pretrial diversion program by ert634


									                                                                                 Interlocal Agreement
                                                                      Pre-Trial Diversion Program

         THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into by and between the county of Lancaster,
Nebraska, hereinafter called the "county," and the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, a municipal
corporation, hereinafter called the "city," for the purpose of providing for the funding of the Pre-
Trial Diversion Program.
         WHEREAS, Chapter 23, Article 22, R.R.S. 1943, permits units of local government in the
state of Nebraska to cooperate with one another for the purpose of jointly exercising governmental
authority and responsibilities which they share in common; and
         WHEREAS, a special committee called the jail study committee has been set up to study
problems of housing and rehabilitation of criminals in Lancaster county; and
         WHEREAS, the jail study committee has recommended that a Pre-Trial Diversion Program
be established in Lancaster county; and
         WHEREAS, a grant application will be proposed to the Nebraska Commission on Law
Enforcement and Criminal Justice to fund such a program; and
         WHEREAS, in keeping with the recommendations of the jail study committee and the
funding requirements for the proposed grant application, the city and the county desire to participate
in the funding of such program.
         NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed by the between the parties as follows:
         1.    That the purpose of this agreement shall be to provide the necessary local funding
for a LEAA grant application for the Pre-Trial Diversion Program.
         2.    That the duration of this agreement shall be three (3) years, beginning on the 1st day
of June, 1975, subject to the termination provisions in Article 4.
         3.    That the local funding for each year of the three (3) year agreement shall be provided
by the city and the county on an equal basis.
         4.    That either the city council or the county board after reviewing the progress of the
Pre-Trial Diversion Program may terminate participation in the funding of the program at the end
of each year of the program's fiscal year, provided that at least ninety (90) days written notice is
given in advance of the end of such fiscal year.
         5.    That any employees hired through the agreed upon funding shall be considered
county employees.
         6.    That no real property shall be acquired through the agreed upon funding and at the
termination of this agreement all personal property and any unencumbered balance existing in the
budget of the Pre-Trial Diversion Program shall be dispersed according to applicable conditions of
the grant award agreement.
         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the county and the city have cause this agreement to be executed
by their duly authorized officers as of the dates below indicated.
         Executed by the City this 8th day of April, 1975. (City Resolution No. A-61720; March 31,
1975: County Resolution 1E-1464; April 1, 1975).

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