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									                               Public Museum
                                Grand Rapids, Michigan

July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008
 From the

Our break from the City of Grand Rapids was completed
in 2008, an historical moment after 102 years of
municipal ownership.

During this transition it has been the Foundation’s
responsibility and challenge to re-focus the Museum’s
strategic efforts, establishing a clear vision for the future.

With the impending retirement of Museum Director
Mary Esther Lee, that vision now encompasses new leadership in the form of a
President and CEO. You’ll be hearing more from Dale Robertson, the Foundation’s
choice for that position, in the coming pages.

You’ll also read about the many successes of 2008 including the opening of a new
exhibit, sell-out special events, and a brightening donor environment.

As always, our focus as an institution remains on the people and community we serve.
We strive to use resources from the past to improve the future. Now, with a clear
direction for that future, the Public Museum is moving forward – a strong and present
force in the vibrant cultural life of our community.

Danny Gaydou, Chairman
Public Museum of Grand Rapids Friends Foundation

                          is a vibrant cultural
                              institution enriching
                              people of every age
                        and walk of life. Its well-
                           researched collections
                         provide direct and
                       powerful connections
                            to history, art, science
                               and the humanities.
                         Through education and
                                entertainment, the
                                    Public Museum
                            improves the
                         future by challenging
share the vision              visitors to a more
                         complete understanding
                               of the world and
                   2               our place in it.
 From the
The responsibility of a President & CEO – especially one charged
with a public trust – should be that of a careful listener.

For the first few months here, I have made an attempt to
become a good listener. As individuals share their Public
Museum experiences with me, I have discovered that each story,
though unique, contains a common thread: the Public Museum
opens the imagination and transforms lives.

I think of Tiffany. Her entire future was redirected in 9th grade
because of a Public Museum visit. I think of Brandon. Accustomed to growing up ‘virtual’,
surrounded by imitations and reproductions, he was awestruck that the sword sash in our
military display had been worn by Robert E. Lee himself.

Here at the Public Museum, everything is real and full of purpose. Behind the exhibit
glass lies an invitation to journey into the heart of this marvelous and complex institution,
to journey into the heart of oneself, to shape a common and better future.

Healthy communities willingly take up the mantle of change and move forward. West
Michigan is no exception. Tiffany and Brandon, legislators and business leaders all stand
ready to build, grow, and make accessible a strong and confident Public Museum.

This Annual Report is your invitation to share in that vision.

Dale A. Robertson, President & CEO
Public Museum
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Public Museum • Van Andel Museum Center
272 Pearl Street, NW
Grand Rapids, MI
Founded in 1854, the Public Museum is one of the oldest museums in the
nation and among the largest and best-known public museums in Michigan.
It features a planetarium and three floors of permanent exhibits as well as
temporary exhibits of international stature.

Voigt House Victorian Museum
115 College Avenue, SE
Grand Rapids, MI
Home to the prominent Voigt family from 1895 – 1971 and preserved with
its original furnishings and personal possessions, this three-story mansion
brings the late nineteenth and early twentieth century to life.

Norton Mounds National Historic Landmark
Kent County Millennium Park
Grand Rapids, MI
Located within the boundaries of the Kent County Millennium Park, this
2,000 year old Hopewell Society earthworks are being preserved through a
collaborative effort under the direction of the Public Museum.

Community Archives and Research Center
223 Washington Street, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
CARC is the Museum’s off-site storage facility where close to half a million
artifacts in the Museum’s permanent collections that are not on exhibit are
housed, preserved and made available for scholarly research. CARC routinely
lends these artifacts to rural and suburban museums, libraries and non-profit
institutions across the state.

 From the
In 2008 the Public Museum experienced a tremendous outpouring of
public support and a good share of national acclaim as well.

We got off to a strong start with admissions exceeding first quarter
projections. Camp Curiosity was a sellout with new sections added
in August to accommodate the need.

Preparations for the JW Marriott Gala consumed the early autumn
months, an enormous undertaking that became the most successful
fundraiser in Public Museum history. “Lending A Hand Across
the Grand,” as the gala was named, proved once again that this
community has generosity at its core.

In February, the Public Museum opened Newcomers: The People of this Place to national acclaim.
This permanent exhibit is a highly enjoyable snapshot of the 50-plus cultures that call West
Michigan “home,” showcasing in personal story form the Africans, Bosnians, Frisians and Finnish
who changed – and were changed by – Grand Rapids and environs.

The project, which took more than eight years to complete, was applauded by the National
Endowment for the Humanities and will serve as an NEH model for successful living history
exhibitions currently in production across the country.

Members of the foundation and staff share my pride in the Museum’s tremendous work in 2008 and
we believe you, too, will be both informed and impressed as you read through this Annual Report.

To all who contributed to our success in 2008, thank you for your support. Because of you,
the Public Museum is able to continue its efforts to help make the Grand Rapids metropolitan
region better for future generations and a better place for us today.

Mary Esther Lee, Director Emeritus
Public Museum
Grand Rapids, Michigan

July/August                                               January/February 2008

n	Camp Curiosity opens with 25 programs                   n	Newcomers: The People of This Place opens to
  including “Slimy Science”, “Victorian Days”, “Life        national acclaim.
  of a Knight” and “Junior Curators”.                     n	 Ethnic Heritage Festival draws some 3,000
n	Jukebox Heroes, featuring machines by Rowe/               participants with performers, craftsmen and
  AMI brings the “juke music” phenomenon alive.             foods from 40 different area ethnic groups.
n	Summer stargazing at Veen Observatory                   n	National Geographic MAPS: Tools for Adventure
  is offered under the guidance of the Public               explores land, sea, air and space through the
  Museum’s planetarium staff.                               eyes of 20th-Century explorers.

September/October                                         March/April

n	“Lending a Hand Across the Grand”,                      n	 Public Museum hosts “Kindergarten Here I
  the Grand Opening Gala for the JW Marriott,               Come” in collaboration with the Grand Rapids
  nets $580,000 for the Public Museum.                      Public Schools.
n	 autumnal equinox is welcomed
  The                                                     n	Career Kaleidoscope brings area professionals
  with a Pink Floyd Laser Light Show at the                 together to discuss career options with
  Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium.                             children of all grade levels.
n	New Home School programming is                          n	 public presentation by former NASA
  announced.                                                astronaut, David C. Leestma, is held in
                                                            conjunction with the Roger B. Chaffee
                                                            Scholarship Awards.
n	More than 900 area school children visit the            May/June
  Public Museum for “Native American Education
  Days.”                                                  n	“Read & Connect,” the Museum’s literacy
                                                            enhancement program that takes artifacts
n	Reflections:The Mary Wilson Supreme Legacy                directly into the classroom, wraps up the
  Collection opens.                                         season serving 1,540 students in 22 schools.
n	 barrier-free lift is installed at the Voigt House to
  A                                                       n	Museum volunteers close the fiscal
  allow people with mobility handicaps to access            year having given 12,567 hours
  the first floor for tours and other functions.            of service.
n	 doors are secured and the lights are
  dimmed for another Night at Your Museum

                  2                  4,609
                                 early elementary             362
         percentage of          students attending       days opened
     income derived from         Story Time with
      government sources       the Mighty Wurlitzer

         29,441                   102,837
         guests hosted              admissions               students visiting
     at facility use events                              during school field trips

    49,141                          3,000
                               visitors attending the                    90
                              Ethnic Heritage Festival             hats on display at
    Planetarium                                                      the Van Andel
     seats sold                      in one day
                                                                   Museum Center

      full time staff
                                                                 hats being
                                                              preserved at the
                                 in the collection          Community Archives
                                                            and Research Center

     volunteer hours
                                    K-8 students
                                                       Michigan counties
         worked                  participating in the       served
                             Museum’s Read & Connect
                          literacy enhancement program
     Rides on the
1928 Spillman Carousel

                   Donations, Grants &
                                                               $1.9m         Admissions & Sales
                    Earnings on Assets

                                                               $5.8m         Donations, Grants
                                                                             & Earnings on Assets
                           & Sales
                                                               $7.7m         Total

     $4.9m Exhibits &
                                                 Exhibits & Programming

    $1.6m      Administration
               & Operations                   fun
                                                     sing Administration
                                                           & Operations

      $.5m     Fundraising

                                       EXHIBITS & PROGRAMMING
    $7.0m      Total                    ACCOUNT fOR 70% Of ALL
                                       PUBLIC MUSEUM EXPENSES

Your Public Museum Contribution
“I was in 9th grade when                              “I love the Public Museum,
WHODUNIT? came to the                                    especially MAPS because
Public Museum. Solving a                            I learned about exploration
mystery through medicine                                and weather and how to
was so intriguing. I never                       protect the environment. And, I
thought about becoming                               got my photo on the cover
a doctor until then.”                                  of National Geographic!”
                   - Tiffany V.                                                - Ian S.
9                 Coopersville                                             Spring Lake
                                         FY2008 Donors	                     	           $2,500+	 	
                                                                                                                 	         	          	   James	&	Judith	Czanko
                                                                                                                                          Bill	&	Marjorie	Darooge
                                         	          	           	                       Buist	Electric                                    Andy	&	Pam	Daugavietis
                                         Matching Gift Companies		                      Dr.	&	Mrs.	Gaylen	Byker                           John	&	Jane	Dean
                                         	           	                                  Comerica	Bank                                     Charles	P.	Dubee,	II
                                         AT&T	Foundation	       	           	           CWD	Real	Estate	Investment                        Todd	&	Michelle	Emery
                                         Bank	of	America	Foundation	-	                  Dickinson	Wright	PLLC                             Mary	C.	Frey	&	James	E.	McKay
                                         			Matching	Gifts	Program	         	           Eastern	Floral	&	Gift	Shop                        Charles	&	Bette	Fuller
                                         Merrill	Lynch	&	Co.	Foundation,	Inc.	          Andy	J.	Egan	Co.,	Inc.                            Grand	Traverse	Band	of	Ottawa
                                         SoundOff	Signal	       	           	           Kenneth	D.	&	Frances	S.	Ellis                     			and	Chippewa	Indians
                                         Steelcase	Foundation                           Founders	Bank	&	Trust                             Donald	C.	&	Doris	G.	Griffith	Foundation
                                                                                        Grand	Valley	State	University                     Ron	&	Nancy	Hager
                                         	          	                                   Jim,	Kathy,	Patrick	&	Rob	Hackett                 Dick	&	Sandy	Hansen	
                                         $100,000+	            	           	            The	Herman	Miller	Foundation                      Robert	L.	&	Judith	S.	Hooker	
                                         	            	        	           	            Hoffman	Jewelers
                                         Amway                                                                                            Hospice	of	Michigan
                                                                                        Timothy	&	Kimberly	Long                           Huntington	Bank
                                         The	Daniel	and	Pamella	De	Vos	Foundation
                                                                                        Mercantile	Bank                                   Integra	Printing,	Inc.
                                         The	Richard	and	Helen	De	Vos	Foundation
                                                                                        Michigan	State	University                         Philip	&	Lillian	Koning
                                         Dick	and	Betsy	De	Vos	Foundation
                                                                                        Monarch	Hydraulics,	Inc.                          Kate	&	John	McGarry	
                                         Douglas	and	Maria	De	Vos	Foundation
                                                                                        Progressive	AE                                    Mark	&	Mary	Beth	Meijer
                                         City	of	Grand	Rapids
                                                                                        Root-Lowell	Manufacturing	Co.                     Bill	&	Kathy	Muir
                                         Institute	of	Museum	and	Library	Services
                                                                                        Saint	Mary’s	Health	Care                          Tom	&	Mary	O’Hare
                                         The	Meijer	Foundation
                                                                                        Grace	Schouten	Estate                             George	&	Bess	Orphan
                                         Michigan	Council	For	Arts	&	Cultural	Affairs
                                                                                        Secchia	Family	Foundation                         Roselynn	Ruis	
                                         National	Endowment	For	Humanities
“Honored Reader:                         Public	Museum	of	G.R.	Friends	Foundation
                                         David	and	Carol	Van	Andel	Foundation
                                                                                        Steele	Taylor
                                                                                        Wells	Fargo	N.	A.
                                                                                        Wondergem	Consulting,	Inc.	        	          	
                                                                                                                                          Alan	Ryan
                                                                                                                                          Edward	&	Deborah	Schinnerer
                                                                                                                                          Wilhelm	W.	&	Mary	A.	Seeger
Be happy with                            Steve	&	Cindy	Van	Andel	Foundation
                                         Jay	and	Betty	Van	Andel	Foundation	
                                         VanderWeide	Family	Foundation
                                                                                                                                          Brent	&	Diane	Slay
                                                                                                                                          Star	Truck	Rentals,	Inc.

your life and use                        	          	
                                                                                        Anonymous	(2)
                                                                                                     	           	                        Barton	&	Kathy	Steindler
                                                                                                                                          Valley	City	Linen
your gifts because                                               	          	                                                             Michelle	&	Mike	Van	Dyke
                                         	            	          	          	           Berends	Hendricks	Stuit	Insurance	Agency,	Inc.    John	Van	Fossen
                                         The	Community	Foundation                       Karl	&	Patricia	Betz                              James	&	Maryanne	Veldheer
when you grow                            			of	the	Holland/Zeeland	Area	-
                                         			Brooks	Family	Fund
                                                                                        Mark	&	Cathy	Bissell
                                                                                        Dr.	&	Mrs.	James	Bultman
                                                                                        Butterball	Farms,	Inc.
                                                                                                                                          Kurt	&	Sally	Yost	
old, it is too late                      Peter	C.	&	Pat	Cook
                                         William	&	Beatrice	Idema
                                                                                        The	Christman	Company
                                                                                        Bill	&	Marilyn	Crawford

to be joyful.”                           $10,000+	
                                                                                        Frank	B.	&	Virginia	V.	Fehsenfeld	
                                                                                        			Charitable	Foundation
                                                                                                                                          Justin	&	Kara	Amash
                                                                                                                                          Sally	&	Craig	Anderson

                                                                                        Charles	&	Julie	Frayer
                                         Anonymous                                                                                        George	&	Elena	Aquino
Inscription on a night table built by                                                   Charles	&	Beth	French
                                                                                                                                          Don	&	Ellen	Arlinsky
                                         William	G.	Currie	Foundation                   The	Gallup	Organization
       Bernard Orth, cabinetmaker,       Howard	Miller	Foundation                                                                         Phyllis	Ball
                                                                                        Danny	&	Lou	Ann	Gaydou
    dated January 25, 1859. Now in       John	&	Nancy	Kennedy                           Grand	Rapids	Community	Foundation	-               Ken	Bandstra
     the Public Museum’s Furniture       Lacks	Enterprises,	Inc.                        			Leonard	&	Eileen	Newman	Fund                   John	&	Nancy	Barrows
        City collection, it the oldest   Life	EMS	Ambulance	Service                     Dirk	&	Victoria	Hoffius                           Matt	&	Shari	Berger
                                         Meijer	Inc.                                    Hope	College                                      John	&	Pat	Bergstrom
    documented piece of furniture        Metro	Health	Hospital	                                                                           George	&	Sibilla	Boerigter
             made in Grand Rapids.                                                      J.	C.	Huizenga	
                                         The	Slemons	Foundation                         Win	&	Kyle	Irwin                                  Vern	&	Norma	Boss
                                         Elizabeth	E.	Snell	Trust                       Kaplin	&	Lesley	Jones                             John	&	Sharon	Bouma
                                         Steelcase	Inc.                                 Kohls	Department	Stores                           Conrad	A.	Bradshaw
                                         Warner	Norcross	&	Judd	LLP                     The	Korff	Foundation                              Marjean	&	Clay	Brillhart
In the piece of furniture he             Wolverine	World	Wide,	Inc.	        	
                                                                                        Sharon	&	Herb	Lantinga                            Jim	&	Donna	Brooks
lovingly made and inscribed                                                             Law,	Weathers	&	Richardson                        George	&	Willa	Brown
                                         $5,000+	 	              	        	                                                               Gregory	Brown
for his wife, Bernard Orth               	            	          	        	
                                                                                        Mary	Esther	Lee
                                                                                                                                          James	&	Helen	Bull
                                                                                        Macatawa	Bank
speaks to us from the distant            Anonymous                                      Louis	H.	&	Nancy	A.	Moran                         Peter	Coggan	&	Susan	Kornfield
                                         Bank	of	America                                                                                  Stephen	D.	Cohle
past, reminding us that there            Betz	Industries
                                                                                        Mark	&	Elizabeth	Murray
                                                                                                                                          Dr.	James	U.	Collins
                                                                                        John	&	Barbara	Myaard
is no greater joy in life than           Bouma	Corporation                              National	Association	of	Watch                     Bill	&	Maxine	Corder
using one’s gifts wisely. Orth’s         Compatico	Office	Furniture	Systems             			&	Clock	Collectors	-	Chapter	101               Dr.	&	Mrs.	Michael	J.	Crawford
                                         Cornerstone	University                         Notions	Marketing                                 Jill	&	Jeff	Dean
words are as true today as               Crowe	Chizek                                   Pokagon	Band	of	Potawatomi	Indians                Jolene	DeLuca
they were 149 years ago. You             Deloitte	&	Touche	USA	LLP                      Price,	Heneveld,	Cooper,	DeWitt	&	Litton	LLP      Mark	E.	Derwent	&	Kimberly	Scott
                                         Design	Plus,	Inc.                              Budge	&	Marilyn	Sherwood                          DeWitt	Conduit	Foundation
can provide opportunities for            Fifth	Third	Bank                               Spectrum	Health	Hospital                          James	&	Gail	Fahner
future generations to develop            Grand	Action	Committee                         Lee	Strodtman	                                    Chuck	&	Barbara	Fisk
                                         Jerry	&	Jan	Jonker                                                                               Karilyn	Frederick
a love of history, science,              Fred	&	Linn	Keller
                                                                                        Marilyn	Titche
                                                                                                                                          David	&	Judith	Frey
                                                                                        George	&	Dorothy	Vande	Woude
culture and community by                 Kentland	Corporation                           Lewis	&	Norma	VanKuiken                           Jack	&	Barbara	Grooters
                                         Macatawa	Bank                                                                                    Rick	&	Carol	Hackbarth
remembering the Public                   Merrill	Lynch
                                                                                        Wege	Foundation
                                                                                                                                          Carol	Hordyk
                                                                                        Mary	Louise	Wolf
Museum Friends Foundation                National	City	Bank                             Kay	Zuris	 	             	         	          	   Keller	Foundation
when planning your estate.               Noto’s	Old	World	Italian	Dining                	            	                                    Rita	&	Jack	Kirkwood
                                         The	Pepsi	Bottling	Group                       	            	                                    Donald	&	Elizabeth	Klopcic
Please don’t wait until, as              Pioneer	Construction                           $500+	 	                 	         	              Larry	&	Anne	Kloth
Bernard Orth says, it is “too            Chuck	&	Stella	Royce	                          	            	
                                                                                        Hugh	&	Marilyn	Barnard
                                                                                                                 	         	              James	&	Mary	Krzeminski
                                         SMG	Management                                                                                   Greg	&	Susan	Lambert
late.” Talk to your attorney             Spartan	Stores,	Inc.                           John	&	Carol	Beernink                             Doris	A.	Landman
or financial advisor about               Varnum,	Riddering,	Schmidt	&	Howlett	LLP       Scott	&	Natalie	Bernecker                         Anne	&	Russell	Little
                                         Williams	Kitchen	&	Bath                        Rajene	&	Gregory	Betz                             Elizabeth	&	Jerry	Lykins
making a bequest to the                  Wolverine	World	Wide	Foundation                Stephen	&	Eleanor	Bryant                          Gayle	&	Philip	McCorkle
Public Museum today.                     X-Rite,	Incorporated	 	          	             John	&	Marie	Canepa                               Diane	&	Henry	Milanowski        10
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Ruth	&	Mark	Oldenburg                   Rosemary	Duitsman                          CS	&	Vicki	Pimm                       The	Grand	Rapids	Press
Karen	Panavas	                          Dan	&	Catherine	Dunn                       Jeralyn	&	Rhett	Pinsky                Hamilton	Lumber	&	Veneer
Myron	&	Shirley	Pearson                 John	&	Gwen	Dykhouse                       Angelo	&	Jennifer	Porcari             Imperial	Beverage	      	        	
Peter	M.	&	Carroll	G.	Perez             Edelweiss	Club	of	Grand	Rapids             Bruce	Quada	&	Pamela	Wynn-Quada       JW	Marriott	Grand	Rapids
Margaret	&	Owen	Pyle                    Jay	&	Kim	Egan                             Dr.	Richard	A.	&	Lee	Rasmussen        Little	River	Casino	Resort
Mohammad	&	Jeanna	Riahi                 Michael	&	Michelle	Fiorenzo                Russ	&	Pat	Reid                       Muskegon	Chronicle	 	            	
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John	&	Prim	Sebastian                   Patrick	G.	Fox	                            Richard	Roane                         Rainstick	Studio	       	        	
Margaret	Sharp                          Angela	Galassi                             Barbara	A.	Robinson                   Regent	Broadcasting	 	           	
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Rosalynn	Stuart                         Robert	Goodrich                            Earl	&	Joan	Ross                      Structure	Interactive	 	         	
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David	&	Peggy	Thompson                  Marge	&	Jack	Greiner                       Ron	&	Mary	Lee	Sakowski               TerHorst	&	Rinzema	Construction	Co.
Wayne	&	Diane	Titche                    Robert	&	Sharon	Grooters                   Kurt	&	Pam	Schabes                    Valley	City	Linen	      	        	
Kreigh	&	Monica	Tomaszewski             Lynn	&	Harry	Gubbins                       Donald	&	Phyllis	Schek                WDSS	-	Disney	Radio	 	           	
Patricia	Valykeo                        Joel	&	Beth	Gumina                         Widdicombe	Schmidt                    WLHT	95.7	FM	           	        	
David	&	Beverly	Verdier                 Don	&	Linda	Hamilton                       John	&	Judy	Schneider                 Wondergem	Consulting,	Inc.
Bill	&	Pat	Waanders                     Ulrike	Hart                                Dr.	Tom	&	Barb	Shaw                   WZZM	-	TV	13	           	        	
Gary	&	Janice	Walker                    Bruce	&	Chris	Hayden                       Martin	Shedleski	Family               Bob	Younger
Scott	&	Rebecca	Wierda                  Janet	C.	&	Robert	W.	Heindrichs            Lee	Ann	Shedleski-Holmden             	
Susan	Wold                              James	&	Sheila	Helm                        Richard	&	Carla	Siegle                	          	
Casey	&	Vi	Wondergem                    Jon	Helmrich	&	Stephen	Mottram             Sheila	&	Chad	Simons                  Gifts-in-Kind to the Collection	
Marv	&	Mary	Wood                        Peter	C.	&	Rosemary	Hess                   Dennis	&	Carole	Sisco-Nguyen
Greg	&	Cherie	Wrona	 	              	   Charlene	&	Timothy	Hill                    Thomas	&	Linda	Snow                   Primary	Addressee
	            	         	                Thomas	&	Sharon	Hilliker                   David	&	Kathy	Snyder                  Erik	Alexander	&	Deanna	Morse
	            	                          Kay	Hoitenga                               Dr.	&	Mrs.	Christopher	H.	Southwick   Gabe	Amodeo
$125+	 	               	            	   Bernice	Houseward	&	Stephen	Pastoor        Dan	&	Trisha	Spaulding                Judith	Anderson
	                                       Barb	&	Bob	Hubling                         Pat	&	Jack	Stegmeier                  Kuldip	S.	Bagga
Kerry	&	Dale	Akred                      David	D.	&	Marilyn	C.	Hunting,	Jr.         Ruth	&	Bill	Stubbs                    Kristin	Barrington
Lisa	Andersson	&	Richard	Wood           Richard	&	Susan	Ilka                       Jerry	&	Judith	Subar                  George	Bayard
Carolyn	&	William	Andrews               Dave	&	Emily	Jasperse                      Phil	&	Sonia	Taylor                   Lois	E.	Beckering
Associated	Insurance	Design             Lorna	R.	Johnson                           Thomas	&	Peggy	Tepper                 Gina	&	Fred	Bivins
Carter	&	Mary	Bacon                     Julian	&	Judith	Joseph                     David	L.	&	Janice	M.	Thompson         Ethan	Brown
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Carl	J.	Bajema               Mr.	&	Mrs.	Mark	Kastenholz                 Peter	Turner                          Mindy	Bryant
Darlene	Berghorst                       Larry	&	Doris	Kelly                        Steve	&	Sharon	Van	Loon               William	&	Andrea	Carlson
John	&	Susan	Bergin                     Ben	&	Jeanette	Kieff                       David	&	Linda	Vander	Jagt             Christian	G.	Carron
Stuart	Berman                           Verna	M.	Kober                             Bob	Vandermeer                        George	Cassis
Ronald	&	Helen	Beuker                   Al	&	Robin	Koop                            Barbara	&	William	Van’t	Hof	          John	Clapp
Kristine	E.	Bishop	&	Janel	E.	Belding   Deborah	Lang                               Sheryl	&	Norman	Veldhoff              Jeanne	Denham
Mrs.	John	W	Blodgett,	Jr                Donald	E.	Le	Clair                         Carl	&	Shirley	Verspoor               Gordon	Food	Service
William	&	Donna	Boorstein               John	&	Barb	Leegwater                      Russ	&	Chris	Visner                   City	of	Grand	Rapids
Fred	Borgman                            Leigh’s                                    John	&	Cheryl	Washburn                Donald	&	Susan	Heggen
Karl	&	Darlene	Braunschneider           Judge	Benjamin	Logan                       Elizabeth	Weller                      Julia	Kellman
Janet	Brower	&	Betty	Nawrocki           The	Honorable	&	Mrs.	John	H.	Logie         Rebecca	&	Steve	Westphal              Robert	J.	Knudsen
Jim	&	Joan	Buchanan                     Sandra	Longcore-Blank                      Joan	Wilson                           Del	&	Betty	Mokma
Dr.	Charles	D.	Bukrey                   Timothy	Maddox                             John	Worst	&	Ruth	Tucker              Debra	Muller
Mary	J.	Burggraaf                       Ernest	&	Lorraine	Malkewitz                Paul	A.	Wright                        June	Murphy
Chuck	&	Mary	Jo	Burpee                  Jon	&	Mary	Ann	March                       Gib,	Barbara	&	Micah	Wynn             Susan	Noble
Chuck	&	Lucy	Caldwell                   Joseph	&	Linda	Mc	Cormick                  Teri	Zinn                             Oliver	Products	Company
Carol	&	Gary	Carpenter                  Judith	E.	McCabe                           	                                     Todd	Olson
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Kenneth	H.	Childs            Charles	McGrath                            	          	                          Pat	Paine
Robert	&	Susan	Cobb                     Doris	McReynolds                           Gifts-in-Kind                         Steve	Pitsch
Kevin	&	Mary	Rose	Corning               Eleanor	McKenrick	Miller                   	          	          	          	    Milton	&	Ann	Ross
Ed	&	Linda	Cox                          Carol	&	Jon	Muth                           Amway	Grand	Plaza	Hotel               Saugatuck-Douglas	Historical	Society
Robert	&	Mary	Coykendall                Tom	Neils	&	Stephanie	Schaertel            Applause	Catering	    	          	    			and	Museum
Bill	&	Anita	Crawford                   Willis	&	Valerie	Nelson                    Bruce	&	Marianne	Armstrong            Don	&	Dona-Jean	Souter
Elizabeth	J.	Crosby                     Barb	&	Les	Neuman                          Cascade	Rental	Center                 Angela	Strohschein
Joy	&	Jim	Deboer                        Dean	&	Joanne	Newberg                      The	Catering	Company                  David	&	Angela	Strohschein
Nyal	&	Jody	Deems                       Richard	E.	Norton                          Citadel	Broadcasting	Company          Daniel	Tell
Jeff	Degraaf                            Jon	Nunn                                   Coca	Cola	Bottling	Co.	of	Michigan    Fred	Thomas
Dale	&	Ellen	DeHaan                     Daniel	&	Patricia	Ophoff                   CompuCraft	           	          	    Phyllis	Van	Andel
Judi	&	Joe	DeMink                       Charles	B.	&	Susan	Ott                     Corporate	Sound	      	          	    April	Washburn
Daniel	&	Kate	Diedrich                  Mitchell	&	Karen	Padnos                    Days	Hotel		          	          	    Kathy	Ybema

    Public Museum of Grand Rapids friends foundation

                     Danny R. Gaydou, Chair

                   Carol Van Andel,Vice Chair

                Rich Noreen, Secretary /Treasurer

                          John Canepa

                           John Dean

                         Birgit M. Klohs

                         Donald Maine

                        Dale Robertson

                         Steele A. Taylor

                           Larry Titley

                       Thomas Wesholski

                         John Wheeler

                       Casey Wondergem

                      Kaplin Jones, Counsel


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