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					Chapter 7 Operating
Systems and Utility
    System Software
     •     Role?
               – Runs the computer and peripheral devices
                for users
     •     Categories?
               – Operating System
                 • Example?
               – Utility Programs

p. 250 - 252
    Operating System - Functions
                                    start the computer     provide a user interface   manage programs



control a

                                                                       establish an          schedule jobs and
                                                         monitor       Internet connection
                                                         performance                         configure devices
                                     provide file
                                     management and
                                     other utilities
Fig. 7-1 has Windows Vista screenshots
File Management
•   My Computer
•   Windows Explorer
     Operating System Functions
     •     Booting a computer
               Cold boot
               Warm boot

Fig. 7-2
    Operating System Functions – User Interface
     •      Command-line interface
            – Copy c:\data\file1 c:Stuff

Fig. 7-3a
     Operating System Functions – User Interface
     •     GUI

Fig. 7-3
     Operating System Functions
Managing Programs ---
Single user/ multitasking
•Two or more programs
    – Foreground
    – Background

Fig. 7-4
Operating System Functions
Managing Programs ---
•   Multiuser operating system
    – For example, on a mainframe
•   Fault-tolerant computing
    – Duplicate components, e.g. disk drives
    – One component fails, the other ….
    Operating System Functions
    Memory management
    •    Optimizing use of random access memory (RAM)
    •    Virtual memory (VM)
         – part of hard disk functions as “RAM”

p. 255
    Operating System Functions
    Operating system schedules jobs/operations or Coordinating
    •    Receiving input from …
    •    Sending data to disk
    •    Processing
    •    Etc.

p. 255
     Operating System Functions
     •     Print jobs to print queue (also a buffer in printer)
     •     Print queue to printer

Fig. 7-5
    Operating System Functions
    Configuring Devices
    •    A driver is software that allows operating system to
         communicate with a specific piece of hardware, e.g. a
    •    Written by manufacturer of hardware
    •    When you install a printer, you tell system which printer so
         it installs the proper driver
    •    Plug and Play?

p. 256
    Operating System Functions
Establish an Internet
•     Wizard
•     Guides user through
      setting up connection
      between computer and
•     Other wizards??

p. 256 - 257 Fig. 7-6
    Operating System Functions
    Monitor performance
    •    Performance Monitor program

p. 257
    Operating System Functions
Controlling a network and security
Network operating system
•    Example: Windows Server 2008
•    Allows users to share resources on a network
•    Administers security
       – Username + password usually
       – Good passwords?
•    Controlling access to data and printers?
p. 257 - 258 Fig. 7-7
     Operating System Utility Programs
Utility program
•     System software
•     Built-in to OS or
third-party software

Fig. 7-8
    Operating System Utility Programs
    File Manager (in XP?)
    •     Copy, rename,
          delete, and move
    •     Search Utility
    •     Image viewer

Figs. 7-9–7-10
    Operating System Utility Programs
     Personal firewall
     •       Windows XP and
             Vista have built-in
             personal firewalls
     •       Detects and protects
             a personal computer
             from unauthorized
     •       Zonealarm

Figs. 7-11
    Operating System Utility Programs
    •    Usually comes with Application Software
    •    Otherwise use Control Panel
    •    Why not just delete folders and files associated with

p. 260
    Operating System Utility Programs
    Disk scanner
    •    Named Disk Cleanup in Vista
    •    Searches for and removes
         unnecessary files

p. 260
    Operating System Utility Programs
     Disk Defragmenter
     •      Reorganizes files
            and unused
     •      Performance ↑

Fig. 7-12
    Operating System Utility Programs
    •    Diagnostic Utility
         – Compiles technical information about
            hardware and certain system software
         – Report
    •    Backup Utility
         – Data to other storage medium
         – Compress?
         – Restore

p. 261
    Operating System Utility Programs
     Screen Saver
     •      Combats Ghosting
     •      Combine with
            locking computer

Fig. 7-13
    Three Categories of Operating Systems

p. 262
    Stand-Alone Operating Systems
    •    DOS
    •    Windows XP
         – Home Edition
         – Professional Edition
    •    Windows Vista
    •    MAC OS X
    •    UNIX/Linux
         – Command-line + ………
p. 262
    Network Operating Systems
    •Share and secure resources on a local area
    network (LAN)
    •Control access to the network – username and
      –Windows Server 2008/ Windows Server 2003
      –Novell’s NetWare

p. 266
    Embedded Operating Systems
 •Mobile computers, PDAs, and other
 small devices
 •Windows Embedded CE is scaled-down
 version of Windows
 •Windows Mobile for Pocket PC
 •Palm OS for Palm
 •Blackberry OS (Access corporate email!)
 •Embedded Linux
 •Symbian OS for smart phones
Fig. 7-20
    Stand-Alone Utility Programs
     •      Antivirus Software
     •      Norton, McAfee, ….
     •      Updates

Fig. 7-22
    Stand-Alone Utility Programs
    •    Collects information about the user
    •    Spyware Remover (e.g. Spybot)
    Internet Filters
    •    Anti-Spam Filters
    •    Web Filters
    •    Pop-Up Blockers

p. 268
Stand-Alone Utility Programs
File compression utility
•   Shrinks size of files
•   PKZIP and WinZip
    Stand-Alone Utility Programs
     CD/DVD burning software
     •      Writes data to recordable or
            rewriteable CD or DVD
     Media Player
     •      Windows Media Player
     •      iTunes
     •      RealPlayer

Fig. 7-24
    Stand-Alone Utility Programs
     Personal Computer
       Maintenance Utility
     •      Identifies and fixes
            operating system and
            disk problems

Fig. 7-25