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W VikingRiver Cruises?

EXPERIENCE:	Withover 175 years heritagein                 WO   RLD’S	LARGEST	FLEET:	VikingRiver Cruises CULTURE	CURRICULUM: EnjoyViking’s series of
Europeanriver cruising, VikingRiver Cruises is by far     owns the world’s largest fleet of ships, built specifically onboardm talks onthe history andculture of the
      ost                     pany
the m knowledgeable com inthe business.                   for river cruising. All Vikingships are operatedby their places youvisit. T                      utch
                                                                                                                                       opics includeThe D Masters, the
  ver        illion
O half a m passengers have enjoyedsuperb                  ownSwiss hotel m               ent
                                                                               anagem andstaff.                                om unisminRussia, the EuropeanUnion, key
                                                                                                                      fall of C m
service andm  agical journeys withVikingthrough                                                                                                       any ore.
                                                                                                                      words inlocal languages andm m Enrichand
Europe, Russia andC  hina.                                ELEGANT,	C MFO  O RTABLE	SHIPS: Vikingships enhanceyour travel experience.
                                                          are Scandinavianindesign, withopenairy interiors,
BEST	SHIPS:	InEuropein2011 thenew                                    ic
                                                          panoram views andall river-viewstateroom All     s.         O LD	WO    RLD	HIGHLIGHTS®:	This programme
VikingPrestige will jointhe recently launched             room have private facilities, clim control, telephone, com ents the shore excursions withonboard
                                                                 s                             ate                         plem
VikingLegend tooffer the ultim inriver cruising           satelliteTV andquality am     enities. Eachshiphas an                                ent.
                                                                                                                      learningandenhancem Hands oncookingclasses,
vessels, whilst the refurbishedViking Pakhom will         im pressive observationlounge, restaurant with               ai hi                                     ea
                                                                                                                      T C lessons anda traditional RussianT Service
jointhe VikingSurkov andVikingKirov as the best river expansive picture windows, sundeck with360-degree are just a fewexam of the activities. Travel isn’t
cruise ships inRussia. Alsoin2011, inC the latest views anda cosy library withbooks, m              agazines, board only about seeingthe sights; it’s about discoveringits
m ber of the fleet, the fabulous Viking Em                      es
                                              erald, will gam andpuzzles. C plim   om entary wireless internet        people, cultureandhistory – exploringits very heart.
be the newest andm elegant shipontheY           angtze.   access is providedvia satellite downlink – bringyour
VikingRiver C  ruises is the leader inthe designand       ownlaptopor use one of the ship com  ’s puters. The         DINING: For breakfast choosefromfruit, cereals,
buildingof newriver cruise ships.                         VikingSwiss m                                                                     any
                                                                           anagem teamrecruits andtrains its pastries, cheeses or m hot dishes m toorder. For
                                                                                     ent                                                                      ade
                                                          entire staff fromstateroomstewards uptoHotel                lunch, select fromthe soupandsandwichbar or choose
C MPREHENSIVE	SHO             RE	EX  CURSIO   NS:		       Managers andC D   ruise irectors toensure youreceive                              enu.
                                                                                                                      fromthe luncheonm At dinner a five-course m         enu
Eachday youwill enjoy at least one escortedshore          the very best level of service.                             awaits withregional specialties likeViennese schnitzel
excursionandinm ports there is alsofree tim for    e                                                                                                          risp
                                                                                                                      or Barbary duck. Seatingis free style. C table linens,
youtojust relax onboardor explore the city at your        CRUISE	ITINERARIES:	VikingRiver Cruises offers sparklingchina andcrystal, contemporary cutlery and
leisure. Andthe popular Q   uietvox tour audiosystem                                                                                    plem
                                                          by far the largest range of different cruise itineraries in freshflowers com entedby im         peccable service,
with personal portable headsets ensures that youhear Europe, Russia, C andEgypt – 20 intotal. Nobody guarantee that diningwithVikingis an elegant
                  m             atter
your guide’s com ents nom where youstand.                               ore
                                                          offers youm choice.                                         experience.

         EARLyBIRDDISC UNT                                                         O
                                                                PAST PASSENGER DISC UNT                                                  UP   O
                                                                                                                                      GRO DISC UNT
         Save $4,000 per couple                                       Save $400 per couple                                                  Big savings
     Book & pay in full by 31 October 2010                                  If youbook within                                            Travel as a group
        Applies toRussia, UkraineandChina.                         onecalendar year of your previous trip                               and 1 travels free.
            For all other Europeancruises                                 and$200 per couple                                            Early bookings essential.
              save$3,000 per couple.                               if youbook withintwocalendar years.                                       Ask for details.

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