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					Hemorrhoids - Natural Cure and Treatments

Piles also known as hemorrhoids, are usually enlarged, distressing blood vessels inside your rectum. This
represents a disorder in which the veins close to the rectum or lower rectum which are usually swollen
and inflamed. It can also be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids refer to the state of that taking
place inside the anus. External piles, it could be viewed and felt on the outside of the rectum. External
piles appear such as round pink swellings, the size of a pea or maybe a grape. Piles tend to be common
in pregnant women.

Generally people who have internal hemorrhoids might not have any signs at all. The earliest signs of
internal piles will be bleeding from anal passage when passing stool. Presently there are lots of causes
for hemorrhoids.

Common Reasons for Hemorrhoids

•       Pregnancy
•       Chronic irregular bowel movements
•       Hereditary
•       Aging
•       Anal intercourse
•       Low fiber diet

Piles Treatments

Now there are many type of treatments available for piles. This can be taken care easily by following
simple treatments.

•       Eat lots of fiber such as fresh fruits, greens, cereals, whole meal bread, etc

If your fiber diet is not really helping, you can take fiber supplements (bulking agents) such as ispaghula,
methylcellulose, bran or sterculia. You can buy these at pharmacies or even buy them on prescription.
Methylcellulose helps as well to soften faeces directly, causing them to be simpler to pass.

•       Drink a lot except alcohol addiction stuffs.
•       Don't stress on the toilet

Go to the rest room as soon as possible after feeling the need. Many people suppress this feeling as well
as plan to go to the toilet later. This might cause bigger and also harder faeces forming which are then
harder to pass through.

•       Avoid pain relievers

Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids

•       Ointments and creams (Anusol, Ziro and Preparation H etc)
•       Suppositories (Proctosedyl etc)
•       Use ice to reduce swelling and pain of piles
•       Avoid tight fitting under wears.
•       Exercise more to obtain easy blood flow.


External piles could be diagnosed by a close visual study of anus & the surroundings area. A anal
examination can be used to recognize the possible rectal polyps, tumor etc. Anoscopy really helps to
identify internal hemorrhoids.


‘Rubber band ligation’ is a great treatment for internal piles. Additionally, ‘Sclerotherapy’ helps the vein
walls to break down and the piles to be able to shrivel up.