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									Java Designer reads functional specifications and then understands the
requirements to do best technical design. The work of the Java designer is
same like a Java Developer. They design as well as put into practice new
features in Java application following the requirement. He makes sure
software designed and developed remains to decided coding standards. He
also acts as an advocate for well practices around test driven development.

                        Java Designer Resume Sample

                             Greg Peterson
                   Address: 101 Grand St, NY 11211
                   Telephone Number: 718.302.2242
                 Email Address:

Objective: Looking for the post of a Java designer in a company for using
my talent in the Java Field and upgrading my knowledge in Java coding


Masson’s Technologies

Java Designer

Job Responsibilities:

    Wrote technical design documents in right English and explicable to
    Designed proper system test cases for testing the system behavior
     completely and designing execute performance stress test
    Performed code review
    Drafted best level IT effort estimation based on the best level business
     need specifications
    Developed software making use of modern development tools
    Well versed with J2ee Design Patterns
Savana Designing Services Pvt. Ltd

Java Designer

Job Responsibilities:

    Made contacts with the development team for the documentation of
     the needs
    Given tips of best coding to subordinates
    Accessed the perfect time needed for the project to be finished
    Attended projected related meetings
    Helped customers in solving their queries
    Helped in coding the small models for different projects


    Completed certification course in JAVA Designing, National
     American University, 2008
    Diploma in Java Web Applications from tremchar Briston College,
    Got Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering, Staten Island
     college, 2005


Technical Skills:

    Knowledge of Java technology
    Working knowledge of incorporation with SCADA systems with Java
    Aptitude of managing and maintaining central code
    Ability to fix bugs related to the Java language
    Skills of Java Technologies and knowledge of ABAP development
    Greatly competent in the use of eclipse, Oracle and Borland tools
Non-Technical Skills:

    Maintain the team spirit for delivering successful and on-time
    Get your clients in confidence by maintaining punctuality in your

Other Skills:

       Have good understanding on software engineering process
       Have good designing skills
       Have good domain knowledge
       Have the ability to make technical decisions in situations where
        there are several options
       Have excellent communication, writing and analytical skills
       Have ability to learn as well as apply new technologies
       Optimistic and enthusiastic person


    Ability to deliver the work on time
    Capable of maintaining uprightness in the development of an
    Aptitude to handle pressure at the time of the project completion
    A good team leader
    Knowledge of various ways to correct the efficient cod and reusing
     the codes as well
    Good in writing codes in Java

Personal Details:

Name: Greg Peterson
Date of Birth: 17/04/1984
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Male
Languages you know: English, Hindi

Java designer resume sample that is given here will gives you a clear
overview on how to make your java designer resume effective and
impressive for the future employers.

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