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									Updates from Portugal:

In Portugal, the leader is Maria Helena Coutinho, with gains of 27.21%. She has been trading mainly
Portuguese stocks, Sonae, Portugal Telecom, Brisa and Cimpor. She has been very active and has
done already 53 trades using on average 90% margin utilization.

Updates from France :

We are proud to have one of our competitor with a performance of +34.12, his name is Philippe
Lhemie. He trades FOREX only. He uses spot, outright forwards and options. He invests both in short
and long term views. His margin usage was between 50 and 70% and he traded 29 times. Last
Wednesday, he woke up early at 4:00 AM to play the BOJ decision and profited from the knee jerk
reaction to short the japanese Yen just after the annoucement by NHK TV that the governor was in
favor of a rate hike.

Updates from Bulgaria:

During the first week of the competition in Bulgaria more than 50% of participants started trading. The
most actively traded instrument was spot forex followed by CFDs and no trades in futures or stocks.
Many ups and downs in the ranking as at the end of the week the leader advanced ahead of the
others with 10% return. So far he retains an excellent win:lose ratio of 3:0. Pair traded is GBPUSD
with average margin usage of 50%. His trading strategy is mostly short term, based on a mix of
technical and fundamental analysis with prevailing use of technical signals. He’s been trading since
2003 and currently is 24 years old.

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