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This guide will help you to find a copy of a poem, books about interpreting poetry, and critical
discussions of a particular poem. For more information on literary research in general, obtain the
Literary Criticism Research Guide.

Literary Reference Center includes plot summaries, synopses and work overviews, literary criticism,
author biographies, full text of over 300 literary journals, book reviews, poems and short stories, the full
text of classic novels, author interviews, and images of key literary figures. It also includes the full-text of
hundreds of books which contain literary criticism including the Bloom Series from Chelsea House

Literature Resource Center provides information on authors from all time periods and their works,
including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and journalism. Over 100,000 authors are covered in general.
"Author Resource Pages" provide a biography of the author and list of works, criticism and overview of
the author's works, further resources, and current journal articles on selected authors.

Academic Search Premier provides full text coverage for nearly 4,700 scholarly publications, including
more than 3,700 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage spans virtually every area of academic study from
current articles back to 1975.

LOCATING BOOKS ON THE LIBRARY SHELVES (Library of Congress Classification)
All universities and community colleges in Nevada use the Library of Congress Classification System to
organize their books. Books are arranged A-Z, with each letter corresponding to a subject. Most poetry
books are found in the following Library of Congress classifications:

PN1010-1525                                Poetry
PR500 – 611 & PR1139 -1225                 English Poetry
PS301 - 325                                American Poetry

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REFERENCE BOOKS (biographical, poetry explication and criticism)

The following books provide background information about poets and an analysis of their works. Some
refer you to other sources. They are an excellent place to begin your research.

General The following books cover many nationalities, including Americans.

Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century. (REF PN771 .E5)
Poetry Criticism. (REF PN1136 .P63)
The World's Best Poetry. Supplement III. Critical Companion. 1981. (Ref PN6101 .W5)
Research Guide to Biography and Criticism. 2 vols. (REF Z2011 .R47)
World Poets. The Scribner Writers Series. 4 vols. (REF PN1021 .W67 2000)
Familiar Poems Annotated. Asimov. 1977. (Ref PR1175 .F22)
   Covers: Drowning, Burns, Byron, Chesterton, Cowper, Dryden, Emerson, Frost, Gilbert, Howe, Holmes, Hemans, Keats,
   Key, Kipling, Lazarus, Longfellow, Lytle, Masefield, Masters, McCrae, Milton, Moore, Poe, Randall, Robinson, Sears,
   Shelley, Tennyson, Wordsworth, Whittier, Whitman.
The Oxford companion to twentieth-century poetry in English. (REF PR601 .O9 1994)


American & British Poetry: A Guide to the Criticism. (REF PS303 .A44; covers 1925 - 1990)
American Poets, 1880-1945. 4 vols. (REF PS129 .D5)
Guide to American Poetry Explication Colonial & 19th Century. (REF Z1231 .P7 G85 1989)
Guide to American Poetry Explication: Modern and Contemporary. (REF Z1231 .P7 G85 1989)
Encyclopedia of American poetry: the nineteenth century. (REF PS607 .A565 1998)
Library of Literary Criticism: Modern American Literature (REF PN771 .W28)
Nineteenth Century American Poetry: An Annotated Bibliography. (REF PS316 .J37 1989)
Covers: Bryant, Emerson, Longfellow, Whittier, Poe, Holmes, Very, Thoreau, Lowell, Melville, Whitman, Tuckerman,
Dickinson, Lanier, Crane, Dunbar.


American & British Poetry: A Guide to the Criticism. (REF PS303 .A44; covers 1925 - 1990)
British Writers. 10 vols. (REF PR85 .B688)
Guide to British Poetry Explication. 3 vols. (REF PR311 .M37)


Guide to French Poetry Explication. (REF PQ401 .C65 1993)


Use the online library catalog and choose Library of Congress SUBJECT Heading. Type the author’s last
name, then first name and look for the subheading "criticism and interpretation” or “biography” next to
the poet's name. Always look for information about an author (or his works) by SUBJECT instead of by
author. If you are doing a keyword search, you should add the word “criticism” to the poet’s name, such
as, “Emily Dickinson and criticism.”

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To find a COPY OF A POEM:
To find a collection of poetry by a particular poet, use the online library catalog and select AUTHOR.
Type in the poet's last name, then first name. If you don’t know who wrote a poem, the Granger’s titles
listed below will help you find out. The following reference sources are useful in locating a particular

Columbia Granger's Dictionary of Poetry Quotations. (REF PN6082 .C57 1992)
  A guide to commonly quoted phrases from poems and where they come from.

Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry (REF PN1021 .G7) formerly Granger’s Index to Poetry
  Useful if you don’t know the author of a poem, or are looking for a poem about a particular subject. It
  indexes poems by title and subject and identifies books where copies can be found.

The World's Best Poetry. 10 volumes. 3 supplements. (REF PN6101 .W5)
Includes 2400 poems from all literatures (in English) by 1100 poets - from antiquity to the 20th century.

Survey of American Poetry. 10 volumes. Roth Publishing. (REF PS507 .S827)
Contains representative selections from all of the major poets as well as some of the minor ones. Includes
1500 poems (from 1607 - 1984) by 250 American poets and biographical information on each author. .

The Top 500 Poems. (REF PR1175 .C6417 1992)

 If you are looking for collections of poetry, use the words “anthology or anthologies” along with the
word “poetry.”

Columbia Granger's Guide to Poetry Anthologies 2nd ed. (REF PN1111 .K38 1994)
A guide to poetry collections by topic including: African-American, animal poetry, Asian-American,
Canadian, Children’s, Chinese, death, gay and lesbian poetry, Hebrew, holiday, humorous, Indian, love,
medical, Native-American, nature, political, religious, sports, travel, war, young adult.

American Poetry: the nineteenth century. 2 vols. (PS607 .A56 1993)
The Columbia anthology of American poetry. (PS584 .C66 1995)
The Oxford Book of English Verse. (PR1175 .O897 1999)
The New Oxford Book of American Verse. 1976. (PS584 .N4)
Nineteenth-century women poets: an Oxford anthology. [English poetry] (PR1177 .N56 1996)
The Vintage book of African American poetry. (PS591.N4 V56 2000)
Harper's anthology of 20th century Native American poetry. (PS591.I55 H37 1988)


How does a poem mean? 2d. Ed. John Ciardi. (PS586 .C53 1975)
How to Read and Interpret Poetry. Carole Kiler Doreski. 2nd ed., 1988. (PN1031 .D63)
How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry. Edward Hirsch (PN1042 .H48 1999b)
An Introduction to Poetry. X.J Kennedy 6th ed. 1986. (PN1042 .K39)
The Poetry Handbook: A guide to reading poetry for pleasure and practical criticism.
   John Lennard (PR502 .L38 1996)
The Teachers & writers handbook of poetic forms. Ron Padgett. (PN1042 .T43 1987)
How to interpret poetry. Laurie Rozakis. (PN1031 .R7 1995)
A Poet’s Guide to Poetry / Kinzie, Mary. (PN1059 .A9 K56 1999)
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Use the terms “poetry and authorship” to find books in the library catalog.

Fooling with words : a celebration of poets and their craft / Bill Moyers. (PN1042 .F58 1999)
How to Write Poetry. (PN1059 .A9 B64 1998)
Poemcrazy : freeing your life with words / Susan G. Wooldridge. (PN1059.A9 W66 1997)
The Teachers and Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms. (PN1042 .T43)
To Make a Poem. Albert G. Turner. 2nd ed. (PN1042 .T83 1992)

Voices and Visions. This is an excellent PBS series of videocassettes on 13 American poets - Whitman,
Dickinson, Frost, Stevens, Williams, Pound, Moore, Eliot, Crane, Hughes, Bishop, Lowell, and Plath.
Two books that supplement these videos are: Voices and Visions: The Poet in America (PS303 .V65) and
Modern American Poets: Their Voices and Visions. (PS613 .M55) For a complete updated list of
videocassettes, consult the WNC Video Collection Catalog accessible from the Library's home page.


For a complete updated list of audiocassettes, consult the Audiocassette Catalog (in paper format only)
available in Library & Media Services. The following poetry readings and interviews with authors are
available in the Library on audiocassette:

100 Modern American Poets Reading Their Poems. (ATC 88-003)
E.E. Cummings (ATC 89-012)
James Dickey (ATC 89-002)
Emily Dickinson (ATC 89-001 & 89-014)
Marianne Moore (ATC89-016)
Wallace Stevens (ATC89-014)

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Many literary criticism books reprint essays from journals and other sources on various authors and their
works. Books devoted to a single author are not included in this bibliography because they can easily be
located under the author's last name using the subject option in the online library catalog. The emphasis
of this bibliography is on books that give substantial information about more than one author.

American Poetry - History and Criticism

American Poetry of the Twentieth Century. Gray, Richard. (PS323.5 .G73 1990)
Concerns: Essays and Reviews. Montag, Tom. 1977. (PS3563 .O537 C6)
Contemporary Poets / Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Views. Chelsea House, 1986. (PS325 .C66)
   Covers Warren, Fitzgerald, Bishop, Brooks, Duncan, Swenson, Wilbur, Hecht, Dickey, Levertov, Koch,
   Ammons, Merrill, Ginsberg, Kinnell, Ashbery, Merwin, Wright, Feldman, Rich, Pack, Hollander, Feinman,
   Snyder, Strand, Baraka, Wright, Hine.
Continuity of American Poetry. Pearce, Roy Harvey. 1961. (PS303 .P4)
Crowell's Handbook of Contemporary Poetry: A Critical Handbook of American Poetry Since 1940.
   Malkoff, Karl. (PS323.5 .M3) Covers approximately 50 poets.
Eight American poets: Theodore Roethke, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell,
   John Berryman, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Allen Ginsberg, James Merrill: an anthology/ Conarroe ,
   Joel. (PS613 .E37 1994)
The Fierce Embrace: A Study of Contemporary American Poetry. Molesworth, Charles.
   (PS325.5 M55) Covers: Roethke, Lowell, Ginsberg, O'Hara, Kinnell, Bly, Levine, Ashbery.
Fifty Contemporary Poets. Turner, Alberta T. 1977. (PS325 .F5)
The Generation of 2000: Contemporary American Poets. Heyen, William, ed. 1984. (PS615 .G38)
History of Modern Poetry. Perkins, David. 2 v. 1987. (PR610 .P4)
The Language of Life: a Festival of Poets. Moyers, Bill. (PS325 .M69 1995)
Leaving the Bough: 50 American Poets of the 80s. Gaess, Roger. 1982. (PS615 .L37)
Modern American Poets: Their Voices and Visions. DiYanni. 1987. (PS613 .M55)
Poets at work: contemporary poets--lives, poems, process / Cohen, Betty. (PN1031 .P53 1995)
    Gwendolyn Brooks -- Lucille Clifton -- Jayne Cortez -- Robert Creeley -- Jane Creighton --
    Victor Hernández Cruz -- Jimmie Gilliam -- Diane Glancy -- Ann Goldsmith -- Jorge Guitart --Jessica
    Hagedorn -- Kimiko Hahn -- Joy Harjo -- David Henderson -- Gale Jackson – Richard Lewis -- Lyn Lifshin --
    Katharyn Howd Machan -- Joan Murray -- Joel Oppenheimer – Simon Ortiz -- Ron Padgett -- Sheryl Robbins
    -- Sonia Sanchez
A Reader's Guide to Fifty American Poets. Jones, Peter. 1980. (PS303 .J6)
Sound and form in modern poetry. Gross, Harvey Seymour. (PE1505 .G7 1996)
Voices and Visions: The Poet in America. Vendler, Helen, ed. 1987. (PS303 .V65)
   Covers: Whitman, Dickinson, Frost, Stevens, Williams, Pound, Moore, Eliot, Crane, Hughes, Bishop, Lowell, Plath.

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English Poetry

The Cambridge Companion to English Poetry / Corns, Thomas. (PR541 .C36 1993)
   Chaucer, Donne, Blake, Behn, Burns, Wordsworth, Whitman, Dickinson, Rossetti, Yeats, Stevens, Lowell, Bishop,
   Ginsberg, Rich and Heaney, etc.
The Echoing Green: Romanticism, Modernism, and the Phenomena of Transference in
   Poetry. Baker, Carlos. 1984. (PS310 .R66 B34)
   Covers Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, and Blake.
A History of Modern Poetry / Perkins, David. 2 v. 1987. (PR610 .P4)
Lives of the poets / Michael Schmidt. (PR106 .S3 1999)
Poetry and Repression: Revisionism from Blake to Stevens / Bloom, Harold. 1976. (PR457 .B48)
A Reader's Guide to Fifty Modern British Poets / Schmidt, Michael. 1979. (PR106 .S3)

European Poetry

Fifty Modern European Poets. Pilling, John. 1982. (PN6101 .P454)

Poetry - History and Criticism

An Introduction to Poetry. Kennedy, X.J. 6th ed. (PN1042 .K39)
   Criticizes and explains over 100 poems.
Literary Criticism: Plato to Dryden. Gilbert, Allan H. 1940. (PN1035 .G5)
Loves of the Modern Poets. Pritchard, William. 1980.
   Covers Thomas Hardy, W.B. Yeats, E.A. Robinson, Frost, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens.
Poet's choice: poems for everyday life. (PN1016 .H37 1998)
Seven Men of Vision. Jennings, Elizabeth. 1976. (PN1064 .J42)
      Covers W.B.Yeats, D.H. Lawrence, Lawrence Durrell, St-Joun Perse, David Jones, Antoine de St-
   Exupery, Boris Pasternak.
Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry. Perrine, Laurence. 4th ed. 1973. (PN1042 .P4)
The Winged Horse. Auslander, Joseph. 1927. (PN1111 .A3)

Poets - 20th Century - Biography

Poets at work: contemporary poets--lives, poems, process / Cohen, Betty. 1995 (PN1031 .P53)
The Life of the Poet: Beginning and Ending Poetic Careers. Lipking, Lawrence I. 1981. (PN1075 .L5)
Poets in their Youth. Simpson, Eileen B. 1982. (PS3569 .I489 Z473)

Women Poets

A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity to Now. Barnstone, Aliki and Willis. 1980. (PN6109.9 .B6)
Coming to Light: American Women Poets in the Twentieth Century. Middlebrook, Diane Wood and
   Marilyn Yalom. 1985. (PS151 .C65)
Naked and Fiery Forms / Juhasz, Suzanne. 1976 (PS151 .J8)
Nineteenth-century women poets : an Oxford anthology. [English poetry] (PR1177 .N56 1996)
The Poetry of American Women from 1632 to 1945. Watts, Emily Stipes. 1977. (PS147 .W3)
Salt and Bitter and Good: Three Centuries of English and American Women Poets. Kaplan, Cora. 1975.
   (PR1177 .K3)

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