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									Obesity ?

Obesity is a condition of having too much body fat. Although it really
has nothing to do with one's weight, it is most often the case that
obese people are overweight as well. The most commonly accepted
method for determining obesity in a given individual is to measure
their body mass index or BMI. According to The National Center for
Health Statistics, a BMI rating of 27.3 determines obesity in women
and a rating of 27.8 classifies the men.

Obesity is one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century.
Obesity is defined simply as too much body fat. It is different from
being overweight, which means weighing too much. Obesity is
increased to a point where it is associated with certain health
conditions or increased mortality. Obesity is a serious problem that
affects millions of people. The most common measure of obesity is the
body mass index or BMI. Obesity occurs over time when you eat
more calories than you use. The balance between calories-in and
calories-out differs for each person. Factors that might tip the balance
include your genetic makeup, overeating, eating high-fat foods and
not being physically active.

Change how your family eats so that you support your child's weight
loss attempt. Do not let your family make the decisions about supper.
Instead, let them know what you are going to fix. If your child is
hungry, give them food but make them eat is slowly. Mealtime should
be done together and not in front of the television set. Never use food
for a reward system and don't withhold food to punish your child.
Ensure that your child gets plenty of water and limit their intake of
Obesity is simply fatness in a degree higher than being overweight.
The energy intake coming from food is stored as fat because the body
does not use it. Obesity has quite an impact in one's physical health
that many degenerative diseases are directly and indirectly linked to
obesity as observed in the history of obesity. It may even have a
much worse impact on a person's mental health. Throughout the
history of obesity, its reputation varies from appreciation and the
opposite among cultures and in time.

New medications are currently produced and introduced to the
market to cater for the imposing obesity ailment in humans. The
medications are in fact of herbal origin; extracts of plant parts and
the purified active principles, which are presented in the form of pills,
drinks, ointments and gels, with the view of reducing the body fat
through excessive burning or undue release.

Caught up in the frenetic grind of her fashion industry job, Allison
Ferrell, 41, paid little attention to her increasing waistline. As
Manager of Product Operation and Logistics for Abaete, a New York-
based luxury apparel line, lunch was a luxury she couldn't afford. She
said she was crazed and I couldn't spare the time so If I didn't eat by
1:00 p.m. that was it for the rest of the day.

By changing how your home eats and exercise, your overweight/obese
child can begin to lose his/her weight. However, if you need further
help, consider the assistance of a weight loss camp (formerly known as
fat camps). Weight loss camps for kids are designed to teach campers
how to eat and exercise properly.

Some of the immediate symptoms of obesity include:

Breathlessness,Excessive sweating,Snoring,Difficulty
sleeping,Inability to cope with sudden physical activity,Back and
joint pains
Being obese is a lot more serious than many of us think. That is why
the symptoms of obesity are an important factor in finding out if
someone is obese or just chubby. Obesity is more than just a few
pounds overweight. Obesity can lead to an assortment of medical and
mental conditions. Around the world, society is facing a problem that
is continually growing, which is child obesity and obesity in general.

When you are packing a lot of fat in your body, excess fat tend to lie
around your waist and chest or hips and buttocks, making you apple
shaped or pear shaped, no offense intended. Conditions such as these
are surely one of the symptoms of obesity. Obese men are likely to
have huge waistlines, while women have a propensity to carry extra
fat on their hips and buttocks. Some obese women though, who are
past the menopausal stage, tend to become apple shaped.

The slimming effects are successful in many cases, though the goal
can be achieved through regular and moderate feeding with low
calorie food and strenuous body exercise.

The effects of obesity in women are different. The nature of their
bodies makes obese women more prone to health problems. Some of
the problems due to obesity are really critical and calls for immediate
treatments in consultation with a doctor.

Herbalists will swear that the only remedy for this type of obesity is a
myriad of herbal remedies, and they may have some merit, but
remember the one percent ratio. The third type of obesity is the
person that has their entire body affected. The fat tissues in the body
affect all organs, and this type of obesity is extremely dangerous.

There are various symptoms of obesity that one should look for, like
those mentioned above. Varicose veins could also occur, and in some
women, irregular periods due to the excess fat upsetting the balance
of hormones in the body. As you can see, obesity can cause a lot of
problems. You can start fighting obesity by trying to look for these
symptoms. Prevention is always the key in battling obesity, but you
can start just by studying the symptoms.

The prevalence of many types of heart disease - including heart
attack, congestive heart failure, angina or chest pain and abnormal
heart rhythm - is greatly increased for individuals that are overweight
or obese. In fact, obese individuals have a 70% increase chance of
coronary artery disease. High blood pressure is also twice as common
in obese individuals. Additionally, triglyceride (blood fat) levels are
typically elevated in those suffering obesity, while HDL cholesterol -
known as the 'good cholesterol' - is often present in lower amounts.

Obesity in children, if not addressed immediately, can have serious
effects on the population. Child obesity has a high likelihood of
progressing even during the adult years, which heightens the risk of
getting asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular
disease later in life. In the United States, for example, about 15% of
children are obese, and the stats don't seem to decrease per age group.
It was also recently reported that an estimated 70% of obese children
will tend to remain obese as they grow up.

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