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									                                                                         Sala Organisation
                                                                   Business Review Session (BRS)
                                          ** LEADERS CLUB TO EXECUTIVE LEADERS CLUB **
   Name :                                                                                           Date :
   1. What to bring to BRS – 2 Copies of :
(i)         This Sheet
(ii)        Group Drawing: – Total group, name the ones on RT, show date joined for persons at tips of each leg (09/99) and underline new ones for the month. Show those on R/T (R/T),
            Attendance at last months BBS/WES (T). Circle around any 8 planners, rectangle around any 15 planners. Indicate where you showed the plan for the month (x /).
(iii)       Game Plan showing Short Term details (next month), Medium Term Checkpoint (Next WES) goal, Long Term (Next August) goal – focusing on rewards and income desired.
(iv)        Vital Sign Sheet
(v)         Questions to help you reach your next goal.

   2. What are the Dreams / Goals Driving You ?
   1.                                                                                      1.
   2.                                                                                      2.
   3.                                                                                      3.
   * Have you written goals with you? E.g. 100 things / 5 most important next year etc.

   3. What is the next immediate pin level you are aiming for right now?

   Pin Level :                                          Date :

   4.          What do you need to make this happen ?

   5. Checklist of Network 21 Recognitions
   Are You ?                                             Yes / No                                        Goal When
   7 Points of Core
   15 Planner
   30 Planner
   Silver Eagle
   Gold Eagle
   Quicksilver Express
   Blue Ribbon
   Silver Ribbon
   Gold Ribbon

   6.    Short Term Focus
   Vital Signs                                                Last Mth                    Current Mth                     Goals Next Mth
   New Apps
   Total Group Number
   Total Front Line
   Total RT's
   Total LT’s
   Total BBS
   Total 15 Planners
   Total 30 Planners
   No. of plans you showed
   Depth of your Deepest Leg
   No. of bonus producing Legs (BPL)
   Personal PV
   Group PV

   Strategy this month
   -           Circle (above) the 1-3 most important for you this month.
   -           How will you achieve them? On separate sheet of paper write detailed activities/plans for these 1-3 e.g. Apps – How many contact tapes / plan showers,
               personal plans etc.
   -           Who are your next Core, 15 Planners, Quicksilver Express, Quicksilver, Silver Eagle, Gold Eagle, etc

   7. Medium Term Focus – (Refer Game Plan – this goal / structure is essential to reach your August goal / rewards)
   Total legs / group at last WES                                      Total registered NOW for next WES
   Goal for legs / group at next WES                                    No. of 10+ legs at next WES
   Pin goal for next WES
         - Have a monthly strategy leading to the goal.
   8.    Long Term Focus – (Refer to written out Game Plan that should be brought to BRS)
         Goal for next August ?  Reward ? What does it mean to you ? Why do you want it ?                       Income ? Focus on the Rewards !

   9.    What is your goal date for ELC ?

   10. Next Business Review Session                  Date :                                                     Time :

                                                            ** STAY FOCUSSED ON THE DREAM **

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