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									Clipping mask
Safari logo design

For this assignment, you will use Illustrator.
You will need to create a logo for a safari expedition company.
In their logo, they want to have represented a variety of items that can be found on a wild African safari, such as
elephants, wild game, zebras and ect.
The company name is:
BigSky Expeditions

BigSky should appear on the text line above Expeditions. There should be no clipping mask in
Expeditions, only in BigSky.

A gradient of soft yellows, amber or light brown will appear in the text “Expeditions”

To begin, simply find a few images, preferably clip art, from the internet. You can draw them if you wish.
Line your images up next to each other and select them all. Group them together. Type your text, in a fat
readable font. Download appropriate fonts if you would like.
Once typed, select the text, create outlines and ungroup it. Make the text a compound path. Place it on top of
your images making sure the images are big enough to fill your text. Select the images and the text and create a
clipping mask.

Type out Expeditions and create a gradient to fill the text. It should be linear, and flow from top to bottom.
Place the Expedition text under the BigSky mask. Enlarge either to match their sizes. The text should be the
same width. Change the tracking if needed.
See example below.
Save this logo.

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