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					United States and foreign rights. Whereas, I, _________, have invented certain new and useful improvements in _________ concerning which an Invention Disclosure Abstract No. _________ was prepared on this _________ day of _________, _________[date], referring to such invention by the title _________; And whereas, _________ Corporation, hereafter referred to as assignee, is desirous of acquiring the entire interest in all the countries of the world in this invention and in any Letters Patent which may be granted for it: Now this indenture witnesseth, that in consideration of my employment now and in the future with the above assignee, I hereby assign, sell and transfer unto the assignee the entire right, title and interest in and to all inventions disclosed in the above mentioned abstract and in and to any patents and patent rights to the inventions in the United States and all foreign countries, and the right to apply for such patents, including any and all priority and/or Convention rights or benefits with respect to the filing or securing of patents on the inventions in the United States and all foreign countries. And I hereby grant to assignee the right to own and prosecute such applications, and to own and maintain the resulting patents, and I further grant to assignee the right to apply in its own name for such patents in countries where such procedure is allowed. And I hereby agree, both during and after my employment with assignee, at the reasonable request of the owner of these inventions, to take any lawful steps to enable the owner to make any use or disposition of the inventions and any rights to them in this or any other country, including the giving of information, evidence, and sworn testimony to any desired recipient and the execution of any assignments, affidavits, oaths, patent applications, including all subsequent applications containing common subject matter such as continuation, continuation-in-part, divisional and subdivisional, refile, reissue, reexamination and extension applications, powers of attorney, concessions of priority of invention, express abandonments of inventions, depositions, interrogatories, and any other documents desired, and to perform such additional acts as may be required to carry out the intent of this document. In particular, I agree that after applications referred to above are prepared, I will execute further formal assignments to assignee of such applications and the patents resulting from the applications. No payment shall be required for executing this document or for fulfilling any obligation arising from it except as follows: If I am required to incur any losses or expenses as a result of fulfilling any obligations arising under this agreement, the organization requesting that I fulfill such obligations shall reimburse me. If I am not then employed by such organization, and the

fulfillment of such obligations involves expert testimony or other professional services of a kind for which compensation is generally paid in similar circumstances under the customs then prevailing, such organization shall compensate me for such services at a rate which is reasonable in view of such customs. Witness, my signature this _________ day of _________, _________[date]. [Signature] [Acknowledgment]

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