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Your Link to the Growth, Technology and Advancements of Pioneer Telephone & Subsidiaries
     Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
                                           November-December 2004
                                                                       General Manager’s Report
                                                                       Richard Ruhl
                                                         PIONEER TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE, INC.         HEADQUARTERS: KINGFISHER, OK

                                                direct line to the North Pole has been          and Discounts” on our various products
                                                established for children of Pioneer sub-        and services. Please check out our
                                                scribers to call Santa Claus, toll free at      newly designed websites at
                                                1-888-782-2667, or call (405) 375-4111 or for the
                                                if Kingfisher is not a long distance call       latest information on our specials from
                                                from your home. Santa and his helpers           Pioneer DTV, Pioneer Cellular, DSL and
                                                will be standing by, waiting for your calls.    our feature presentation of “Eight for
                                                                                                $8.” All promotions offer tremendous
                                                   I would like to take this opportunity to     value for our customers.
                                                thank the many subscribers/members
                                                who visited their local Pioneer Telephone           During the hustle and bustle of the
                                                business office for Customer Appreciation       Holiday Season, I hope we can all take
                                                week held in October.                           time from our busy schedules to reflect
   It is hard to believe it is already late        During the weeklong event, we had            upon the past year and the coming new
November and time is closing in on the          more than 6,440 Pioneer customers               year. In doing so, we should all be grateful
2004 Holiday Season, as well as the             visit one of their local business offices. I    for the many blessings bestowed upon us.
end of the year. The Pioneer Telephone          am also very proud to report the local              On behalf of Pioneer Telephone, it's
Board of Trustees, Management and               food drives collected approximately             family of companies, the Board of
Employees would like to take this oppor-        3,000 pounds of food that was donated           Trustees and all of the Employees, I
tunity to extend their best wishes to           back into the communities in which they         want to wish all of our subscribers,
each and every one of our members,              were collected.                                 friends, and customers Peace, Joy and
customers and friends, for a joyful and            I want to thank our local business office    Happiness during the Christmas and
Happy Holiday Season and New Year.              and cellular business office employees          New Year Holiday Season.
   I am please to report Pioneer Telephone      for their gracious hospitality to our cus-          All Pioneer Business Offices
and its subsidiaries have had a busy            tomers. We had a great turnout for our              All Pioneer Business Offices will also
and financially successful year in 2004.        annual customer appreciation week and           be closed on Friday, December 31st in
                                                we appreciate you doing business with           observance of New Year's Day holiday.
   We would like to remind everyone             Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
that our annual Santa Call-In will be                                                             Merry Christmas and Happy
held on Tuesday, December 14th from               Pioneer Telephone, Pioneer Cellular
6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. As we do every        and Pioneer Long Distance are all               New Year from all your friends at
year, a special Pioneer Long Distance           sponsoring special “Holiday Promotions          Pioneer Telephone!

 PIONEER TELE-TOPICS (ISSN 1096-5653) is owned by and published bi-monthly for the benefit of    CAPITAL CREDIT ALLOCATIONS INFORMATION
 the approximately 50,000 member-families of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
                                                                                                    To obtain your Capital Credit balance,
                                EDITORIAL & CIRCULATION                                            please send the membership name, town
                                                                                                       and phone numbers involved to:
                          Contact…Sheila Ferris, Editor-Coordinator
               Mailing Address…Tele-Topics, PO Box 539, Kingfisher, OK 73750                         Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
      • Call…(405) 375-0116    • Fax…(405) 699-3053         • E-mail…                 Attn: Capital Credit Department
                                                                                                     PO Box 539 • Kingfisher OK 73750
                     Loyd Benson • Principal Executive Officer
                         Richard Ruhl • General Manager                                              or…Call Toll Free: 1-800-650-6116
 Jim Eaton • Asst. General Manager              Pete Peterman • Asst. General Manager              Periodical Postage paid at Kingfisher, OK
 Jeff Martin • Asst. General Manager            Harold Logsdon • General Counsel                   73750 and other additional entry offices.
                             – B o a r d o f Tr u s t e e s –                                         Member subscription rate: $2.96/year
      President - Loyd Benson, Frederick            Leroy Lage, Watonga                               Non-Member subscription rate: $6/year
      Vice President - Mike Dobrinski, Okeene       Ralph J. Choate, Hennessey
      Secretary - Linda Dich Randall, Omega         Dennis Mueggenborg, Kingfisher                POSTMASTER - Send address changes to:
      Treasurer - Dave Krittenbrink, Okarche        Greg Heath, Canton                                       Pioneer Tele-Topics
      Asst. Sec./Treas. - Gail Parker, Thomas       David Shepard, Helena                                        PO Box 539
      D.W. Leathers, Crescent                       Mary Petty, Newcastle                                    Kingfisher OK 73750
      Gary Green, Blanchard
Pioneer DTV - Implementation Continues With Phase II
   As Pioneer continues to
implement Pioneer DTV (Digital                First Pioneer DTV Customer in Chester!
Television) with Phase II, more
customers will be able to take
advantage of high-quality digital
television service. Continuing to
make every effort to provide
customers with the very latest in
technology has become the
Pioneer way!

   Pioneer will implement DTV in
eight phases over a 2-year period.
Phase I was implemented in
July, 2004, and included
Kingfisher, Geary, Calumet,
Watonga and Okarche. Phase II
began in October and includes
Hennessey, Seiling, Mooreland,
Cleo Springs, Dover,                  Left to right, Cindy Gore, Public Relations, with Scotty and Sharon Rhodes
                                      and Partner.
Drummond, Lahoma, Chester,
Oakwood and Mutual.                   What the Rhodes have to say about Pioneer DTV! “Reliability was the
                                      deciding factor!”
  Customers who already have
DTV are enjoying clear, crisp
and reliable digital service, even          First Pioneer DTV Customer in Mooreland!
through inclement weather.
Pioneer DTV’s package includes
local channels, CD-quality music
channels and Pay-Per-View
movies at competitive prices.

   Each “first” Pioneer DTV cus-
tomer pictured received a basket
of goodies and a one-month
free DTV service certificate.

                                     Left to right, Francis Nault, Video Headend Technician, Cindy Gore, Public
                                     Relations, Kylie Case and son and Partner.
                                     What Kylie has to say about Pioneer DTV! “I liked the fact that my Internet,
                                     telephone and TV were all on one bill. Also, the rain messed up the actual
See more First DTV Customers on      dish and through the phone line, there isn’t a problem.”
pages 4 and 5. . .
More First Customers Of Pioneer DTV
 First Pioneer DTV Customer in Seiling!                   First Pioneer DTV Customer in Mutual!

 Left to right, Sharon and Ray Bowen with Cindy Gore,      Left to right, Cindy Gore, Public Relations, Jim
 Public Relations.                                         Stewart, Partner and Betty Stewart.
 What the Bowens have to say about Pioneer DTV!            What the Stewarts have to say about Pioneer
 “We had bad reception with our previous service and       DTV! “Great Picture and no down time.”
 now have a much better picture!”

First Pioneer DTV Customer in Hennessey!                First Pioneer DTV Customer in Oakwood!

     Left to right, Amy and Aaron Hyatt with Cindy        Left to right, Cindy Gore, Public Relations, Crystal
     Gore, Public Relations and Partner.                  and Jeremy Sullins and daughter and Partner.
                                                                                   EnGenius Phone
                                                                                Fr eedom! Flexibility!
                                                                                      Save 25%
             Pioneer . . . High-Tech Communications with Everyday Smarts
EnGenius - Longest range cordless phone and 2-way radio system with 4X more power than a
           2.4 Ghz cordless phone
Pioneer offers the latest technology and superior service to our customers - all locally provided with the industrial
cordless phone the “EnGenius.” This cordless phone is the longest range cordless phone in America. This
ultra long-range phone and 2-way radio system can make your life run smoother!!
  ◆ Up to 12 floors in-building penetration for schools, motels and hospitals
  ◆ Up to 250,000 square feet in warehouses and manufacturing plants
  ◆ Up to 3,000 acres on farms or ranches
  ◆ PLUS 2-way independent radio capability
The EnGenius is ideal for: Agriculture, Farming, Nurseries, Auto Dealerships, Construction Sites, Hotels,
Schools, Churches, Manufacturing and Warehouses and MORE!
Features Include:
   ◆ Multi-line (up to 4 lines, 1 line per base)        ◆ Full-duplex 2-way radio independent of the base unit
   ◆ Digital spread spectrum with frequency hopping ◆ Multi-handset (up to 36, 9 handsets per base x 4 bases)
   ◆ Caller ID compatible                               ◆ Works off any analog port or line (compatible with Key-systems)
   ◆ 80-minute fast charge, spare battery charging slot and battery hot-swapping.
   ◆ Optional external antenna for indoor use and rugged case to protect handset

LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Save 25% on the purchase of an EnGenius 920 cordless phone. PLUS,
for every handset purchased, Pioneer will GIVE you a hands-free headset and adapter!
                                         Call your local Pioneer business office for details.
                      Complete the entry form, clip out and mail to Pioneer Tele-Topics, PO Box 539, Kingfisher, OK 73750


  Name:                                                                         Your Pioneer Telephone #:
  Street Address and City:
 1. EnGenius -_______ range cordless phone and 2-way radio                 4. The EnGenius is ideal for: Agriculture , _______, Nurseries,
 system with 4X more power than a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone                   Auto Dealerships, ________, ________, ________, Churches,
    a) Widest                      b) Shortest                             Manufacturing and Warehouses (Circle all that apply.)
    c) Longest                     d) Smallest                               a) Farming                         b) Construction Sites
                                                                             c) Schools                         d) Hotels
 2. Up to __ _____ in-building penetration for school, motels
 and hospitals                                                             5. Up to 3,000 acres on farms or ranches
    a) 2 floors                      b) 11 floors                             a) True                          b) False
    c) 9 floors                      d) 12 floors
 3. Save 15% on the purchase of an EnGenius 920 cordless
 phone. a) True                              b) False

IF WE DRAW YOUR ENTRY AND YOUR ANSWERS ARE CORRECT, YOU WIN $25! ELIGIBILITY: Correctly answer all the questions. You must be
a current member/subscriber of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc., 18 years of age or older. One entry per household. No photocopies. Employees of
Pioneer or its subsidiaries, and their immediate household members are not eligible to enter. Winners will be contacted by letter and announced in the
next issue of Tele-Topics. Clip out and mail to: Pioneer Tele-Topics, PO Box 539, Kingfisher, OK 73750. Entries must be received by Jan. 7, 2004
Customer Appreciation Day Celebrated
   This past October, Pioneer             Crescent— 108 Customers             Seiling— 335 Customers
Telephone celebrated our customers        Grand prize - Lucille Voskuhl       Grand prize - Deena Louthan
with Customer Appreciation week.          First prize - Betty Oswald          First prize - Elecia Hobert
The celebration was held in each          Second prize - Jack Geurin          Second prize - Sandy Peters
of Pioneer’s 22 business offices          Drummond— 110 Customers             Sentinel— 100 Customers
and the cellular offices located in       Grand prize - Paul Bowen            Grand prize - Charlie Rozell
Kingfisher, Enid and Woodward.            First prize - Norma Gay Cottom      First prize - Beth Lehman
   Also, during the month of              Second prize - Lora Nell Crow       Second prize - Margaret Francis
October, the employees of Pioneer         Frederick— 280 Customers            Shattuck— 138 Customers
held a food drive in each of the          Grand prize - Fay Gonzales          Grand prize - Estella Bullard
offices. Because so many gener-           First prize - Joani Smith           First prize - Larry Rawdon
ous customers donated approxi-            Second prize - Virginia Gibbs       Second prize - Mary Martin
mately 3,000 pounds of food, many         Garber— 200 Customers               Thomas— 287 Customers
families were able to have a nicer        Grand prize - John Butcher          Grand prize - Iva Wilson
Thanksgiving. All donated food was        First prize - Bobby Moon            First prize - Terri Haskett
taken to local food banks for distri-     Second prize - Norma Hodges         Second prize - Wayne Sands
bution.                                   Geary— 160 Customers                Watonga— 180 Customers
   Approximately 6,440 people visited     Grand prize - Carol Adamson         Grand prize - Donna Oyler
their local offices to help celebrate     First prize - Henry Leck            First prize - Calvin L. Butler III
                                          Second prize - Dawn Clark
Customer Appreciation Week.                                                   Second prize - Tina Downey
                                          Helena— 203 Customers
Everyone attending received a nice                                            Cellular - Kingfisher— 145
                                          Grand prize - Jo Drawbridge
registration gift and was able to                                             Customers
                                          First prize - Ray Troutt
register to win additional prizes.                                            Grand prize - Stephanie Kale
                                          Second prize - Cory Boehs
Three winners from each office                                                First prize - Chris Bullis
                                          Hennessey— 185 Customers
were drawn. Each of the grand                                                 Second prize - Tom Edgar
                                          Grand prize - Virgil Johnson
prize winners received a $200 Visa        First prize - Gary Hawk             Cellular - Enid Randolph—
gift card; each of the first prize win-   Second prize - Anita Beadle         904 Customers
ners received luggage with travel         Hollis— 228 Customers               Grand prize - Larry Feist
accessories, and each of the sec-         Grand prize - Sondra Luck           First prize - Raymond Lamle
ond prize winners received a 100-         First prize - Holly Long            Second prize - Betty Parks
minute Pioneer Long Distance pre-         Second prize - Cindy Carrick        Cellular - Enid Garriott—
paid calling card.                        Kingfisher— 239 Customers           138 Customers
                                          Grand prize - Brian Miller          Grand prize - Kathy Bittle
  The attendance and winners in                                               First prize - Carol McDaniel
                                          First prize - Rita Forman
each office included.                                                         Second prize - Rose Ann Hamen
                                          Second prize - Bill White
  Apache— 210 Customers                                                       Cellular - Woodward— 483
                                          Mooreland— 143 Customers
  Grand prize - Carmen Dodd               Grand prize - Kim Burk              Customers
  First prize - Gracy Tipsword            First prize - Anita Flewelling      Grand prize - Nathan Branson
  Second prize - Kathryn Gallagher        Second prize - Colleen Hill         First prize - Betty Bowers
  Blanchard— 230 Customers                Newcastle— 350 Customers            Second prize - Breanna Chevez
  Grand prize - Patricia Deatherage       Grand prize - Georgia Stanford
  First prize - Neal Challis              First prize - Robert Schlittler     We appreciate everyone who
  Second prize - Velda Adams              Second prize - Obed Arnold        came by our offices to visit and
  Canton— 276 Customers                   Okeene— 220 Customers             who brought food donations.
  Grand prize - James Blood               Grand prize - Betty Laubach
  First prize - Shannon Gosney            First prize - Susie Waldrep
  Second prize - Ray Rhodes               Second prize - Brad Blehm
  Comanche— 351 Customers                 Pond Creek— 237 Customers
  Grand prize - Nanette Bottenhorn        Grand prize - Lois Gibson           A few of our winners of the
  First prize - Roy Treece                First prize - Rocky Beezley       $200 Visa gift card are pictured
  Second prize - Sharrell Smith           Second prize - Debbie Dafforn     on the next page. . .
                            Left - Visa gift card
                            winner, Apache:
                            Carmen Dodd

                                                                  Visa gift card winner, Comanche: Nanette
                                                                  Bottenhorn with Ashley and Melissa.
                                                                                                               Above- Visa gift card    Above -Visa gift
                                                                                                               winner, Seiling: Deena   card winner, Geary:
                                                                                                               Louthan                  Carol Adamson

                       Visa gift card winner, Enid Cellular:
                       Kathy Bittle of Enid with Justin Biggers                                                Right - Visa gift
                                                                                                                   card winner,
                                                                                                               Sentinel: Janice
                                                                                                                 Lee, Customer
                                                                                                             with Charlie Rozell

                                                                   Above - Visa gift card winner,
                                                                   Pond Creek: Lois Gibson
                                                                                                                                             Left - Visa gift
                                                                                                                                             card winner,
                                                             Left - Visa gift card winner,
                                                                                                                                             Frederick: Fay
                                                             Watonga: Donna Oyler with
                                                                                                                                             Gonzales with
                                                             Mark Grote, Local Manager
                                                                                                                                             Joyce Dutton,
                                 Left - Visa gift                                                                                            Customer
                                 card winner,                                                                                                Service
                                 Drummond:                                                                                                   Representative
                                 Paul Bowen

                                                                                                  Left - Visa gift card winner, Hennessey:
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Johnson

                                                                                                              Right - Visa gift
                                                                                                                 card winner,
                                                                                                              Kingfisher: Mrs.
        Right - Visa gift card                                                                                     Brian Miller
              winner, Hollis:
                 Sondra Luck
                                                                                                     Left - Visa gift
                                                                                                     card winner,
Below - Visa gift card                                                                               Garber: John
winner, Newcastle:                                                                                   Butcher
Georgia Stanford with Sue
Ward, Customer Service

                                                                                                               Right - Visa gift
                                                                                                                  card winner,
                                                                                                                    Helena: Jo

                                                                                                     Left - Visa gift card
                                                                                                     winner, Shattuck:
                                                                                                     Estella Bullard
It is the policy of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc., (hereinafter called “Cooperative”) to pledge its full
support to equal employment opportunity for all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national
origin, marital status, physical disability, medical condition, age, status as a Special Disabled Veteran,
Veteran of the Vietnam Era, or Other Eligible Veteran with respect to recruitment, hiring, training, promotion,
and other terms and conditions of employment, provided the individual is qualified to perform the work
available. Further, it is the policy of the Cooperative to comply with the concepts and practices of affirmative
action. An executive of this Cooperative, Mary Jo Schoeling, has been designated to administer the
Cooperative's affirmative action program and will monitor that program and make reports on a periodic and
continuing basis to senior management.

Accordingly, all employment decisions shall be consistent with the principle of equal employment opportuni-
ty (EEO).

All promotion decisions shall be consistent with the principle of EEO, and only valid qualifications will be
required for promotion.

All other personnel actions or programs such as compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, recalls,
Cooperative-sponsored training, education, tuition assistance and social and recreational programs will be
administered in a non-discriminatory manner with respect to minorities and women, provided the individual is
qualified to perform the work available.

Pursuant thereto, this policy establishes—effective immediately and in compliance with regulations provided
by the Secretary of Labor in 41 C.F.R. Chapter 60--an affirmative action program composed of specific
steps that will be undertaken in order to implement this policy. The Affirmative Action Compliance Plan is
available for inspection by applicants and employees in the Human Resources area between the hours of
9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

                                                  Richard Ruhl
                                                 General Manager

BE A PARTNER WITH PIONEER                                                                             Together We Can
                                                                                                       Help Keep Our
AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU                                                                                Schools Strong

                                     —     For every minute of long distance calling that appears on your monthly
                                           statement, Pioneer will give one cent to the eligible local school you choose!

                                     —     If you’re already a Pioneer Long Distance customer, call us right now to
                                           select your school and have us start giving.

                                     —     If you’re in our service area but not yet a customer, call today to switch to
                                           Pioneer Long Distance and have us start giving to the local school of your choice.

                                         Every Long Distance Call You Make Can
                                          Help A Local School Of Your Choice!

    Call your local Pioneer Telephone office or call
      Pioneer Long Distance at 1.800.375.0850
             and request to “Be A Partner”                                                
• The Yellow Pages reach 76%
of American adults in the average
month, 57% in the average
week and 17% daily. Adults
refer to the Yellow Pages
almost twice per week.

• The first ad noticed is the first
ad called more than 50% of the

• Expand reach, increase
effectiveness of other media —
Yellow Pages advertising works
independently from other media
in creating awareness, allowing
evaluation and providing contact

• In many categories the Yellow
Pages are the primary marketing
influence on the consumer.

• Yellow Pages advertising is the
first impression a business makes.
Sixty-three percent of references
are to display ads. Ads should
contain all the information con-
sumers need to make a contact
decision. Consumers want
hours, services, location and

• Yellow Pages continue to be a
strong, reliable advertising

• Pioneer’s Yellow Pages are
available 24 hours, 7 day a week
in every home and business.

To advertise in Pioneer’s
   Yellow Pages, call
   1.405.375.0206 or
         Holiday Shopping                                   at PIONEER!
BUY ONE CELL PHONE - get a second cell phone FREE including our new camera phones!*

        GET 2,000 TOTAL MINUTES for as little as $44.95 per month for 12 months.*
                                 Plus, add TWO of the following free:
   ●  1 Free Partner ($9.99) ● 10 MB Data Package ($9.99) ● Double Anytime minutes for your first month
 ● 5,000 Mobile-To-Mobile minutes per month ($9.99) ● 3,000 Nights & Weekends minutes per month ($9.99)
     ● 1,000 Text messages per month ($9.95) AND, if you add a DATA/MMS package, get 1 month FREE
                      *Some restrictions apply. Some services not available in all areas.

                       Sign up for Pioneer High-Speed Internet Service (DSL) and save $10
                       off per month for three months.
                       Sign up by December 30th and receive free activation. WOW!! You save
                       $95!! And there is no equipment to buy or maintain!
                       What are you waiting for? Sign up and start enjoying your Internet service
                       Call 1-888-PTC-COOP (1.888.782.2667) for details...

                                                    W I N N E R S
  District #1 includes the exchanges of Okeene,        District #7 includes Hennessey, Ames,
Quinlan, Mooreland, Freedom, Buffalo, May,           Drummond, Lahoma, Loyal, Ringwood and Meno.
Longdale, Fort Supply and Selman. The winner         The winner was Ruth E. DeHaas of Ames.
was Sharon Massengale of Mooreland.                    District #8 includes Deer Creek, Lamont, Pond
  District #2 includes Canton, Chester, Seiling,     Creek, Wakita, Hunter, Nash, Hopeton, Cleo
Mutual, Sharon, Harmon, Fargo, Gage, Shattuck        Springs, Aline, Waynoka, Helena, Dacoma and
and Arnett. The winner was Steven R. Brewer of       Carmen. The winner was Janna Delano of Aline.
Fargo.                                                 District #9 includes Crescent, Orlando,
  District #3 includes Frederick, Manitou,           Marshall, Douglas, Covington and Garber. The win-
Grandfield, Davidson, Chattanooga and Tipton. The    ner was Mrs. James E. Wilson of Crescent.
winner was Jeanette Key of Frederick.                  District #10 includes Kingfisher and Dover. The
  District #4 includes Thomas, Fay, Putnam,          winner was Janet Chlouber of Kingfisher.
Custer City, Carter, Sentinel, Hollis, Gould and       District #11 includes Watonga, Geary and
Oakwood. The winner was Ralph L. Boone of            Calumet. The winner was Annette Haag of
Sentinel.                                            Calumet.
  District #5 includes Blanchard, Dibble, Bradley      District #12 is Newcastle and the winner was
and Loco. The winner was Joe G. and Wendy S.         Dorothy Fletcher of Newcastle.
Pratt of Alex (Dibble exchange).                       District At Large (all districts) winner was Mrs.
  District #6 includes Okarche, Apache, Temple,      Jim Hane of Waukomis.
Comanche and Hastings. The winner was Richard          We had approximately 223 entries.
Wells of Hastings.
   Have you checked out
Pioneer’s newly designed web-
site yet? It has great information
                                                          EIGHT FOR $8
about all of Pioneer’s products          Pioneer has bundled eight of the most popular
and services.
                                         Call Management features for our customers.
   Your children can visit Partner,
Pioneer’s tallest employee, by           These eight features include:
clicking on “Fun Stuff for Kids.”
                                          CALLING NAME. . .This feature allows you to see the name of the
There are several games to play
                                         person calling before you answer the phone
and they’ll also enjoy coloring
with the interactive crayons. Just         CALLING NUMBER. . .This feature allows you to see the number of
click on “See pictures of Partner        the person calling before you answer the phone
here” to check out photos of
Partner and children at schools           CALL WAITING DISPLAY. . .This feature displays the number of the
in Pioneer’s exchanges.                  person calling EVEN when you’re on the telephone
   The Community heading also              CALL WAITING. . .This feature lets you know when another caller is
includes past issues of Tele-            trying to reach you, so you’ll never miss other calls when on the phone
Topics, information about com-
munity events, cooperative                CALL FORWARDING. . .This feature allows your calls to follow you to
news, neighborhood web pages,            another number by allowing you forward your line to another number
scholarships, the Partner school
                                          THREE-WAY CALLING. . .With this feature you can talk with two
program and more. Visit
                                         other people in different places—at the same time or
                                           SPEED CALL EIGHT. . .This feature saves you time by allowing you
                                         to store eight of your most frequently called numbers
BUSINESS/RESIDENTIAL                       REMOTE ACCESS TO CALL FORWARDING. . .With this feature you
                                         can forward your line to another number when you’re already away
                                         from your home phone (Security pin number protected)
                                         Everyone can benefit from these eight great time-saving and convenient
       From Your Exchange                features.
      Dial 611 or call Toll Free
                                         Get this impressive bundled offer for only $8 per month - a savings of
                                         $7.80! Act now - activation is FREE! You save an additional $5!
   TDD/TTY RELAY SERVICE                 A 12-month prepaid service is the perfect gift for the person who is
     Telecommunications                  hard to buy for or for the person who has everything.
        Relay Service
For assistance in calling between per-   Call your local Pioneer business office to subscribe to this great bundle
  sons with a Telecommunications         - dial 611 from your home exchange or call 1.888.782.2667.
   Device for the Deaf and hearing
         persons. . .Dial 711             Pioneer…High-Tech Communication with Everyday Smarts
        Happy Anniversary - Fifty & More
  MR. AND MRS. CLYDE A.             BRIANT, FORT SUPPLY, cel-             Colvard; Doug Colvard, and
ROSS, MARSHALL, celebrated          ebrated their 60th wedding            Shaun and Kristhi. They have six
their 66th wedding anniversary      anniversary with a reception hosted   grandchildren and one great
July 25th.                          by their children on October 31st.    grandchild.
  Clyde Ross and Ruby Dollison        Kenneth Briant and Veta Crooks
were married July 25, 1938, at      were married October 23, 1944.           MR. AND MRS. ELMO
Guthrie.                              They have five children, 14         ANDERSON, HELENA, cele-
  Their children are Sandra and     grandchildren and 20 great-grand-     brated their 50th wedding anniver-
George H. Voskuhl, Crescent;        children.                             sary November 13th, with a
Sharon and Melvin Kruse, Enid,                                            luncheon and reception at the
and Steve and Rita Ross, Yukon.       MR. AND MRS. MARION                 First Christian Church Fellowship
They have eight grandchildren       JINDRA, KINGFISHER,                   Hall.
and five great-grandchildren.       celebrated their 60th wedding            Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were
                                    anniversary with a reception at       married November 13, 1954, in
  MR. AND MRS. VIRGIL               the Cashion Christian Church.         Cherokee.
COUCHMAN, POND CREEK,                 Marion Jindra and Rozetta              Their children are Gary and
will celebrate their 65th wedding   Johnson were married October 6,       Holly Anderson, Houston, Texas,
anniversary December 24th.          1944, at the Kingfisher First         and Lynnette and James Bryant,
  Virgil Couchman and Laura         Christian Church.                     Konawa. They have five grandchil-
Kraus were married December           Their children are Betty and        dren and three great-grandchildren.
24, 1939, at the Methodist          Steve Beardmore, Shawnee, and
Parsonage in Nash.                  Linda and Ben Johnson and               MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM
  Their children are Jim and Jan    Dwain and Debi Jindra, all of the     RALPH “BILL” BENNETT,
Couchman, Medford, and Sharon       Cashion community.                    CRESCENT, celebrated their
Sedwell and the late Jess                                                 50th wedding anniversary with a
Sedwell, Enid. They have two          MR. AND MRS. CECIL ROSS,            reception in Oklahoma City on
grandsons and two great-grand-      COVINGTON, celebrated their           September 26th.
children.                           60th wedding anniversary October        Bill Bennett and Ruth Lavelle
                                    3rd with a cookout.                   McMahon were married
   MR. AND MRS. VERN                  Cecil Ross and JoAnn Potter were    September 24, 1954, at the First
HENSLEY, MOORELAND,                 married October 3, 1944, in Enid.     Church of the Nazarene in Post,
recently celebrated their 65th        Their children are James and        Texas.
wedding anniversary.                Diana Ross and Dwayne and Dee           Their children are Patti and
   Vern Hensley and Mary Corinne    Ann Davis, all of Sand Springs,       Dale Orcutt, Crescent, and Judi
Syms were married September         and David and Linda Ross,             and Steve Rogers, Ponca City.
25, 1939, in the Mooreland City     Broken Arrow. They have six           They have two grandchildren.
Park.                               grandchildren and twin great-
   Their children are Leland and    granddaughters.                         MR. AND MRS. WILLARD
Mary Jane Hensley, Dean and                                               BROWNSWORTH, OKEENE,
Eileen Hensley, Ray and Joleen         MR. AND MRS. LOUIS                 celebrated their 50th wedding
Hensley, and Leah and Travis        COLVARD, OAKWOOD, cele-               anniversary October 10, at the
Hepner, all of Mooreland; Lowell    brated their 52nd wedding             Family Center of Zion Baptist
and Barbara Hensley, Woodward,      anniversary November 2nd.             Church of Okeene.
and Leroy and Anna Fay Hensley,        Louis Colvard and Adrie Autry        Willard Brownsworth and Rita
Great Bend, Kansas. They have       were married November 2, 1952,        Brown were married October 10,
15 grandchildren and 26 great-      at the Methodist Church in            1954, at the First Methodist
grandchildren.                      Oakwood.                              Church of Canton.
                                       Their children are David and         Their children are Greg and
  KENNETH AND VETA                  Vicki Colvard; Tim and Pam            Leslie Brownsworth, Lawton; Vicki
         Happy Anniversary - Fifty & More
Brownsworth, Edmond, and Gary           October 17 with a reception held      They have three grandchildren.
Brownsworth, Hugo. They have            in the Family Life Center of the      They are expecting their first
two grandchildren.                      First Christian Church.               great-grandchild in December.
                                           Aaron Hart and Connie
   MR. AND MRS. OSCAR                                                           MR. AND MRS. DAYLE
                                        Cummings were married October
CALDWELL, APACHE, cele-                                                       PENINGTON, HOLLIS, cele-
                                        17, 1954, in Crescent.
brated their 50th wedding with a                                              brated their 50th wedding anniver-
                                           Their children are Bernita Hart,
reception October 30th, at the                                                sary November 7th, at the First
                                        Crescent; Mickey and Peggy Hart,
First Pentecostal Church in                                                   Baptist Church in Hollis.
                                        Edmond, and Tina and Doug
Apache.                                                                         Estel Dayle Penington and
                                        Walker, Crescent. They have 7
   Oscar Caldwell and Sonia                                                   Patricia Jo Byrd were married
Bullard were married October 30,                                              November 6, 1954, in the Dryden
1954, in Kingman, Kansas.                  MR. AND MRS. LESTER                Church.
   Their children are Dallas and        HASKINS, MOORELAND, cel-                Their children are Jimmy and
Joan Caldwell, Edmond; Darren           ebrated their 50th wedding            Beth Dayle. They have two grand-
and Diana Caldwell, Blanchard,          anniversary with a reception,         children.
and Danyne and Kevin Vice,              hosted by their children, at First
Apache. They have seven grand-          Christian Church on November            MR. AND MRS. EDWARD
children and two great-grandchildren.   7th.                                  RHODES, BLANCHARD, cele-
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Haskins were mar-     brated their 50th wedding anniver-
  MR. AND MRS. C.C.                                                           sary November 20, with a reception.
                                        ried November 7, 1954, in
CHASE, ISABELLA/OKEENE,                                                         Eddie Rhodes and Annette
celebrated their 50th wedding                                                 Cunningham were married
anniversary with a reception at            MR. AND MRS. BOB                   November 20, 1954, in Sterling.
Isabella Community Building.            HOLLOWAY, FORT SUPPLY,                  Their children are Robert and
  C.C. “Red” Chase and Naomi            celebrated their 50th wedding         June Rhodes, and Rick and
Ruth Fuller were married                anniversary with a reception at       Debbie Rhodes, all of Blanchard;
November 7, 1954, in the Isabella       the Northwest Inn in Woodward         Carl and Rowena Rhodes, Corn;
school house.                           on November 6th.                      Tracey and Sandra Clarkson,
  MR. AND MRS. HENRY                       Bob Holloway and Jean              Bridge Creek; Larry and Renee
COOLEY, BLANCHARD, cele-                Hughes were married November          Miller, Elgin; David and Bridgette
brated their 50th wedding anniver-      9, 1954, at the First Presbyterian    Rhodes, and Scott and Connie
sary with a reception November          Church in Woodward.                   Harrell, all of Oklahoma City. They
13, at the First Baptist Church in         Their children are Lanita and      have nineteen grandchildren and
Cole.                                   Bobby Holloway.                       ten great-grandchildren.
  Henry Cooley and Modena
                                          MR. AND MRS. VIRGIL                    MR. AND MRS. EDWARD
Lovelace were married November
                                        JOHNSON, HENNESSEY, cel-              TILSON, BLANCHARD, cele-
13, 1954, at the First Baptist
                                        ebrated their 50th wedding            brated their 50th wedding anniver-
Church in Tuttle.
                                        anniversary November 6th, with a      sary October 2nd, with a recep-
  Their children are Liz Cooley,
                                        reception at the First Christian      tion and by renewing their vows at
Blanchard; Ricky and Katherine
                                        Church in Hennessey.                  the Blanchard Senior Citizens
Cooley, Washington; Rodney
                                          Virgil R. Johnson and Carol         Center.
Cooley, Blanchard, and Arnold
                                        Ann Murray were married                  Mr. and Mrs. Tilson were mar-
and Cindy Conner, Eufaula. They
                                        November 7, 1954, in the First        ried October 2, 1954.
have seven grandchildren.
                                        Christian Church in Hennessey.           The event was hosted by their
  MR. AND MRS. AARON                      Their children are Karen and        daughter Debbie and her husband
HART, CRESCENT, celebrated              Kevin Choate, Enid, and Linda         Tom, their grandson and two
their 50th wedding anniversary          and Cris Choate, Hennessey.           great-grandchildren.
  FOR AS LITTLE AS                                     $
                                                            44   .95
                                                                           PER MONTH
                                                                           FOR 12 MONTHS.

              $44.95 PACKAGE INCLUDES:
              • 500 ANYTIME MINUTES
              • 1,000 NIGHTS & WEEKENDS MINUTES
              • 500 BONUS MINUTES

                                         PICK TWO FREE
BUY ONE PHONE AND                          • PARTNER PLAN FREE
GET A SECOND PHONE                         • 10 MG DATA PLAN FREE
                                           • 5000 MOBILE TO MOBILE MINUTES FREE

FREE                                       • 3000 NIGHTS & WEEKENDS MINUTES FREE
                                           • 1000 TEXT MESSAGES

High-Tech Communications with Everday Smarts.
Service not available in all areas.   Some restrictions apply.
                 T h i n g s To D o - P l a c e s To G o
Christmas Tree Safety Tips              Don’t Forget To Recycle Your Christmas Tree
❅ A real tree should not lose
    green needles when you tap
    it on the ground
                                                                                      You can put it in your
❅   Cut one inch off the trunk to                                                   backyard or garden for
    help absorb water                                                              the birds so they’ll have
❅   Leave the tree outside until                                                     shelter from predators
    ready to decorate
❅   A 6’ tree will use one gallon
                                                                                          and cold weather.
    of water every two days
❅   Mix a commercial preservative                                                    They’ll reward you by
    with the water                                                                singing and entertaining
❅   Check water level every day
❅   Secure the tree to keep it
                                                                                you throughout the winter.
    from tipping
❅   Keep tree away from floor
    heaters, fire places or other

    heat sources
    Use only UL-listed lights,         Festival of Light KINGFISHER
    and no more than three

    strands linked together
    Use miniature lights —
                                         Chickasha        IN LIGHTS
    which have cool-burning                    Through
    bulbs                                                    OKLAHOMA PARK
❅   Turn off the Christmas lights      Friday, December 31st  Hwy 33 - East of
    when you sleep, or if you
    leave your home for any            In Chickasha the Festival of Light                  Kingfisher
    length of time                     proudly shines in its 12th holiday
❅   Never use candles, even on                                                      THROUGH DECEMBER 30
                                       season featuring more than 2.5 million
    an artificial trees                lights including more than 90-lighted      Sunday through Thursday
❅   Old decorations that may contain                                                  6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
                                       displays, a spectacular crystal
    lead, such as old tinsel and
    icicles should be discarded        bridge and a majestic 16-story                   Friday & Saturday
❅   Natural decorations, such as       Christmas tree — one of the tallest               6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
    holly berries and mistletoe        in America! Located just 35 minutes
    should be kept out of reach        southwest of Oklahoma City on                  Enjoy beautiful light displays!
    of small children                  Interstate 44, the Festival of Light          No Charge - By Donation Only
❅   Breakable ornaments should                                                     Ride the train through the park for
    be placed at the top of the        makes a great evening of family
                                                                                          only $1 per person
    tree, away from small children     entertainment.                              Age 6 and under ride the train free.
    and pets
                                                                      1 c. sugar                         Whipping cream (optional)

      F erris                                                         1 (13 oz.) can evaporated milk
                                                                      4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (more if desired)

      W heel     Sheila Ferris
                                                                         Mix pumpkin, eggs, salt, sugar, milk and pumpkin pie
                                                                      spice together. Pour into a 9-x13-inch ungreased cake pan;
                                                                      sprinkle cake mix on top. Sprinkle nuts on top of cake mix.
                                                                      Drizzle melted butter over all. Bake at 350° for 35-40 min-
                                                                      utes. Cut into squares; serve plain or with whipped cream.

                      PINA COLADA CAKE                                                       YUM-YUM CAKE
1 box regular yellow cake mix     1 can pina colada mix (cream of     2 eggs                            2 c. all-purpose flour
1 can condensed milk                 coconut)                         2 c. sugar                        2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 c. coconut                      1 (8 oz.) tub Cool Whip             2 c. crushed pineapple, undrained
   Bake cake according to directions in a 9-x13-inch pan.             Topping:
While cake is baking, mix pina colada mix and condensed               1 c. sugar                       1 c. chopped pecans
milk. When cake is done and while it’s still hot, punch               1 stick (1/2 c.) margarine       1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
holes with a fork in cake so mixture fills up holes. Slowly           1 (5 1/3-oz) can evaporated milk 1/2 tsp. lemon extract
pour mixture over cake. When cake is completely cooled,               1 c. flaked coconut
spread Cool Whip over it and sprinkle coconut on top.
                                                                         Beat eggs and sugar together until light and fluffy. Stir in
                                                                      pineapple. Add flour that has been sifted with baking pow-
                         OATMEAL CAKE                                 der. Mix well and spread batter into a greased and floured
                                                                      9-x13-inch pan. Bake at 350° for 25 to 30 minutes or until
1 1/4 c. boiling water            1 1/3 c. sifted flour               cake tests done.
1 c. quick oats                   2 eggs                                Topping: Put sugar, margarine and milk in saucepan;
1 stick margarine                 1 tsp. baking soda                  boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and add coconut,
1 c. granulated sugar             1 tsp. cinnamon                     pecans and flavorings. Spread over hot cake.
1 c. brown sugar                  1/4 tsp. nutmeg
Topping:                                                                             CRANBERRY SAUCE CAKE
6 T. soft margarine               1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. brown sugar                1 c. coconut                        1 1/2 c. whole cranberry sauce     3 c. all-purpose flour
1/4 c. milk                       1 c. chopped nuts                   1 c. walnuts or pecans             1 1/2 c. sugar
                                                                      1 c. mayonnaise                    1 tsp. baking soda
  Pour boiling water over oats; add the margarine. Cover              1/2 c. orange juice                1 tsp. salt
and let stand for 20 minutes; set aside.                              Grated rind of 1 orange
  In another bowl, combine sugars, flour, eggs, baking                Topping:
soda, cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir oat mixture into flour                2 T. margarine                     1/4 c. whole cranberry sauce
mixture. Pour into a greased and floured 9-x13-inch pan.              2 c. sifted powdered sugar
Bake at 350° for 25 to 30 minutes.
   Topping: Combine all ingredients. Spread over baked                   Lightly grease a 9-inch tube pan and line bottom with
cake and place under broiler until coconut is brown and               brown paper or parchment paper. Combine cranberry
topping is bubbly. (Watch carefully as it scorches easily.)           sauce, nuts, mayonnaise, orange juice and rind. Combine
                                                                      flour, sugar, soda and salt; spoon onto top of cranberry
                 EASY BANANA PUDDING                                  mixture. Stir until mixture is well blended. Pour into tube
Vanilla Wafers                       1 can sweetened condensed milk   pan. Bake at 350° about one hour and 15 minutes or until
Bananas                              1 (8 oz.) tub whipped topping    cake tests done. Cool.
2 (3 oz.) pkg. instant vanilla pudding mix                              Topping: Cream margarine. Add sugar and cranberry
                                                                      sauce; beat until creamy. Frost cooled cake.
   Prepare pudding by mixing mix with condensed milk
until well blended. Fold in whipped topping. Line bottom of
                                                                                            MILLIONAIRE PIE
glass dish with vanilla wafers. Pour 1/2 of the pudding mix-
ture over wafers. Slice bananas over pudding. Repeat. Top
                                                                      1 (9-inch) pie crust, baked        1 can Eagle Brand
with whipped topping. Serve 6. Quick and very good!
                                                                      1 (8 oz.) tub Cool Whip            1 c. crushed pecans
                      PUMPKIN SQUARES                                 1 can crushed pineapple,           juice of 1 lemon
                                                                         drained well
1 large (29 oz.) can pumpkin      1 pkg. yellow cake mix
3 eggs                            1/2 c. chopped walnuts                Mix all ingredients, pour into pie crust and chill for one
1 tsp. salt                       1 1/2 cubes melted butter           hour.
                to the

Internet Instantly !


                                  A service of Pioneer Long Distance

  • Up to 30 times faster than standard 56K connections
  • No wait for dial-up connections and no busy signals
  • You can talk on the same phone line that you’re using to be online
  • Download in seconds or minutes - instead of minutes and hours

     Visit us at or e-mail

                                    or 1.800.375.8903
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The fax number for Tele-Topics is (405) 699.3053. You may also notify Sheila by e-mailing

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