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									For Indians the jungle and the animals have been integral part of cultural and religious heritage since the ancient times.
Indians love Mother Nature and Nature has provided this country with vast and diverse wildlife, stretching throughout
the geographical and climatic extremities of the land.

India has the most exciting destinations in the world for wildlife tourism. There are over 500 animal sanctuaries and
parks in India; however some of them like the Corbett National Park in Uttranchal, Ranthambore National Park in
Rajasthan, Periyar in Kerala, Nanda Devi, Kanha, Kaziranga, Sunderbans etc are hugely popular among the wildlife
lovers. The diversity in the nature of animals provides tourists with a unique way to enjoy the wildlife. The rarest,
spectacular, fierce and adorable, all kind of animals can be seen in Indian jungles.

With efforts from the Government of India many of the endangered species of wildlife have been revived and also the
infrastructure for wildlife tourism has been improved lately. The jeep safari in the Corbett National Park is a unique way
of wildlife adventure, the rush of blood through your veins feels amazing when you see a huge tiger crossing your way
quietly. And there are other tiger parks like the Ranthmbore and Sariska and many more, the roar of the Indian Tigers is
what sends thunderbolts down the spines of the wildlife lovers. And there are Elephant safaris in Kerala and Assam, the
ride on the back of a majestic Elephant through the wild is an unforgettable fun. There are more flagship parks for
conservation for a certain species of animals like the Kaziranga in Assam for Rhinoceros, Gir in Gujarat for Lions,
Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh for Crocodiles and there are many bird sanctuaries for bird lovers, like the Bharatpur in

The North Indian Himalayan forests and the jungles of the Southern India have distinct climate and biographies. Like the
Great Himalayan Park in Himachal Pradesh is situated at an altitude of about 5000 meters and is snow covered during
half of the year, the star attractions of this park are the Snow Leopards, The Blue Sheep and The Himalayan Brown Bear,
It’s paradise for the wildlife lovers who also love mountains. Whereas it’s entirely different feeling in the jungles of the
South, like the Kumarakom bird sanctuary in Kerala is situated on the sea level and has a temperate climate. It can
charm the visitors with its soothing surroundings and the view of weird and adorable looking birds simultaneously.

Besides being unique, wildlife tourism in India is cheaper than anywhere in the world for both domestic and
international visitors, however it doesn’t mean compromise in the degree of fun and adventure and experience.
Moreover wildlife tourism is integrated with adventure tourism, private companies have wildlife and adventure tourism
packages at very attractive prices which include camping, trekking, safari etc. There is a stock of information on the
government websites and many other websites of tourism companies on wildlife tourism in India.

India is blessed with wildlife treasure…come and take your share of experience. Plan a wild Indian holiday this summer
for spiritual rejuvenation. Every tree has a story to tell…Incredible India!!

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