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					                                                                    MODERN LANGUAGES


Culture and society in Portugal and Brazil
Code                                                 Semester

PORT 2001                                            Two
Co-ordinator                                         Lecturers/tutors

Dr Mark Dinneen                                      Dr Alicia Pozo Gutierrez
Credit points                                        Prerequisite

Unit value: 1                                        None
CP Value: 15
ECTS Value: 7.5

Aims and objectives

This course examines a number of central themes in Portuguese and Brazilian culture that are
relevant to understanding the Portuguese-speaking world today. The course materials will be drawn
from several different genres, including the novel, poetry, music and film and materials will be provided
in translation for those not studying Portuguese.

Course content

The first half of the course focuses on Brazil, and examines how major social, political and cultural
developments in the second half of the twentieth century were debated in the country’s erudite and
popular cultural expression. At the heart of all the Brazilian material examined is the debate of the
effects of modernisation, and the contradictions and imbalances it has produced.
The second half of the course focuses on Portugal, with the Revolution of April 25th 1974 as the main
focal point. We begin by considering living conditions, politics and art under the Salazar regime, and
will examine how artists attempted to express dissent. We will also look at Portugal after the
Revolution, sketching out the changes that occurred in all areas of social, political and cultural

Learning and teaching methods

2 periods weekly. Taught in English.


2 assessed essays of 2,000 words each (45%) and 1 class presentation (10%).

Preparatory reading

Joao Cabral de Melo Nelo, Morte e Vida Severina
Central do Brazil (Film, director Walter Salles)
Photography by Sebastiao Salgado
Popular Songs by Chico Buarque
Miguel Torga, Novos Contos da Montanha
Popular Songs by Jose Alfonso

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