                                     Softswitch
                                          IP - LAN                           SBC
                                      IP - BACKBONE                                          BACKBONE

                                 IP – ACCESS                                             TDM – ACCESS
                                                                           Mobile                 PBX

Residential             IPBX         PBX          IPCentrex
 & Soho
                                                                                                        slide 15
  Value proposition

         Value Added svcs                        FMC
           Business class4                   Business Class5
                   Residential                 Residential
                     class4                      class5

                                                  Offering completeness

        slide 16
 Company presentation

 Portfolio overview

   For transit carriers
   For ISPs
   For Telcos


  Value proposition – class4 / Transit Voice

         Value Added svcs                        FMC
           Business class4                   Business Class5
                   Residential                 Residential
                     class4                      class5

                                                  Offering completeness

        slide 18
Cirpack’s approach of transit voice (Class4)

     Class4 is part of Class5

     Class4 means SS7 and SIP all together :

     Class4 means capacity:
       from 8 to 2000 E1s per softswitch

     Class4 means services (not only routing):

           slide 19
slide 19
Class4 means capacity

                        slide 20
VoIP over DSL, Cable, Fiber, WiMAX

     GSM & PSTN Networks                           Central Office                          Customer Premises

                                                  Technicolor’s        Technicolor’s CPE
                                             Cirpack VoIP SoftSwitch

                        Technicolor’s                                                              Softphones
                   Cirpack PSTN Gateway

                                                                          Home Gateway
   PSTN &           SS7
                                          Operator’s IP Backbone and                                      DECT Phones

 GSM Network                               Broadband Local Loops


                                                                           Home Gateway                         DECT Phones

            Cirpack Manages Primary Line Telephony over any Local Loop
          for Operators to Replace their PSTN with Feature-Rich Broadband
Case study – VAS provider :
  Contact Manager :


                              slide 22
  Value proposition – class5 / Local Loop

         Value Added svcs                        FMC
           Business class4                   Business Class5
                   Residential                 Residential
                     class4                      class5

                                                  Offering completeness

        slide 23
   Case Study - city Carrier :
           Digitel has a large offer on Italian territory
    VoIP, Mobile services, pre-paid, pre-selection, wholesale

           In 2009, they looked for a compact voice system to rapidly launch
    Residential services with local loop unbundling
    Enterprise services
    With no compromise on features and performances

              They chose Cirpack LEN, as the most cost-effective solution on the market

           Digitel has now a rich offer of services
    Offers 2 lines per subscriber
    Geographic Number Portability
    Rich set of residential services
            Call forward
            Call waiting
            Do not Disturb…
    …At attractive price for subscribers!

slide 24
    Case Study - city carrier :
     Digitel chose Cirpack packaged solution
    for Class-5 local loop
    Up to 10 000 subscribers
    Can handle residential and enterprise users
    Handles ISUP and SIP interconnections
    High Availability

  Digitel can upgrade to larger platform by
simply adding Hw and Sw licenses

                           “The Thomson Cirpack LEN allows us to move quickly into an area
                           and offer very attractive service packages to subscribers. The
                           Cirpack LEN is flexible and powerful, but also affordable, which
                           makes it the ideal choice for our needs.”
                                                     Alberto Degli Alessandri, CEO of DigiTel Italia

    slide 25
Cirpack System Components – LEN

“One-box-does-it-all”      Securisation
                           Feature rich
                           Cost effective

                        Cluster of HS21:
                        Softswitch, Database, SBC, application servers

                               2 x 16 E1s
Case Study - SIP residential :
  Carrier grade softswitch solution with redundant softswitch and database
    Primary line SIP Class 5 VoIP services
            National Portability support
            Emergency Numbers
            Lawful Interception
  PSTN interconnection with the local SS7 variant

  SIP-T Interconnection with other CLEC and Class 4 Softswitch for
  International Transit

  Ability to handle more than 500 K SIP users
    Analog phones with broadband access
    Softphone on Internet access (fixed line roaming)
Telekom ’s Cirpack Network

                    Cirpack                      MGC
                  PSTN Gateway                    DB

   PSTN                  MGW                                            SBC SIP
                                           Telekom Secured
               SS7                             IP Network                            Other
                                                                                 VoIP Networks

                                         Internet          Broadband
                                                           Local Loop


                                                           Home Gateway

                                 Eyeball Messenger                      Analogue Phones
                                  (SIP SoftPhone)
  Case Study - global ISP (4+ M-lines) :

 Intl Carrier          CLEC   CLEC   PLMN            Intl Carrier

                 SIP                 SS7
                                      National / International level class4

& localization                SIP
                                                 Regional level class4


  SIP/MGCP                               France Télécom

                                                                       slide 30
 Company presentation

 Portfolio overview

   For transit carriers
   For ISPs
   For Telcos


Product strategy : catch the right wave

            GSM                           3G/4G
      Transit voice TDM
                            Transit voice SIP
                          Massive VoIP
                              Centrex / FMC
                                 SIP Trunking
                            iPhone / Webcentric
    1995      2000        2005   2010       2015

Strategy in short
  SS7 is not dead yet...

  Support full VoIP networks

    SIP in the access
    SIP in the interconnect
    SBC über alles

  Move to IMS

  Serve our clients = the telcos
Thank You
Questions ?

Voice 2.0 – a definition


Full VoIP Networks : Risk management

Cirpack enterprise telephony solutions

                                         slide 38
        ’s Enterprise Telephony

Hosted PBX solutions : IP-Centrex
Cirpack value proposition for Hosted PBX

Technology should not be an issue
   “It works like before”: no rocket
     science for end-users
   IP makes it rich :
            Full set of services available on
             demand, though self-care or
            Easy service activation
            QoS management if needed

Services first
   Business Feature set
   Scalability
   Enhanced features if needed

My company is diverse
  Customized subscriber profiles
  Multi-site management
  Various phones can be used
  Fleet manager

                                                 slide 40
Cirpack IPC: Building on the Cirpack Features
My Profile:
      DDI
      Selfcare
      Voice Mail
      Personnal Ring Back Tone, Music on
       Hold/Call Waiting
      Personnal Identity : configurable number&
       name presentation, on/off-net
      Personnal call management
          Call Forwarding (CFB, CFNR, CFU,
          Anonymous Call Rejection

          Call Forwarding Restriction

          Malicious Call Identification

      Call log
      Personnal contacts
      Do Not Disturb
      Call Handling features
          Conferencing

          Call Deflection

          Call Hold / Retrieve

          Call Park

          Call Waiting (permanent, per-call)

                                                   slide 41
  Cirpack IPC: Building on the Cirpack Features
My Work Place
Business first
   > Filtering & Supervision, Attendant console
   > Feature key on terminal
   > Night services
   > Time based call forward
   > Follow-me (fix & mobile)
   > Click-to-dial
   > call barring on caller id

    CLI features            Numbering features
      CLIP & one-shot CLIP   > Automatic dial on pickup
      CLIR & one-shot CLIR   > Call return
      CNIP,                  > Last Number Redial
      CNIR,                  > Abbreviated dialing
      COLP,
      COLR

    Call barring and Call protection
       Black list/White list (Inbound/Outbound
       Incoming/Outgoing Call Barring
       Line Locking
       Protect Against Call Forward
                                                           slide 42
Cirpack IPC: Building on the Cirpack Features
My Group/Company Features
  Voice VPN
     Multi-site dialing plans & call barring
     Company directory
     Company abbreviated numbers
     Company ring back tones
  Fleet management (multi level selfcare)
  Attendant Console
  Hunt Groups

  Prompting, messages and music
     Feature activation prompt
     Message Waiting Indication
     Multilingual Network Announcements
     Multiple Dialtones
     Off-hook reminder tone
     Authorisation codes
     Advice Of Charge (AOC-D, -E, -99)
     Group/Individual Accounting Code
     Toll Restriction
                                                slide 43
        ’s Enterprise Telephony

Soho / Small Office solutions
Cirpack value proposition for Soho

Technology should be invisible
  End-users should focus on
     their business, not on
     programming their telephony

Services first
  Features that matter
  Scalability
  Enhanced features if needed

Reach me where I am
  I can be mobile
  My home is my office

                                     slide 45
   Home Office: Your own Personal Number
       Use existing double play box for main Geographic number
          Primary line telephony service

       Offer for groups
          Small office, business group

       Each member has a personal WiFi/GSM phones with a personal Number
          WiFi/VoIP indoors and Cellular/GSM outdoors
          DDI for each WiFi/GSM family member phone

       Fixed-Mobile Convergence services
          Calling the main number rings each mobile phone over WiFi (or GSM with optional LE_Remote)
          “Micro Centrex” functionalities (simultaneous ringing, call pick-up, call transfer…)

Broadband                          +
               Home Number                            Personal Numbers
                                                                                slide 46                Oct-10
 Addressing the 1-10 People Companies
       1-5 employees: Multi Line Telephony Solution
          Use existing Fax and analog Phones
                                                                                     DeXtention (option)
          Promote broadband modem with POTS ports
          Optional DECT built-in for indoor mobility                                                                   Analogue
                                                                                                                      Phones & Faxes

                                                                     DECT (option)
                                                                                     Cirpack’s ST780
                                                                                                                 WiFi or Ethernet
                                        Business IP Phones

                DeXtention (option)

                                             Analogue        6-10 employees: Business Telephony Solution
                                           Phones & Faxes
                                                                 >   Require advanced business features
                                                                 >   Promote Cirpack’s Business IP Phone
                                                                 >   10 supervision keys with LEDs
                                                                 >   Hands-free
DECT (option)
                Cirpack’s ST780                                  >   Optional DECT built-in for indoor mobility

                                      WiFi or Ethernet

                                                                                                           slide 47
        ’s Enterprise Telephony

PBX trunking solutions
Cirpack value proposition for PBX Trunking
TDM if needs be: PRI connectivity

Cost-effective step into IP (the first step
to VoIP)

Services first
  Keep end-users’ specifics
  ISDN replication (UUS, AOC, DDI
  VPN integration
           Abbreviated dialing
           Call barring
           On-net vs off-net tariff
     Centrex benefits (hunting groups,
      emergency calls)

Multi techno in one site
  My boss is running IP-Centrex

Reach me where I am
  I can be mobile
                                              slide 49
 Cirpack PBX Trunking – architecture principles

             Softswitch                              Carrier X
             & database


PABX + IAD                                   PRI

                                          slide 50
        ’s Enterprise Telephony

FMC solutions
Fixed-Mobile Convergence: Summary
 Case 1: Using WiFi/GSM Phones
   WiFi/VoIP indoors and Cellular/GSM outdoors
   Seamless roaming of business phone line
           Inbound calls reach SIP/WiFi device when connected to the Cirpack IP Centrex platform
           Outbound SIP/WiFi calls are charged as if placed from the office with the office CallerID
           Also works with SIP softphones on PC
     WiFi to GSM handover possible using third party application

 Case 2: Using Legacy Mobile phones
   Legacy Mobile phones now have PBX features
   Specific Fixed-Mobile features now available
           Dual ringing on incoming calls
           Convergent Call Filtering (GSM is filtered by the assistant’s IP phone)
           Calls to GSM phones can be monitored and picked-up by other IP Centrex users
           Single voice mail for GSM and IP phones with Message Waiting Indication (MWI) on both
     Requires tight Cirpack integration with GSM network

                                                                                slide 52
FMC for Business

    One number, multiple device

                                        Jack Smith
                                        Sales Manager

                                        One number: +33 141 105 560
                                        One email:

                                        46 Quai Alfonse Le Gallo
                                        92648 Boulogne, France

      Call transfer from mobile         Simultaneous / sequential ringing

 Mobile & Fixed filtered by assistant     Single voicemail & messaging
      Multi-party conferencing           Single address book & call logs
      Individual convergence                         CLI substitution

                                                                   slide 53