DIE by hcj


									                           DIE! DIE! DIE!
                       “Promises, Promises”
                        S.A.F. Records/Cargo Records
                                Vö: 17.10.2008

Having spent the better part of the past 3 years on the road, DIE! DIE! DIE! want to
make your head, heart, and soul their home.

The band traveled to Chicago two years ago to cut their first self-titled release with
some guy in a brick basement (responsible to some of the greatest records of all
time). Needless to say, this record sent the trio on a whirlwind series of countless
tours (supporting: BLOOD BROTHERS, WIRE, SLINT, WOLFMOTHER etc) and
gained them considerable world wide notoriety which no band from their native
Dunedin, New Zealand had seen since the Dunedin sound hey day of the 80’s.

In August DIE! DIE! DIE! recorded their new album “Promises, Promises” with New
Zealand's greatest song writer Shayne Carter producing and engineered by Kevin
McMahon in Upstate New York in the WALKMEN's studio Marcata. Reminiscent of
the spirit and sounds of BLACK FLAG, THE PIXIES, THE WIPERS, WIRE, and
BAILTERSPACE, DIE! DIE! DIE! deliver an unfiltered and powerful stage show. Their
relentless tour schedule and onstage antics have earned them a reputation as one of
the most energetic and hardest working bands around.

Shows for DIE! DIE! DIE! go on with fearless and confident delivery. In a wild fit,
guitarist/vocalist Andrew Wilson occasionally removes his guitar (with microphone in
hand) to enter the crowd. This is a most effective way of dissolving the invisible
crowd/performer boundary. Drummer, Michael Prain, and bassist Lachlan Anderson
keep pummeling rhythms flowing, without missing a beat.

The trio embodies a vitality that has long since made its way into the recent rock and
punk circuits. They aren’t a rehearsed set of messages or stage antics, no glitter, no
make-up, no phony sass.

Cutting to the quick, their songs and live delivery are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
These three are on the forefront of a new revolution. Without the aid of gimmicks or
pretense, DIE! DIE! DIE! aim to appeal to all walks of life without alienating ANYONE!

Cathartic, direct, indispensable….. You will know them as DIE! DIE! DIE!

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