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Connecting TempusPro Web to the Internet


									Connecting Tempus Pro Web to the Internet


This document is designed so as to provide a broad overview of how to connect
Tempus Pro for the Web to the Internet, thus enabling Tempus Pro to be accessible
from any Internet Browser, anywhere in the world. This is not the same as setting up
Tempus Pro web on an Intranet – in this case the software is only accessible from the
Company’s internal network.

Coretime supplies Tempus Pro for the Web software as a web enabled product. It is a
customer’s responsibility to have the necessary telecom connections in place and
more importantly to have considered, and have obtained professional advice, as
regards connecting the product to the Internet and ensuring the integrity and security
of the Web Servers from unauthorised access.

As part of our service to a client, Coretime can provide some general advice about
connecting our software to the Internet and generally point them in the right direction.

There are a number of steps involved in order to have Tempus Pro accessible from
remote locations through a Web Browser.

   1. Setting up phone connections and routers.
   2. Setting up a Web Server with relevant software.
   3. Setting up firewall software on the Web Server & other security issues.

Setting up phone connections and routers

In order for your web server to be accessible to remote users, your Web Server must
be connected to the World Wide Web (www). In order to connect to the www, and to
ensure access to your Web Server at all times, you will need to purchase a leased line
which will provide you with a permanent connection to a service provider. This
service provider will then provide you with the link to the www.

There are several Companies in Ireland that provide this service, the three main
suppliers being Eircom, MCI WorldCom and Esat Business. Depending on where you
are located, any one, or all, of these Companies may be able to provide you with the
necessary telephone connections.

WorldCom –
Esat Business –

From our own experience, these Companies will be able to advise you on the choice
of phone connections required and all can carry out the installation process if the lines
are available in your area.

The cost of the leased line will vary in accordance with the Band Width required. If
you have a small company, a lower bandwidth phone connection, such as 64kbps,
may be more appropriate. If your Company is a heavy user of the Internet, then you
should consider purchasing a higher bandwidth such as 256 or 512kbps bandwidth.
Connecting Tempus Pro Web to the Internet

These companies as part of the installation process usually provide and install any
hardware requirements such as routers.

Setting up Web Server with relevant software

When connecting Tempus Pro for the Web to the Internet it is recommended that the
software is set-up on a dedicated webserver. A dedicated webserver can be a
Windows 2000 or NT server with IIS (Internet Information Services) version 5 or
greater installed. The advantage of a dedicated webserver is that it means your
company server is not directly connected to the Internet, and this provides for greater
reliability and security.

Setting up firewall software on the Web Server

Access to Tempus Pro for the Web is via a User Name and Password. However this
merely protect the Tempus Pro data and will not protect any other part of your web
server from unauthorised access. A Firewall will carry out this function.

A firewall is a piece of software that secures your Web Server from unauthorised
access. There are a number of specialist suppliers of firewall software some of which
have been listed below: -



To be fully effective the firewall software needs to setup and configured by
professionals so as to ensure maximum security of your data.

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